Music Festival Fun


Kitty had heard about the music festival for years because it took place just a few miles from the trailer park where Kitty lived. Her mom told her that the kids who came to the festival were dirty hippies, and told Kitty to stay away from them.But every summer, Kitty saw the vans, and the kids walking in, who seemed to be having a LOT of fun. They all wore colorful outfits, both the girls and the guys, and they didn’t mind “public displays of affection” or PDA, as Kitty and her friends laughingly called public make-out sessions when they were in junior high.Now that she was 17, Kitty decided she was going to the music festival, and her mom could fuck-off. She thought it would be fun to dress up like a hippie chick, and dance, and get high with the kids who came from all over to party for a few days in the giant campground up the road, called Sunshine Fest. Kitty loved getting high, had just discovered the pleasures of sex, and couldn’t wait to get away from her mom for a whole weekend of fun.Kitty was thin and tall, with dirty blond semi-curly hair, and a tight little butt and nicely developing tits that stood out like little traffic cones from her chest. She spent weeks putting together a couple of outfits for the festival. She had seen what the girls wore, and loved the loose, flowing, and sexy outfits she had seen. She wanted to fit in, so she could just join up with whatever group looked like fun, and play around with a wide variety of festival-goers.Her first outfit was for the walk into the venue and consisted of a tiny white bikini top, that covered her newly blossomed titties but was thin enough that her firm nipples were obvious underneath. Below, she would wear a loose skirt, that hung low around her hips, held up by a wide leather belt and a big silver buckle, that sat well below her belly button, and showed off her taut teen belly. She wore a leather fringed vest over the bikini, that hung loosely out from her titties, the long dark fringe contrasting with her pale white ribcage and tummy underneath. She wore a pair of tall cowboy boots, brown like the leather vest. The boots accentuated her muscled calves and thighs, which showed when the flowing skirt opened on the side as she walked. She wore her hair tied into a loose ponytail behind her, with long wisps of stringy blond hair hanging down on both sides of her cute little face.  Leaving her hair unwashed for a few days gave it that somewhat dirty, and stringy look that identified her as a real hippie chick. She liked how she looked in the mirror and was sure she could bahis siteleri blend in.She also had another outfit, that she planned to wear for the first night’s concert. It was a little more revealing, and she hoped it would attract some attention when she was dancing among all the other cute girls who would be there. She had worn this outfit in the trailer park, and by the looks and stares she got from the men and boys, she was pretty sure it would get attention at the festival. More about that outfit later.She packed the second outfit, along with the bare necessities for the weekend- like a toothbrush, some weed, and a bit of her favorite perfume, in a small backpack, and put the backpack on. As she headed out to the road, the backpack had the effect of forcing her firm tits to stand out further, outlined by the side straps, the leather fringe hanging below.She got to the road outside her park and put her thumb out to the first van that came up the road. The van stopped, and the driver yelled at her to hop in if she was goin’ to the festival. The side door slid open, and she hopped in to join a group of two girls and two guys in the back of the van. Since there was no empty seat, one of the guys patted his jeans, and motioned for her to jump up on his lap. Why not, thought Kitty, taking off her backpack as she hopped up onto his lap, sitting on one leg of his dirty jeans, with several substantial holes over his thigh and knee.The guy put his hands around her middle, and pulled Kitty against him, and leaned in to tell her his name was Jack. He seemed a little older than the other kids, maybe in his twenties, instead of a teen like the other girls and the driver. Jack smelled like weed, and his rough beard tickled Kitty when he spoke close to her ear.  Kitty found she was getting a little excited sitting on his firm thigh, and she was even more turned on when his arms brushed against her boobs as he clasped his hands across her tummy.One of the girls offered her a toke on a joint that was being passed around, and Kitty took a deep hit and leaned against Jack. Soon the whole car was laughing, and swaying to the Grateful Dead tune that boomed from the van’s stereo, and Kitty began bouncing a little on Jack’s lap as the weed hit her, and she got into the music. As she moved, her skirt fell open on one side, revealing her firm thigh all the way up to her panties. Jack put his hand on her thigh and began stroking and squeezing it a bit, to the beat of the music. As he did so, Kitty became aware of his cock hardening beneath her and pressing canlı bahis siteleri against her butt cheek.One of the other girls in the back began making