Subject: My Soul Mate.(Incest) Chapter 5 This is a Love story between my father and myself. My Dad asked me to one day write this down as a way of dealing with his death. ************ If Gay Incestuous sex offends you then why are you reading Nifty in the first place? ************ Guys Nifty has been around a long time. Those of us born GenX, and Boomers, remember the only Erotica available was 1) Mail Order. 2) Buy Erotica in a Adult Book Store. And it wasn’t cheep. In fact it was down right expensive. Please take 5 minutes and give a monthly occuring donation of what is comfortable for you to give. ************* Chapter 5. The next morning I woke up with Daddy’s hard cock wedged between my butt cheeks. I of course woke with a full bladder so I slipped out of bed without waking Daddy. I could hear no house noises and looking out the window I saw the Sun wasn’t even up but light was coming from the eastern sky. Before I slipped back in bed I grabbed the *Hawaiian Tropic* suntan oil and smeared some on the inside of my upper thighs. Then I gently coated Daddy’s still hard cock and laying down put it between my thighs. I pressed my butt against Daddy and began hunching back and forth. Daddy first started moaning in his sleep, then he must have awakened because his hand pulled my hips back. He put his other arm around my chest and began kissing my neck and cheek. “I love the way you always think about your Daddy, I never thought about doing it this way and the best thing is I won’t hurt you”! My love for Daddy seems to just fill me like every day is Christmas morning, “Daddy my love for you just grows and grows, Daddy promise me you will never leave me”? “Baby I won’t live forever but I try my best to stay with you for as long as I can, but when it is my time I won’t lie, I can hardly wait to see Mama again” “My love for her, and her love for me is what made you”! Daddy began jacking me while speeding up his thrusts, then he began kissing my shoulder and even raising my right arm and licking my pit. “Baby Daddy is going to cum, put your hand under the head and collect as much of your Daddy you can”! I put my cupped left hand under the head and was kissing Daddy on the lips by turning my face towards him. One hard thrust and Daddy said “Here I cum as cum shot into my hand, I felt 6 ropes and didn’t realize Daddy normally came that much. Daddy’s hand held mine in place because he could tell when he stopped. Turning me flat on my back Daddy brought my hand to his lips and took half of his cum into his mouth, then held my hand so I could drink the rest. He watched me swallow his cum with a look of pure Bliss. I did then and still do today love the taste of cum. Smiling at me with a evil şişli travesti smirk he took my cock in between his lips. With his tongue he swirled his cum around my cocklet which was a hard 4″ inches. Omg now his oily finger was fucking my hole. My cum hit me without any warning, this was a sign of future orgasms, I shot about a half a rope of cum, but Daddy kept finger rubbing that little nut in my butt and for some reason my Daddy said I was having a boygasm. His fingers were wet with juice as I went totally rigid. Waves of even stronger pleasure wash over me. Daddy said “you look just like your Mama when I made her orgasm”. A couple hours later me and Daddy along with Andy and Davy were driving to Fort Morgan (Confederate) historical site, and then we were taking the ferry across to Dauphin Island and Fort Gaines. During the Civil War, the Battle of Mobile Bay took four hours and and Rear Admiral David Farragut uttered his famous line *Damn the Torpedoes full steam ahead”! I was so proud walking around the old Forts with my very handsome Daddy. And just as good looking twin Cousins. I didn’t realize it but was told later that men were giving me lustful looks and Daddy and the Twins were silently running interference. Daddy tried to tell me later to throw those mini cut offs away. I didn’t of course and Uncle AD told Daddy to cool his jets “your boy can’t help looking like a young model”! We finished touring Dauphin Island and drove down Dauphin Island parkway and into Mobile. Daddy asked if anyone besides Mark is hungry and he received two hell yeahs from the backseat. Daddy stopped at Bluegill Restaurant and we all ate our full of the tastiest seafood I have ever had. It was during that dinner I shared my Mama’s love of Cajun spicy food. We drove back to Foley, and Daddy asked if I wanted to visit our family cemetery and take flowers to put on my Mama’s grave? I instantly felt shame because I didn’t realize how close we were to the family cemetery. So we stopped at Patricia’s Flowers and Daddy bought a dozen Red Roses and I bought a dozen Pink Roses. Red was representative of Daddy’s love and Pink was my devotion. We took the flowers there and saw that Aunt Helen had planted 10 rose bushes for the 10 years we were blessed having her with us. Of course I couldn’t help but cry like a baby, I wondered out loud if I would ever think of my Mama and not cry? (Note to readers) it’s been it’s been 46 years since and I still cry thinking about her. We went back to the house and found a note from Aunt Helen saying her and Uncle AD were in Mobile at a Doctors appointment and we’re going to spend the night and go out to a fancy restaurant. Daddy wanted to talk privately so we walked down to the beylikdüzü travesti beach. Daddy explained that Andy and Davy have been on their best behavior because of me and Aunt