Subject: Mixing Business and Pleasure 04 This is a work of fiction, well mostly. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely intentional. If this gets you hard, drop me an email. If it gets you off, defitely drop me an email. More chapters in the works. Would love to hear any ideas you have for the story or the scene. gh_lovr (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you enjoy stroking to the stories at fty please consider making a donation to keep the archive runng. There is a huge body of work available to suit every taste. Please support fty if you can. Now, on to the fun part… Mixing Business and Pleasure 03 For a number of years, I did a lot of travelling for work. Projects could last from a few months to several years, and conferences and business development also took me out of town. I decided early on in my career that business should be balanced against pleasure, and that while out of town for work meant long days it could also mean long ghts. Nights jerking off to a laptop screen or an iPhone screen, and as often as possible sucking off as many guys as I could manage. Here are some memories of mixing business and pleasure. My gloryhole buddy got dressed and left. I never did see his face or get a name. I just love these anonymous encounters. All the time that he was getting dressed I stayed on my knees stroking my cock. “Looking good there, buddy,” he said as he was ready to go, “I’m defitely interested in a repeat performance.” With that he was gone, and I was alone in my room with the porn playing in the background. Checking my emails and apps I found a few potentials, but none stood out like the guy who had just left. I was going to settle in for a catnap before hitting the town when the phone rang. Some colleagues were in town early for the conference as well and wanted to get some dinner. There would be plenty of time to play after dinner, so I accepted, and we headed out a short while later to find a nearby restaurant. Drinks flowed at dinner, as they often do at these events, and I had just enough to be tipsy and very horny. Two of the other guys were in a similar state but had been talking about a strip club one of the guys had located based on advice from a local friend. Turns out the friend was the hotel shuttle bus driver. Apparently, he does this at every conference � asks the bus driver for recommendations. He claims it has never failed him. From all the crotch grabbing under the table I could tell the guys were getting turned on by the idea of hitting the club. Now I was turned on watching them, but not really interested in a stripper bar, other than as an observer of straight guys in their native environment. Well maybe not natural, but in a place where showing overt sexual behaviour is acceptable. Feeling a bit like an amateur anthropologist I wondered if they would behave the way straight men did in public washrooms and porno theatres where the chance of getting relief from a woman was l to zero. If the groping was noticeable at the dinner table, it was second only to sipping over-priced beer at the club. Sip… grope… grope… repeat. I managed to seat myself so that I had a view of the corridor that lead to the washrooms and private dance areas. I had to watch myself as focusing on the guys in the corridor instead of the women on the stages would get me caught out pretty quickly. Fortunately, there were a number of women walking back and forth as well, headed to the private dance areas or the backstage area to get ready for their stage turn. Heading for the washroom, I followed a guy with a great ass. “Would love to rim that ass,” my dick said. My brain agreed. I stepped up beside him at the only urinal left unoccupied. Great Ass to my left and two other guys to the right. I stole a glance in each direction and liked what I saw. Semi-hard cocks trying to recycle the over-priced beer. Not wanting to press my luck to much, I just emptied my bladder and did my bursa escort best to steal a few more glances for the spank bank. Returng to the table I saw that Jim and Gary had left. I didn’t see them in the washroom or on the way back so wasn’t sure where they had gone. My quizzical look must have been noticeable. “The two women that they have been ogling stopped by and they have both gone for a few lap dances.” I nodded and sat down again. “You’re gay, aren’t you?” Mark asked. “Uh, yeah,” I said, not quite sure how he knew or why he was bringing it up. “Thought so. No worries buddy. No issues with me. In fact, I’m just looking to get my dick wet toght and if you are up for it, it’ll save us both from having to buy more rounds of drinks.” “Uh, okay,” I stammered. I had no idea where this was going, but it was better than watching more women take off their clothes and being frustrated at the horny, and likely unavailable men. “If you are up for it, I have a proposition.” “That sounds interesting,” I said, trying to be non-committal but dying to find out what he had in mind. “There is porn shop in the next block. I scoped it out earlier. Great gloryhole booth setup. I’ve also scoped out Jim’s and Gary’s thoughts and they might be up for it if they think there is a woman in the booth.” “How does that work then?” I asked. “Won’t it be obvious if it’s me in the next booth?” “They are both drunk and horny enough to overlook