My First Time Ch. 02


Before I had a chance to do anything else there was another cock in my view, this one attached to a body that was very hairy and had quite the manly scent. I had never encountered this before and it rather took me aback, but only for a moment, as I was feeling very randy and willing to do anything. Before that chance arose, the group of us that had been shuffled to the back corner were now moved again, this time to a private room that seemed to be used for small parties the like of which we had just started.

Hanging from the ceiling was something that I had no idea what its purpose was; a leather strap and chain apparatus that was shaped like the letter “A”. Along with Levis, myself and the large hairy cock, there was about another dozen and half men; none of whom I knew, but all had started to move around the apparatus to get a better view of whatever they thought was about to unfold.

By this time, I was totally out of my mind with desire, quite probably from the wine but I did not care. I was completely naked by this time and not the least bit aware of my state. The group of men had started to look to me as the centre of attraction, something that I took as a compliment. One of them, a very studly looking man had taken my hand and led me towards the hanging leather sling. He was telling me that this was a good thing and from the feelings coursing through my body, it was going to be. I told him that I was feeling no pain and he said that he knew and everything was going to be OK, just let him and Levis take care of me. I said ok and gave myself over to the feelings.

They took me by my legs and shoulders and laid me into the sling, my ass higher than my head and my legs up in the air wrapped around the chains. The stud took out some bracelets, wrapped them around my ankles and hooked them to the chains so that I was unable to move my legs. Levis did the same to my wrists, immobilising my arms. While he was locking my arms, his cock dangled in front of me and I tried to get it in my mouth. That drew some applause haymana escort from the gathered, now naked crowd. I took this as a challenge and continued to go for the hardening cock in front of me. Levis bent down, kissed me and said that I was to relax and be a good boy. He continued to tell me that I would get all the cock that I wanted and then some, all I had to do was ask for it.

I yelled out at the top of my voice, “Give me your cock now, fuck me!” to which he slid his still hardening cock in my mouth. The stud was running his hands over my exposed ass and legs, every once and a while teasing my balls with a finger or sliding one in my tight asshole. The sensations when he did that made me tense up and raise my ass off the sling. That also made the cock in my mouth go deeper into my throat, I could feel his balls on the bridge of my nose, I had never had that much in my mouth but it felt like there was still room for more.

The stud was continuing his exploration of my ass and balls, only this time with his tongue. The sensations were totally out of this world and I was soon forgetting about the cock in my mouth. He had pushed his tongue into my ass and was fucking me with the tip, he had also slid a finger into my ass and with that was stroking opposite of his tongue. The feelings running through my ass were completely new to me; Levis had never done that to me. The stud was working another finger into my tight ass; he now had three working their way up to the third joint. This was something that was incredible, two men giving me their complete attention in front of another 15 or so. Levis was giving me all of his cock and I took it until, he once again exploded in my mouth. I gulped and tried to swallow it all but there was just too much, and it ran down my cheek.

With his cock out of my mouth, I was able to pay more attention to the feelings emanating from my groin. He had worked another finger into the now slightly looser asshole and had pulled out from somewhere a bottle keçiören escort of what smelled like chemicals. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and leaned up, stuck the bottle under my nose and told me to breathe in deeply. The instant that I had, the top of my head felt as if it blew off. At the very same moment, his cock went into my ass and I was in heaven! I had thought that Levis had a big cock but this guy’s was so much bigger, and he filled me right to the bottom of my being. I could not feel his balls and was wondering if he was all the way in when he started to pull out. Slowly he removed his cock until only the tip was still in and then he started to push back. I met his push with a shove of my own and soon I could feel his balls tickling my asscheeks and I was completely full. When he knew that I was stuffed he let it rest in my ass for a moment so that I could get used to the stretch, while he waited someone else took Levis’ place at my mouth. This was a new experience for me, cocks when I wanted them.

I opened my mouth and snaked my tongue around his balls, sucking one in. They were heavy, plum-like and very hairy, again something that I had not run into before. I let the ball pop out and continued licking back to his ass, the taste was something else, a combination of sweat, piss and that man scent that comes from getting worked up. I revelled in the aroma of this man and let him slid into my mouth. He had a thick short cock that stretched my lips out around him making me look like one of those plastic fuck dolls, and boy did he fuck me! There I was, slung between two cocks buried deep inside me and loving it. We started to get a rhythm going so that when one was in the other was out and it felt like I was sliding along a pole-I am sure that is what it looked like as well. It was not very long until the cock in my mouth started to swell and spurt jism in my throat, he was deep enough that I did not spill any this time.

The crowd of naked men around us had now lined up kızılay escort next to my head waiting their turn to fill my mouth. I was to suck cock for hours or so it seemed. At the same time that my mouth was being used as a filling station, my ass was getting some new attention. The great looking stud that had buried himself deep inside had come at the same time as the hairy guy, filling me up. He had stepped aside and some new fellow with a thinner cock had plunged in and was taking his pleasure with my ass. He was going for the long haul, taking deep strokes that I felt every inch of as they filled me. After a couple of minutes of this long, deep fucking, he came inside my ass.

The next person knocking at my ass took a different approach, he started the same way as the first person, fingering me and easily getting four in up to the knuckles. At the same time as he was putting the fourth digit in me someone had put that bottle of hair raising stuff under my nose and said to breathe again, muttering something about popping or something like that. I was not listening all that well at that very particular instance because as I took a breath there was a tearing feeling in my ass as his whole hand passed through my sphincter. If I could have screamed I would have, the pain was something that was out of this world. I could feel his hand flexing inside of me stretching me a little at a time. It was after a few moments of this slow stretching he was able to close his hand into a fist and at that moment, all I could see in front of my eyes were stars going off like small fireworks.

The crowd of men had, by this time, used my mouth and filled me or covered my chest with their sperm. I was a sticky, slippery mess and I loved it! I am not sure how many cocks I had sucked or how many times I felt someone’s sperm hit my belly, but I am sure everyone but one had used me. The only one that had not cum yet was the fellow that was in my ass; he had greased up his hand and arm and had taken up ownership of my ass. He was sliding his arm into me with a rhythm that was taking me to new heights of pleasure. I could feel the ball of his fist as it slid in and out of my now slacked asshole. The little bottle had made appearance after appearance, and soon I was floating on a cloud of pure sexual euphoria that few experience, I am sure.

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