Subject: Moving in with Dad – Part 4 Hello readers, It took me awhile to get this chapter out, and I’m sorry for the delay. Again, this is my very first attempt at writing. I welcome feedback and will respond as I am able. Thank you to my amazing friend Roytoys for proof reading and editing. Made me feel much more comfortable with publishing. I also want to thank Nifty for being here. It has been a great source of reading for me and many others, and also a great outlet for people to post their stories. Other than the donations they receive, there is no compensation for providing us this outlet. Please, if you’re able, donate what you can, when you can. Those donations are what keep the site going for us. This is a fictional story. I hope you enjoy it. Dad is Rob I am Paul Chapter 4: We spent the night together in his bed, starting out holding each other tightly, then changing to a spoon position with me as the little spoon. I woke the following morning groggily, taking in my unfamiliar surroundings slowly as the fog lifted from my sleep-dazed mind. The smell of the room hit me first. The scent was clean, except for the faint odor of sex that still hung in the air. That heady mix of semen, sweat, and ass all rolled into one. The scent reminded me of where I was and who I had made those scents with. My eyes drifted open. With the predawn light filtering through the windows, I could see that Dad’s room was sparsely furnished and decorated. Only functional furniture and just a few pictures hanging to give it a personal touch. I turned on my back and saw that the clock on the nightstand read six o’clock. Dad was already out of bed, so I sat up, stretched, and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I headed toward the bathroom, which was just outside of the bedroom. Opening the bedroom door allowed the scent of coffee to waft over me. I continued to the toilet and relieved the pressures that I had felt building since waking. I left the bathroom quietly, listening for any sounds inside the house. The only sound was that of the grandfather clock ticking the seconds. I walked to my room to put on some clothes. Rifling through my bags, I decided on a pair of denim shorts and a loose tank top. I walked into the living room to observe what I could of the remainder of the house, apart from the kitchen, and found it empty. I went into the kitchen and found the coffee pot on and half full. A cup was sitting next to it, cream and sugar placed in a spot making it hard to miss, and a note. The note read, “Make yourself at home. Gone golfing. Be back later, Dad.” I know full well that Dad likes to go golfing on Saturday mornings, but I had no idea that he left this early in the morning. I fixed myself some coffee and headed towards the patio to have the first smoke of the day. Not being a golfer myself, I was happy not being with Dad. While outside, I got on my phone, caught up on e-mails, and played şişli travesti on one of my apps just to pass the time. Once done with my cigarette, I gathered up the clothes from the night before and took them into the house. After things were straightened up, I sat down with my laptop and started the dreaded job hunt. After a couple of hours, I took a short break from my search to shower and eat. Then, being relatively early in the morning still, I grabbed my laptop and headed out to the patio. I continued the grueling process of putting in applications that I could only hope would garner some results. Around eleven, I heard the garage door start opening, followed by my dad’s car pulling into the drive. Closing the laptop, I sat back and lit up another cigarette. “Paul! You here?” Dad called as he walked into the house. “I’m outside!” I answered. I heard him walking through the house, pausing occasionally. I watched the back door as he approached. He was wearing shorts that hit him at mid-thigh and looked slightly tight, accentuating all of his thickness. A short-sleeved, button-down shirt was open and, he was sliding it off his shoulders. “How was golf?” I asked, giving him a smile. “Oh, it wasn’t bad.” He responded. “Just a standing Saturday morning game with a few friends.” “That’s cool. You can’t be all work.” I said. He walked up to me, bent and, gave me a quick kiss. “What kind of trouble did you get into this morning?” I told him of my job hunt and some of the companies I hoped to get on with. He cocked an eyebrow, “Sounds like you’re trying to be all work.” I shrugged, “I’m without work, and I refuse to be more of a burden on you than I already am.” “Is that what you think you are? A burden?” He sounded amused. “Well, yeah.” I responded, “Your forty-year-old son just moved back in with you with no job and is now financially dependent on you. What else would you call it?” Dad grabbed my hand, pulled me up out of my chair and into a bear hug. “Sounds like a blessing to me.” He sighed in my ear. I chuckled. My thoughts landed on the previous day’s events but were intruded upon when Dad’s mouth landed on mine. It was a tender kiss, just enough to provide insight into his emotion, but not precisely foreplay. He pulled back, “If you hadn’t moved in, we wouldn’t have gotten so close.” I stood there, wrapped in his arms, pleasantly distracted by the kiss. “I’m definitely not disappointed by the results.” He grinned, “I’m not either, but I believe the original plan on sleeping arrangements has gone out the window.” “Only if you want them to.” I retorted, “I can still sleep in the other room when you feel that you need space.” “See how it goes?” he questioned. I nodded my agreement. He released his hold on me, “Now, have you eaten lunch yet?” I shook my head. “I had breakfast a couple hours ago, so I hadn’t really started thinking about lunch yet.” “Are you beylikdüzü travesti wanting to go anywhere?” I shrugged, “I hadn’t fully decided. I was contemplating getting out, just wasn’t sure