My real life story Part-4


Let me just paste few lines from My Real Sex Life – Part 1

My name is Rohan let me briefly tell you about myself. I’m now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my own business and I’m a martial arts and yoga trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms. (why so many places you will know in the stories. People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I’m writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I’m in contact with.

I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view. They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J. According to my understanding with so many females in my life I would like give a free advice to guys and men, hey brothers when it comes to sex it is all about a women when she don’t want IT don’t force her and because that is considered as rape and not making love to a women.

Satisfying a woman in her way is the best thing you could do in your life and if your woman loves rough sex then go for it and many women love to have conversation and some likes to have it with moans and please doesn’t sleep like a dog after a romantic session, I believe no women or a girl likes that and understand her needs and act accordingly and all the best

Okay let me start the story:

Shivani was our maid. I never had any interest in maids and prostitutes. Uma aunty used to tell me that both with sleep only for money than a Lovely sexual Intercourse. She used to tell me that I should never sleep with them, neat and classy women are better for a healthy sex always.

I went home and it was the last day of holidays. I went to her home after uncle has left. She was having her breakfast after her. I went to the dining table and was standing beside her. She was in blue silk saree and her pallu was little moved away from her breasts and her cleavage was clear and her right boob in the blouse was visible. She was wearing a black bra and I could see her exposed waist. I could not see her naval in that position.

She adjusted herself and said I was expecting you a little earlier bujji saying that she smiled mischievously. I said I was waiting for uncle to leave aunty. I said how can I see the book in front of uncle? She said very good bujji, I think you are watching your own back safely huh. I smiled at her and went inside the bedroom to get the book. It was not there. She came and gave me the book. I was going to the living room taking the book.

She said you can read it here and I also have some work to do. I sat on the bed and started reading the book. I read that almost an hour, asking her doubts and meanings meanwhile. It was very easy to learn. When you are interested in anything you can learn that very fast.

I almost understood everything about sex and was damn horny. She was working on her Phd and I really wanted to have sex with her immediately but was afraid to ask and also had some fear. My main advantage with female was I was bold and a little smart enough. I just need sometime or some days or a few months to be alone with that person whenever possible to sleep with her.

There will be some reluctant women too, you can sense from her attitude with those women I used to stay away for not wasting my time. Guys you can never sleep with them, true. We ate lunch and she started working again. I couldn’t control my passion toward her. I told her I need to go to wash room. She saw my tent.

She asked me bujji, why do you want to go to washroom? I felt shy and told her for masturbation aunty. She saw me admiringly and said bujji, I think you know what masturbation now is and how it has to be done. I nodded yes. She asked me to go home and do it.

I went home in a disappointed mood. Holidays were over, schools were opened after that I used to go to her home whenever possible I used to visit her home and read Kamasutra. Sometimes there used to be hugs and sometimes kisses. Sometimes I used to hug her from behind in the kitchen pressing my dick on her ass.

She never used to mind that when she is in good mood she used to give me soft massage on my dick with her ass. I used to hold her waist. She taught me how to massage. She never let me touch her naked private parts. I have reached 7th standard and I was 12. I have concentrated more on studies and games. I have finished 7th with good academics. It was routine on hugs and kisses from Uma aunty. I escort have reached her height I was around 5.3 feet and fine.

I have completed 8th and 9th in one year and jumped to 10th standard. Okey let’s get back and I was teens and they were summer holidays as I was preparing for 2 years I started reading books in holidays. Uma aunty used to teach me science (physics and biology) English and Mathematics. So I used to stay in her home at the max.

Few days after lot of studying I asked her one day aunty I want to read Kamasutra book once she asked me why? I told her “I want to see those pictures once. She did not say anything. She told me it’s in the shelf and I went and saw those pictures for some time from a very long time I was waiting to ask many things but I never attempted to further other than hugging and pressing my dick on her ass.

I was very horny I asked her Uma aunty, why were you fucking Vinay? Weren’t you satisfied with uncle? She was a bold lady. She did not give any shocking reactions with my question. She was calm and thinking. She said bujji, I was expecting this question from you on any day since you saw us she again said what happened suddenly? Why are you asking me this now?

For one moment I had no immediate answers and I was calm for some time and said after knowing all these things I was curious about asking that since a very long time, but never attempted to ask. Today I feel very horny. I cannot have this in my mind anymore. So please tell me. Why was that? She said “bujji, I’m a little fashioned for my hubby.

I love having sex every day but your uncle stopped showing interest after his promotion and work and camps. I was very depressed that time I was introduced to Vinay by Lucy when I went her home. She also said I know Lucy and lana have boyfriends and they will have sex at their home. Vinay is a physics lecturer. He used to come in the evenings sometimes to help me with my PhD. I started liking his company it started with hugs and kissing. “

I was listening to her seriously looking at her body. She said I started feeling young again. One day after we finished our discussion Vinay suggested about oral sex. We started doing it with ice cream. You saw us on that day. Vinay thought you will tell this to your parents and others and stopped coming after that. I completely understood that she is a sex starved women. I was listening to her and said “aunty, can I do what Vinay did with you?

