My First Encounter (Ch 02)


This is the second part in a series. If you would like to understand what is happening, I suggest reading “My Life in Ruins.” *** The next few weeks went by in slow motion. I did my coursework mutely, without any help from my much too lazy boyfriend. I was enrolled in an art based university. One of the things my boyfriend would take advantage of by dating a college girl was the numerous college parties that we had. I usually decided against spending the night watching him grinding and making out with other girls. His favorite ones to dupe were the freshman girls that did not usually know better than to make out with total strangers at a loud party.There were usually other people in their twenties and thirties from around the city that came to those kinds of parties. Personally, I prefer to spend the time I’m not working on my school work playing video games or reading. But on this night my boyfriend’s friends were ragging on me for being such a wet blanket and a bookworm. Usually, I ignore their taunts, but it was summertime and a pretty nice night to go out. They did not know that our relationship was on the rocks really. He had talked to a few of them about me being cool with him screwing around with other girls, but they thought we were still doing fairly well and I was just a cool girlfriend.In reality, we had not had sex in months and he only came in and out of my apartment when it was convenient for him. The night he had walked in on me had been the first time in ages that we had had any kind of passion in our sex life and, in reality, I was more envisioning Jae pounding into me than him. There was barely anything holding our relationship together, but we trudged on, hoping it would get better with time.“Fine, I’ll go.”Jonah looked up with surprise at my sudden consent. I never wanted to go to these things. Slowly he nodded then took a seat on my couch to wait for me to get ready.“Just hurry up, ‘kay, babe? I don’t want to miss all the good drinks.”That was something çankaya escort that always annoyed me about him. He would almost always come to my place drunk after his parties if he struck out with any of the girls there. I personally almost never drank, mostly because I could not handle liquor very well. But I just smiled at him in a hidden spiteful way. With me at the party, he knew he could not enjoy himself as much.“Don’t worry, I’ll catch up. Just give me the address and I’ll meet you guys there.”I had another hour and a half before I really needed to be there. He mostly wanted to get there early so he could flirt with the girl who was throwing the party. She was amazing looking, and I’d definitely had my eye on her for a while. But I had not had the nerve to flirt with any girls since Jae had come into my life. Not that I had really had the nerve before her. I was too awkward and shy to flirt with anyone.Quickly I threw on a gray loose tank top that showcased my breasts nicely and a short black skirt that flowed outward as I walked. If he could hit on girls all night, I’d do my best to make him jealous in the process. My face was painted in varying shades of red and black.*** At the party, I stood off to the side in a corner. The loud music blared some dance song much too loudly for me, and everyone around me was grinding and drinking. I felt absurdly out of place, but I walked over to one of the concession tables and grabbed a drink.“When in Rome…” I muttered to myself then downed a few gulps.The taste was a horrible mix of cheap alcohol and some juice I could not recognize.“Geez, doesn’t anyone here know how to make a drink?”I looked around for something else to drink, finally settling on finding something in the kitchen.When I came out armed with a mix of vodka and orange juice, I spied my boyfriend eyeing some girl across the crowded living room. Following his gaze, I nearly choked on my drink. Off to the far side of the living room, rus escort a beautiful woman stood talking with another girl. The two were laughing, and the sound was magical. I could recognize it even without seeing her face. It was Jae’s magical laugh. She was decked out to say the least. Her long dreadlocked hair was tied back in a large bun with crystals seemingly floating in it. I looked her over from afar, she was gorgeous in a tight pair of faux leather pants and a tight black laced corset. My breathing was coming in short bursts now. Something about her was taking my breath away.I swallowed hard before moving quickly across the floor.“Hey.”I flushed a bright red as I approached her. Jae looked up with slight surprise. A small smile spread across her lips.I noticed a look pass between the two girls before her companion excused herself to get another drink.“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you two. I didn’t expect to see you here, and I thought, well…”I was not sure what I thought. Something just drew me to her.Jae laughed and shrugged.“Don’t worry about it. I was getting bored anyways.”She looked over my outfit with a beautiful smile.“Mmm, so what’s your drink?”I looked at the drink in my hand and shrugged, explaining it was just vodka and orange juice.We talked for a bit before she finally asked, “So where’s that boyfriend of yours?”I nodded towards him, sighing. He was talking rather close to a beautiful girl in a tight red dress. She looked barely legal, which was always his favorite type. His hand was on her hip and the other held a drink.“Ah, such a stand up guy you’ve got there.”She snorted, rolling her eyes.Jae watched the sadness pass over my face for just a moment.“Geez, you’re dressed like this and he’s hitting on that whore?”She looked me over, making my cheeks flush.“Want to make him jealous?” She asked with a grin.I thought it over. I did want to make him jealous. It had been a one-way street as far as the open relationship goes, eryaman escort and I wanted to change that.“Yeah, I do. How?” Before I knew what was happening she pulled me closer and pressed her lips against mine. I slowly moved my lips against hers and pressed tighter against her. Her tongue slid into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my waist.Suddenly I heard fingers snapping in front of my face. I blinked rapidly. “Huh?” “You zoned out, dude. Did you hear anything I said?” Jae nudged my arm and smiled.“Sorry, I was.. Thinking.” My cheeks flushed.“I asked you why you put up with that. I mean, look at him, he’s practically trying to eat her face! It’s disgusting.”I nodded mutely, but my mind was still going over the daydream in my head.“I’m used to it at this point.” I murmured quietly then leaned against the wall.I was getting bored with this party and it was starting to show on my face. The music was getting to me.“Does it ever get more exciting than this?” I asked with a bored look.“We could always find something more entertaining. There’s an arcade near here.”She nodded in the direction of downtown and shrugged.“Or we can go get drinks somewhere that’s not so… crowded.”I nodded in agreement. Getting out of here sounded nicer than standing around watching my boyfriend take his latest conquest upstairs.“Sounds amazing.”*** We found a bar with a few games and decided to play a few rounds. By the end of the night, we were both tipsy, trying to play skeeball. I nearly tossed the heavy ball right at a wall, but Jae pushed me a little to the side before it hit.“Watch it, dummy!” She laughed enthusiastically and bumped me with her hip.I bumped her back and grinned.“Gosh, I’m a bit… tipsy. Maybe we should call it a night.”Jae shrugged and looked back at the bar.“Okay, fine with me.”“Wait!”I suddenly grabbed her arm and laughed, “I just remembered! Your jacket! It’s at my house. You should- you should come with me to get it.”I sounded a lot more enthusiastic about it than I meant to, and I blushed.“I mean, I don’t know when I’d see you again to get it. And my place isn’t too far from here. Just a few blocks.”“Yeah, sure.”Jae hooked her arm with mine and grinned.“Mmm, so why don’t we head that way?”The walk to my house was short and uneventful.

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