My first Time_(93)

Big Dicks

well this is about my first time getting fucked real hard.

I just started high school i was the new kid in the town as well.
It all started when i fell down the stairs going to my first class when this guy came flying down the stairs and knocked all my books outta my hands.
later that day at lunch i was eating alone by my locker when he walked past again he stoped in front of me, and with a think deep voice he asked if
he was the one that kncoked me down when he flew down the stairs i look up and him and told him yes but it was ok and continued eating my lunch.
He sat down beside me and asked me if he could take me out to dinner or a movie, i told him i didnt even no his name or anything about him.
he told me his name was john and we could get to no each opther if i let him take me out on the weekend, so i agreed to. school ended and i walked home when i got
the house was a mess so i spent the next cuple of days cleaning.
i was soo busy with the house and school i forgot i had a date with him on saturday.
the door bell rang I answerd it and there is he was standing at the door with a rose i mubled under my breath invited him in and went to change quickly
but little did i no i forgot to close my door soo there i was naked as could be with my DD cuped titts hanging escort bayan perfectly and my bald pussy.
he walked in and said well well well i didnt think you had this nice of a body. i quickly grabed my blanket and wraped it around me my face beat red.
He then put his arm around me and kissed me vary gentle i told him he should leave my room and let me finish getting dressed but he insisted he stade
soo i grabed my dress off my bed and sliped it on trying not to revel my self. we went to dinner.
after dinner he drove me home and walked me to my door i invited him in for a late night coffee. We sat there talking and jokeing for a while then i told him i had to
ded i had to work the next morning. so we got up i walked him to the door and he kissed me good night but this time he didnt leave. after we broke
i told him i couldnt do this cuz i was still a vergin he told me he would be gentle so he took me by the hand closed the door and led me to my room. i told him i didnt wan to
penotrate me first and i showed him where i kept my toys. he grabed the 3 vibrateors and my rubber cock they were only small soo it didnt hurt when i played with them late at night.
so he turn on my purple vibrater to the fist seting and rubbed it on my now wet pussy i told him to putt it ont he last one so he did.
then kocaeli escort bayan he took his clothing off and took my dress off i rubber his cock while he fingerd and playd with my pussy i started to climax and cumm he stoped, i told him to continue
but he turn the toy off and stared to suck on my clit after a cuple minetsi stared to mone loader and loader i had never been eaten out before. i told him to stop and
to fuck me i was ready soo he shovred his cock into my mouth and i sucked on it and he took it and rubbered it on my pussy at this point i was begging him to put it into
my wet pussy so he slowly put the tip of his cock in and took it out and repeated untill the head was in he stared pushing but thrusting as he went deeper and deeper i wanted more of him
untill my charry broke. it hurt soo much but i wanted more i kept talling him more more more screaming him name out i cam 2 that night and anther 3 times in the mornign before
school started the nexted day he came over i asked him to fuck me but mot soo gentle i wanted it hard still sore for the night before i wanted it i craved it
soo after school we went back to my place i went to the shower to clean up i came out after in just my see threw bre and thong.
i looked at hgim he got up picked me kocaeli escort up and took me to my room he trew me down on my bed and took to thong and bra off he shoved his fingers into my hot wet pussy and pushed them as far as they
woupld go i moand i needed him by this time he pulled out and shoved his aready hard cock into my tight hot and wet pussy and stared to pound the fuck outta me with his cock i screamed in 10 minutes
i was cumming more and more i wanted i screamed more i wanted more he took his cock out and grabed his bag in in it had a new toy on i had never seen before. he told me to close my eyes and relaxe it was
going to feel good soo i did. i felt the vibations of a vibrateor but it was touching my ass. he pushed it in i moaned it felt soo good.
he puched it in all the way and then drove his cock into my wet pussy cumming even more now as he slamed him cock into my he took the new toy and shoved it in and took it out
i loved the feeling i told him to turn it up all the way soo he did then he brabed one of my smal vibrators and turnd it up all the way and pressed it to my clit. my clit pulsed with pluser cumm osed outta
my pussy i didnt want him to stop he didnt dare then i felt somthing warm go inside me it felt good that just toped it all off i squrted. all over he pulled out i was shacking
cumming and squrting i didnt want him to stop but he had to after a while i got up and took a shower i went to school the next day only to find out he had moved over night.

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