Motherly love


Have I ever considered that I could be attracted to another woman? Never! I’ve been married and produced a beautiful daughter. I’ve masturbated to pictures of naked men in magazines, drooling over the sight of their erections. When my marriage ended, I dated other men, admittedly, none of those relationships lasted, but they reinforced the image of myself as a heterosexual female.

My daughter Rosie was nineteen and wasn’t due back at university until the autumn, still over two months away when my sister Maggie phoned me one evening.

‘Hi Carole, I’m wondering if you could do me a favour?’

She was always phoning me for favours and if I could, I would. She and her husband were going on holiday and of course, Pippa, her daughter, having now turned nineteen like Rosie, had no wish to accompany them.

‘Would it be ok if she stayed with you, sis? It’s not that I don’t trust her, but I remember what we were like as teenagers and we don’t want to return and find the house trashed.’ We both laughed, remembering the things we had got up to.

It was no trouble for me as I happily agreed. Rosie and Pippa saw each other regularly, had gone to the same schools together and were now going to the same university. They would have seen each other anyway during their summer break and so it was no hardship to have her come and stay with us.

When Rosie returned home, I told her the news, ‘Pippa is staying with us for two weeks while your aunt and uncle are away, you don’t mind do you? We can get the spare room ready for her.’

She was delighted, ‘That’s cool mum…… but we don’t need the spare room, she can share my bedroom. It can be like a two-week slumber party.’

I raised my eyebrows, ‘Remember, I’m at work so I don’t want you two laughing and giggling all night, some of us have to get up early.’

As it turned out, laughing and giggling were to be the least of my worries when the time came.

It was still two weeks away as I made preparations, buying extra food, and getting the spare room ready anyway. If their antics became too boisterous, then one or the other would be sleeping in there I determined.

When the time came, Maggie dropped Pippa off on Friday evening along with a suitcase full of clothes. ‘I don’t know why she has brought so many; she could simply walk around to our home and get what she wants,’ my sister laughed.

‘It’s fine Maggie, remember what we were like?’ We laughed together as we reminisced about our teenage years.

So far, everything was as normal as it appeared, that was until later that evening when the girls decided to change into their nightwear. Rosie came down first in the night clothes she normally wore, a pair of old baggy shorts and a t-shirt top. When Pippa appeared, I had to do a double-take, her attire, while similar to my daughters was certainly revealing. The shorts were cut high on the leg, slanting up from her groin and nearly reaching her hip. The top was gossamer thin, and I was able to clearly see her pert well-formed breasts, and large areola through it. What was even more distracting was the fact that her nipples were erect, two prominent buttons pushing the sheer material outwards.

Her long dark hair, which was normally worn in a ponytail was loose, hanging halfway down her back, and flicking from side to side as she spoke and turned her head.

For the first time in my life, an unrecognisable thought sprang into my head. ‘My God, Pippa was gorgeous. No! She was more than that. She was perfection.’ I looked at her, taking in her facial features, her prominent breasts and small waist, flaring into desirable hips and long tanned legs.

My face suddenly felt flushed as I realised, I had been staring at her body, only to find her watching me, her sultry eyes appraising me in the same manner as I had been doing with her. She gave me a smouldering smile and then her face changed, Rosie’s cousin once more.

‘Thanks for having me auntie Carole, I promise not to be a nuisance.’

I smiled and nodded because at that moment I was lost for words. As the two girls chatted, I was trying to come to terms with the sudden realisation that for whatever reason, my vagina was wet and my nipples were hard and throbbing, a sudden image in my head of my mouth suckling on my niece’s erect teats.

‘I think I’ll have an early night,’ I told them, ‘Make sure you switch everything off when you come up.’

In my bedroom, I was shaking and couldn’t stop, what had just happened and where had it come from? There was no denying that I felt aroused, but I couldn’t understand what had brought it on. Alone, I may have masturbated, but with two girls in the house, even if they were downstairs, I did not want to take the chance and have them hear me.

Thankfully, a good night’s sleep seemed to have cured whatever had overcome me the previous evening.

Throwing a robe over my naked body, I made my way to the bathroom, desperate to pee. With it being the weekend and still reasonably early, normally bahis siteleri I wouldn’t have thought twice, Rosie would still be in her pit, and I could complete my ablutions leisurely. The door was slightly ajar, and the sound of water was coming from within as I knocked and called out.

