Moroccan Surprise

Moroccan Surprise
I thought I am lucky because I live in 21st century. It is the age of smart and creative men. I am a young engineer who earns pretty satisfying and who promises future. I am not tall or well built, even I could say I am skinny and not strong. Therewithal I am kind, clever, funny and understanding. I think I am a nice gentleman for young educated, smart and independent ladies. Well, I also have a girlfriend whom when men lock their eyes on her on the street. Anna is a blue eyed blonde girl (1.72 m, 58 kgs, quince boobs, round ass and pale skin…) She is also nice, smart and kind. And I think we have a good sex life, she never complains and ask for more. So everything looks great! Hey! I think I am the alpha male of this age!!! Am I?

Am I an alpha male? I got it’s answer in our Morocco holiday in last summer. I had a friend who works as a manager in a hotel in Morocco and he recommended us to visit his hotel and he can help us in many ways. We could have a 5 stars holiday much cheaper and he could submit a local helper for us. When we had heard the offer, we just jumped on that. Finally we arranged everything, reserved the room and after a few months, flight to Morocco. A driver from the hotel picked us from the airport and took us to the hotel. Then we settled the room, rested a little bit and then visit our friend who is a manager in this hotel, in his room. He greeted us, we talked about the life, work and everything and then he told us what we can do in morocco, where we can see and we can have fun. He told us that he gets one of the guides to help us and he will guide us everywhere and he will drive us. Then he made a phone call and told us that he will be in the room very soon. A few minutes later somebody knocked the door and get in the room and greeted everybody. It was our guide Badr who is a tall, very dark, athletic local man. He wore a tight guipire trouser and a tight cut white shirt. We were in comfy summer clothes, I wore a bermuda short and a t shirt and she wore a tight small short and a blouse without sleeves. He introduce himself we shake hands and he sat down on his chair. He looked like a typical macho man who spread his legs when he sits. During our conversation I realized many times that he was staring at my girl friend. He was very confident in deed. We made a schedule for next days anyway and told them that we only want to rest in 1st day and tomorrow Badr can take us the places which we mentioned. Then we got back to our room. Then I asked her “Did you realize how confident Badr stared at you?”. She opened her eyes wide and said endorsing “Yeah!!He must be a lady killer” and she laughed.I asked “how do you know he is a lady killer?”, she said “its woman instinct”. It put a question mark in my mind to see that that moroccan man obviously flirted with her with his looks and she got it and she only made fun of this.

Next day, Badr came to the hotel and drove us to the beach. When we get to the beach, we noticed that Badr is not coming with us and we asked why and he said he doesn’t have swimming trunks and we told him that there is no problem for us if he joins us in the beach and he should bring his trunks next day and he agreed.

One day later, he picked us to the beach and he told that he will join us too. We left the car and walked to the sands. I took my t shirt off and lay our towels flat and I realized she was in her bikini too. Then he took his t shirt off. He had such a athletic body. His arms, chest, shoulders were just consist of muscles and he had also six packs with a deep adonis. Anna eyed him from the top to the bottom and asked him if he goes to gym. He looked like he is happy with her attention and he said he goes to gym every 4 days of the week. Then she said, yeah it is clear that you exercise.
In that moment, I found this conversation remarkable but there was no reason to create a problem or being jealous just because she realized his muscles. We had sunbath for a while, I was reading a book and she told me that she wants to swim finally and I told her that I am very close to finish the chapter and she can go and I can join later. Then she asked Badr to join him and he said ok. They swam together for a while and later Badr came to the sands before her. I asked him if she is not coming too, and he said he is a tuff girl, she is staying more. Then he asked me:
– I don’t understand you european men, you don’t feel jealous of your girls? She is pretty and has a great body, you are not jealous when she is in bikini around?
– No, Badr. I can not tell her what to do or what not to do. She is free to give her own decisions. She can wear whatever she wants.
– What if another man flirts with her? What would you do?
– Nothing! She is not a weak person and she would never let me behave her as if she is weak. She can protect herself. If not, we can always call security or something…
– What if she response to the man?
– Well Badr, it means that she choose another person and I would talk about it with her and leave her.
– So you wouldn’t mind if another man flirts with her? What about me, what if I tell you that I like how she looked?
– You are a young healthy male, Badr. It wouldn’t surprise me neither bother me unless you bother her.
– No, I don’t need to bother her. I am a gentleman but I gotta tell you she is very very attractive.
– Cool! And you know what? She told that you are a ladykiller?
– She did? Watch her out, man! She likes me too!
– Hahaha, keep on dreaming…
– I am serious! I am wondering your reaction when you see her on my lap hahahaha… Well you are a tolerant man, you will respect her though hahahaha

