Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 61 Nifty: Please add this chapter to my story under your “Gay – Incest” section. Thank you. DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 61 ——————————————————————————- “What’s wrong?” I asked, rushing over to the guys and pushing them out of the way to get to Andy. “That’s what I was just asking!” Andy said, looking at me with a confused look. “You’re alright then?” I asked. “Yes! Why wouldn’t I be?” Andy asked. “He doesn’t realize yet,” Steve said. “Realize what?” Andy asked, looking at him. “Those two guys who were standing on both sides of you at the urinals didn’t come in here to pee,” Mitchell said. “What?” Andy asked, suddenly looking a little frightened. “They came in here to hurt you. They’re assholes!” Pete said. “We saw them follow you in here, and came in after them,” Craig said. “It’s just a good thing Mr. Simms was in here preening his hair. If he hadn’t been, they might’ve had time to do something before we got here.” “They just after we walked in,” Steve said. Andy looked sad, “Thanks guys.” “It’s OK Andy, we won’t let anyone hurt you,” Steve said, soothingly in his deep baritone voice. Andy smiled at him and said, “That means a lot to me, especially hearing it from you Boner.” Steve blushed profusely, but smiled back at Andy. “Thanks very much guys!” I said. “Craig, Jeremy, Andy, the four of us had better be on the lookout for the rest of the evening. We might better keep an eye on Doug and Tyler too. I think as long as we’re careful, and don’t go off alone anywhere, we’ll be alright.” Everyone agreed. Mr. Jarvis walked in then and said, “How’s it going fellas? Mr. Simms came and got me. He said he thought I might be needed in here. What’s going on?” I explained to Mr. Jarvis what had happened. He promised to keep an eye on Rory and Glenn for the rest of the evening. We thanked him, and he left. While we were in the bathroom, we all peed and washed up, then went back out to our table. On the way, I swung past Doug’s table and quietly told him and Tyler what had just happened, and to be careful. They said they would. * * * The rest of the evening actually passed by rather uneventfully. We all danced together in a group several more times. I kept my eyes open for Rory and Glenn, but only saw them a couple times. Once Mr. Jarvis was standing staring at them, and they were glaring back at him. At the end of the evening, the band announced that they were playing our theme one last time, and that it would be their last number. Again, Andy & I, and Craig & Jeremy got up and slow danced. I noticed that most of the guys were kissing their girlfriends, so I looked into Andy’s eyes and grinned. Then I kissed him tenderly on the lips. I kept on kissing him for a couple minutes as we danced. None of the other couples noticed. They were too busy kissing their dates. Out of the corner of my eye, I did see Mr. Haggerty glaring at us, and walking in our direction. Mr. McElroy and Mr. Jarvis noticed too and intercepted him, keeping him busy until the song was over. As we walked back to our table, Mr. McElroy smiled at us, and Mr. Jarvis winked. I grinned at them and mouthed “Thank you”. They both grinned back at us. * * * The band started istanbul travesti packing up their equipment then, and Mr. Haggerty announced that the ball had come to an end. He said he hoped we’d all enjoyed ourselves, and congratulated us on our imminent graduation. Finally, he said good-night and told those of us who were driving, to drive safely. We all gathered up our things and headed for the door. Our group split up then, saying good-night, as other than Craig & Jeremy and Andy & I, the guys had all driven their own cars, and they all had plans to take their girlfriends out. They all seemed a bit antsy, as they were all horny and couldn’t wait to get to their private parking spots, so they could complete their senior ball evening, by “balling” their girls. Those of us who had come by limo, all gathered outside and watched as the line of stretch limos pulled up. Slowly, the crowd thinned out a bit. Our limo pulled up in about ten minutes, and the four of us all got in. I asked the driver to take us back to Grandma’s house then. “So are you ever going to fill us in on the plan for the rest of the evening?” Craig asked, as the limo pulled away from the curb. I snickered and said, “I suppose I can tell you now. Well, ya see, this is afterall our Senior “Ball”, and traditionally, the seniors all go off and “ball” afterward! So I thought the four of us could put on some old comfortable clothes, and take a couple blankets, and go down to the beach and find ourselves a couple of nice