Subject: My Boy Matt Chapter 3 My Boy 3 I hope you enjoy my new short story. The normal restrictions apply… must be at least 18 years of age to read, and by the way, it’s better when read naked..Just as I write it! For more of my storys on Nifty, look for my name under the Authors tab: Michael Dee. Matt was so excited all week about our camping trip, we both were. We hadn’t really done anything outdoorsy for a long time, so we were both looking forward to a weekend in the woods. But I need to talk to Matt about something, and I hoped he wouldn’t be to upset. “Matt, can you come downstairs for a minute, I need to talk to you about something.” I called to him from the bottom of the stairs. “Sure dad, coming….” Matt said and I heard his feet hit the floor. He walked into my office naked but there was something different, and then I noticed. “You shave your pubic hair.” I said looking at his smooth boy look. “Yea, it feels so good. Do you like it?” he asked. “Let me feel it. Oh yea, that’s nice. Should I do mine?” I asked him. He looked down at my naked crotch and played with my wiry hairs and shook his head yes. He even offered to help me later, and I said okay. But first our talk. “Matt there are two things we need to discuss. First is our clothing, I am going to start to go commando from now on, like Tom and Jake. And I think Danny usually goes without underwear as well, right?” I asked him as he stood right next to me. “Yea, Danny hates underwear. He does have a jock though, but he never wears it.” Matt said. So, I think it’s time we got rid of the jocks and just let our dick swing free, what do you think?” I asked him. “Sure dad, I like the idea. Then we can be like Danny and his dads.” He said excitedly. “Great, now for the camping trip. I know you have seen Tom and Jake have sex, but you never really seen me have sex. Would that bother you if you were to see that?” I asked him as I pulled him by the waist until his was sitting on my lap. “Sex! You, having sex?” He said as he thought. “No, that wouldn’t bother me at all dad. It would be cool if you could have sex with Tom and Jake, I’d love to watch that!” “Well, I don’t know about that, but as long as it wouldn’t upset you if you saw me having sex with another person.” I tried to bring the point home. “Dad it’s cool. I’ve seen you with a hard-on before, I’ve felt your hard-on before, so why would that bother me.” He asked simply “Just asking buddy, now let’s go upstairs and do some manscaping.” I said as I put him off my lap. I stood by the sink as Matt got the shaving cream out, and a razor. I trusted he knew what he was doing. “Dad, Danny told me the trick was to make sure to shave with or against the hairs, never across them. So, we must feel which way our hair is growing.” He said as he grabbed my cock and pulled it out of the way as he ran his hand across and up and down on my pubes. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard. But being the professional, Matt continued with his job, until my pubes were gone, and my balls were shaved smooth. But we were both a mess with shaving cream everywhere. “Shower?” I said as I opened the door for Matt, and I stepped in behind him. The warm water was pelting our bodies as we stood next to each other trying to get clean. “Dad you’ve still got a hard-on.” Matt said laughingly as he kept looking at my ever-present boner. “I know buddy, I think it’s going to take some release to get it to go down.” I said knowing that I really needed to cum. So without another word, Matt got behind me and reached around me with his soapy hands and grabbed my hard cock. Slowly he jerked it up and down with his fist as my balls began to boil. “Oh god, ahhh fuck Matt that feels so great!” I said as he was bringing me so close to an intense orgasm. “AAAAAHHHHHHH YES!” I screamed as my cock exploded all over the wall and cum just splattered everywhere as he continued to pump the cum out of my cock. “God that was good.” I said breathlessly as I turned around and kiss him on the forehead and then noticed his cock was looking for attention too. Well as they say, one good hand deserves another, so I got behind him and wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his blood-filled cock. After stroking the full length of him a few times he was already gasping. “Yea dad, oh yea that feels so good, oh yea keeping doing that oh yea…” Matt whispered. He came within minutes of me jerking him off. Then he kissed my forehead and said thank you. We both laughed as we got out of the shower and dried off. Tom offered for us to drive with him and Danny, Jake was leaving early to set up the camp site. So, we took them up on their offer, and left just after school on Thursday. The boys were in the back of the SUV, talking about school and play istanbul travesti games on their phones, while Tom and I talked up front. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why it took us so long to get together, as I found him to be a wonderful man and father within 30 minutes of being in the car with him. “Hey dad, Danny thinks it cool that we decide not to wear underwear or jocks anymore.” Matt said and I turned 4 shades of red. “Yea, I love running commando. My dad’s and I never wear underwear if we have clothes on. But normally we’re just walking around the house naked.” Danny said, and now it was Tom that was turning red while the boys focused back on the game they were playing on their phones. “God, I am sorry. But I am sure you figured out already that we’re nudist.” Tom said. “Yea, when I sat in your house and took my clothes off and you didn’t mind, I got the idea. ” I said. “Matt and I pretty much deal with everything in the open, we don’t hide much from each other. Like a couple of days ago, Matt gave me a Brazilian. Said he learned it from Danny, thank you.” I said and we both laughed. Suddenly Tom looked in the review mirror and the look on his face became horrified instantly. “Danny what are you two doing?” Tom yelled, so I looked back, and Matt had his face in Danny’s lap with Danny’s pants pulled down around his knees. “Dad, I had to pee so Matt said he would drink it.” Danny said innocently “Danny, you call it piss not pee.” Matt said as he lifted his head off of Danny’s soft cock with his fingers pinching Danny’s dick, so his piss didn’t fly all over them. “Okay, I had to piss.” Danny said as Matt went back down on him to finish off his warm, yellow mellow. “It’s okay they’re just boys.” I said as Tom look thoroughly embarrassed. “That may be my fault, don’t yell at Danny.” I said. “We both like piss play and maybe it’s gone too far.” I tried to explain but really didn’t know how. “Seriously, you guys get into watersports?” Tom asked. “A well, kind of.” I said thinking it was a huge mistake to say anything. But I couldn’t let Danny take the blame. “Dude, that party we went to the other night was a watersports party. I drank so much piss and beer that night I don’t know which one gave me the headache the next morning.” Tom said “You’re kidding right? I didn’t know there were such things as piss parties.” I said hoping the Matt and Danny weren’t listening to us. “Shit dude, next one is at our house, and you’re definitely invited if you’d like.” Tom said as he pulled off the highway onto our exit. We drove for another 30 minutes going deeper and deeper into the woods and away from civilization. Finally, we were driving along a dirt road that was following a stream, until we came to a lake, and we saw Jakes Subaru off to the side of the path. Danny and Matt were getting very excited and antsy being in the car for over 2 hours they needed to get out and run, and they did just that as soon as Tom put the SUV in park. “Don’t go too far boys, I’m sure Dad will have dinner ready soon.” Tom said as the boy ran towards the lake. We grabbed our gear and started along the path when I saw their tent. It really wasn’t a tent, it looked like a 5-room house. It was huge, with separate sleeping area off the main area of the tent. “Oh my god that thing is huge.” I said as we got to the clearing. “Are you talking about me again?” Jake said as he came from around the back side of the tent, completely naked. “Hi honey, long drive but it was nice to have Todd’s company.” Tom said as he walked up to his naked husband and kiss him passionately on the lips. “Where are the boys?” Jake asked. “Oh, they’re down by the lake, I’m sure.” Tom said as he threw his gear in front of the tent. Tom kissed Jake again as he began taking off his shirt and kicking off his shoes. I looked around, it was a great secluded site, with several different areas; a nice BBQ pit and a dinning space that Jake had already set up with a table and chairs and a lounge area with 5 Adirondack chairs circled around the fire pit. “You’ve been busy!” I said to Jake. “I love camping.” Jake said as he came over an gave me a kiss on the cheek to greet me. “This is a great spot, and this tent!” I said to Tom and Jake, as Tom pulled off his pants. “Would you like me to show you around?” Jake asked. “Hey honey, let him get comfortable first, we just got here. And maybe a beer for all of us.” Tom asked his husband. “Todd, feel free to be as comfortable as you like.” he said as he put up his hands showing us his comfortability with being naked. “Thanks, the kids are cool with this?” I asked him. “If they’re not already naked, I’ll wear clothes for the rest of the weekend.” Tom said laughing “Great, I think I will.” I said and began to take off my kadıköy travesti shirt. And as I was getting ready to take my pants off, both boys showed up with their clothes in their hands. Danny looked at me and said; “Daddy isn’t cool that Matt and his dad don’t