Subject: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads, Chapter 1 (Category: Incest) *PLEASE READ:* – The following is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older – This is a fantasy universe where HIV Sven’s family being in Germany and David not being in touch with his after they cut him off when he came out in the ’80s. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college but I knew I wanted to move back closer to them, for both their sake and mine. As graduation approached and Will and I were still going strong, we started to talk about moving in together. That idea seemed to crumble down as soon as we started looking at apartments and realized we couldn’t afford anything. Will was especially sad, since he couldn’t count on any help from his family. So I came up with an idea. “Why don’t we move in with my dads?” “What?” Will said as we lay in bed naked and sweaty one Sunday afternoon, after having had sex for most of the day. (Will and I applied to be roommates shortly after we started dating, which meant we spent most of our free time in our room, naked, fucking.) “Yeah, it’ll give us a chance to save up for six months or a year, and get a place in the city as soon as we can afford one.” “Would your dads even be okay with this, have you talked about it?” he asked sitting up, my dried cum still glistening on his chest. His load was safely inside me. “No, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. My parents never say no to me.” “Won’t it be a bit… crowded,” he said, gently stroking my hair. “You haven’t been to my house, it’s huge. There are like three spare bedrooms, we’ll be fine.” “Guess we’ll have to put a gag in your mouth so your parents don’t hear when I’m fucking you,” he teased, and I noticed his dick chubbing up again. Guess the fact that I found a solution to our problem made him horny. “That’s okay, it’ll be payback for all the times I overheard them.” “Fuck,” was all Will said and leaned forward to kiss me, eventually flipping me over and adding another load in my ass. … Will met my parents the day before our graduation ceremony. They’d gotten a hotel room close to our school, rented a car, and treated us to a fancy dinner out in town. I’d never seen them smile wider and look prouder of me than when I got my diploma. The following day, we drove to donate most of the stuff Will and I no longer needed, then we all headed to the airport. Will had gotten a congratulatory text from each of his parents, but neither of them had bothered to show up. … “So is there anything about your parents that I need to know?” Will had asked the week before, while we were slowly packing our suitcases. “They drink *a lot*! We’re no lightweights but trust me, they can give us a run for our money.” “I like them already,” he riposted, folding a sweatshirt. “And you know how Sven grew up in Germany, right?” “Yes?” “Well you know how there nudity’s not really a big thing, and like a lot of people don’t make a big deal out of being naked in certain situations?” “Are you trying to tell me your dad’s a nudist?” “No, not really. But he is naked at home *a lot*. I know some people might think istanbul travesti that’s weird, but I’m just used to it. So like, just wanna make sure you’re comfortable with that.” “Totally. I mean, it’s not something that would ever fly in my family, but I think *they’re* the weird ones. Plus it’s his house, he’s letting me live there rent-free, who am I to complain?” (When I asked my parents if I could move back home, we’d agreed that Will and I would get our own groceries, but we wouldn’t be paying rent so we can save up.) “Cool,” I said, feeling relieved. “Other than that there isn’t really anything. They’re cool people, I’m sure you’ll get along.” *WILL:* I have to admit I was worried when Eric mentioned his dad likes to walk around naked. All this time, I’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop, this whole thing had seemed too good to be true. I get to live rent-free, be with Eric, *and* finally see what it’s like to live with a loving family? I was always jealous of how much Eric liked his dads, and I couldn’t even imagine what it would’ve been like growing up as a gay boy with gay parents as well. But maybe I idealized them too much before even meeting them? Now I was picturing an obese, hairy, middle-aged man walking around naked, and me feeling trapped in a house I felt uncomfortable in. Turns out, I needn’t have worried. When I met David and Sven, I was amazed by how handsome and charismatic they were! They were both snappy dressers and seemed to be in more-than-decent shape. Sharp contrast to my dad and stepdad, who both sported beer guts and wore exclusively hoodies and baggy cargo shorts. My mood that whole night was pure euphoria. I was graduating college, had a safe place to stay, and would be living with three other gay men! I was lucky there was so much to be done those last few days of school, otherwise I would’ve broken down and cried tears of gratitude and happiness in front of everyone. … We arrived at the house just around dinner time. Eric had been right: it was huge. It had three floors plus a basement. Eric gave me a tour and showed me the home gym, the large TV area, and the open-plan kitchen. In the back, there was a large pool and a patio. The nearest house was five to ten minutes away, so the yard was completely private. When we all reconvened in the kitchen, David was already making dinner. “Welcome to our home,” Sven said and served us four glasses of prosecco. “*Nuestra casa es su casa*. Cheers: to new chapters.” “Cheers,” we all said and clinked glasses. “Hey hey hey, no,” Sven stopped me before I managed to take a sip. “In the eyes!” he said, shaking a finger between my eyes and his. “It’s a thing,” Eric explained. “You gotta look each person in the eyes when you cheer otherwise it’s 7 years of bad sex. He takes it very seriously!” “Well I don’t want 7 years of bad sex!” Sven exclaimed. “And I would hope you don’t either.” “My bad, I’m sorry,” I said with a smile. “Cheers,” I repeated then clinked glasses with Eric while looking him straight in the eyes, then David, then finally Sven. Sven had on a smile kadıköy travesti and winked at me as we made eye contact and cheered. “So, what’s the first thing you wanna