She smiled and said you are not old enough to satisfy a women bujji as I know max about sex I told her aunty I don’t want to do sex with you. I want to give pleasure to your pussy with chocolate and I would like to have a blow job in return I want to press my dick on your naked ass. I may not be able to give pleasure to you like a man but I can give pleasure to you by oral sex.

She was smiling and said I appreciate your knowledge about sex and my sexual alternatives. I understood that she would accept my alternative proposal and I was getting bolder. She asked me without any hesitation “do you really want to do it bujji? She said I have to think about this. I tell you after 4 days and I was really happy about her 50% positive response. I did not speak anything for 4days about that.

I was very horny after our discussions on sex and our proposal. I was imagining her nude body daily and shagging. I was very horny on 6th day after uncle leaf for office I went to her home. She was in kitchen. She was wearing nightgown. She didn’t take bath. I couldn’t see anything in her nightgown. It was from neck to toe and I went behind her and slowly started pressing my body to hers.

She didn’t say anything. I hugged her slowly from behind pressing my dick on her ass and bringing my hands from back to her stomach through her underarms. I kept ‘my face on her shoulder. She said entra bujji, em kavali? (What bujji, what do you want?) I didn’t say anything and was enjoying pressing her body. I went to her ears and said aunty I would like to do oral sex please say yes aunty

She was smiling and said nenu eppudu ra bujji vaddhu annanu (when did I say no bujji?) She again said nuvvu edo okati chestuney unnav kada (anyways you are doing something or the other right) I said “then are you ok with what I want to do aunty. I was in the same position, hugging her from the back with her words my dick was getting hard and trying to get away from my shorts. I was pressing my dick on her ass.

Once in a while I was giving jerks on her ass too. My grip on her waist was increased and I was pressing my face on her shoulders. I moved away her pallu from her shoulders with my face. I could see her cleavage and izmit escort bayan her round bouncy boobs from her shoulder very clearly. I mean the top view of her boobs. I moved my hands to her naked waist. I was pressing and caressing her waist, belly and navel with fingers and hand. She was simply smiling and pressing her head to mine in a cheerful mood.

I started licking, kissing, and biting her naked shoulders and neck. When I was licking she was moving her shoulders a little. She was not in a mood to fuck but she was enjoying whatever I was doing slowly. She likes getting caressed. I was kissing her back which was exposed and moved her hands to drop her pallu completely. She held my hands when I was trying to bring my hands to her boobs. I have tightened my grip and tried to reach them again.

She said bujji, uhuuu I said please aunty and started pressing her boobs with my hands. I pressed her to the kitchen counter and started rubbing my dick on her than pressing it. I was feeling very nice by pressing and rubbing my dick and her boobs were very soft. It was not a padded bra. I felt them very much and I moved my lips to her cheeks and started kissing and licking them from back. She was enjoying it and she laid her hands on mine and started pressing them harder.

She started responding with little high breaths after 10 to 15 minutes of foreplay with some resistance in between. I was pressing my dick more in to her ass on her saree. I was thumping, rubbing and pressing my dick on her ass and her ass was big and was very soft aahhhhhhh I was feeling very good and I felt I was cuming. I didn’t want to end this. I controlled rubbing my dick as I was shagging more than a year at an average of 2 times daily.

I have learnt from books and myself practically how to extend masturbation. I have stopped everything for a movement and went to her wait kissing and sucking her. I was actually giving breaks from cuming. She held my head and was guiding my kisses on every inch of her body, below her boobs. I wanted to move my face to her boobs but she was not allowing me. I held her hands and moved up a little and held her left boob with my mouth.

I was trying to accommodate her boob in to my mouth as much as possible actually I was stuffing her boobs into my mouth on her blouse. I could take around 60% of her boob inside my mouth. I pressed my face into her boobs literally after few minutes I pulled myself back to take breath and attacked her boobs again for few more minutes. Sometimes she was taking herself back. I pressed her towards kitchen counter with my mouth on her boobs and hands on her ass caressing them

Her hands were on my hands which were on her ass. She was pressing them and making to stop once in a while. She didn’t allow me to do it with complete freedom after some struggle she freed her hands on me and lifted them up to her shoulders. She was holding her lips tight and I was eating her boobs on her blouse and pressing the left boob simultaneously. I engaged my right rand to caresses her rest of the body.

She wasn’t allowing me to touch her pussy. I didn’t mind much as I was happy sucking, kissing and pressing her boobs, ass, waist, and belly, her back and naval. I was not giving her a break as I was afraid of her mood swings after half an hour of the foreplay she held my head with her both hands pressing on her boobs. I was also fucking her thighs and pressing on the pussy with my dick.