After that we swam some more and then went back to the hotel. I was thinking about the conversation between me and Badr. Of course I didn’t take what he said serious. There was no possibility of that Anna and Badr get together but I could not think about it. I think his his hardihood irritated me and I didn’t like he talk to me like that so comfortably. With all that I never thought Anna would go for this vagabond just as well as other cheap and stupid tourist girls who are bedded with local men in those countries but still I was thinking about it and finally I told this conversation to Anna and I told:

– How can he be that assertive? How can he have this self confidence to talk to me like that, what is this hardihood’s source?” She said:
– His balls?
– Ok, I got your metaphor but isn’t it too much even for a self confidence man?
– No, it wasn’t a metaphor, you got me wrong dear. His hardihood and self confidence comes from his balls. He is a woman satisfier and it is obvious with which equipments and skills he does it.
– But how can you be sure he satisfies women?
– As I told you before, it is woman feeling! Then she winked.

Next day he told that he has a surprise for us. He drove us to the where his family is from and he introduce us to local people. .They were very hospitable. They served us foot, drinks everything. Then he told us that we can ride horse if we want. I wasn’t really into it but Anna was so excited. He said that she can not ride it alone, it is dangerous and she needs and assist. She said ok and he assisted her. She was standing on front and he was sitting just behind her and holding the ropes of the horse. It was so irritating to see he is that close to my girlfriend and she looked happy. First time in that moment, I started to think I am loosing her.

Next day we made a plan after swimming. We planned to go to a club at night after swimming. Anna wanted to propose it to Badr too and I said ok although I would prefer going without him. When we asked about it, he agreed to come with us but he said that needs to take a shower after swimming. His apartment was far so we suggest him to take a shower in our room. So he took his clothes and underwear too.

By the evening we got to our room. First Anna took a shower and later me and Badr was the last one. He took a shower and entered the room. When we saw him, we both were in shock because he didn’t have any towel or something else to cover his body, he had only a tight boxer. Especially Anna was shocked, she had a full open mouth and eyes. I wanted to make a joke to make the ambiance lighter. I said “here the big brother has come”. Well no one heard it. Anna told Badr

– Oh my God Badr, Look at you!!!!!!
– So you liked it? Badr replied
– Hmmmm… yeppp…
– You can check it out, Badr said to her,
– Can I?
– Honey, you should ask questions to me, I am your boyfriend, helloooo, I said but noone heard what I said.

She stood up and walk to him by swinging her hips. Badr was standing like a sculpture with his very dark masculine muscular body and looking at her directly. Anna gave a flirtatious look to him. Then she touched his arm and silently said hmm. He gave a grind to her. Then she roamed her hands around on her chest gently. She started to stroke and chest muscles and biceps. She gently said wow!

I had never thought something like that but in that moment it was so erotic to see my hot girl is adoring another man’s, a stronger man’s body. I also thought that still it is acceptable if she doesn’t have sex and I continued watching their action. I thought it was innocent because she first time sees a muscular man like him and she only wants to discover.

Then she kneel down and started to check his six packs. She was so curious on his strong stomach. Then she put her hands on the back side of his calfs and stroke it up to his ass. Then she did something unexpected for me! She kissed his stomach deeply and loud. I said “hey! now you are going to the second phase? Honey, calm down please”. She didn’t hear what I said. She kept on kissing her stomach and stroking his calfs and grab his ass. She continued kissing on his chest and shoulders. Then she again started to kiss his six packs. She kissed him till his tight cotton boxer. She grab his ass again. She look at him and he looked at her. He gave another grind and noddle his head and said ok. Then she put his boxer down and the biggest cock which she had ever seen popped out.

