My New Family. Angie’s Grades.


My New Family. Angie’s Grades.The year had passed really quickly living with my new foster family.Tom and Donna had been the best parents i had ever had, and got me working so hard on my future thanks to their little treats of encouragement, and Angie was the best foster sister i had ever had as well.So, when it finally came to exam time i was full of encouragement, and even though they were tough, i felt i had done well.Then the long wait came, it would be weeks before we finally get our results and would see how well we really had done, but that soon passed too, and one morning as i came down for breakfast there was an excited scream from the kitchen.”A! A! A! I got A’s!” cried Angie excitedly.Her results had just arrived in the post, and as expected they were good.As i stepped into the kitchen, Angie was jumping around excitedly waving her post about, and as she did, her long black hair in pigtails bobbed about, and her little tits under her t-shirt jiggled happily.Then she jumped into Donna and Tom’s arms hugging them both and thanking them at the same time.”Well done Angie! I knew you could do it!” said Tom happily.”Yes. Well done! I told you could!” said Donna just as happy.As they hugged some more, Tom then said “Well, i think this calls for some celebration and reward!””Uh huh! I think so too!” said Donna.Then they pulled the hot young teen towards them more, leant in and began kissing her.I watched as the two groan adults in this house, kissed their foster daughter, letting their tongues explore each others mouths, and as they did, their hands began to explore each others bodies.Angie began to moan softly, as she exchanged tongues with her foster mother, while her foster father began to move down her body, dropping to his knees as they did.I instantly slipped a hand down my jogging bottoms and began to massage my growing cock, as i watched Donna fondle and grope her teen daughters little tits, while Tom on his knees now, pulled down Angie’s little shorts exposing her perfectly smooth pussy, before he leant forward and stuffed his face into it.Angie moaned loudly, or as loudly as she could with a mouthful of Donna’s tongue in it, while her foster father began licking and sucking on her little pink pussy lips, and then Donna pulled up Angie’s top, before pulling it fully off over her head and tossing it away, and then leaning down and sucking on her little tits.Now my foster sister stood naked in the kitchen, as both her foster parents licked and sucked her slim petite naked body, and then finally i wanted to get in on the action and moved towards them.Stepping up behind my foster sister, i placed my hands on her hips, pressed my large hard bulge into her soft little arse cheeks, and began to grind against her, and she reached around and pulled my head towards her and kissed, just like our foster parents had done to her.As our wet tongues explored each others mouths, we grinded together, which made her moan, because Tom was still licking away at her soft wet mound as well, and for a few minutes we stayed just like that.Then Tom stood up, his face wet with his foster daughters pussy juices, before he pulled off his t-shirt, undid and then kicked off his jeans, and now as naked as Angie was, with his big hard cocking pointing skyward in front of him, he took Angie’s hand and led her over to the kitchen table.Angie knew what he wanted and quickly hopped up on to it, before leaning back and opening her bare legs wide. Then Tom stepped between them, bahis siteleri placed his big mature cock up against her smooth wet teen entrance, and with a little thrust, he slipped into his foster daughters pussy.Angie moaned loudly as her foster father entered her, and then more as he began to slowly and steadily fuck her, and as i stood for a moment watching, Donna undid her dress and let it drop to the floor, revealing her mature fit slim body and big round hanging tits.She then turned and kissed me, and as she did, she took hold of my jogging bottoms and pulled them down releasing my hard teen cock, before taking hold of it and giving it a good few tugs.It was so hard and ready to go in my foster mothers hand, and she tugged me perfectly as we kissed, then she crouched down in front of me, opened her mouth and clamped it around my cock.I moaned happily as my naked foster mother began sucking on my cock, while i got to watch my foster father fucking my foster sister, and god, i was so happy to be part of this family!For the next few minutes Donna sucked on my hard teen meat pole, as Tom plunged his hard pole in and out of Angie’s pussy.Then he pulled out and gestured for me to have a go, and eagerly i pulled my cock from Donna’s wonderful mouth, and moved towards