private dunes to slip off behind, and then we could “ball” too! The guys all grinned at me and agreed that that sounded like a great plan. I checked out Craig’s and Jeremy’s crotches, and saw they were starting to tent. I didn’t have to look at Andy’s, as I knew it would be as well. I told them then that Doug and Franco would be joining us as well. Andy was happy to hear that. Craig and Jeremy both wondered who this Franco was though, so Andy told them about our fitting that morning. Both of them laughed when they heard what had happened. * * * A few minutes later, the limo pulled up in front of the house. We got out, I tipped the driver and we all thanked him, and he left. The house was dark, except for the twins’ room, and Jacob’s and Harry’s room. Quietly, we crept around to the back of the house. I unlocked the door, and we all tip-toed inside, and went down the cellar steps. I had already left old clothes for Andy and myself down there, and Craig and Jeremy each had a bag with their’s in them. We all quickly stripped out of our tuxes. When we got down to our briefs, I noticed that each of us was pitching a serious tent. The others all noticed too, and we all snickered at one another. When we were all changed, Craig and Jeremy each rolled their tuxes up and stuffed them in the bags they’d brought their old clothes in. Andy and I hung our’s up on the clothesline in the laundry room. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the bag with the six-pack and bottle of JD in it, then we turned off the lights and headed upstairs. Jacob and Harry were in the kitchen when we got upstairs. Each was clad only in a pair of jeans. They were getting snacks when we came up out of the basement. They grinned at us and told us they’d seen us on the news. They thought it was cool. Then they asked us how the ball was. We told them it was fun, and that we’d tell them more about it later. “So where are you guys going?” Jacob asked. “The beach,” I said, waggling my eyebrows at them. “We’ll be back after breakfast.” They both grinned and told us to have fun, then they headed back kadıköy travesti upstairs. “Cute brothers you’ve got there John!” Jeremy said to me, as he watched them disappear down the hallway. “Ahem!” Craig said, as Andy and I chuckled. “What? So I said they were cute!” Jeremy said, chuckling himself now. “C’mon, let’s get going. I’m horny as Hell!” We all laughed then. * * * As we walked out the back door, I saw someone run past me, heading down the driveway for the front yard. I ran after them. It was just one person. When I reached the street, I stopped, as they were too far ahead of me. Whoever it was, he was tall and thin. I turned around and went back to the backyard. “John! Look!” Andy said, pointing to my car. Someone had written “FAGS” in big white letters on the back window of my car. I walked over to it and touched the writing. It was still wet. I smelled it and realized it was white shoe polish. “Anyone wanta hazard a guess as to who did this?” I said, smiling grimly. “Yeah!” Craig said. “There was only one of them, so it wasn’t Rory and Glenn. They only work together.” “Roger?” Andy said. “I expect so,” I said. “He had Roger’s build.” “If he did it, I can understand why,” Andy said. “I still feel sorry for him.” “You’re just too nice a guy sometimes Andy,” Jeremy said. “Andy,” Craig said. “If they didn’t handle Roger the way they did, it would’ve gotten REALLY ugly. You really wouldn’t have felt sorry for him then. He’s a complete ass!” I opened the trunk of my car and took out a roll of papertowels, and a jug of windhield washer fluid, and cleaned the shoe polish grafitti off the window. We put our stuff in the trunk then and got in the car. I backed out of the driveway, and we were off to the beach. * * * I drove further north than I usually did when we went to the beach. I knew the dunes there were more secluded. I’d told Doug exactly where to meet us, and shortly, I pulled into a parking space next to his car, which was empty. I reached into the glovebox and located a few tubes of KY jelly. Everyone chuckled when they saw them. We got out of the car and I opened the trunk. Each of the guys grabbed a blanket, and I picked up the bag with the beer and bottle of JD in it. We all kicked our shoes off then and tossed them into the trunk. Then I closed the trunk and we headed for the access path down to the beach. Doug and Franco were waiting for us on a bench at the end of the path. I was happy when I noticed Franco had a six pack of beer with him, as I only had one myself, and we’d have each only had one beer. Doug introduced Franco to Craig and Jeremy, then we all wandered up the beach, until we found