She screamed first and then she laughed by putting her one hand on her chest and other hand on her mouth. She kissed the cock’s side for a couple of time and just suck it’s head for a few seconds very loudly. Then she started to lick his balls loudly. She was so aggressive on licking his balls. I could see she seriously turned on. Later she stood up and started to kiss all over his body very aggressively. She seemed like she was starving for this, she was thirsty for this manhood. What was happening here wasn’t just making love, it was worshipping or adoring a man’s manhood. Here my Anna was adoring the moroccan stud’s body. And he was standing straight like a soldier in all that moments. He had a serious posture but I could see he was excited too and breathing deep. He was just standing there with his perfect muscular dark brown body.

Then he stopped her and asked her to take her clothes off. It wasn’t hard because she had a short and a blouse and in a minute she got rid off these. Then he wanted to take off her bra. When he did her big boobs popped out this time and I saw his eyes were shining. Then he immediately started eat her boobs and grab her ass(she still had a g string). They started kiss from the lips while he was taking off her g string. She seemed like first time she sees a man in her life and he was horny as a bull also. Then he whispered her something and she noddled. Then he lifted her naked body to the air and grabbed her ass. She screamed and laughed again. She was scared but then she wrapped her legs around his body. Now there was no barrier between his cock and her pussy. They were both naked she was wrapping her body. He hold her with his one arm and with his other hand he hold his cock and give some little hits to her pussy. Then he took her till the wall and he lean her back on the wall for a while. He hold his cock and started to push it’s head on her pussy. Her skin turned all red and her lips got swelled. While the cock head took its place, she was moaning and grabbing his body so strict. Finally he inserted it into her and from the movements of his ass I could see how deep he was entering. With each movement he was entering deeper and getting faster(It wasn’t fast enough yet).

I was just watching his moving ass between my Anna’s legs. When I see his moving fit ass muscles I understand that Badr is in another classification of manhood. Anna was lifted by him and she wrapped his body with her legs and he was holding Anna’s legs and pounding his cock inside her. She was moaning almost like tranced. He kept doing it for at least 7-8 minutes and then she screamed and closed her eyes. Then she put her head on his shoulder and breath deeply. Her legs were still wrapped his body and he was keeping her lifted by his hands. I saw that his legs weren’t tired at all of carrying all. He had very thick strong dark legs…

Then he lifted her up a little more and I saw his cock appears slowly and get out from her body. He lifted her almost 25-30 cms more and his huge shiny wet cock fall down on his legs. Then she put her feet on the ground and he leaded her to the bed. I was following them. They were both naked and I was watching their walking bodies and moving curvy asses. Anna’s white hand was gently on Badr’s strong dark brown ass.

When finally they arrived to the bed, Anna lie down on her back on the bed and she spread her legs. Badr took it’s place between her legs. They were in missioner position. I thought that it would be something familiar at least. Well I was only almost right. He hold his cock and started to shove it inside her. He started slowly but he was ryhtmic. Then he started to shove it deeper and finally I saw that it was inside till its root. He was trying to be gentle maybe but I have to admit that he was ambitious and motivated as if he is digging her with his cock. I couldn’t believe something that big can fit in her body. He was pounding faster now and I was hearing the voice of his balls striking against her pussy. Then he started to be seriously fast and furious. He was pounding her as he is beating someone. The hitting ball voice turned to be a noisy crashing voice. She was screaming and in the same time she was slapping his ass. I could see it was hurting her but still she just wanted him to be faster, stronger and go deeper. Well he did what she wanted. It was the moment that I have seen how a woman reacts when there is a man between their legs instead of a boy! This action took 5-10 minutes more in missioner position. He wasn’t only inserting his big thick brown cock inside her. He was digging the with whole meat till its root and then he was pulling it out completely. This action get my Anna has several uncontrolled orgasms. She was half u*********s of orgasms from moroccon cock’s beats. My Anna seemed such imperious. She wasn’t the self confidenced independent girl at that moment.

