Subject: Chapter 3 – My Dreamy Muscular DILF My Dreamy Muscular Dilf There are real life experiences weaved into the story but names have been changed and a majority of this is fictionalized. Please note that there are depictions of unsafe sex, drug use, domination, obsession and other themes including sexual experimentation, that are in no way an encouragement to pursue in real life. Please educate yourself on safe sex and other practices before engaging in any risky behaviour, particularly if it may be illegal in your country. This is my first series and I would appreciate any feedback or interaction with my readers to steer the plot in a direction that will be well- received. For the first few chapters there will be a lot of backstory and minimal sexual encounters. Lastly, if Nifty is serving you content that you enjoy, please consider donating to them! Enjoy. “My Dream Muscular DILF” – Chapter 3 Upon my return from Mr. Riyos’s, I was so horny that I couldn’t wait to reach my room and get to work. I kept re-running the whole day at Mr. Riyos in my head. Images of his muscular body, broad chest, chiseled abs, and big fat cock kept hitting my senses and I knew I needed a release. I went to bed in my room and jerked off again and again and again to a point that my dick started hurting by midnight and there was no jizz left in my balls. The next day I started searching on the internet for ways to increase the volume of my ejaculation. I learned that zinc and L-arginine help in increasing the volume of cum. I bought the supplements from a nearby store and started taking them daily. It had been raining off and on in the bay area and the change of weather started giving me allergies. My itchy throat gave me infrequent coughs. I was worried about these coughs at Mr. Riyos. Next Saturday, when I reached Mr. Riyos’s home, he was wearing his gym shorts and tight sleeveless gym top. Still no underwear! Still his big fat cock and its head clearly visible through the fabric of his shorts. I got to work as soon as I could, while he went back to his weight lifting on the bench in the Sunroom. After he finished his first few sets on the upper body, he came to the fridge to re-fill his water bottle. He saw me coughing and asked, “Are you all right?” “I am fine. It’s my allergies that make me cough.” I said, trying to not look at his pumped-up body. He came behind me, placed his hands on my waist, and nudged me to move. Then, he pulled out a drawer in the kitchen and gave me 4 lollypops, and said, “Keep sucking on them. This would help.” The touch of his hand on my waist sent an electric current though my spine. I felt something in my belly I couldn’t describe. I unwrapped one of the lollypops and put it in my mouth, while I put the rest of them in my top pocket and got back to work. He went back to lifting weights. In the master bedroom, I found that the sheets and pillow covers needed to be changed. Today I would have two loads of laundry to do, I thought. I removed the bedsheet from the bed and a couple of magazines fell off from under the pillows. I picked up the magazines and flipped through the pages. There were pictures of naked women doing stuff to men BluTV and their cocks. I quickly opened the top drawer of the nightstand next to the bed to put the magazines. There I found handcuffs, lube, and XL condoms. I closed the drawer and then I opened the bottom drawer and placed those magazines. I kept thinking this hunk of a man must be fucking every night. Who wouldn’t want to lie under him and let him do whatever pleased him? The idea of opening that black box in the top drawer of the chest kept knocking on my head but I resisted it for the fear of losing my job. I loaded the washer with the sheets and covers for my next round and went back to work in the kitchen. He was still working out in the sunroom. Now, he had taken his top off. I kept looking at his muscular upper body every opportunity I got. A while later, he came in to refill his water bottle, all sweaty and pumped-up. I looked at him and smiled. He asked “All good?” “Yes!” I said in a wobbly voice. “Do you like it here on the west coast?” He asked staring at me from top to bottom. “Yeah!” I said, getting conscious of his stares and his body. “Do you have friends here?” He asked. “No! I am making a few from the school.” I said. He asked me, “Do you have a girlfriend?” I said not looking at him, “No, just moved a few months ago. I barely know anybody.” “It must be hard being young and alone.” He said and left for the next sets. I resumed my work and tried not to think about him. A while later, he was done with his exercises. I was still busy with my kitchen activities when he came and started making a drink with the magic bullet. He added an energy drink, orange juice, some blue power, and other ingredients I didn’t check. He made one glass. Then he made another glass and gave it to me and said, “Have it, it will keep you energized.” He went to the living space, sat on the recliner chair, and started watching football on TV, while I went back to finish other work. I looked at him from a distance, sitting on the recliner with his bare chest and muscular legs stretched out, looking so enticing. After I finished my work inside the house, I went out for the yard work. Within minutes he came out in his yellow speedo, with the pronounced pouch almost teasing me. I kept imagining going to him, pulling those speedos down, and taking his cock in my hands and my mouth. But I had enough sense not to make any stupid mistake and lose my job. It was almost 2:30 PM. He was still in the pool sunbathing on the float. I checked on him through the windows, before I walked into the closet in the master bathroom with his folded undergarments. I opened the chest drawers and placed the clothes in their respective drawers. Once done, I again looked at the top drawer and I couldn’t control my temptation to look into the rectangular black box. So, I opened it and saw the black box, condoms, lubes, etc. I became curious to look into the box, so I tried to open it without taking the box out. But the box wouldn’t open. I walked out of the closet to check on him. He was still in the pool. I went back and picked the box from the drawer. My hands were shaking for the fear of him catching me. But my curiosity got better of me and I opened Netflix the box with one hand, while my other hand supported it from the bottom. What I saw shocked me. Box held anal