She was on saree anyways and she didn’t take my dick in her hands. I was trying to keep her hands but she was reluctant. She finally had an orgasm. I could say that as she has given and hmm. She closed her legs tightly. I couldn’t go between her thighs and she held my head on her boobs tightly. We were held tight for some time and she got relaxed. I also wanted to cum. I was looking into her eyes kissing her boobs. It wasn’t enough for me.

I wanted to ask her for a hand job and don’t know what happened suddenly she asked enough bujji stop it when I was not stopping it she said in a little hard voice to stop. I felt a little disappointed. She relieved from my grip and asked me bujji go to living room. I left with my hard on silently. She adjusted her saree and came after 2 minutes. She went to washroom. She took few minutes and went to bedroom. I didn’t understand anything what she was doing.

She was roaming in the house without stopping anywhere. She was actually tensed which she told me later but only intention in my mind was to get a hand job immediately. She did not come from the bedroom for some time. I couldn’t stop myself and went inside the bedroom. She was izmit sınırsız escort combing her hair standing near the mirror. I went slowly I stood behind her silently.

No words for some time and when I saw some normal face I said “aunty I want a hand job. She didn’t say anything. I put my hands on her shoulder. Shrugged her a little and asked her again in a low voice “aunty I want a hand job please. She told me “do it yourself. I started saying please aunty for one time aunty please.

I started moving closely towards her ass and touching her ass with my dick. She was observing and said ok enough you started again huh, stop. I said again please aunty and pressed her again holding her shoulders. She said ok stop doing that please. I thought I should not compelete her anymore and moved away from her. She then said good boy and go and sit on the bed. I’ll come after combing my hair. Okay?

She also said go and eat something in the kitchen. There are sweets and chocolates in the refrigerator and I went for name sake as I was really not in a mood to eat anything other than her. I drank water and went back to the bedroom. She was adjusting her saree. I went and sat on the bed. She came and sat on my left. She asked me with a smile yippudu cheppara bujji em kavali neeku? (now tell me what you want bujji?)

I was silent. I slowly said after a moment hand job. She smiled at my strong determination for that hand job and said sarey ayite shorts vippeyyi (okay then remove your shorts and I did not not waste my time and removed them fast and easily as they were elastic. My dick was pointing straight. I was feeling little shy suddenly. I was standing in front of her.

She took my dick in hand and started shagging me slowly after few strokes I told her aunty can we do it like earlier? She understood what I mean. She adjusted herself on the bed and asked me to lay with my ass on her lap and I really like that position. I went to bed and adjusted in that position. My dick was very hard and pointing towards me. She took it in her hand and bent it towards her face. She slowly started giving strokes and I was in heaven with her tight grip.

I moved my hands on her thighs and waist. She did not say anything and started shagging. I was pressing her waist and thighs when I was taking my hand to her boobs she said “no I held her waist again. She started shagging me a little fast. I asked her for a blow job. She said not now. I started pleading again please. She did not say anything but kissed the head of my dick and said happy now? And started shagging again.

I said aunty please do it with your mouth. She said “orey ninnu antha easy ga satify cheyyalem anukunta (I think you will not be satisfied easily) I smiled at her comment. She didn’t say anything and took my dick in her mouth after her statement. She wanted to do that, if not we cannot force women to do anything unless they wish to aaahh I had a very great soothing effect in my dick when you have a hard on for a long time it will burn.

She was doing it slowly with her tongue and she was moving her head up and down on my dick. It was a fabulous felling with you ever could and if you get that from an expect cock sucker you are blessed only thing that you should remember is you should always keep it clean. I should say I was in heaven and she was sucking it exactly like a lollipop which my class girls do when she was doing that.

I was thinking that I should replace all my class girls lollipops with my dick and it may sound awful but that is what I have felt. I automatically put one hand on her head. I was forcing her to eat more slowly and I started pressing her right boob. She did not object me this time and was sucking my dick with slurp. I was really enjoying this moment. I was pressing her boobs hard and pressing her head on my dick. Wow it was so beautiful man.

Though it was my first time everything was happening automatically maybe because of the little knowledge I had on sex and what to do after few minutes I felt I was cuming. I know women drink cum from the books as this was the chance I didn’t inform anything about it to Uma. I wanted to have that orgasm slowly in her mouth. I held her head a little tight and when I was at the peak I started giving upwards thrusts fast and ejaculated in her mouth. Lol! She was not expecting that really.

She immediately used her force and lifted her head up. Some cum went to her throat, some in her mouth, some on her lips and the rest I jerked it off on her waist and saree it was amazing. She moved me away from me and ran into the bathroom. I was happily finished Cumming and relaxed on the bed saying ahhhhh with a little faster breath. I’ll let you know what she did after coming from the washroom. We will meet in My Real Sex Life – Part 5. My email address is [email protected]

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