My Student, Ch Ten


I woke Sunday morning, stretching my arms and legs on the sheets, tangled on my bed. The cool morning air caused goosebumps to cover my naked body. I rolled onto my back with a smile. My dreams were filled with the memory of last evening’s adventure.My finger teased my clitoris through the red sheet. I was ready for the day with Bobby. The last day of our long weekend. I had to work and he had school tomorrow. He would sit in the last seat on the left side of my first-period class. My finger still busy between my legs.I heard Bobby banging around clumsily in the hallway. I figured he was still sulking from last night. I smiled to myself. He would just have to get over it. I would have to show him that I did not appreciate his decision last night. The sheet felt moist where my finger played. ”Karen?” whispered Bobby as he tapped upon my bedroom door, ”Are you up?”Again a selfish smile, then I rolled onto my stomach. ”I’m up, Bobby,” I answered, ”Come on in.”I lay face down, my legs spread. The only thing covered in my body was my right knee, twisted in the sheet. The doorknob turned and the door opened slowly. Bobby stuck his head in to see me looking over my bare shoulder at him. ”I just wanted to apologize, Karen.”I rolled my eyes and turned my head away.  Smiling to myself as the mattress gave way to his weight. I felt his hand on my shoulder and turned to look at him again with raised eyebrows. He removed his hand and looked unsure of what to say.“Bobby,” I said, “I’m not finished being mad. Just go to the kitchen and turn the coffee pot on.”“Yes ma’am,” he pouted. Bobby stood and walked almanbahis şikayet out the door. I stretched on the bed, smiling to myself. I would have some fun with him today. I pushed my naked self to the edge of the bed and stood. Draping the sheet over my shoulders. Looking in the mirror, I could see everything in front and my little white ass in the back. I walked down the hall and sat on a barstool in the kitchen.  Bobby  looked up from the coffee pot with a sheepish grin, “It’s the middle button, Bobby,” I said, shaking my head.”He pressed the button and walked to the bar. Nodding with a goofy smile, he sat across from me. ”I touched your pussy with my dick last night.””You better remember that buddy,” I said, ”That’s all you’re going to get.””What? Why?””You don’t leave a girl hanging like that,” I answered, ”And then go fuck someone else.””I apologized for that, ” Bobby argued, ”And besides, I was trying to keep her from seeing you.””Well, anyway,” I yawned, ”You have a test tomorrow, and I’m going to get some sun. You should study because you’re going to fail.””I’ll pass that test, ” he smiled, ”You’ll see.””I’ll take that bet,” I smirked.”Whoa,” he smiled, ”What are we betting?””Ok, ” I smiled back, ”You ace the test, you can fuck me anywhere, anytime. Or I’ll suck your little dick whenever and wherever you say.”“What do you mean, little?” He laughed.I knew that I was taking a chance, but I knew he wouldn’t be able to ace that test. I was bluffing, but I was a pretty good poker player. ”If I win, ” he asked, ”You will let me fuck you whenever, wherever?””Whenever, wherever,” almanbahis canlı casino I affirmed, ”But, and I mean it, you have to ace it. Dot every I and cross every T. No mistakes, a perfect score.” Bobby held out his hand to seal the bet. I reached over the counter to shake. ”You can’t cheat. I will be watching you. If you want my pussy, you have to do it right.” We shook hands and I sat my naked ass back on the barstool. ”What are you going to be doing while I’m studying, Teach?” he asked.I stood and walked to the coffee maker. Taking a cup from the cabinet, I filled it with black coffee. “You want a cup?””Yeah, but with a little sugar, ” Bobby answered.I poured a cup for him then set it on the granite. ”Get your own sugar, bud. And I told you, I’m going to lay out in the sun.””You should do it naked, get rid of those tan lines.”I looked down at my creamy white breasts and panty area. My husband always liked the contrast in skin tones. I figured, ”What the hell? I may just as well do it. I took another long draw of coffee then stood up, stretching my arms over my head. A bowl of Lucky Charms would be good right now. ”Are you hungry, Bobby?” I asked as I pulled a bowl from the cabinet. ”Yes ma’am,” he replied as I opened the big family size box. I grabbed another bowl for him, then after setting them on the countertop, retrieved the milk from the fridge. Bobby filled the bowls with cereal and I poured the milk, then took two spoons from the drawer and sat back on my stool.Bobby gobbled his cereal quickly as a young man does. I ate mine a bit slower. He finished and watched me almanbahis casino eat, my bare breasts on full display. The cool morning air had my nipples fully erect. I smiled and took another bite, not so accidentally spilling a little milk on myself. I watched as Bobby stared at my milk splattered nipple. “That is not going to help you pass the test, Bobby, ” I teased, wiping myself with a paper towel.”I’m going to get my book and get started,” he said, ”I’m going to fuck you so hard when I pass this test.””Not pass, Bobby. Ace.” To be honest, I really wanted him to do it. I wanted him to ace that test. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck me in front of every teacher and every student at school. I wanted the whole school board and the parent-teacher association to be there. I shook myself back to reality. My nipples were stiff and my pussy was soaking the barstool. Bobby was staring at me with a knowing grin. ”What are you smiling about?”“Nothing,” I said with a guilty grin, “Just thinking about something.”“Thinking about my dick,” he grinned, “You don’t have to think about it. It’s here for you whenever you need it.”“Go study, Bobby,” I said, “You don’t pass that test, you won’t get this pussy.”He opened his math book and started studying. After telling him to ask if he needed help, I walked to my bedroom for the sunblock. Retrieving that and a pair of flip flops, I walked back into the hallway just in time to see Bobby duck into the bathroom.My curiosity was aroused, having always secretly watched as my husband urinated. I stopped, quietly at the open door, peeping in. Bobby had his considerable cock in his fingers, pointing it at the toilet bowl. With interest, I watched his stream start, tiny at first but growing in strength. His cock hung from his fingers, thick and long. A golden stream gushed from the head of his manhood.

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