My gym fantasy


It’s Monday night and that means it’s gym night. Except this is no ordinary gym session. The sports centre have decided to encourage more female participation by having an all girls’ night. I’m glad. For once I can wear my tightest pants and my most plunging vest without the worry of guys drooling over me. OK, I admit it, I like it one way. I know you go home and wank yourself thinking about our tight little bodies. I know how you fantasize about us, when we’re on the cycling machine. Well yeah, when my pussy is rubbing on the saddle and there’s all that testosterone about – of course I’m going to get wet. We girls, we get all sweaty in the gym. It’s nice to have a hot, steamy shower afterwards. I know what you’re thinking. All those horny girls etimesgut escort together. All those hot, sexy minxes soaping up our bodies, as the hot water sprays over our boobs. Do we touch each other? Do we help each other by rubbing the soap into our sweaty little bum cracks. What do you think? There’s nothing better than the touch of another girl’s hands your body, squeezing a foaming sponge all down your front. Maybe we do. Maybe our hands stray where they shouldn’t sometimes. We’ve had to put up with all your grunts and groans as you pump iron. All those ripped, toned bodies. Those gorgeous, thick lats and the rippling triceps. A girl can only take so much. Nothing wrong with a little mutual pleasure among eryaman escort the girls. Sometimes, just sometimes it would be nice if you would walk in on us… You weren’t to know. You didn’t know it was girls’ night. You’re new to the gym and you didn’t know that the letters F and E had dropped off the female changing room door. It was the first one you came to. The caretaker has been meaning to fix it. You’ve been at work all day and your head’s all muzzy. You just want to have a work out and get rid of all that pent up tension. As you enter the outer door you notice the sweet scent of girl’s shower gel. You think it’s odd, but maybe it’s the auto-freshener. You walk into the changing room and you see the pink towels sincan escort and lilac sports bags. You stop. Again, you can’t be arsed to think it through and begin to get changed. You can hear the water sprinkling in the showers and while you want to get pumped up, you really want to get that hot water in your hair and all over your body later. You think of that chilled glass of fresh orange juice you’re going to have in the gym bar afterwards. You’re down to your boxers, then you take them off. As you put your fresh clothes in a neat pile you hear girls’ voices. For a second it doesn’t register. Just as you’re about to put on your training gear, we walk through. You drop your Lynx shower gel and the top pops open squirting a little onto the floor. Now you realise your mistake. “I think you might have the wrong room mate,” I say. The other six girls all giggle. We all look at your perfectly toned body. Misha, my blonde friend, the one with the shaved pussy actually counts your abs. You stare at us, your mouth going a little dry.

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