Mistis’ Adventures Part 218


Mistis’ Adventures Part 218Mel and Bob had spent a quiet night, and were the first to awaken. They had showered, and made love as they almost always did, then cleaned themselves, and went down to cook breakfast. Mel laughed when she thought about the condition Albert had left Vera in, last night. She hadn’t known that he had stamina that could easily equal any man, and surpass many. SHE had been lucky that she hadn’t been his first. If she had, she might have found it difficult to walk this morning. She had been a little wobbly on a few mornings, her own self. But, BOY had the AFTERGLOW been WORTH it. She had, most times, either taken a long soak in the jacuzzi, or, weather permitting, gone out and laid in the water, in the pool. That and a hot cup of coffee, with a little “bracer” in it, sure seemed to make everything right.Melody started making the biscuits that Granny Elledge had taught her, and, as she mixed them, and rolled them out, she felt a tear trickle down her cheek. She had been such a LOVELY woman. So sweet, and kind. She would be forever in Mel’s heart. Her and Grandad, both. They had had the best life they could imagine, and had left many people to miss them. They would live forever in the hearts of those who had known them. Bob had taken a bowl, and picked out several large potatoes, and was peeling them, and watched the drop run down her cheek. “Missing the Elledges, again, HUH? I wish I could have met them. You all talk about them like they were extra special people. I think I might have met HIM in Vietnam. There was an old Sergeant Major, that had a face like he had worn out three bodies. He was the Division Sergeant Major. I can’t remember his name, though. He was said to be one of the best you could find. I saw him up close only one time. When we were briefing the Commanding General before a big operation. They sent us in with the other teams, and we did what we were supposed to, and that’s where I got wounded. They took me to a Field Hospital, and sent me on to Japan. I was only there for a little bit, and they sent me home. Went back after a bit, though, and did another tour. Stuck me in a leg outfit, and they taught me to run the equipment. Said an NCO needed to know what he was doing.” He stood up and went over to her. “They’re together, again. Her going so soon after he did, means Sky Six knew they belonged together. I’ll finish peeling these spuds, and grating them so I can show you how I make hash browns. Got my own special way.” He kissed her cheek, and she smiled at him. “Thank You, Honey. You know what I’m thinking, so many times, it almost scares me.”She took out a pan, poured some bacon grease in it, and put in the biscuits. When she had them in the oven, she reached over and got a big, flat griddle, placing it over two of the burners She turned on the gas, and made sure the fire was burning, then started cutting a roll of sausage into pats. Then she took a package of bacon from the icebox, and began slicing it into another bowl. They still had two or three slabs of bacon in the freezer. Each one was 10 lbs. and had to be sliced with the slicer they kept on the counter. Vera had shown her how to set the thickness to be cut, and the way to feed it into the blade, without cutting a finger or knuckle. Her Dad had shown her how to smoke and cure her own meat when she was a little girl, and she had kept on after he had passed away. Now, though, it was Pam that did most of the hunting. They ALL carried guns when they went close to the swamps, but Pam seemed almost at home in them. She would see they were getting low on a kind of meat, and she would go hunting for more.Bob finished grating the potatoes, washed them, and started seasoning them. She watched as he added salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, but did a double take when he reached up and took down a bottle of sage and added it to the mixture. She kept it in her cupboard, but only used it on certain things. Her new husband was giving her surprises, almost every day. When they had been moving his things into the house, she had seen, for the first time, that he had a Masters Degree, in Business Management. He also held a Bachelors Degree in Economics. She found out, soon afterwards, that he had gone to school while he was in Rehab. VA had footed all the bills, and gave him money for an allowance. Councillors had told them that schooling was one of the best forms of rehabilitation. It kept their minds off of their problems, and gave them something else to fill their minds with.He took a skillet, and poured some of the bacon drippings in it, and let it heat until the grease started smoking, and added the potatoes, and started turning