do?” Eric asked. “First thing I wanna do is take a shower!” I said, feeling gross after our flight. “Same!” Eric said. “Come, I’ll join you.” He led the way to our bedroom, and I was in mild shock he’d said in front of his parents that we’d be showering together. Of course, we shared a bedroom so they knew we’d be having sex, but I was still surprised to hear him bring up shared showers so casually. I was happy we had an en-suite bathroom, but the only problem with it was how small the shower was (the same shower Eric had used as a kid). Still, we were determined and both squeezed in, which of course led to kissing and jerking each other off before long. We spent about 10 minutes edging each other, then came out of the shower and toweled off, our stiff dicks bouncing up and down. “Fuck me!” Eric demanded and led me out to the queen-size bed. “We gotta go down for dinner soon,” I reminded him, even though I was horny as hell as well. “We’ll be quick,” he said and reached to the nightstand and took out a bottle of lube. “This has been there forever but it’ll do the trick.” Eric squirted some on his right hand and lubed up his hole, kneeling in front of me on the bed. My dick was already rock-hard and I glided it inside Eric, who let out a soft moan. “Fuck,” I said, and started fucking him. I climbed on the bed as Eric lay on his stomach with me on top of him. I wanted to be quick, but at the same time prolong the pleasure at least a few more minutes. So I took my time, fucking my boyfriend in his childhood bedroom, while his parents were downstairs cooking us dinner. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Fuck!” I said and instinctively reached for the cover and pulled it up over our lower bodies. My dick was still inside Eric. “Yes?” Eric shouted. Instead a speaking through the door, David opened it and looked inside. The bed was facing the door, just a few feet from it. “Dinner’s ready. Don’t let it get cold,” he said, completely ignoring the situation. “We’re coming,” Eric said, his head tilted back to speak to his dad. “I bet you are,” David said and shut the door behind him. “What the fuck?!” I said, trying not to shout. Less than half an hour in, and we’d already been busted. And not just that, my dick was still inside my boyfriend’s ass as he had a casual conversation with his dad. Neither of them overreacted or made a big deal out of it so I didn’t want to either, but holy shit! I knew I was supposed to feel embarrassed and lose my hard-on, but my dick was literally harder than I’d ever felt it in my life. “I’m close. Keep fucking,” Eric said, turning back around. I didn’t need asking twice. I kept going and in just a couple of thrusts I started shooting inside Eric’s hole. As soon as he felt it he started cumming as well, jerking himself off and shooting all over the sheets. He both yelled out in ecstasy. “Oh yes! Fuck yes!!” … Three minutes later we were sitting bakırköy travesti at the dining table with David and Sven. Eric had wiped the lube off his ass but my cum was still inside him. During dinner we mostly talked about job opportunities in town. The food was delicious and we had a generous amount of wine. After dinner, Sven served everyone with a glass of scotch. The alcohol seemed to be getting to Eric and he started yawning uncontrollably, and he soon announced he was going to bed early. Not wanting to be left alone with his parents just yet, I faked a yawn and said I’m going to bed as well. Eric passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow, but I lay for an hour tossing and turning and thinking about everything that had transpired that day. Finally, feeling frustrated that I couldn’t sleep, I got up and reached for my stash hoping that a blunt would help. Eric’s parents knew we both smoked pot and they were okay with it as long as we didn’t smoke inside the house. I put on a pair of loose boxers and headed to the back patio. There was no one in the rest of the house and all the lights were off, so I assumed David and Sven were off to sleep. So I was surprised to find Sven standing out in the patio as well, smoking a cigarette, looking out into the night. Just like Eric had warned me, he was naked. “Hey,” he greeted me when he heard me approaching. Sven was in great shape for a man his age, but that wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye. He was completely smooth from the neck down, and he had both his nipples pierced. Looking down while trying not to be too obvious, I noticed he was well hung, and had a large Prince Albert hanging from the tip of his smooth dick as well. “Hey,” I shot back, trying to sound casual. “Can’t sleep?” “Nah. I thought I’d come out for a smoke.” “Here,” he reached for the lighter on the table and walked up to me and lit my blunt. It was the first time I’d had another man do this for me. I took a deep puff then exhaled. We sat down on the chairs and smoked in silence for a bit. Sven took a sip from the scotch glass that was on the table. We then chatted about the house and how I was finding everything. When I was about halfway done with my blunt, Sven finished his cigarette and his drink and announced he needed to piss and stood up. I expected him to go back in the house, but I was surprised to see him walk up to the edge of the patio and let go, pissing right on the grass. I’d tried not to stare but I found this strangely captivating. The piercing made his piss sprinkle all over the place (I couldn’t blame him for pissing on the grass as opposed to a toilet). I wasn’t sure if the weed was already hitting me or what but the way I felt, I couldn’t even explain. Warm, and content, and curious about the future. Shit, who could blame me for feeling confused, this whole situation was fucking bizarre. I sat there watching my boyfriend’s dad, naked as the day he was born and just as smooth, shake his penis up and down to get the last drops of piss off. “Good night, son,” he said, grabbed his empty glass, and went inside the house. *PLEASE *email me at ail to let me know what you think of the story. It is my first story published on Nifty and I hope it will grow into a series. As of yet I don’t have a plan where to take the plot, so I’m more than open to your ideas and suggestions.

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