Mum In The Kitchen


Mum In The KitchenMum was thirty two years old. My farther left us when I was four. Mum has had a few boyfriends, but no one for about two years now. She works full time as a secretary and I’m in high school.I’m Mark and I’m f******n years old. I was sitting in the kitchen as school had finished early, when I heard mum return from work and she went straight up the stairs, a couple of minutes later she came back down and in to the kitchen just in her bra and knickers“Shit I forgot you would be back from school. I will never forget that moment; she was wearing red lacy underwear and standing in front of me“Turn the oven on will you Mark and I be back for down in a few minutes to make tea”She left and went upstairs, dirty thoughts of what I had just seen rushed through my head, a very fit looking mature woman, flat stomach with nice big tits (38D) and a few dark pubic hairs sticking out the legs of her knickers.It was an half an hour before she came back down and in to the kitchen and we sat had our tea.It was the next night when I came home school and I saw mum in the garden so I went to see her. Hi darling, how was school. She asked. It was ok mum, just a normal day. “Tea will be ready in about an hour”, she said.I was inside the lounge when I looked toward the kitchen and saw mum putting something in the oven. She was only wearing a white lacy bra and knickers, her dark pussy hair and her dark areola on show as well as her nipples poking through her sheer bra. She came past me with her clothes, bending down to put them in the washing machine with her bum sticking in the air. My young cock started to have feeling in my trousers watching her tight arse wriggle about.“I’ll just go and get changed before tea,” Mum saidWe sat having tea like nothing had happened but I could not rid that feeling I had inside me and went to bed that night as horny as hell.The next morning when I was leaving for school, we had our customary hug and kiss on the cheek before I left. I gave one last look at the door as I walked down the path, when I saw mum pulling her polo shirt off and she had no bra on, standing topless in the door she gave me a wave.School that day passed very slowly, all I wanted to do was see my mum and I was not disappointed when I did. I saw that she was in the garden when I got off the bus but when I got our cottage, she was missing.“Mum where are you”“In here” I looked over towards the shed and there was mum pulling her knickers up past her knees, she had just had a wee near the wood pile, she pulled her kickers all the way up shutting her pussy off from my view.“Hello darling, I got caught short, good day at school” she askedI was speechless, I had just seen my mum’s pussy, a good thick covering of dark pubic hair sprouting out from between her legs and it was my mother.“Yesss, it was good, thanks”“I’m finished here now”We walked back to the back door of our cottage, my brain thinking dirty thoughts of my own mother, seeing her tits and hairy pussy all in one day. She stripped to her underwear in the kitchen before going upstairs to get changed for tea. Mum went out after tea to see her friend and I went up for a shower and give my young cock some extra soapy attention. I had just started to dry myself in the bathroom, giving myself an impressive hard on again when mum came in totally naked, we stood still speechless.Mum didn’t move or try to cover herself up and I stood still holding my half towelled covered cock in the palm of my hand. She was sexy woman, her big tits with dark areola and hard nipples, her flat stomach and thick hairy bush. I stood staring“I thought you were finished Mark,” she said Mum past me and climbed in to the shower, with my mum naked just a foot away from me soaping her body through the glass screen“Will you fetch my towel when you are finished darling, I left it in my bedroom,” Mum said from the shower.Her knickers and bra were in a heap on her bedroom floor, all warm and soft when I touched them. When I returned to the bathroom, mum was standing in the shower swishing the water off her body“Thanks darling” she said.I went to my bedroom to get dressed when mum came in drying her hair and total naked, her tits sticking out proudly, willing to be sucked“Do you want to watch a movie tonight?”“Yes we can if you want,” I saidA restless kaçak iddaa night sitting next to mum on the sofa was encountered, her braless nipples showing through her tee shirt interfering with my brain. After the film had finished I said I was going up to bed. I gave mum a kiss and headed upstairs.While coming back from the bathroom I bumped into mum in the hall and we kissed and hugged each other goodnight again.I’m sure she could feel my young cock pressing through my shorts in to her, while we hugged.The next morning before I left go to school, mum came in to the kitchen from just wearing her knickers.“Have a good day at school darling,” she saidI went to hug her and I kiss her cheek when she moved and I kissed my mum’s lips instead.“See you tonight” mum said as I left.Mum was just coming back home from work when I got back from school. she undressed in her bedroom and then came down into the kitchen in only her sexy red underwear on and started to make tea. I sat opposite her, having our tea unable to stop looking at her in her red bra, my young cock felt like it was half way down my trouser leg throbbing away.After doing the washing up I went for a shower, while in the shower mum walked in to the bathroom naked again and climbed in to the shower with me.