out with the other boy, and soon was being fondled and fingered as they sat together in the seat next to Jack and Kitty. So Kitty did not resist when Jack began kissing her, and slid a hand up under her leather vest and began massaging her sensitive young breast through the material of her bikini. Kitty began getting excited, and wet, and did not resist when Jack slipped his free hand under the loose skirt, and snuck a finger inside her panties and rubbed it against her wet slit.Jack whispered in her ear, “We’re going to have some fun at this festival, Kitty, I can tell!” Kitty just leaned back and purred a bit, a play on her name that she had found got guys very turned on. It worked with Jack, as he continued fondling her breast, and forced his finger firmly inside her little cunt. Kitty moaned with pleasure, which could not be heard over the loud music, but it seemed Jack’s dick grew even harder beneath her. By the time they reached the campground area just a few minutes later, both girls in the back were close to an orgasm. But when the van stopped at the venue entrance, they had to all stop, and pretend that all was normal.After showing his vehicle pass, they proceeded inside and found their campsite, among hundreds of other vans and campers. The driver got out and helped the girls get out, and handed each their backpack. The driver explained that their tent could only hold the four of them, so Kitty would be on her own to find a place to stay. She said that was fine, and after giving Jack a big deep kiss, she slung her backpack on and wandered into the crowded campground.Warmed by the weed, and by the fingering in the van, Kitty was feeling sexy and frisky, and walked into the camping area with a huge grin on her face, letting her skirt fly open on one side, as she alternately walked and danced to the music that blared all around. Kitty had no cares and was just enjoying the sun and atmosphere when a guy sitting on a lawn chair outside a big camper shouted out to her. He was about thirty, she guessed, and wearing only a pair of baggy shorts and sandals, and a tie-dyed beater t-shirt that showed off his big chest and strong arms. Even though he was much older, Kitty thought he was cute, and danced over his direction, spinning around and making her skirt flare out, and her tits bounce.”Where you headed, little momma?” the guy said. “Come on in here and groove with Mr. canlı bahis Miracle,” he said over the music from the two big speakers that sat at each end of his camper.”Mr. Miracle?” asked Kitty, “How’d you get that name?””Cuz I got the miracle everyone needs,” Miracle replied in a stoned voice. “Like in ‘I need a miracle?” Yeah, baby, I make the miracles happen.”He said all this with a big smile, and he shook his long hair, which was tied in a ponytail behind him.”What kind of miracle do you need, girl?” he asked, smiling.”I’m just enjoying life, and just got a ride in,” said Kitty, “but I might need a place to change and a place to crash, later on.””You’re in luck, girl,” said Miracle, looking over the hot little blond. “Step inside, and check out the accommodations… And have a toke of this,” as he handed her a thick doobie, and offered a hand to help her step inside his camper.Kitty took a hit from the doob, and stepped up into the camper, with Miracle right behind her. With her skirt flared out, he got a glimpse of her firm thigh all the way to her little panties, and he thought he smelled the scent of teen pussy as she stepped inside. Kitty probably did smell like pussy, as the fingering she had gotten on the way into the park had made her wet, and her little panties were soaked with her juices.Standing behind her, Miracle put a hand on her shoulder, and one on her bare waist and he leaned down and whispered into her ear with his deep raspy voice, “Mi casa es su casa, baby.”Kitty wasn’t sure what Miracle said, but she like the feel of his hands on her already aroused body and was turned on by his hot breath in her ear. She was already enjoying the festival, and she had only been there for a few minutes. The weed made her feel extra frisky, and so she turned around toward Miracle, allowing him to keep his hand on her waist as she turned so that his arm brushed across her boob, and looked up at him with a little smile.”I don’t know what you said, mister, but I don’t mind hangin’ out a while here wit’ you,” and she half-closed her eyes and pursed her lips for a kiss.Miracle leaned down and kissed Kitty deeply, pulling her nubile body against himself, where once again, Kitty felt the hardness of a cock, this time pressed against her taut tummy.He didn’t say anything, but continued kissing her, and reached one hand under her skirt, and took a firm hold of her tight butt cheek, and pressed her against his hardness. Kitty decided that this meant he was OK with her staying a while, and she pressed right back against Miracle, and pulled his other hand from her shoulder, and held it against her left tit.”Sorry to be so forward, mister, but all this weed and all this touchin’ has got me a little frisky,” Kitty said shyly, as she looked up at the smiling older guy.

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