My Stepson’s Wife


I can’t believe I have this woman up against the wall, kissing her perfect lips, her body against mine. When my night started I had no clue this is how it would end up.I had always noticed her beauty, her sexiness, but she never showed any interest. Why would she? She was married to my girlfriend’s son. We’d joked about just moving in together and sending my girlfriend packing to live with her son when they were driving us crazy, but that was always just talk, and completely in the sense of roommates to escape the craziness. I’d wanted her, and my inappropriate thoughts would start to come out when we would sit around a bonfire kaçak iddaa drinking. For a brief moment, my mind went back to me picking her up, not knowing she was taking her husband’s place to accompany me to a concert. Her dark jeans, her black top, they hugged all of her curves in all the right places. She was always beautiful, but this was a side I had only seen in pictures of her. The whole night I would find a way to touch her. I just had to be near her. When the music started pumping and we started dancing, I knew she could feel my dick getting hard against her.The drinks during the concert had helped me push away kaçak bahis some nervousness, but the drinks we had at the bar after sent all of our restrictions away. We walked the couple of blocks to the hotel I’d rented. I knew I would be drinking and it was an hour drive back home. I couldn’t take my hands off of her. Now, here we are, in the elevator, kissing against the wall. Can’t this thing move any faster? A couple had gotten on somewhere while we were going up, but neither of us paid attention to them. Finally, our floor number comes and we walk down the hall to the room. I can feel my heartbeat race as I use the key illegal bahis card to unlock the door. She pulls her jacket off and lets it fall to the floor as I pull her in for another passionate kiss. This shouldn’t feel this good. I shouldn’t want this.We make our way through the sitting room and fall onto the first bed, leaving the second that was meant for him empty. She lets my hands roam her body as I slide them up her top. Her skin is soft and smooth. We start pulling each other’s clothes off and she lets out a small giggle, I had brushed over a ticklish spot. I can hear her breathing hard as she tilts her head back, letting me kiss her neck and down to her large tits. I’d always thought about these, but they’re so much better in person. I take one of her nipples in my mouth, causing her to arch her back and let out a moan. 

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