wear underwear anymore? They just decided this week to stop wearing jocks or anything under their clothes, like us.” I immediately began feeling comfortable with our little nudist group, enjoying the feeling of being one with nature and my boy. The beers were past to us quickly as Jake offered to show me around the tent. Matt and Danny came with, as Jake pointed out the different sections of the tent. There wouldn’t be much privacy, but there was plenty of room for all of us, plus a lot more. “Todd, you and Matt can put your sleeping bags over here in this wing.” Jake said. “NO NO…. I want Matt to sleep in my area, we want to sleep together.” Danny protested. “That’s fine with me, if you don’t mind?” Jake said to me, and I shrugged my shoulders “Sure” I said. Dinner was spectacular, and we all sat around talking and enjoying the warm night air. We went from Beers, to wine, and now as we sat around the fire, we were drinking straight up scotch. The boys were playing a game on their phone as the 3 of us talked and got drunk. Just guys hanging out completely naked, under the stars. It was getting late when Tom told the boys it was time for bed, and I agreed. So, we all piled into the tent, my sleeping area was right across the common area from Tom and Jake, while Danny and Matt’s were just to my left. My sleeping bag was comfortable because of the air mattress Jake had set up for each of us, but it was too hot to sleep inside the bag, so just laid down on the top. Jake turned down the lantern when everyone was settled so there was just a soft glow inside the tent. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep especially with all the scotch. But I was woken soon after by the distinct sound of sex. Real hot and heavy sex, a lot of grunting, skin slapping and very loud groaning by someone getting fucked hard. My cock was awake before I was, standing tall, aching for relief and this wasn’t helping. I looked up but there wasn’t enough light to see much. But I could see Matt and Danny as they were closer to me, and the little light there was, was shining in their direction. I was quite shocked to see that they were in a 69-position sucking on each other’s cocks, and it was obvious that some of the moaning was coming from them. But not the skin slapping sex that was making my cock leak. I didn’t know what to do, I was drunk and horny as fuck, with my cock was leaking all over my stomach. I really wanted to go over and join them, but I had never done anything with a guy before nor less two. Well, maybe a little bit with Matt. But they were turning me on, and I wanted sex, I wanted to get off with them. But could I really get into bed with a married couple, especially with my 14-year-old son, who’s presently getting head, right next to me. “OH FUCK’ I thought what should I do? “Come join us.” I heard a whisper coming from Tom and Jakes area. I sat up, did I really hear that, or was I just imagining the invite. I looked over at Danny and Matt and they were into each other deep, so it wasn’t them. And I still couldn’t see across the tent, so I started to lay back down. “Todd, join us.” I heard again. Fuck! I was so drunk and so fucking horny, I got out of bed and walked carefully to the other side of the common area. My cock was sticking straight up as I walked into their sleeping area. I couldn’t see much as I was walking but as I got closer, I could see one of them on his back with his legs in the air, and the other between his legs, fucking him as hard as I have ever seen anyone getting fucked. “Give me your cock.” I heard one of them say, I think it was Tom who was fucking Jake. I walked closer and he grabbed my cock and pulled me into him. I had to carefully step over Jake as not to step on him, as Tom shoved my cock into his mouth as he continued to fuck his husband. “Oh god!” I said as his warm mouth engulfed my rigid cock and swallowed it down to my balls. “Oh fuck!” I said again and grabbed his head and pushed my cock as far down his throat as I could. He blew me as I watched his hips plow into his husband’s ass, with their skin slapping loudly with each thrust. Jake was grunting, moaning, and panting heavily as Tom’s cock was pummeling his asshole. With that going on in front of me, and my cock getting sucked off, my balls reacted quickly and all too soon I was shooting ropes of cum down Tom’s throat. “”Oh fuuuuuuccckkkkk! I tried to whisper as my cock spewed the biggest fucking orgasm in my life into Tom’s mouth. Tom swallowed my whole load, which triggered his orgasm, bakırköy travesti and it wasn’t long before he was jerking his hips into Jakes ass, filling him with his hot, thick, white seed. “Oh my god.” I said as I stood there over the two of them as we all tried to catch our breaths. “Mmmmmm ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm” We all heard as both Matt