the techcalities. You in or out?” “I’m in. Could be a lot of fun.” “Though so. Okay, here’s my plan…” He laid out the details and I thought it just might work. Before Jim and Gary came back from their lap dances, I headed out. Getting to the porn shop I bought some tokens and headed back to the booths. Mark was right, it was a good setup. Too quiet for my taste if I was flying solo but could work with Mark’s plan. I checked out a few of the booths and found the one I was looking for. I texted Mark the booth number and started to strip down. No way were tight jeans going to interfere with the fun. Mark’s return text buzzed, “Ok � leaving now”. I waited a few minutes and could hear some guys coming into the booth area. Hard to tell if it was them or not, but even if not, it meant some potential action. The booth to my left opened and I could see a flash of light as someone entered and locked the door. Then the booth in front of mine opened and someone stepped in. Looking through the two gloryholes I could see two forms, but not enough detail. Tokens were dropped and the two video screens started up. Bingo. The clothes and the bulges told me it was Jim and Gary, and that Mark had been right. A light knock at my door caught my attention and I unlocked it for Mark. He came in and gave me an evil grin and a head shake at seeing me naked on my knees on the floor. He stepped into the corner between the two gloryholes, giving me good access to all three cocks. I had noticed the bulge in his jeans earlier, but it was much more pronounced now. Unbuckling his belt and popping the buttons on the fly I could see he was going commando. Bastard had been prepared for something like this all ght. My kind of guy. I looked into each gloryhole and could see that Jim had his cock out while Gary was still just rubbing his bulging crotch. The flicker of their screens enhanced the view. No instruction or enticement was needed as Jim pressed himself against the wall of his booth, shoving his whole cock into my booth. Grasping the base, I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth, using my tongue to get it good and wet. He tasted great. The excitement of the stripper bar and the fact that he had been wearing his clothes all day gave me a wonderful whiff of male musk, which only added to my horness. I reached up to stroke Mark’s cock while I continued to suck Jim’s. I guess Gary was the shy one. “Great mouth in here Gary,” Mark said, “try it out.” I pulled of Jim’s cock and turned towards the other gloryhole. bursa escort bayan I could see Gary stroking his cock, but still not making a move to feed it through the hole. I leaned over and smacked my lips and stuck out my tongue for Gary to see, hoping that he couldn’t see my 5 o’clock shadow in the dim light, or was so fucking horny that he no longer cared. I continued to stroke Jim and Mark while trying to entice Gary to join the fun. He relented and stepped closer, sliding his cock through the hole and directly into my hot, waiting mouth. The deep, soft moan I heard, and felt through his cock, told me he was finally giving in and wanted desperately to get sucked off. Not wanting to spook him or give him a reason to pull back I focused on Gary’s cock, sliding my lips up and down his shaft while working my magic tongue along the underside. This seemed to do the trick as I was rewarded with some slick and sweet precum on the fourth or fifth stroke. Knowing he was now fully invested in getting his rocks off, I pulled back and started stroking his cock while I turned my oral attentions to Mark’s rock-hard cock. I looked up at him as I took the mushroom head in my mouth and started to run my tongue all over it. He was watching me and gave me a dirty smile as he reached for the back of my head and guided me deep down on his cock, not stopping until I had almost all of it in my mouth. Holding me there for a few seconds, I continued to stroke Jim and Gary while Mark ground his hips a little, trying to ream out my throat and get it to open up and take the last two inches of his cock. It worked. I relaxed my throat and took a deep breath as his cock pushed into my throat and my nose pushed down into his trimmed pubes. Fuck this was good! I didn’t want Jim to lose interest either, but Mark was holding me head down, letting me part way up to let me grab a quick breath through my nose before pushing me down again. This guy knew how to work a cocksucker’s throat and I was loving it. The other guys waited patiently with me stroking their cocks for a long time while Mark used my throat. Maybe they had done this before or knew that Mark was in charge and they would get their turn in my mouth when he was good and ready to relinquish it to them. The power play got my cock even harder. After fucking my face for a few more minutes, Mark pulled me off his cock and pushed my head towards Jim’s cock. I spit in my hand to lube up Gary’s cock and used the spit all over Mark’s cock to keep stroking his cock while I sucked Jim. The angle was a little awkward, but I didn’t want Gary to feel ignored and want to leave. Of course, his hard cock told me that there was no way he was leaving until he had spewed a hot load either in my mouth or all over the floor. The floor would have been a waste and I intended to swallow all three loads. After getting Jim’s cock