Mouth to Mouth


One half, you are seductive grinin hopeful invitation.My mood had made the other grimwith worried hesitation.Your visage trues my compass aimthough it was drifting south.I reignite my pilot flame.My lips reshape your mouth.Your kaçak iddaa tongue discloses hidden needs,demanding and intrusive,But as our oral dance proceeds,turns teasing and elusive.We savor nibbled lips, offsetin that kaçak bahis delicious tango.My flavor subtle, sweet, and wetlike firm-ripe juicy mango.You kiss my eyes, caress my brow.Each peck makes my heart quiver.My fingers illegal bahis trace your ears, endowyour neck a deep hot shiver.Our passion rising, sealed lips smother.Tongues tasting, being tasted.We inhale warm life from each other.No breath-kiss moment wasted.Not too soon we will feast on much meatier farewith our bodies entwined and in motion.We are sated for now by the air that we sharefull of transcendent love and devotion. 

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