Finally he pulled it out and lie down on the bed for a while. He had a truimphant smile on his face and Anna was lying down and still breathing deep. Now Badr’s enormous cock was resting. I could see that it was such big, strong and vivid. It looked like a very big piece of moist salami. Then she turn her body to him and she took a look at his cock and then she grabbed it. She was stroking it up and down. She asked him how he built this body. He informed her about all details. When he was talking about his arm, Anna was caressing his arm muscles; when he was talking about his chest, she was caressing his chest or when he was talking about his legs, her hands were moving on his calfs and she was stroking his cock with an adoration. They rested in this position for 10-15 mins. I was thinking that it was the end of their sex but she started stroke that cock again and kiss his body all over. Badr’s cock responsed very quicly. It was hard like iron. Then she stood on her knees on the bed and move on him. She grabbed his cock and started to sit down on it. She first took it’s head and she started to sit down in slowly. It was a very big long thick thing, I couldn’t believe it can enter her body but it was dissappearing inside her slowly. Eventually it completely dissappeared in her. I saw she took it till it’s root and I could see only his big balls. In the meanwhile I could understand it is difficult for her but although everything was inside her, she couldn’t move. She was breathing deep and trying to get used to the guest in her pussy. And she started to move finally. Then she started to move up and down. Everytime she was moving higher and sitting down on it harder. While he was jumping on his cock, Badr was cupping her boobs and sucking them. Her posture was so strange. Her lips, her face swelled with affect of pleasure. She got one more orgasm and she immediately lie down on Badr’s chest while his cock still inside her. She was breathing deep again and her white stomach was on his dark brown stomach. She rested for a while in this position but Badr wasn’t done yet. After she rest on him for a while, he told her to get up. I watched how she gravely got up and his dick was getting appear and falled down on his stomach. Then he took his place behind her. She was already tired and standing on her fours and her head was on the pillow. He inserted his penis very fast and started to ride her on doggy style. He was fucking her like a vagabond. After he started to hit his cock so hard, she started to scream. He kept hitting his cock for 5 minutes. With every cock beat, his balls were crashing her pussy and it was very noisy. He was getting faster and faster and finally he started to moan as well while she was screaming. He emptied his balls inside my Anna. Then he lie down on her without pulling out his cock inside her. It was still inside. After 10 minutes he pulled out his big wet cock and he dried his cock, weared his clothes, gave her a good bye kiss and left. She directly closed her eyes and slept. I couldn’t believe all happenings that night. I couldn’t sleep. I was all the time thinking about what they did. Finally I fall into sleep around 3 am.

Next day everything was the same as other days. I couldn’t talk about it with Anna because Badr was with us and everyone was quiet. Only I could catch their naughty eye contacts time to time. Badr still had his annoying self confidence. He looked like a king and Anna was staring at him with admiration. I have known her as a strong slef confidence female but now she looked like a little submissive girl. I think Badr has smoothed Anna very well by his cock.

Then we went to the beach all together. Badr and Anna were both flirty while taking off their clothes. They played some games while swimming and then I felt cold and came back to the beach to have a sun bath. After me, Badr came up.

He asked me:

– What do you think about last night?
– I am fine but very confused. I wouldn’t expect you two to do that. It was…..
– I know it was so rude and wild. I am sorry (he smiles), I shouldn’t do it in front of you. (he laughed)
– I don’t blame you. You are a young healthy man and I know you can desire an attractive woman and no one has right to stop you. About Anna, I am very surprised. I didn’t expect it. She was a calm girl but you know… women are confusing. It is always difficult to keep them satisfied.
– Hahaha I don’t have a problem about it.
– Well I see…
– Please don’t misunderstand me. I respect you but your girlfriend is so hot and I just can not stop myself to say no to her. Even if I bang her in front of you, please remember I respect you (he laughed).
– I respect you too and I think I love her and I am not mad at you. I am not a macho kind of man, you know.
– Hahahaha, yeah I know…

After that conversation, Anna called Badr to the sea and they continued their plaesure games inside the water.Actually they continued their kinky games during the week which we stayed there. Inside the sea, in the hotel room, in th kitchen, in the bathroom and etc… So this is the story how I changed my view about the alpha male opinion of myself.

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