‘Is somebody in here?’

‘Just me aunty Carole.’

‘Will you be long?’ I asked, ‘I’m dying for the loo.’

‘It’s ok aunty Carole, just come in, I don’t mind.’

I hesitated, but the demand from my vagina was telling me that if I didn’t piss soon, I was going to wet myself and leave a puddle on the floor no matter how much I crossed my legs. Poking my head around the door, thankfully the shower cubicle was steamed up as I flew across to the toilet, raised my robe and sat.

‘Ahhhhh, that’s better,’ the relief came out as a quiet sigh as my bladder emptied, thankfully the sound disguised by the running water in the shower. It’s funny how sitting on the loo, my mind has the time for contemplation, this morning it was the realisation as to how comfortable toilet seats were when you consider what they were designed for. Absent-mindedly I allowed my robe to fall open as I pulled several tissues from the roll and dried myself. It was only as I glanced up that I noticed that an area of the shower screen had been cleared of steam.

While the rest was still misty it was easy to see Pippa’s naked form as she tilted her head back and allowed the water to spray over her, my eyes taking in her perfectly formed bottom. As I ogled it, she turned, giving me a view of her full breasts, her flat stomach, and the tufts of hair between her legs.

I’d already dried myself, but now my pussy was wet again, my nipples straining against the thin material of my robe. Before I could move, the cubicle door opened and Pippa stepped out, reaching for a towel as she started to dry her body.

Trying to avert my eyes, I stood. ‘I’ll get out of your way and let you finish.’

‘It’s ok, aunty Carole, stay and talk to me, mum often does, we have great conversations in the bathroom.’

‘Yes, but she’s your mum!’ It had just come out; the first thing I could think of saying.

‘Well, you’re my aunt, we are both women and my body is no different to yours.’

‘I wish.’ Again, the words had popped out unprompted.

Pippa was now facing me, openly displaying her nudity and completely unfazed that I was staring at her.

‘Oh, I don’t know aunty Carole, from what I have just seen, you still have a great body…… sexy!’

It was her eyes again, the way she was looking at me, as though she was about to devour me. No! that was the wrong word, it was as though she was wanting to do things to me, things of a sexual nature. When the tip of her tongue slithered across her upper lip, a shiver run down my spine, accompanied by a sudden fire in my belly.

‘Must get on,’ I stammered, taking my chance to escape this beguiling young woman.

Ensconced in my bedroom with the door closed, the feeling from the previous evening had returned, my body aroused and the urge to masturbate strong. What was presently disturbing me was that the thoughts in my head did not concern men with erect cocks, but Pippa’s lithe delectable body.

When I heard her exit the bathroom and head for Rosie’s room, I wrapped my robe tightly around me and went for my shower, standing for a few moments as it ran cold, before drying and then back to my room to dress.

Downstairs, I prepared breakfast for three, just cereal, fruit, and yoghurt. When the two girls appeared I asked them what they had planned for the day.

‘We are going into town first, Pippa wants to pick up a few things and then we thought that this evening, the three of us could go out together.’ Rosie’s cousin looked excited at the prospect of me accompanying them.

‘Why not,’ I said. It had been a while since I’d been out, and I was sure that an evening with my daughter and niece would be fun.

While they were out, I searched through my wardrobe, trying to find clothes that wouldn’t look out of place compared to what I imagined they would be wearing. There wasn’t a lot to choose from, most of my clothes were what a nearly forty-year-old woman wears. I laid a few things out on my bed, ‘I’ll ask Rosie when she gets back,’ I thought.

They returned mid-afternoon, Pippa taking bags up to the bedroom. Later, we had our evening meal and then everyone went up to start getting ready.

‘Rosie? Have you got a minute?’

My daughter entered the bedroom as I indicated the clothes spread out on my bed. ‘What do you think?’ Pippa had tagged along, staring at the items of clothing, and shaking her head.

‘Aunty Carole, those are old women’s clothes.’

‘Well! I am an older woman; I’d look ridiculous dressed as you two do.’

The two girls looked at each other and laughed. ‘Mum,’ Rosie said, ‘stay here and give us a minute.’

They disappeared, returning about ten minutes later. ‘Here, try these on,’ Pippa handed me an canlı bahis siteleri item.

The pants she gave me were the type of leggings all the young girls wore. I had to sit on the bed and wriggle into them, pulling my dress up for a moment as I dragged them to my waist.