plugs and vibrators of various sizes. My hands started trembling fast and in a flash of a moment, the box fell from my hands, and the contents scattered all over the floor. I got scared. I crouched down and started putting the contents back in the box as soon as I could before he came for the showers. At this point, I didn’t know how many items I needed to find on the floor. Suddenly I heard something buzzing. I knew it must be the vibrator. My heart was racing so fast I could have passed out. I tried to find the vibrator by lying down on the floor. There it was on the side of the chest. I picked it up and tried to turn it off. I didn’t know where the damn button was. Finally, after half a minute, I turned it off, put it back, closed the box, and put it back in the drawer, where it belonged. I was so lost by my misadventure that I raced out of the closet into the bathroom and turned to the bedroom towards the ironing station in a hurry. As I was exiting the bathroom, I crashed into him. “Hey…whirlwind! Why so much hurry?” He smiled, placing both his hands on my shoulders, and pushed me away from him. That’s when I realized, he was stark-naked and I just touched his body. He was standing few feet away from me. I was out of words. “I am sorry, Mr. Riyos. I was storing the clothes in the chest” I stuttered embarrassingly. “No worries, Bud!” He said, tapped my cheek, moved me to the side, and walked past me towards the shower stall. I ran out of the room. I took deep breaths as I resumed ironing his clothes. I was quite shaken by the incident. I heard the running showers that gave me some time to calm myself down. My cough returned. I tried to clean my throat, hydrated myself but the cough kept bothering me intermittently. I had no cough drops or lollypops left. A while later, as I heard the showers stopped, my anxiety went through the roof. I kept working on ironing the clothes. A 15 minutes later, he appeared from the bathroom stark-naked with a towel around his shoulders, just like the last time. He stood in front of the mirror, sprayed hair-spray in his hair, and then combed them. I could see his muscular back, tight butt, and lean muscular thighs. This full nakedness was visible in the reflection in the mirror. I tried to look away but I could hardly control my eyes. He picked up the moisturizer bottle, turned around, and walked towards me. He placed the moisturizer bottle on the leg board, covered the bed-bench with the towel from his shoulder, then sat on it right in front of me, completely naked looking so sexy, I could hardly control myself. His gorgeous nakedness was something from the fitness magazines. There was no shame or embarrassment in his eyes as if he was proud to show off his assets. My eyes kept moving to his muscular chest, flat tummy, and big fat cock hanging between his legs. I could see now that his balls were shaved clean. I had never seen anything like that in my life before. He must be at least 8 inches or more, 2 inches thick, cut, with a large pinkish red head. My Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle cough would interrupt me in between. He started applying lotion all over his body right in front of me. First on his hands and shoulders, then on his face, next on his chest and tummy. Then he applied lotion on his legs, his back. Then he stood up and applied lotion on his butts. Finally, he applied lotion on his cock and balls. While moisturizing his cock from base to head, he looked up and asked me, “Did you run out of lollypops I gave you?” I got startled by sudden questions. He caught me looking at his cock. But then I tried to look at his face”Yeah! Today my allergies have been really bad. I ate them all.” I said in a shaky voice. There were times when I felt as if he was putting on a show for me. But I couldn’t be sure. “You don’t eat lollypop, you gently lick them without applying your teeth.” He said with a laugh. Then added, “It seems you like lollypops. You should try a bigger, juicier one. That would give you some relief. Let me get one for you,” He said with a grin. He rose and left the room, still naked. I wasn’t sure which lollypop he was talking about. A few minutes later, he came back with a large red lollypop, about 2 inches thick with a plastic stick in his hand. He was still naked with not a stitch on his body, standing so confidently in front of me. As he unwrapped it, he said, “This is a gourmet lollypop with liquor-infused at the center. Don’t bite, keep licking and let the juices flow. It will burst in your mouth in the end.” I was so horned up just listening to him talk. I was pretty sure that he was talking double meaning intentionally. Then I realized that he had moisturized his fat cock just a few minutes ago with the same hand he was unwrapping the lollypop with. I tried to focus on the shirt I was ironing, instead, my eyes kept being drawn to his gorgeous, freshly moisturized, glistening fat cock and its head. My hands were busy with the iron and the shirt. Before I could say anything, he said, “Open your mouth,” and pointed the lollypop at my mouth. I involuntarily opened my mouth and he pushed in the lollypop in my mouth, the whole ball. “Keep licking it, till you get the surprise. It will help.” He said, winked at me, and left with the boxers and the T-shirt in his hands. I was horned by the conversation, but more by the lollypop in my mouth. I could barely finish the remainder of the shirts in the next few minutes. Again, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. I came out of the bedroom and saw him sitting in his boxers on the couch, with the T-shirt still lying on the armrest. Before I could say anything, he looked at me and said, “Did you like it?” pointing at the lollypop. I said, “Yes,” and added, “I am done Mr. Riyos,” looking at him. He stood up and went to the side table. I again checked his crotch and he was hard, with his cock pointing up on the left side. He turned around and I quickly looked away. He handed me the envelope., I said, “Thank you, Mr. Riyos!” “Thank you, Bud! See you next week.” He said as we parted. I kept that lollypop in my mouth, as I drove home. I must have been licking it for more than 30 minutes, when it burst in my mouth, filling my mouth with licorice, salty, and sweet raspberry taste. The symbolism of it aroused me to a point where I thought I might just explode in my pants. ———————To Be Cont’d———————–

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