and Danny blew off together into each other’s mouths. We all looked at each other and smiled. “Hey, you want to fuck me?” Jake whispered to me. I looked down and my cock was still plastered hard against my smooth pubic area, will a large dollop of cum sitting atop. I looked at Tom and he nodded yes as he pulled his spent cock out of his husband’s asshole. I got down om my knees, as Jake sat up and sank his mouth over my cock and sucked it in, licking the cum off the top and giving me a quick blow job to get a taste of me. “mmmmm” Jake said as he pulled away. “I want him inside me” Suddenly he was turning around as he got on his hands and knees with his ass right there for me to take. I looked at Tom, who was definitely excited about watching his husband get fucked. My cock was covered in Jakes spit, so I maneuvered the head of my cock to his cum slick asshole and pushed. “Ooooohhhhhhhh” I said as my hard cock slipped deep into Jake’s warm, tight asshole. I didn’t dare move, for cumming instantly. “Give me a minute.” I said shakily. It had been a long time since I had fucked anyone or had my cock anywhere near a warm hole. And even though I had just cum, my balls were letting me know they were ready to get off again. Slowly I started to move my hips, and the feeling was amazing. And soon I was fucking him like I used to fuck my wife, shoving my cock in and out of his ass, as I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me, getting my cock as deep into his asshole as I could. “Oh yea fuck me, shove that hard cock so fucking deep inside me.” Jake said, not thinking or caring that our boys were sleeping right next to us. But I continued to fuck him, as Tom walked around us, and kneed in front of his husband. I don’t know if it was to stop him from talking, or if it was sex, but he shoved his cock into his husband’s mouth, as I fucked him hard. My orgasm took hold and built slowly hard to a rousing eruption of my whole body. I screamed, I shook, I tried to breath as my balls pulled way up inside me, and finally burst as I began to shoot my massive load and coat the inside of Jakes asshole with my cum. “Ohhh fuck yea, fuck! Fuck! Fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck!” I said as my cock started spewing cum, not caring who was sleeping next to us or that his husband was watching me fuck the shit out of his husband. I collapsed on top of him as he was licking the spent cum off Tom’s cock. “Oh my god, that was so fucking hot!” I said breathlessly. “Yea it was!” Tom and Jake said at the same time. It was still dark when I felt Matt crawl into my sleeping bag with me, and cuddle into my chest. I wrapped my arm around him, and we both fell into a deep sleep. I woke up with his face inches away from mine. He was staring at me, as I opened my eyes. “Good morning, buddy.” I said as I could feel his hard cock pressing against my skin. “Morning dad.” He said with a smile and kissed me. “Did you have fun last night?” I thought about what to say but said all I could. “Yes, I had a really good time.” “Good. So did we.” He said as he got closer to me, now feeling his legs, cock, and chest against mine. I put my arm around him and pulled him closer, as his head was nestled in my chest. I didn’t feel it immediately, but it didn’t take me long to realizing his was pissing on me. I pulled my head back and looked at him. He didn’t stop but looked up at me and smiled. The warmth of the piss felt so fucking hot inside our sleeping bag, as we both enjoyed the sensation of the warm piss as it began to envelop us both. ‘Why not’ I thought and suddenly Matt smiled as he felt my cock spraying his chest with my warm piss. We kissed on the lips until we both finsihed pissing, now both of us were hard, and wet. “ahhhhh yea…….ahhhhhh…….ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck yea!” we both heard as we laid there, Matt wrapped in my arms, in our piss soaked sleeping bag. I opened my eyes and looked at Matt, and he looked at me questioningly. So, we sat up and looked across the tent. ‘Oh god’ I thought as I saw Danny’s naked body sitting atop one of his fathers, I couldn’t see which on, but it appeared that he was riding one of their cocks pretty hard. Bouncing up and down, with his long blond hair flying all over his head, as he fucked himself with one of his father’s morning hard-ons. Matt looked at me, and then looked back. I didn’t know what to say, but I did know my cock was so fucking hard, and I could feel pre-cum pouring down my long shaft. If you enjoyed my new story let me know aslo any Comments, or suggestions, please email me at ail. Also, REMEMBER Nifty runs on donations, so if you like what you read, consider sending something to them, to keep this site up and running Just click here to help support Nifty. fty/

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