‘Pull your dress up and turn around,’ Pippa said. She shook her head again. ‘Those will wait for a minute. Try this top on.’

I felt embarrassed as I got rid of my dress, standing in front of my niece in my bra. If it had just been Rosie, I wouldn’t have bothered, but it was the way that Pippa kept looking at me that caused that shiver again. The top was one of those wrap-over, tie-around things that left my navel and midriff bare.

‘That’s better mum, you look good. Right, I’m going to change. My daughter headed for her own room.

Pippa was eyeing me up and down. ‘Back in a second.’ When she returned, she handed me a tiny red thong. ‘Get rid of the big knickers. Oh, and lose the bra, your tits are good enough.’ She gave me that look again, as though now that she had dressed me, she was undressing me slowly, licking her lips all the while. ‘Shit hot aunty Carole, you look a sexy fucking bitch!’ There was that smouldering smile again and the sultry look before she disappeared to change.

For a moment, I was in a state of shock, not just because of what I was feeling, but the way Pippa had expressed it. I took off the top and wriggled out of the leggings, changing my knickers for the tiny piece of material that she had handed me. Looking in the mirror, I was horrified. I checked the time, still enough I thought as I threw on my robe and dashed for the bathroom.

Returning, I did my hair and make-up before pulling on the thong and adjusting it, that simple act, suddenly made me feel sexy as I stared at my now hairless mound and pussy. Wriggling back into the leggings, I looked at my image in the mirror, the thong and leggings fitting snuggly against my vagina, emphasised my camel toe.

Ditching my bra, I pulled on the top, wrapping it around and tying it before adjusting my breasts, for some reason my nipples were hard again.

There was a knock on my bedroom door.

‘Come in.’

‘Try these on…… Aunty Carole!’

Pippa stood in the open doorway, a pair of ankle boots in her hand. ‘Fucking hell, auntie…… you look gorgeous.’ Her eyes were devouring me again, my eyes taking in what she was wearing. The white dress which just about covered her arse was virtually see-thru and I could see the tiny white panties she was wearing. A lacy design covered her nipple and areola but left the rest of her breast visible and as I stared at her, those buds in the centre of each orb expanded and pushed the material outwards.

My nipples ached, my pussy spasming as we stood and stared at each other and for the first time in my life, I wondered what it may be like to undress this young woman and have her make love to me.

Thankfully, we were interrupted as Rosie came into my room. ‘Ready mum?’ She was dressed similarly, leggings like me but teamed with a see-thru top which like her cousin had a design that covered her nipples and areolas while exposing the rest of her breasts.

I don’t think until that moment, that I had appreciated how beautiful my daughter was.

‘Right, let’s go. Watch out boys, the girls are out tonight.’ Pippa fist pumped as we headed downstairs and heard the taxi pull up outside.

After initially feeling like mutton dressed as lamb, I began to enjoy myself, the drinks flowing like water as we moved from the pubs to a club. I found myself being chatted up by men young enough to be my son, enjoying the flirtation but knowing that none of them would be going home with me at the end of the night. Both Pippa and Rosie flirted but to my surprise, it seemed that it was other females that attracted their attention.

The music was loud and the three of us were slowly getting drunk, me, a little bit quicker than the two girls I thought, who were used to this habit of downing shots. I’d left them on the dancefloor, snatching a quick breather at the bar as I ordered more drinks. The next moment, Pippa was by my side, and with the sound of it, the drinks were catching up with her. Staying power, that, was what a night out was all about, well at least it was in my day. Nowadays it seemed to be about getting pissed as quickly as possible and Pippa now seemed to have surpassed me.

‘Where’s Rosie?

My niece indicated the dancefloor, ‘She’s spit-swapping.’

I looked over and sure enough, my daughter was kissing someone, someone who was another female. It’s surprising how fast a realisation can sober you up. She had never said, and I’d had no idea. Was my daughter gay?

I looked back to Pippa but before I could ask, she suddenly lurched forward and kissed me. It was the shock, as I jerked my head back.

‘Pippa? What are you doing?’

‘I’m doing what you have been imagining me doing, and I suspect what you would like to do to canlı bahis me.’

I shook my head, not because I was denying it, but to clear my thoughts.

‘You know I want you,’ she said, sounding drunker than I’d imagined. ‘I want to undress you; I want to touch you and kiss you. I want to feel your naked skin pressing against mine, and I want to make love to you.’