“I thought you would be finished,” she saidI had just soaped my cock seconds before in to a hard erection, my purple bellend was sticking straight out in front of me“Let me help you with that”Her hand encircled my hard young cock while she looked me straight in the eye“It feels like it’s about to burst darling”Slowly she began to stroke my hard cock back and forth as the water sprayed off the two of us, her nipples were rock hard and dripping with water. I began to breather heavier and held my mum’s shoulder to steady me; I started to thrust my cock faster in to her hand as she tightened her grip on me. I was about to cum and I let out a moan, my cock shot hot sticky cum on my mum’s tummy and she looked down at my squirting cock twitching in her hand.Mum then took hold of her tit with her other hand, rubbing the palm of her hand over her hard nipple and let out a long moan. She milked the last of the cum out from my young cock with her fingers all covered in her own f******n year old son’s sperm.“I bet that feels better now darling,” she saidMum let go of me and rinsed her hand in the spray of water, long sticky trails of my cum hanging from her hand slithered away down her body.“Pass the soap, please” she saidShe washed my cock giving it good attention around and under the head, then she let me wash her large beautifully tits with her hard nipples.I was mesmerised with them as mum washed her tummy and her hairy pussy, I just stood in the shower watching her get washed. We dried each other in the bathroom and I felt her warm body through the towel. Mum then knelt down in front of me and dried my cock and balls, making me hard again, the towel dropped and her hand encircled me young cock. She collected all her damp brunette hair with her other hand from her face and held it behind her head, giving me unrestricted view as her hand popped my cock head from its hiding place.Her tongue prodded the tip, spreading my piss hole wide, her eyes looked up connecting with mine as she fed my hard young cock in to her mouth. I held mum’s shoulders, the feel of her skin sent a shiver through my body. Her tongue flicked over my cock and licked all the way under the head. Her hand twisted and turned my cock in her mouth and she began to take more inside, gently back and forth, I wanted so badly to fill her mouth up there and then with my cum.Mum increased her speed making a sloppy noise and I started to thrust my hips in to her. I wasn’t far off when her lips tightened around my shaft sending my hot creamy seed in to my mother’s mouth, squirt after squirt left my cock and she sucked and swallowed the whole lot.My cock had finished twitching in her mouth but I could still feel her tongue licking and sucking until I was clean, she pulled off my cock and give it a kiss then smiled up at me while wiping her mouth of any escaped cum. The rest of the night we watched a bit of telly before bed, about an hour after going to bed, I heard mum in her bedroom and I went to the door to see. I could see mum was on her back with kaçak bahis her legs apart moaning, she was fucking herself with something.I slowly walked in to her bedroom to the side of the bed and saw one of her hands pushing this thing inside her and her other hand playing with her hairy pussy. Mum’s was watching me while she moaned and her body heaved up and down off the bed still fucking herself.I reached out and touched her leg sliding my hand on to her inner thigh, she pulled my hand on to her hairy pussy and I felt the plastic thing sliding in and out of her. She started to moan louder, twisting and bucking on the bed, the thrusting of her hand intensified.All of a sudden, she let out a loud gasp and her hand stopped, her legs nipped together and she started to pant fast. Eventually her legs relaxed and she pulled out the hard plastic thing from her hairy pussy, she slid my hand over her open pussy letting me feel the wetness of her orgasm.“Have you ever licked a pussy” she saidI shook my head to say no“Would you like to Mark” I nodded my head to say yesIt was dark as I lowered my head between my mum’s legs, I could smell her aroma rising from her pussy and I stuck out my tongue feeling her thick hairy bush. This being my first pussy I didn’t know much about what to do.“Lick it darling” mum said.I ventured further through her bush finding her wet lips to lick“Ohhhhhh, That’s it, now push them apart”I pushed my mum’s wet pussy lips apart, realising how wet she was and her hand came on to my head encouraging my head nearer to her pussy. Her lips now touching my lips and I could feel her gyrating her pussy in to my face and she began to moan again.Holding me tight in to her pussy, my tongue probed every bit of her cunt “Fucking hell” mum shoutedI could feel her lifting herself off the bed, pushing harder in to my face. A warm gush of pussy fluid hit my tongue, I lick and suck my first pussy until my jaw was aching. Her hand relaxed on my head and I lifted my head and saw her watching me.“Have you done it before” she asked“No mum never” Well you are bloody good at it Mark.“Take your pyjamas off darling”I took my pyjamas off and knelt between her legs, and the mum took hold of my cock, lubricating the tip of it by rubbing it up and down her wet pussy lips then it slipped in to her pussy.I took my weight on my arms and pushed my cock in to mum’s wet pussy, her lips gripping around my shaft as I pushed deeper inside. This was my first ever fuck and my mum’s pussy was willing to accommodate my young cock.