Angie.My foster sister laid back and smiled at me as i approached her, then i stood between her bare slim legs, placed my hard cock at her well wet pink entrance, and then slipped inside of her.Angie moaned again, as my teen cock filled her teen cunt, before i stopped then pulled back a little before thrusting in again, and quickly i began fucking my foster sister.As i gripped her slim tanned hips, Angie held onto my wrists, and my hard cock plunged back and forth in her wet hole, and as i fucked her there on the kitchen table, i glanced around to see Tom fondling Donna’s tits, while she stroked his hard wet cock, as they both watched us.After a good few minutes of fucking my hot teen foster sister, Tom came back over and gestured for her to role over onto her stomach, and she pulled off my cock and happily did what he suggested.Then he got up behind her, placed his hard cock at her entrance again, and then slipped inside his foster daughter again.Angie moaned again, as her foster father began fucking her firmly from behind, and her held her slim waist as he thrust back and forth inside of her.Not wanting to miss out, i moved around the table, and then offered my hard wet cock to Angie’s mouth, and greedily she opened up and let me slip it between her lips, before she began sucking on it.As Tom fucked her pussy, and she sucked on my cock, Donna moved to join us, and stepped up behind Tom, before crouching down between his legs, and then reaching up with her tongue, began licking at his balls, and Angie’s little wet pussy.They both moaned happily at the Donna’s touch, and for another few minutes everyone happily fucked, licked and sucked each other.Then Tom pulled out of Angie again, and gestured for us to swap, and eagerly i moved back behind my foster sister, and as i lined up my hard wet cock at her wet open pink pussy, Donna knelt up and began licking at my balls.I groaned loudly at the sensation of having my stepmother licking my teen balls, as my cock slipped inside my foster sisters teen pussy, and then got on with fucking Angie again.For the next few minutes my hard cock shuttled back and forth inside Angie’s little hot wet hole, making her moan over and over as Donna continued to canlı bahis siteleri lick at my balls, and Tom pumped his cock in and out of Angie’s little willing mouth.Then once again, Tom pulled his cock from his foster daughters mouth, and then gestured to me to step back, before he moved up behind Angie, and then said “Okay Angie, now for your big reward!”And placing his big round bulbous cockhead at her little pink arse ring, he gently eased it into her, and i watched with Donna, as Angie’s little ring slowly opened and let her foster fathers cock slide in.”Oh… fuck yes!” i heard Angie moan as her little arsehole was slowly filled with eight or more inches of mature hard cock.Then when Tom was a good few inches in, he began to steadily pump back and forth, and was soon fucking his foster daughters arse.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” moaned Angie over and over as Tom fucked her little tight ring.As i stood watching excitedly, Donna slipped out from under her husband and then moved towards me, took hold of my cock, and began jerking me again, and for the next few minutes Tom happily plunged back and forth inside Angie’s arse.After a while, Tom once again, pulled out his hard cock, from his foster daughters hole, and stood back before gesturing to me to take over, and as i stepped up behind my foster sister again, i could see her arsehole was gaping open and ready for my cock.I quickly moved up behind her, placed my cock at her open gaping arse ring, and then slipped inside, and Angie moaned loudly again, as her little arse was filled with her foster brothers cock.Once i was a good few inches in, i started fucking her slow and steadily just like Tom had done, and she moaned happily enjoying every second, and for another few minutes we fucked just like that.My hard cock slipped back and forth inside her arsehole, and i loved how her little pink ring gripped my shaft as it slipped back and forth, stretching it wide.Then Tom said to me “Lift your sister up in your arms, and face me!”So i did, i quickly scooped up her slim petite legs, and then lifted her up off the floor, and she sat upon my hard cock and rested back against my chest, our foster father moved between her legs, placed his hard cock against her little wet pussy, and slipped inside of her.Angie moaned even louder now, as she got both her teen arse and pussy filled with hard eager cock, and then placed a hand on each of us, as we both together began to steadily thrust back and forth inside of her.”Oh god! Oh god!” she moaned louder.”I’m so full of cock! I’m so full of cock!” she