Morgan’s Mistakes Ch. 02


Morgan arrives at Layne’s apartment to find the door unlocked. As she steps inside she can see that the place has recently been cleaned. It’s about damn time, she thought to herself. The lights are off except for a faint light coming from his bedroom. Worry and guilt start to fester in her chest; reaching for the handle, she hesitates and takes a deep breath before opening the door.

Layne is sitting on the bed, reading what appears to be a comic. Upon realizing she was in the room, he sits up and puts his publication down. Morgan sits on the edge of the bed, not speaking a word.

“Morgan, don’t lie to me. I know you were alone with someone at Sigma last night. You have one chance to tell me the truth.”

Something about the way Layne said that unsettled her. There isn’t a time Morgan can remember where she was worried he would get violent with her. It wasn’t really a threat in her mind, but she couldn’t figure it out. “Well, I was drinking with my team at the party. I had a little too much to drink and started dancing with this guy. We went back to a random room and made out. He tried to put his hands down my pants so I left after that. I’m so, so, sorry baby, I don’t know what came over me.” Tears roll down her cheeks as she lets out an audible sob. I really didn’t mean to do this, but he made me feel so horrible.

Layne is furious, more livid than Morgan had ever seen him. “What’s his name, slut.”

“I don’t know it was just a drunken mistake Layne, I never got his name'”

“Bullshit!” he yells. “Tell me who he is so I can fucking kill him.”

“Please stop baby,” she begs through her tears. “I only love you and this was just a terrible mistake.”

As Morgan wipes her tears away she notices Layne putting his hand down the front of his pants and rubbing his penis. “Come here, I want you to show me you love me.”

Morgan crawls over on top of him, not saying a word. I need to make up for what I did to him, she decides. Even though what he had said hurt her, she felt she owed him something…

Layne immediately pulls off his sweatshirt, exposing his hairy chest. At one point she found this attractive, but it has just become something to try and ignore. He continues to stroke himself, and she feels his dick rise up beneath her. She kisses him on his neck and works her way down past his chest, removing his pants and underwear. Wow, she says dumbfounded, I don’t remember it being like this… Layne’s penis stood at what she thought to be about 7.5 inches, definitely bigger than Chris’.

“Now get up and strip for me, slut.”

The word stung like ice in her veins, but she knew he was just trying to hurt her. Morgan sways her hips in a slow circle while spinning her body around slowly. Lifting her arms above her head, she continues to spin and remove her top. Her breasts bounce out from under her shirt as its leaves her body, and she begins to take off her jeans. I didn’t dress sexy enough, she thought. I wasn’t expecting this. Climbing on top of Layne, she removes her panties as he undoes her bra. Now with both of them naked, demetevler escort he orders her to suck his dick.

Morgan starts by slowly sliding his cock down her throat. She skips the kissing and licking, and begins taking it in her mouth an inch at a time. Once she has 6 inches in, she can feel his cock tense up. She gags but Layne sits up and holds her down. Load after load is shot deep into Morgan’s throat until she is released. Gasping for air, she coughs and spits to ease her pain. Layne climbs on top of her and grabs her by the neck.

“You fucking slut, I know you are lying to me. The way you took my dick proves it,” Layne smacks her across her breasts. “Do you like that bitch? Did you let him do this to you?” He flips Morgan over effortlessly and props her on her hands and knees. “Well you are in for a treat!”

Feeling a wet rub on her anus she starts to plead, “Please Layne, I’m sorry. I’ve never done this, I can’t take it.”

Morgan squeals when he pushes himself into her. She has never felt anything like this; the pain was unbearable, and that was just the tip. She wonders if he took an ED pill before, because he has never been hard and ready like he is now. “Ahhhhh baby it hurts, please be gentle,”

Layne says nothing, instead smacking her hard on her ass. His thrusts become stronger as her asshole stretches to fit his cock. There is no rhythm to his pumps, but more of a random hard plunge at different angles. Every time he dives inside of her she wails and moans, which only makes Layne fuck harder. Within the next minute, Morgan feels his cum fill deep in her ass. That was terrible, the only good part is the warm feeling, she thought.

“Baby I have a Golf meeting on campus, I have to go.”

“Oh yea? Don’t you fucking speak to another guy Morgan, next time won’t be so fun.”

If only he knew.

It took about an hour to get to Sigma house on the bus, but it was the only way Morgan had to get there. She messaged Chris, who let her in and lead her up to his room.

“I missed you baby,” said Chris with his smile.

“Aw did you?” Morgan says playfully. “Look, about last night,” she starts, but is interrupted by Chris.

“I think we should just be up front here,” Chris said with a sly grin. “I’m assuming you want that picture destroyed huh?”

Morgan nods her head. She knew that Chris would want something in return for the picture, but she didn’t think he was going to be this straightforward about it.

“Well why should I do that hmm? Oh I hope nobody sees it and reports you to the athletic director…that wouldn’t be good at all!”

Morgan fights back tears, trying not to break down in the face of her extortion. “Please, we can figure something out, right babe?”

“Well since you asked so nicely, maybe I’ll think about deleting it. But how much is it really worth to you?”

Morgan’s head is spinning. She has become a slave to a boy’s every sexual perversion, and the thought of that excited her. After the emotional resolve of her actions by Layne demirlibahçe escort an hour earlier, Morgan had no desire to even try and reach her orgasmic peak. Just then two people enter the room. She instantly recognizes them as members of the football team. Her heart is racing with fear, not knowing what they were going to do to her.