“Fuck me slowly darling”Resting on my hands, I watched mum’s head twist and turn on the pillow and her hand massaging her tit. Her legs came over my legs, tying us together, with every thrust she let out a deep breath making me as horny as hell.Our legs knotted and now sticky with her pussy juices, started to spread up to my groin making a slapping noise as We fucked. It was getting too much and I increased my thrusting, a feeling started to spread from my balls and I thought I was about to cum.Mum was gyrating her pussy against me sending extra feeling to my young cock“Go on Mark, fuck me harder”That was the encouragement I needed, extra long hard thrusts in to an already well worked pussy, wet sloppy noises came from my balls as they hit her arse“Yesss, yesss, yess she criedI came pumping my cum in to my mother, her pussy muscles pulsing up my twitching cock. I pulled my still hard young cock from her pussy, mum smiled at me as it left her cunt lips.I lay next to her the heat of the night now affecting me, she turned on to her side running a hand over my stomach to my cock. We cuddled in to each other and that was it until the alarm clock went off the next morning. Mum took the dog out for his walk, while I got showered and ready for school. Mum came back just as I was ready to leave. Mum gave me a kiss on the lips and a tight hug. .“See you later mum,” I said as I leftWhen I returned home from school that evening, I saw mum in the garden and I ran in to the house and up to her bedroom pinching a pair of Lacy nylon knickers from her drawer to wank off with later. Wen I came downstairs mum was in the kitchen. I came up and hugged her from behind, she seamed to relax in my arms and I kissed the side of her neck.My hands wandered over her body, feeling her stomach illegal bahis and over the crotch of her jeans while her hand pushed between the two of us feeling my hard young cock. I undid her jeans button and zip then slid my hand inside feeling the lacy material of her knickers. Mum pushed her head back allowing me to kiss her neck while undoing my trousers, which fell to the ground.I eased her jeans off her waist and slid them down her legs then ran my hand over her knickers, feeling some of her thick pussy hair escaping from the side’s. Gently I slipped my hand inside the waist of her knickers and I felt her thick hairy pussy. Mum now had my hard young cock out the slit of my underpants, gently massaging it in the palm of her hand as my pre cum lubricating my throbbing cock head.My finger found her cunt lips all warm and moist and mum let out a moan, I felt her clit all hard and enlarged. Mum parted her legs as far as she could with her jeans around her ankles, and my finger slipped inside her. I started to work my finger around inside rubbing her pussy juices to the outside as she gasped. I tried to finger fuck her, but the tightness of her knickers restricted the movement of my finger so with one finger inside, my thumb worked her clit in a rotation movement“We can’t hereMark, someone might see us” mum said“Its alright, no one will see mum”I pulled my wet finger out and slid her knickers down, mum turned around as I sank to my knees and I pulled her jeans and knickers off her feet. Her pussy was level with my face and it was my first real close look of it in daylight, her lips invisible because of the very thick curly dark pubic hair that spread out to her legs in a perfect triangle. Mum had the same idea, wanting me to see her pussy as her hands pulled me in to her, my tongue parted her dense forest to find her clit and she let out a moan.Before I give her an orgasm, I kissed my way up her stomach pushing her t-shirt up with my hand to her bra. Now standing, I removed her t-shirt off her, Mum stood only in her white sheer lacy bra and her nipples looked like they wanted to get outfoxed it. She undid her bra letting me see her hard erect nipples and held my head as I sucked on each one like a baby.Mum pulled her nipple from my mouth as she lowered herself on to her knees and pulled the front of my underpants over my young cock, springing back to attention inches from her face she grabbed hold of it with her hand and slid her mouth over the purple end.Her warm wet mouth encircled my cock while her tongue worked it way around the base of my cockhead. She pulled off probably knowing how worked up I was. Mum then sat on the work top, and I stood between her legs as she guided my hard young cock in to her wet pussy. Once we were coupled together I slid my hands under her bum and started to thrust in to her. Her legs rapped around me knotting with mine and both of her arms came around my neck. I started to thrust from my hips, getting faster and faster. Being only f******n and a virgin, this was going to be a fast fuck.Mum jumped about in my hands, her whole body lifting and pushing in to mine, we looked at each other breathing faster and panting“Go on darling, fuck me hard, Fuck me Mark, Fuck me.” she criedHer legs lifted to around my back, lifting herself off the work top and tighter onto my hard cock, her dark hair bounced wildly around her face, like the nipples on her tits“ I’m cumming” she cried through her moansI made one last thrust, pushing my f******n year old cock as deep into my mum’s dark hairy pussy before cumming. She nipped her legs tight around me letting out a loud squeal. Puffing and panting she pulled us closer together, her open mouth finding mine and we kissed wildly.I sat her back down on the work top and her legs unknotted around me letting me pull my semi hard cock out of her soaking wet cunt, which was full of her own son’s young sperm. I loved feeling you squirting and filling me to bursting with your cum darling”Mum hugged me tight and gave my a lovers kiss. Now let’s get cleaned up before dinner.I pulled up my trousers from my feet and mum gathered her clothes, before we had a shower together. That night at bedtime mum said you might as well sleep in my bed with me from now on Mark.I filled my mum with my hot creamy cum, spraying her inner wall thick with the stuff, now we fuck at every opportunity when we can. I especially like when she rides me, her pussy pounding hard on to my shaft, working herself in to an intense orgasm.

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