Mom’s on the Line


“Hello, and welcome to ‘Mommy and Me’. The show where daughters put their mother’s dignities on the line in a bid to win millions of dollars!” boomed an unseen announcer. “Now let’s give a warm welcome to your host for this evening . . . Amanda Monaghan!”

A bright spotlight shined onto the stage to reveal Amanda, a 32 year old blonde bombshell with a curvy figure and C-cup breasts. She looked stunning in a figure hugging black miniskirt with a slit up the side revealing a pair of blue panties underneath. This was topped off with a tight fitting white shirt with clearly no bra underneath as her nipples were poking through the thin material.

“Now it’s time to explain how the show works” announced Amanda to an exuberant audience. “We invite two mother and daughter pairs from anywhere in the U.S. to come on the show and compete for millions of dollars in cash prizes. The daughters will be asked a series of general knowledge questions throughout the show. They have buzzers in which they can indicate that they know the answer. If a daughter buzzes and gets a question right, the other mother has to take off an article of clothing. On the flipside, if the daughter gets a question wrong, their mother loses a piece of clothing. If a mother becomes completely nude, she and her daughter are the losers and are eliminated and get nothing. The mother and daughter who are victorious get a million dollars in cash. But, the added bonus is another million dollars if they participate in the humiliation of the other mother and daughter. Now that the rules are out of the way, let’s get on with the show!”

The crowd roared upon hearing this, the excitement rising as they awaited the entrance of the mothers and daughters.

“I think some introductions are in order” Amanda declared to the horny fans. “All the way from New York City, let’s welcome Tracy and Kate!”

The two ladies nervously walked onstage, obviously intimidated by the hooting and wolf-whistling crowd. Tracy was a 49 year old brunette with small perky breasts contained in a simple black dress that went down to her knees. Kate was a 20 year old with black hair and equally small but beautiful boobs. Her black leather jacket and tight jeans highlighted her slim features.

Amanda was already underway with the next introduction. “And here comes Julia and Elisabeth from Orlando, Florida!”

Julia and Elisabeth strutted confidently and assertively into the brightly lit arena, smiling and waving at all the adoring fans. Julia was 51 years old with shoulder length blonde hair and a curvy body. Her large breasts drew shouts of appreciation from all around. Elisabeth was 25 and very similar to her mother in pretty much every way. They seemed to lap up all the attention from the horny crowd. They both wore low cut tops and casual jeans.

“OK ladies it’s time to take your places” said Amanda. “Daughters please stand behind your buzzers and mothers stand directly beside so we can all get a good look at you.”

At this point Tracy seemed well out of her comfort zone, anxiously tugging at ankara türbanlı escort her dress as several punters in the front row tried to get a look underneath it. Julia on the other hand was posing and blowing kisses to the ravenous crowd.

As everyone took their places, Amanda started to read the first question.

“What agency does the fictional spy James Bond work for?”

BZZZZZ!! Kate rammed her hand onto the buzzer as quickly as she could. “MI5” she blurted out.

“Oh, I’m sorry Kate but the answer is MI6!” said Amanda. “That’s a wrong answer and you know what that means Tracy. Dress off please.”

Tracy looked horror-struck when Kate got the wrong answer and resigned to the fact that she had to strip. She pulled her sleek black dress over her shoulders and threw it on the ground, revealing matching black bra and panties.

“Fine body you got there hun'” quipped Julia. “Wouldn’t mind having a taste of that snatch of yours when we win”.

This made Tracy extremely uncomfortable. She was not a lesbian and had never been eaten out by a girl before. And she wasn’t about to try it. She had also noticed Elisabeth staring hungrily at her half naked body while Kate hung her head in shame and embarrassment.

Oblivious to all of this, Amanda continued with the questions.

“It’s time for question two ladies. What organ in the body produces insulin?”

Elisabeth obviously had no clue as she just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Kate buzzed again and guessed “The liver?”

“Oh no. Wrong yet again Kate I’m sorry” sympathised Amanda. “Looks like your mom will be putting on a show for us tonight. Bra off please Tracy.”

With both Julia and Elisabeth watching intently, Tracy proceeded to unclip her bra and drop it to the floor, revealing her small but firm breasts for all to see. The cries of the crowd became even louder as Tracy’s humiliation continued. Julia was obviously loving all of this and was egging the crowd on.

“Kate will have to get her act together if she wants to see her mother retain her clothing!” declared Amanda. “Let’s see if you can answer the next question. . . What island do lemurs come from?”

Elisabeth buzzed this time and said “Um . . . New Zealand?”

“Not quite,” replied Amanda “The correct answer was Madagascar I’m afraid, it’s just off the coast of East Africa if anyone is interested. It looks like it’s time for Julia to finally remove some clothing ladies and gentleman!”

Without hesitation, Julia whipped off her top, exposing a silk bra that barely contained her sizable bust. She made no attempt to protect her modesty and simply stood and smiled at the on looking admirers.

“Looks like you have quite a fan base here Julia” commented Amanda. “But now it is time to move on to the next question. In which country do the pyramids of Giza stand?”

“Egypt!” blurted out Kate. Relief flooded her face as her answer was confirmed by Amanda. Elisabeth seemed annoyed at this even though she obviously didn’t know the tuzla escort answer herself. Her mother took it in her stride however, proceeding to slide her jeans down her shapely legs to reveal her silk panties which had a slight wet spot in the front.