where to go or do. Any ideas?” “That depends. Am I joining?” “If you’d like, I’d love to have you with me.” “So, no real plans, just get out of the house?” “Go where the day takes us.” He took a second and thought, “I like it. I’ll drive.” We closed up the house, he shrugged back into his shirt, and we left with no real direction in mind. Dad drives a compact coupe. For the two of us, it was a cozy fit. We were close but not cramped. He took us to the interstate and headed north, away from the city. As small as the car was, we didn’t pretend to try not to touch each other. Our hands rubbing thighs and occasionally being intertwined as we became more comfortable with the situation. The radio was connected to Dad’s phone. He was playing an eclectic mix of music. Our conversations were pretty inane, talking about what a lovely day it was for such a drive, occasionally singing along to a popular song. As soon as we were out of the densely populated areas, Dad exited the highway. “I’ve always loved this area out here. It feels more like home.” Dad had grown up on a Kansas farm, and when he visits, he always pitches in. While driving through a small town, we saw a small diner and decided to stop for a bite. It was lunchtime, but breakfast was still available, so we each got an order of bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast with coffee to drink. While we sipped our coffee, waiting for our food, I asked, “So, what’s up this way?” “I have no clue.” Dad grinned, “Just thought that we could enjoy a nice country drive and do some exploring while we’re at it.” “So, no plan. I like it.” Feeling mischievous, I laid my hand on his thigh and added. “What kind of exploring were you thinking about?” Dad laughed, “This car might be a bit small for the two of us to do any of that kind of exploring.” I moved my hand further up Dad’s thigh until my pinky touched his sizeable bulge. “All limitations can be worked around.” He gasped and let out a small moan of pleasure at my touch. I then noticed that the bulge appeared to be growing, pulling the fabric of his shorts tight. I ran my hand over the mound and gave it a good squeeze. “Fuck!” He yelled, and he started searching frantically for something in the distance. “I need to find somewhere to pull off!” I started fishing around with my hand to find the button on his shorts. With him adjusting his body to allow better access, I found it, unfastened him, and carefully pulled his zipper down. Once that was completed, I gave a light tug to the hem of his shorts. Receiving the hint, he raised himself slightly out of the seat, and I worked them out from under his ass, exposing him fully. Now free, his erection swelled to its maximum length. I took the opportunity istanbul travesti and gripped his cock, giving it a slow stroke. About that time, he spotted some tracks that went into a field. He slowed and backed onto them just off the road. As soon as he had the car in park, he grabbed my face and pulled me into a fierce kiss. Then, just as abruptly as he started it, he ended it and started pushing my head down toward his groin. I had to maneuver myself around the center console, but I could get where we both wanted me to be soon enough. I wrapped my lips around him and took him as deep as I could. Then, savoring every inch of him, I removed my pants as well and stroked my own throbbing cock. After a few minutes, I pulled off of his cock, “I want your ass.” I growled. Before I knew it, Dad was on the fully reclined passenger seat on his hands and knees with me on my knees on the floorboard. I was staring at my dad’s hole sandwiched between the two perfectly round globes of his ass cheeks. I grabbed two handfuls of flesh and pulled the mounds apart, and dove into his waiting pucker. “Oh fuck!” He moaned, pushing back onto my probing tongue. I licked and probed his tight pucker, opening him up for what was to come. I backed off, “On your back.” I huffed. He flipped over, placed his feet on the dash, and slid his ass to the edge of the seat. I slicked up my cock and lined up to my prize. Taking Dad’s shaft in hand, I pressed forward, stopping each time he hissed in pain to allow him to adjust to the invasion. Finally, I was buried deep inside him. His expression morphed from pained to blissful. One of his hands came up and found one of my nipples while his other found one of his own. I began thrusting in and out of his tight hole while I stroked his length, using his precum as a lubricant. The car was filled with the sounds and smells of our sex. Dad started to tense, his moans got louder, and his cock started to swell. I slowed my stroking and quickened my pounding, getting closer and closer to the edge myself. Dad screamed out, “I’m gonna cum!” and his ass muscles contracted around my pistoning cock, pulling me past the point of no return. I screamed out, burying myself inside his spasming hole, filling him full of my seed as he shot load after load up his chest. We made eye contact. I ran my thumb through his cum covered fur and brought it to my lips, sucking it off. My next swipe I lifted to Dad’s lips. He was hesitant, having never tasted himself and only a tiny taste of me. I wiped a little on his upper lip. He slowly swiped his tongue over it, then took my thumb into his mouth, sucking the rest of his cum off of my digit. “It’s better than I expected,” he said huskily, “I should’ve tried it earlier.” “There’s plenty of new things to try,” I coaxed, “and I am more than happy to help you try them all.” I pulled out and leaned over him, licking up as much of his cum as I could, then came up and gave him a deep kiss, sharing his cum between the two of us. “I would love that.” He said, pulling me tight to him. We recomposed ourselves and got back on the road. Both of us with visions of the future running through our heads.

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