My girlfriend had sex with another


My girlfriend had sex with anotherMy name is jhon, I’m 23 years old. I am dark, bearded, 1.75 tall. I am neither pumped nor skinny. I think I draw more attention by my chat! I have always been the “good people” of the class and girls from high school live behind me because of my popularity, I think because of playing drums in the neighborhood band. Many that I took, confessed that this friend chat was a tremendous trap of mine, soon they were already falling in love and I took advantage of it to fuck some … Today my girlfriend compliments me a lot, says that I get out of any situation in a good way, with this chat. She is very hot, she is 21 years old, with curly hair, white skin, 1.60 or so, thick thighs and a very hot ass! Some time ago I developed a lust for imagining my girlfriend giving it to another guy. This started when she told me about her sex with her old boyfriends. Soon I asked if she liked it, if their dick was too big or too thick, I was full of doubts! But once I told her that I had dreamed that she attended a college party and that her friends got her ready, made her have sex with another guy. Actually, this was not a dream, it was a reason to start talking dirty to her on the net, since it was mid-week, we weren’t bahis siteleri going to see each other and I was really fucking horny! When I said that she asked me what happened, and I said: “Ahh they called some guys to the room and took you and then you already know, right ?!” At that time she said: “I know, but I want to hear!” My dick swelled with lust! She was interested in this subject! It was the loophole for me to talk about bitching! I invented a thousand things … And we keep telling these stories, we always invent something that a guy fucks her! When we are having sex she always says: “Fuck me! Otherwise I’ll give it to another! Do you like me to say that? Do you like it? Naughty! ” We were in a really cool atmosphere, talking about these stories, bitching and such. I never thought I could get over it, until one day she came to tell me that she took a taxi and the taxi driver got off it and she got horny. I was a little ill-advised, she always takes a taxi, because she works a lot here in downtown BH. Something’s going on right ?!Then I said that I wanted to know everything, if it happened. She was kind of like that, not knowing if I had said that in the heat of lust. Until one day she calls me in the chat all excited and in canlı bahis siteleri the middle of the conversation lets one out:- You don’t know me .. I’m a saint, but with a hollow stick, and I gooooosto a stick ..-But you already have my wow!-ah, yours is soooo yummy ..but I like to jump the fence from time to time to check the neighbor’s grass and give a fuck with a different stick just for a little change. And this week I had a strong will ..I soon realized that there was something strange she never did, I asked:- Where was this? with whom? When?-ah, boyfriend can’t know ..-ah say it! How was it? Was it with a neighbor?-It was like a neighbor ..-type? why?-stay at the door of his house every day by coincidence he is a taxi driver, I met him in the taxi.-and he is older?-a little, but the fire is still going on! I like people with physical and sexual vigor to eat me very well eaten!I froze right away! Mixed horny with anger I don’t know! Doubts if it was true! She was being very thorough and was different.- We talked and he invited me to have a coffee at his house, it was still early and I had time before getting work, so I was curious! While the coffee was ready in the coffee maker he asked if I wanted milk! He was canlı bahis a little taller than me, strong, he had a nice ass … thick leg and a hand … hmmm! But I said I just wanted the milk after breakfast and then I went to have coffee, and I ended up getting all my clothes dirty! One dress, one piece. Then he asked if I wanted to take a shower, because I had soiled my leg and drained my feet. Everything was preaching, everything was sugar luscious! Then I went to bathe and left the bathroom wrapped in a towel. The dress was outside the bathroom. I was horny and I didn’t even know if the guy wanted something with me, although I noticed the volume in his pants while we talked, I was crazy for the guy to fuck me. When I left he was waiting for me in bed. The room was facing the bathroom door. He asked if I still wanted milk! My legs shook when I heard that!- And how was he? I asked her. (At that time I was almost enjoying just imagining the scene!)-And he took off his trousers, showed off his tough cock and told me to fetch the milk! He said that I would have to work to win andI was going to have to suck and jerk off straight. Then I went upstairs, I was crazy with a milk … by now I had already lost my towel! I smeared myself with his milk, a lot, a delight filled my mouth with cum! But the stick didn’t soften at all. I made the party!I read this wondering where the wealth of details came from. Not wanting to believe that she betrayed me, but wanting to know.

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