a spot that seemed nice and secluded. There we spread out our blankets and sat down. The moon was full and bright, so there was plenty of light to see by. Franco passed his six pack around and we each took a bottle and opened it. I passed around the bottle of JD too. Everyone took a healthy swig from it. We told Franco about the ball then, and we told Doug and Franco about Roger’s little prank with my car. We talked a bit longer, and the conversation began to get risque’. Franco knew some really good jokes. Soon we were all laughing hysterically at all the dirty jokes and sexual inuendos we were all making. Eventually, Doug finished his bottle of beer and said, “So when should we get to the “balling” part of this Senior Ball anyway?” “I was just wondering that myself!” Jeremy said, draining the dregs from his bottle. We all chuckled and I said, “Well, we’ve got three blankets, and I’ve got three tubes of KY, so bakırköy travesti we’re all set!” Everyone grinned, and I noticed there was a lot of blatant crotch grabbing and “adjusting” then. Doug stood up and said “C’mon Franco, grab the blanket. By the way, do you have a condom? No glove, no love man! We don’t know each other well enough to do bareback yet.” Franco grinned and reached in his shirt pocket and produced three condoms. Doug grinned and helped him get up. Franco slipped the condoms back in his pocket and picked up the blanket. I handed Doug a tube of KY, and he took their two last beers. He grinned then and said, “OK, see you back here in about an hour or so.” They headed north up the beach then. Craig and Jeremy stood up and picked up their blanket. I handed them a tube of KY. “We’ll come back here for our beer after,” Craig said. He and Jeremy walked off hand in hand, going south, down the beach. Andy and I grinned at each other then. “So where are we going to go?” Andy asked. “Just over these dunes,” I said, picking up the blanket and the last tube of KY. “C’mon!” * * * Andy and I climbed over the snow fence they string along the beach to hold back the dunes from being washed away. We climbed up and over the closest dune, and soon came to a nice secluded hollow that was completely surrounded by dunes. There, we spread our blanket out. “Can we get completely naked? It’s warm enough!” Andy said. “Sure,” I said grinning, and I began stripping. Smiling, Andy started stripping then too. We piled our clothes on a corner of the blanket. Soon we were both standing starkers in the moonlight, grinning at oneanother. As we went to lay down on the blanket, Andy looked down and nudged something with his toe. It was a used condom. “Ew!” he said, kicking the scumbag away with his big toe. “These dunes are pretty popular places to bring a date!” I said, chuckling. “Oh really?” Andy said, laciviously. He laid down on his back then. I was so horny, I decided to skip the preliminaries, and pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. Andy grinned up at me, as I waggled my eyebrows at him. I leaned down then and took his rock hard penis into my mouth and began sucking up and down on it, as a groan escaped his lips. I slowly and sensually sucked up and down his shaft for a couple minutes, as he moaned lowly. When I felt he was beginning to get a little too excited, I stopped. Then I reached under his knees and drew them up, so they were up against his chest, and I spread them apart. Andy’s ass was completely exposed to me. I leaned in and started licking around and around his pink rosebud. “Oh God, John!” Andy exclaimed, as I started running my tongue over his hole. I licked around and around his hole, then back and forth over it, until he was fairly frantic. Then I formed my tongue into a spear, and pressed on Andy’s anus. Suddenly, with a gasp, Andy relaxed his sphincter, and my tongue slid up inside him. I began slowly fucking my tongue in and out of his rectum then, and he continued moaning and squirming under me. Within a minute, he was thrashing about and gasping. Then he pushed me off of him. “I need you inside me now John! Please fuck me now!” He gasped. Grinning, I sat back on my heels, and reached for the tube of KY jelly. I squirted a generous amount of it into my hand, then capped the tube and threw it down. I worked the lubricant around in my hand a moment, warming it, then I leaned back, and my stiff cock pointed straight away from my body, toward the sky. I wrapped my greased hand around it, and began slathering the KY all over it. We were both completely unaware that two people had just walked up over the dune next to us, and were watching us… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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