“It’s from thinking what I’m gonna do with you once you lose hun” Julia explained to Tracy, who had also noticed her soggy panties. “I heard they have some strapons out back” said Julia with a gleeful look on her face. This sent chills down Tracy’s spine. The thought of that woman having intercourse with her and her daughter made her wince.

“Now now ladies, there’ll be plenty of time for that later” warned Amanda. “Here is your next question. Who founded the social networking website Facebook?”

Elisabeth, having spent most of her teenage years on Facebook buzzed immediately, leaving Kate no time at all to offer her answer. “Mark Zuckerberg!” she cried out victoriously. She knew she was right. She knew she had won.

“You are correct Elisabeth! And you have won a million dollars! Congratulations!” cried Amanda as Julia rushed over to celebrate with her daughter. Kate slowly walked up to her mother who had her head in her hands, regretting her decision to come on this show as she knew what was about to happen.

“Now as you all know. .” started Amanda once the cheers and applause had died down. “Another million dollars will be yours if you agree to a humiliation round with these losers over here. We offer so much for it because it is simply the best part of our show and attracts the most ratings. There is an assortment of sex toys and machines which are being brought forward for your convenience. So, do you accept the offer?” queried Amanda, even though she already knew the answer.

“Of course Amanda!” replied Julia, who was practically giddy with excitement. “We would love to have a little fun with these ladies, Isn’t that right darling?” she added to Elisabeth.

“Sure thing Mom”

“Well, I’m afraid your ordeal is not over yet Tracy and Kate” announced Amanda. “I will now ask Tracy to remove her panties and Kate to lose all of her clothes as well.”

A tear streaked slowly down Tracy’s cheek as she slid her panties down her legs and with it all her dignity. Her vagina was now on full display to the hundreds of eyes in the audience. Kate was also being watched intently as she took off her leather jacket and clambered out of her tight jeans. She then unhooked her bra and slid off her panties, tossing them to the ground in shame. While this was happening, Julia and Elisabeth had also stripped off and were securing strapons to their waists. They were huge black 8 inch dildos with intimidating ribs along them.

The losers were then forced down onto all fours. Julia and Elisabeth then lowered themselves and took their positions behind the mother and daughter- Julia took Tracy and Elisabeth took Kate. They then proceeded to penetrate the vaginas of the two ladies, ploughing into their defenceless orifices with vigorous avrupa yakası ucuz escort thrusts. The losers’ bodies shook and rocked with the force of the fake cocks being rammed inside them.

After several agonizing minutes, Tracy started to feel something other than pain, something building up inside the heat of her stuffed orifice; pleasure. She was now starting to move in a rhythm with the thrusts, stimulating her clit and throwing her head back with satisfaction. She could feel her orgasm approaching, closer and closer, making her moan and whine as Julia continued the assault on her pussy.

“Oh . . .oh god. Harder.” moaned Tracy as the pressure in her crotch continued to build.

“What’s that hun?” inquired Julia. “You wanna cum don’t you?”

“Oh god yes. . . please” whimpered Tracy. She just wanted this to be all over, but she needed to cum first.

“Go on then slut. Cum for me! Cum right in front of your daughter!”

Tracy came hard. Her juices spurted from her orifice and splattered onto the floor beneath. She moaned harder than ever and slumped onto the ground, ashamed at what she had just been put through. Julia pulled out her strapon with a loud pop, the tip glistening with Tracy’s intimate fluids.

Another orgasmic cry drew her attention as Kate also came from the stimulation of Elisabeth’s cock.

The defeated pair lay on the floor together, shivering and snivelling from their ordeal.

“How hot was that folks?” said Amanda, who had now reappeared onstage wearing nothing but a pair of blue panties, having stripped off her shirt and miniskirt. “But now it’s time for me to have some fun.”

“Oooooh! What else are we gonna do with them Amanda?” asked Elisabeth, now stroking her strapon which was still slick with Kate’s juices.

“It’s not what you’re going to do with them sweetie,” said Amanda, now sliding her panties down her long legs. “It’s what you’re going to do with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you see, the producers of the show have agreed to let me have a little fun after you two have finished. And this week I have decided that I wanna get off, and all you girls are gonna do it. And if you’re gonna complain there’s a clause in your contracts which states you have no choice but to comply.”

Kate and Tracy, whose spirits had already been broken, proceeded to crawl over to Amanda while Elisabeth and Julia looked slightly disappointed as they pulled off their strapons and walked over to the gorgeous host.

Amanda lay down on the stage and spread her legs, revealing a nicely shaved pussy to complement her sizable bust. She motioned to Tracy to move between her legs while Kate and Elisabeth took her breasts and Julia moved towards her mouth. Tracy began lapping hungrily at Amanda’s snatch while the daughters teased her nipples, twisting and sucking on them to stimulate her further. Julia then started to snog Amanda, sucking on her ripe lips. This continued for several minutes until Amanda cried out in orgasm, her whole body twitching with the waves of pleasure washing over her. Tracy’s face was drenched with love juices in the process.

Turning to face the nearest camera, Amanda said “Well folks that’s the end of tonight’s program. We hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Now let’s all say goodbye to Julia, Elisabeth, Kate and Tracy!”

The credits rolled as the show came to a close.

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