I was stunned. Rosie was gay, and Pippa was gay as well?

She continued to stare at me intently, her face slowly moving closer, only this time I didn’t pull away as our lips met. Closing my eyes I responded, savouring the taste of her lips and the smell and taste of alcohol on her breath. It was a heady combination, our mouths grinding together before her tongue invaded and I fought back as they tangoed.

I blamed it on the drink, but, my god, it was heaven, and then she racked it up to another level as her hand surreptitiously manoeuvred between us and a finger caressed my erect nipple.

My body shook, and if she didn’t stop in a minute, I was going to climax. ‘I want you, Carole. I’ve wanted you for so long. I have imagined making love to you, will you let me come to your room when we get home?’

I found myself nodding and then distracted as Rosie returned.

‘You have never told me you are gay,’ I said, not exactly the tone I meant to take.

‘Does it matter mum?’ She had to shout quite loud to overcome the music

I shook my head, ‘Not to me it doesn’t. You’re my daughter and I love you. I just wish you could have told me.’

She shrugged her shoulders. ‘It just didn’t seem important.’ Pippa excused herself as she headed for the toilets. Rosie watched her go. ‘Anyway, what about you?’ she laughed. ‘I saw you kissing Pippa. You know she has been in love with you for years.’

I was startled, I’d had no idea, either that my daughter or niece were gay, or that Pippa had designs on me.

‘Have you and her?’

‘Of course, we have, mother!’ Another laugh.

It suddenly came to me why the two girls were sharing the same room. ‘Is it serious?’ I asked. I scolded myself, what a stupid question. Rosie laughed again.

‘No, it’s simply good friends with benefits,’ she said blithely. ”Are you going to sleep with her?’ The question was asked so openly, as though she was asking if I wanted another drink, ‘Let’s face it, your choice of men hasn’t been great, perhaps it’s about time you tried a female partner.’

‘I don’t know.’

I had told Pippa, yes, but now I was having doubts.

‘Have a few more drinks and try it. If it’s not for you, then it is only one night. What have you got to lose?’

As she saw Pippa returning, she headed back to the dancefloor and the attractive girl she had been dancing with.

‘Let’s move,’ she mouthed at me, pointing to an area away from the dancefloor and where the music wasn’t as loud, and where we could hear each other speak. Finding a booth, Pippa ushered me in first and put our drinks on the table.

‘Now, where were we,’ Her face closed on mine once more as she nibbled at my lips, forcing them open and then letting her tongue invade my mouth. I couldn’t help but respond, that fire was back in my belly, and I could feel my arousal mounting. In the darkness of the booth, Pippa’s hand returned to my chest, only this time she slipped it inside the top, cupping my breast as she toyed with the erect nipple.

It has been a while since I’d last had sex, a while since I have even masturbated. Her fingers, twisting and teasing my teat had me close to the edge already. Coming up for air, she nuzzled my neck, biting and licking my ear.

‘You can touch…… I won’t bite,’ she whispered.

I was as nervous as hell as my hand gravitated to her breast, cupping the unfettered flesh, and finding her hardened bud pressing into my palm as I caressed and fondled it, Pippa emitting a growl of delight.

I nearly jumped again when I felt her hand on my leg, but by then our mouths were locked together once more and I was giving her breasts the same intimate treatment that she was giving mine. The hand started to move, higher up my leg, inner thigh, coming closer, into my groin and then a finger stroked my slit and I climaxed.

I clung to this young woman, at first going rigid and then shaking violently. ‘Pippa? Oh my god, Pippa. Ohhh, fuck!’ I couldn’t stop, the orgasm shaking me like a baby’s rattle. She was speaking and I was trying to concentrate on her words.

‘It’s ok Carole, just let go, let it take you, let it consume you.’ her finger was still rubbing softly at my pussy and my orgasm refused to subside.

To anyone watching I must have looked a spectacle, eyes blank and staring, mouth open as I gasped for air while my body shook as though having a fit. The first orgasm became a second, Pippa had the flat her hand against my cunt now, applying pressure as she used the heel of it to massage my clit.

‘It must be a good one, I can feel how wet you are.’

When she finally allowed me back to earth and removed her hand, I couldn’t believe that she had made me climax in the middle of a club with hundreds of people around us. ‘Does that feel better?’ She asked, my head nodding because I was finding it difficult to speak

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