Subject: My Gay-Straight Cousin: Part 2 My Gay-Straight Cousin: Part 2 When we parted ways a few weeks earlier (he returned to the UK and I stayed to start a new school year), I was sure our time together was finished for good. He left a bitter taste in my mouth, refusing to talk to me at all before he left. We were planning to visit them and the rest of my family for Christmas and I was worried about seeing him again. I didn’t think that I’d get another message from him, ever. But here we are. He had unadded me on Snapchat following our experience, probably out of embarrassment. The next thing I heard from him was two weeks after their departure. The message came in the form of one word sent via Instagram. istanbul travesti “hey” Unsure of how to respond, I ignored it. I was terrified that he had told his parents or worse. When I finally plucked up the courage, I hit him back. “i thought you hated me,” I typed. “i did” “so what’s this then?” “what’s your snap” Now I was even more worried, yet it was tinged with excitement. I sent him my username. It wasn’t two minutes before I got a notification from Snapchat. “hey” The caption was accompanied with a trademark dark picture of his face. “so what’s this about?” I ask tentatively. “heard you’re coming over here soon” “yeah we are” I was very nervous by this point, but the adrenaline kadıköy travesti outweighed the nerves. “you’ll suck my dick again right, little fag?” Immediately my own cock got hard. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t this. “yes daddy” I replied. The next image had no caption, but none was needed. It was an image of his rock hard cock, standing in all its glory. He was grasping the shaft and the pink head was slightly moist with pre-cum. I immediately sent him back a picture of my own, to which he replied: “fuck that’s hot” Less than a minute later, I got a video call request. When I replied, the camera was facing his throbbing cock. We jerked off together on video. As bakırköy travesti we did, he whispered into the mic. “fuck yeah… that’s so hot… come suck me now… best cousin” When he came, he whispered: “clean it up little slut” I was truly in love in that moment. But that’s where the fun ends. After he finished, he didn’t answer any of my messages and when he did, it was calling me slurs. This cycle of sending me a tease, wanking with me and ghsoting me happened once a week, every week for about 8 months. In August, he randomly decided to stop messaging me. Confused, I asked why and he told me that he had a girlfriend. He further went on to describe how much he hated our time together and how disgusting I am. Heartbroken, I deleted the app. I had been looking forward to seeing him again in 4 months, but now I was scared of him. I hung in this state of limbo right up until the night before were due to fly. That’s when I got a message from him. TBC

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