then exclaimed”Do you love it?” asked Donna, rubbing her wet trimmed pussy as she watched us.”Yes, I love it! I love it so much!” groaned Angie loudly.Me and Tom then continued to fuck her firm and steadily, my cock slipping back and forth in her arsehole, and Tom’s cock sliding back and forth in her pussy, and Angie moaning and groaning constantly between us.”Oh god, i’m going to cum! Oh god, I’m going to cum!” she then moaned loudly.Her cries then got louder and more constant, and then she tensed up and began to jerk wildly between us, and i felt her little arsehole pucker up around my cock, as her orgasm took over.”Yeah baby! Yeah! Cum for daddy! Cum for Daddy!” cried Tom urging her on, still deep in her pussy.Angie moaned loudly for several long seconds and bucked between us, until finally she relaxed and sighed heavily, and then i felt her arsehole relax around my shaft.After a moment, Tom then began to fuck her pussy canlı bahis again, and quickly i followed him in her arse, and together we were soon plunging in and out of her holes at the same pace and speed.”Oh god! oh god!” moaned Angie again, barely recovered from her orgasm and now possibly heading for another.”I’m going to make you cum again, my clever little girl!” Tom then said eagerly.”Then i’m going to give you your reward!” he then added with a grin.”Do it daddy! Do it!” groaned Angie clinging to his shoulders.For the next few minutes, once more, we pounded up into her wet tight holes, making her moan and groan between us, while Donna happily watched and fingered her mature pussy.Then Angie began to get louder and more excited again, and eagerly Tom asked “You going to cum honey?””Yes daddy! Yes!” groaned Angie back.He then looked at me over Angie’s shoulder and asked “You ready too?””Oh god, Yeah!” i replied eager to finally unload as well.”Okay together!” he then said with a grin.”One, two… three!” he then called out.Before he began thrusting hard and wildly up into Angie’s little wet pussy, as he did, i began thrusting firmer and faster into her tight wet arsehole, and Angie cried out louder as her holes were quickly getting pummelled by two hard big cocks.”Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she began mumbling as we fucked her fast.”Oh god! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she then exclaimed.”Do it baby! Come on daddy’s dick! come on your daddy’s big dick!” replied Tom eagerly.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Angie replied, now practically bouncing up and down to meet our thrusts.My hard cock was almost a blur in her little arsehole, and Tom’s must have been in her pussy, and as we fucked frantically, Angie got louder and more excited and then…”Oh fuck!” she exclaimed.”I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m… CUMMING!” and then she exploded bucking wildly in our arms, twitching back and forth as her second orgasm hit.Her little arsehole squeezed my hard teen cock again, and that was it for me, with my foster sister screaming in pleasure in my ear, and her little arsehole tightening it self on my hard cock, i felt my balls tighten and then churn.”OH SHIT!” i groaned loudly, as my cock exploded in her arse.As my balls began to unload themselves deep in my foster sister’s little butt hole, our foster father suddenly tensed up and cried out “OH SHIT YEAH!”And judging by his face, he was cumming hard in Angie’s little pussy.We all three groaned and cried out, as we came and unloaded together, and Angie got both her little pussy and arsehole filled with sticky white goo.For several amazing seconds i pumped every i had into her arsehole, and i think our foster father did the same in her pussy, and then finally with a joint sigh, we all relaxed, and stopped cumming.We stayed like that for a moment, catching our breath, before Angie pulled Tom towards her and kissed him again.”Thank you daddy!” she then said after they stopped kissing.Before she turned towards me, pulled me in and kissed me too.Then after our kiss, both me and Tom pulled our spent softening cocks from her leaking wet holes, and then lowered her to the floor, before eagerly Donna dropped down between her foster daughters legs, and began licking her clean.Me and Tom then watched as Donna eagerly licked and sucked on Angie’s little used pussy and arsehole, until Angie came again on her foster mothers mouth, and then finally she was done.”Well that was a pretty good reward!” Tom then said happily.”How about we go out for lunch?” he then asked.”Absolutely!” replied Donna.”But first we need to shower!” she then said.”Great! Could some one carry me up there!” Angie then asked leaning against the table and looking completely shagged out.

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