“I’ll make it easy for you,” boasts Chris. “All you have to do is take all of us at once for a little while!” He showed the picture to the giants, who were wearing nothing but their underwear. They laughed at Morgan covered in cum and made her turn away in shame.

“Get undressed, hoe,” says one of the football players. He is about 6 feet 4 inches tall, and 230 pounds of pure muscle. He was one of the biggest and blackest men Morgan had ever seen. She had always heard the stereotypes about the size of a black guy’s penis, but had never experienced one hands on. The bulge in his pants sparked curiosity and terror in Morgan, his huge hands grasping for his cock. Silently, she removes her shirt and jeans for the second time today.

The second player approaches her now, immediately grabbing at her breasts through her bra. She lets out a more than audible yelp as her sore tits remind her of Layne striking her earlier. He is nowhere near as tall as the first player, but is just as muscular. He stands a few inches taller than Morgan, with short blonde hair and covered in tattoos all over his arms and chest. He pulls his cock out and pushes her to her knees. Without words, Morgan opens her mouth and aggressively starts sucking on his growing rod. He is as long as Layne but had close to an inch more girth.

“Mmm keep it up Morgan, I love that slutty tongue of yours,” he said with a growl.

It bothers Morgan that he used her name, and she has no idea who either of them are. She choked on his finally erect cock as she felt Chris’ familiar dick slide with ease into her wet pussy. Chris and the blonde lifted her onto a wide couch in the corner of the room. It smelled like dried cum, and it made her sick to her stomach. Now sitting on Chris’s lap, Morgan’s back door is slowly lowered onto his dick. She thanked god for her short session earlier; now she know what to expect. “I want to see them titties bounce!” said the tall player.

She had yet to even see his dick, and was already having anal with Chris, bouncing on his hard dick for the amusement of the others. The blonde player stands over her on the couch and goes back to pumping his thick junk into her throat. Morgan was getting used to it, giving head becoming easier by the minute. Then she felt a tingle.

Morgan projects a high picked gasp as she feels a half erect, 11-inch black cock be smacked on her stomach. Peeking beneath the dick she is sucking, she makes out what looks like black pipe, extending from her pussy all the way to the bottom of her wobbling titties. Panic overcomes her as he laughs and begins to massage her clit with the tip of his monstrous cock. The feeling that she had felt last night with Chris creeps dikmen escort its way into her body as he inserts his tip into her tight hole.

Even soaking wet, Morgan’s pussy feels like it is being torn apart trying to take even a few inches of the man. The blonde’s cock muffles moans as he holds it deep in her mouth.

“Damn Chris, where did you find this slut?” the blonde exclaimed. “Phil come try her mouth, she could use a little stretching!” He guffawed and pulled on Morgan’s hair.

Phil. Not a name she was expecting for this giant that was inside of her. He works his way deeper and deeper until he reaches a spot nobody else ever has in Morgan. To her relief, the football player violating her mouth pulled out with an incomprehensible grunt, and ran to cum across the room. What a relief! She told herself. That’s one less dick to please.

“Oooohh aaahhh deeper baby,” she moans as Phil works 10 inches inside of her. Morgan can’t believe how she is feeling; so embarrassed with the situation she has gotten herself into, but at the same time enjoying the sex that has been forced upon her.

The pleasure shoots like a speeding train up her thighs and into her throbbing pussy. Chris has stopped stroking into her ass, and instead holds her down, filling her up. The feeling had all since left her ass after a few minutes, being replaced by a good pressure that she craved. Morgan has lost track of how deep he has gotten inside her. Pain and pleasure meet in an indistinguishable feeling that is steadily rising.

“Oh my god don’t stop Phil, I’m almost there!” She couldn’t believe her ears! Actually asking to be abused like this.

Just as she thought the feeling couldn’t grow anymore inside of her, she was lifted up, quickly removing Chris’ cock from deep in her asshole. Then it happens. This triggers Morgan’s first real orgasm. She begins to shake in uncontrollable pleasure as Phil presses her up against the wall, holding all but 3 inches deep inside her. Her legs give out and go numb, as she writhes on the black pole impaling her; pinning her up like a calendar. Morgan moans uncontrollably as burst after burst of joy rush from her pussy to every nerve ending in her body.

Phil crosses the room as Morgan lies, immobilized on the floor. The three surround her moments later with childish grins on their smug faces.

“You were great Morgan, you were our perfect little slut,” Chris jives. “Here take my phone, it has the only copy of the picture, I promise. There’s just one little thing left for you to do.”

She had no choice other than to trust him.

“And that is?”

They didn’t have to say it. Phil pulled out a huge cup from the nightstand and she knew what was happening. They wanted her to drink an entire cup filled with their hot cum.

“Do this and it’s all yours, whore!” said the blonde.

Morgan’s face burned hot in anger at these monsters that sexually broke her. She takes the cup, and finishes every drop in four full gulps. She didn’t want them to have the satisfaction of watching her suffer through it. Wiping her chin as she gets to her feet, she gathers her clothes and dresses herself. Ignoring her ‘lovers’ rude remarks about her. Morgan takes Chris’ phone, shatters it on the floor, and tries her hardest to hide her limp as she exits the Frat.

“You fucking cunt!” yelled Chris, “Next time we wont be so generous!”

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