good and wet, and very hard, I swapped over to Gary’s cock. I could almost feel him melt against the wall of the booth when I took his hard cock deep down my throat. I pumped my head a few times before he took over and started sliding his cock in and out. I held my face in position as he pumped his cock at his own pace. To focus on Gary, I had stopped stroking Mark. My free hand was used for balance while the other held onto Jim’s cock. Gary’s thrusts started getting shorter and more frantic. I could also tell that his balls were pulling up tight against his cock shaft. I used my fingers to tickle his nuts. The trimmed hair was a bit rough, but I’m sure my finger action was adding to his pleasure. Suddenly he shoved all the way in as his cock head exploded in my mouth. He blasted me with five of six spurts of hot sperm. Each was accompaed by a grunt that I’m sure even Jim heard two booths away. As Gary started to come down off his high, I switched over the Jim. His cock has been leaking precum and the whole back of my hand was covered in it. I licked it up just before plunging his cock back into my mouth. escort bursa He must have been close too. After only a few more strokes he tensed up and I could feel the wall of the booth vibrate from his leg muscles spasming. I pulled back enough to get a good taste of his load. Most of Gary’s had bypassed my tongue and I really wanted to savour Jim’s. Using my hand held tight against my lips I stroked his shaft over and over, twisting my hand just a little bit, especially right under the ridge of his cock head. That was enough to put him over the edge. Blast after blast of jism filled my mouth. Such a big load. I swallowed on one of the up strokes and his cum kept coming. I lost count of how many shots of cum, but when he stopped my mouth was full. I pulled off and went back to Gary’s cock, still semi-hard and still sticking through the hole. After a few strokes on his cock I turned my attention back to Mark. Precum had been leaking down his cock shaft and I could see it glisteng the whole way down to his shaved balls. I stuck my tongue out and lapped all the way up his shaft, gathering as much of the sweet precum as I could before diving down on his cock. The heady mix of precum, two loads of cum and saliva created a silky slick coating on Mark’s cock and my mouth. The lack of friction made it easy to slide up and down the length of his cock. Both of my hands pulled his pants down a little further so I could grab his balls and play with them while he fucked my face. He grabbed my hair and set the pace. I knew he would. I was ready for him to fuck my face. I was just a hole to him. A cum-slick, wet, hot hole that he was going to plow and seed. Fuck � I wanted his load too. I was in full cum slut mode and wanted it, wanted every guy’s load. There was no such thing as too much cum. The precum and saliva had leaked down and wet his smoot nuts. Combined with my wet hand from stroking Jim, his balls were good and wet, and slide around in my hand. As the skin tightened up the smooth loose skin became slightly ridged, but that just added a little friction to my actions. Mark continued to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. He started to concentrate my action on the head of his cock. I knew he was close to bursting and tried to look up at his face. Eyes closed and a broad smile on his face told me he was enjoying this as much as I was. One hand grasped his rock-hard shaft and stroked his cock just out of time with my mouth action. Mouth and hand coming together mid stroke then hand down his shaft while my mouth slid to the top and swirled around his cock head. He was starting to pant and groan now. Both Gary and Jim knew he was close, as did anyone else in the video booth area and probably anyone in the porn shop up front. He raised up on the balls of his feet, lifting my mouth slightly as he tensed up. The first shot almost gagged me, hitting the back of my throat in a chunky blast. The next three or four volleys were just as powerful but with a little less volume. I pressed my head down on his cock, wanting to suck it all out of him, lick it up and swallow it. He started to relax a bit and let me do the work. I love sucking cock after the guy has shot his load. He’s still riding the crest of that wave and his cock is becoming super sensitive, but he still wants more, wants to get that last spasm to completely empty out his nuts. I kept working the shaft, avoiding the super sensitive head. I didn’t want this to end and he didn’t seem to want me to stop either. “Fucking awesome dude,” I heard Jim say. “Abso-fucking-lutely,” Gary added. I pulled back so that I just had the head of his cock in my mouth and turned first towards Jim’s hole then Gary’s. They were both looking at me through the hole. Mark was going to tell them that one of the strippers had a girlfriend sucking cock in the booths. I don’t know If they believed it when the left the club or when the first got into the booths, but there was no doubting now that a guy had just sucked them off. Mark finally pulled me off his cock. As he leaned down to pull up his pants he said “Room 601. Be there at 6:00 tomorrow morng.” I sat back amazed as he pulled up his pants disappeared along with the other guys.

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