My Stay At The Kink Hotel


I am a white male in my late thirties. I’m currently single. The main reason is that I really like BDSM and have had difficulties in finding women who share or even tolerate my passion. So I visit a local dominatrix on a fairly regular basis. During my last session, a few weeks ago, my mistress, Ariana, had trapped me in a cock and ball vice, and while she was crushing my family jewels by further tightening the screws, she interrogated me.”What are you thinking about while I crush your pathetic balls,” she demanded.”I was thinking I would love to be incarcerated in a dungeon for a few days, completely at the mercy of a mistress,” I moaned in pain.”I can help you with that. A fried of mine has a BDSM Hotel a relatively short drive from here. But you have to stay for the night and promise not to leave. You of course will have a safe word and don’t have to do anything you really don’t want to do. You can arrive on a Friday and leave Saturday morning. You don’t have to pack anything. Even the toothbrush will be provided. Just let me know if and when and I’ll make the call.”The thought of being a slave just following orders in a dungeon environment made me shudder with lust. My dominatrix made the call and arranged my stay.The destination was a midsize college town, a 90 minute drive from my home. I arrived at the place around noon on a Friday. It was an old Victorian House, at the outskirt of town. I rang the door bell and a buzzer let me in. The entrance hall had a reception desk. Behind the desk a tall black woman in her forties welcomed me. She was stunning. Her huge chest was severely constrained by a black leather corset. Her long shapely legs were clad in black fishnet stockings and complemented by stiletto heels. She looked stern.”Ariana called me to arrange your stay. I am Mistress Chloe and almanbahis you will obey me for the rest of your stay. First, let’s sign you in. The stay is one hundred dollars per night, but you will have to supplement this rate with your services. We’ll have to do the usual legal stuff, informed consent and liability release. Your safe word will be “Red”. Unless you use it everything I say you will do. Of course, all our practices are safe. Any questions so far?”No Mistress,” I replied.I filled out and signed the various forms, eager to get started and find out about the “services”.”Now, please undress and give me your clothes. We’ll go straight to your room. I will not show you around. You’ll find out as you stay here progresses.”I took off my clothes under her stern gaze.”I expected you to be a bit bigger, but that’s okay. The foreskin might be an issue though, but we’ll see.”I blushed, my face turning deep red.She led me down the stairs to a dimly lit basement. We stopped at a small hallway. There were two padlocked doors on both sides. She unlocked one, opened the door and pushed me in. The room looked like a prison cell. Just a toilet and a sink, but no bed. The floor was linoleum tiled. In one corner were a pile of cardboard boxes and a large stack of newspapers, mostly New York Times. The door had a trap door at the bottom that could be opened from the outside. Next to the door were two holes in the wall about four feet apart.”This is your room. You will be fed and washed. You noticed the two holes next to the door. They are glory holes. Men stop by during the day, mostly college kids, to relieve their stress, I guess. They don’t really care who gets them off as long as it makes them happy. You will give them handjobs, no blowjobs though. No exchange of bodily fluids. Lube is there right almanbahis yeni giriş next to the holes. Please wash your hands after each job. Please also do a good job. You will be rated by the customers on a scale from one to ten. Anything five and below is unacceptable and you will be punished. That’s my quality control. The light in here is on a dimmer. You decide how much you want to see. Now, make yourself comfortable. One more thing, you are not allowed to touch yourself. To make sure put on this cock cage, lock it, and give me the key. Choose the tightest ring that will fit around your genitals. We don’t want you to escape and pleasure yourself.”She handed me a metal cock cage. The medium size ring was a really tight fit but I managed to get it around the base of my cock and balls. I was about to put the cage on my penis when she gave me another order.”Pull back your foreskin, you will have to urinate with the cage on.”I locked myself up and handed her the key. She closed the door and I heard her snapping the lock. I inspected the room. Temperature was nice and warm. The toilet and sink were bare and there was no bed. I took some cardboard boxes from the corner, flattened them and put them on the floor. I then took a small stack of newspapers and put them down as a pillow. I unfolded several others to use as a blanket. While I was making myself comfortable. I hear a noise outside. I looked at the door. An erect, white, six inch long circumcised penis was sticking out of one hole, an impressive set of balls underneath. I guess I was on duty. I had never jacked off another man, and since I was not circumcised I didn’t really know how to give this guy a handjob.I turned up the light to make sure to see all the details, rubbed my hands together to warm them up, and walked up to almanbahis giriş my job. I grabbed the penis and squeezed it lightly. I could feel the blood rushing to the tip. I cupped the balls. The cock became rock hard. It was clear this guy would not last. I quickly squeezed a generous amount of lube on my right hand and got to work. The moaning outside became intense. Two more strokes, and a giant load of cum flew past me. The cock quickly withdrew.I was about to continue working on my makeshift bed again when another cock appeared. This one was small and totally limp. I figured that if I were to get good at this I needed to see how far these guys were shooting their loads. I covered the floor in front of the holes with sections of the New York Times, Front Page first, then Business Section, then Arts and finally the Sports Page. I decided that for each handjob I would set aside the section with the farthest hit, thus monitoring my progress. I went back to my limp dick, pulling back the foreskin, caressing the balls, hoping to get some blood flowing. I spent about fifteen minutes rubbing and tugging. He finally was semi-erect. The moaning became louder, cum started to dribble out on my hand. No shooting here. Again the cock quickly withdrew. I washed my hands and decided to take a quick nap on my newspaper bed.I was awakened by people talking outside, there was nervous laughter. I looked at the holes. Two big black circumcised cocks stared at me. One was about seven inches and fat, the other nine inches and kind of skinny. I rose up to the challenge of handling two cocks, one in each hand. Judging by the moaning I must have been doing a good job. The breathing became more labored. I felt the cocks twitching in my hands and kept pumping. Two loads came at me simultaneously at high velocity, both hitting the farthest newspaper section, the New York Times Sports Page. This was fun. The cocks had become flaccid. I grabbed them again hoping to able to revive them for another round, but they withdrew. I proudly looked at the Sports Pages.

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