Helen. Uncle AD had told Daddy he was taking Aunt Helen to Mobile for tests and then spending the night with a little wine and dine. The twins wanted to fuck and suck but didn’t want to upset me. So I asked Daddy if he wanted to have sex with the twins and he was honest and said yes! “Son I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do. You are my soulmate, I will always put you and your love first. I also promise that on April 14th which is a Friday night that we will go to *Lepoma’s* and after we will go to Phenix City and buy some things at the ABS store. I promise to explain everything to you”! When we went inside the twins were naked and making out on the couch while a Gay porn movie played on the TV. “Hey Boys where is the screen, how are you playing Porn on your parents set”? Andrew decided to explain “It’s a Beta Max Video Player, Uncle West, Davy and I had TDY in Okinawa last month and they were for sale in Tokyo and we bought some Gay Porn tapes to watch, beats the hell out of 8 mm film huhh”? Daddy began undressing me and stopped looking at me, “do you want to do this, the decision is yours baby”? I looked at Daddy’s eyes then Davy’s and finally I saw a pleading look in Andrew’s eyes. “Daddy do you promise they won’t fuck me, my butt belongs only to you”! Andrew spoke up and said “Bubba I promise neither Davy nor I will even go near your butt, but I have a request, Uncle West have you ever been rimmed”? Daddy had been rimmed by myself. But Daddy wanted me to decide when I wanted it. “May Davy and I rim you and Bubba”? Looking at me Daddy said “okay but only tongue and 1 finger in my baby”! Daddy I would learn later was strictly a *Top* and I would one day become a *Power Bottom*. (Because I like to control the fuck). Daddy sat down and I got between his legs. “Pay close attention boys to what my baby can do”! I began licking and getting Daddy nice and wet, his 8″ inches standing ram rod straight. Once my spit and Daddy’s pre had him glistening wet, I swallowed the entire dong down my throat and not one gag sound. Andy and Davy both praised my efforts and moaned that they had never had a cocksucker as talented as me. Davy began sucking on Daddy massive pectorals, and I thought Andy had left the room until I felt his ham sized hands pull my butt up. Then his hands gently pulled my cheeks apart, then I felt him take a deep breath and blow it back over my hole. Starting on what Daddy says is my *taint* his tongue slowly traveled up and I trembled when he passed over my hole. Pretty soon istanbul travesti he was eating my boy hole like a starving man. Daddy pulled my mouth off his cock and “said Andy get up here, and Baby boy show cousin Davy how your talented throat feels. So I received a french kiss from my hot Marine Cousin, my mouth was full with his saliva or my mouth was watering. He leaned back against the cushions and there with a slight curve was Davy’s solid rock hard 8”.5 inches of meat. With my mouth again moistened I simply swallowed it all the way to the bush, I could breath thru my nose and I inhaled his manly odors. I just keep swallowing and massaging his cock as he moaned and taking my head in his hands began fucking his hard cock in and out my throat. My eyes cut over to Daddy and I saw Andrew was busy giving my Daddy a really loving blow job. Daddy’s head was thrown back and he was saying “yeah Marine eat that Army Cock”! At some point Daddy told Davy to get between his legs and Andy to feed me his cock. Andy stood up and moved out of Davy’s way and once Davy was kneeling asked Daddy if he could lay down with me on top of him in a *69*! “Sure Andrew and I appreciate you considering my boy’s needs as well as your own”! Davy laid on his back and asked Daddy when the last time he enjoyed a good fuck? “Other than my baby’s expert blowjob’s I haven’t fucked anyone for 2.5 years”! Davy spread his legs and handed Daddy a tube of *Astroglide* lube. “This is a new product in California that makes things slippery for ass fucking”. Andrew took my cocklet out of his mouth and said “baby please suck me now”! I licked his cock wet, not that it needed much because my hand and most of his cock was slick from his precum. When I got my first taste of his precum it was a explosion of sweetness. Unlike his twin whose precum was salty, Andy’s tasted like pure honey. It didn’t take me long deep throating Andy’s perfect 9″ inches before he began thrusting up to meet my downwards suck and he stopped sucking me to say “Bubba I’m going to cum, if you don’t want to take it in your mouth finish me with your hand”! I thought to myself to hell with that and continued to deep throat his hard as stone cock. “Oh God I’m cumming take my load baby, I love you”! Daddy had stopped fucking Davy for about a minute and watched Andy cum in my throat and saw not one drop was lost. Then he began to really pound poor Davy’s ass, but I saw Davy was actually loving being pounded on when he suddenly stiffened and I saw cum shoot rope after rope out of his cock several hitting him and Daddy on their chins. Davy’s cumming must have set off Daddy’s own because he thrust several hard times into Davy saying “oh hell yeah such a hot tight man cunt”! Finally he looked in Davy’s eyes and said you’re amazing nephew”! *********** Cumming soon Chapter 6. Aunt Helen goes home and Mark gives Uncle AD a blowjob. *********** Remember Nifty needs our help. Please consider a Donation today! ***********

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