them as he watched them change color. Next thing she knew, he was taking them out of the skillet, and was washing the pan. She went over and took a pair of chopsticks out of the drawer, and took a small bite of them. SHE had NEVER had them cooked so fast. She almost burned her tongue, though. Bob was standing and watching her. He snorted as she jumped from the heat, and said only, “Blow them first.” She blew, and took her first taste. THEY WERE MAGNIFICENT!!! She took another bite of them. “MERCY, BABE!!! These are GREAT!!!”They heard the footfalls, and looked around to see Christie coming down the stairs. Her hair was a mess, and she looked like she had hardly slept. She went over to Mel and kissed her, then turned and slapped Bob, lightly, on his cheek. “I waited all night for you to come and keep me company. I knew that Albert wouldn’t be able to come to me. Mom wore his ass out. I kept hoping you would take pity on a poor, helpless divorcee’, and come keep her company for at least a little while. BUT, NO!!! You kept your worthless ass in the bed with Mel. I may lock YOU in the cellar.”Mel and Bob, BOTH, were having to hold the table to keep from falling to their knees with laughter. She stepped over and picked up the coffee pot, then shook it. “What’s even WORSE, you ain’t made no coffee, yet.” She went over and turned the water on, filling the pot full, and taking down the grounds, and pouring them into the basket, but WITHOUT putting in a fresh filter. Mel took it, and poured the contents on the counter, and rinsed the basket, putting in a new filter, and putting in the grounds, again. Just then they heard another set of steps. This time it was Pam. “What’s the MATTER, SIS? NO COFFEE? It was your turn to make it, this morning.”Pam went over, and kissed and hugged Mel and Bob, both, “Don’t pay her any attention. She’s always cranky ’till she gets her coffee. Then she turns to a big pussycat. If the coffee doesn’t do the trick, I’ll take her over to the bend, and put her out for the Smith boys to take care of. She’s on birth control. so she don’t have to worry about one of ’em knocking her up. When THEY git done with her, she’ll purr like a pampered kitten.”Pam looked at the puzzled look on Mel’s face. She asked Pam,” WHO are these Smith boys? Your Mom said something about them while we were out, yesterday, but I was so busy looking at the town, that I didn’t hear all that she said.” Pam chuckled. “They’re the folks that live on the next section line over. They fish and seine crawdads, and their Mom runs a cafe in town. Best place for miles for a fish or crawdad supper. Their Pa drives them in their old pickup, and runs the boat for ’em when they run their trotlines. There’s three of them. Jimmy, Winston, that we call Winnie, and Lemuel, that we call Lem. Jimmy is the oldest. He’s about 24 or 5, Winnie is a year or so younger, and Lem is about my age. Nice folks. Mama Smith is a sweet ole lady. Just full of stories. Pa Smith has more than she does, though. He can tell about the good, and the bad, things that’s happened around here. He’s probably 60 or 70, and can tell stories about the way things were in the old days. Days when the Klan run the country. He don’t like to talk about those things, though. He says if you repeat the stories, it’ll happen, again.” “They’re all as good looking as the law allows, but, Pa keeps ’em busy, and most of the Black folks have moved to towns. Pa says he ain’t goin’ nowhere, until Gabriel blows his horn. He can show you the spot he was born at, and has never been over 20 miles away from it in his life. When you go into Mama Smith’s cafe, expect to be hugged and kissed. It’s the way she greets EVERY customer. Tell her you want the catfish special, and if you can walk out after eating it all, you’re better than most. At least two, and men get three, catfish cooked in her own special way, a big bowl of hush puppies, cole slaw, fried taters, and ice tea until you pop. Then she brings out big bowls of homemade ice cream. It takes a real man, with hair on his chest, to finish all she brings out to ya’. Her only waitress is her daughter. She was from her first husband. Pa is her second. She is an absolute dream. One of, if not THE, prettiest girls, you can find.They heard another voice, and looked around to see Albert on the stairs. “If she’s as beautiful as Julia, then she must be something special. Julia is the most beautiful, in the finest sense of the words, LADY, I EVER SAW!” Mel looked at him. “What about US,DEAR?” He went around kissing and hugging all of them. “You know what I mean, Mom. She’s that special to me. I got the chance to meet her Mom and her older brother, too. It’s easy to see where she got it from. THOSE are REAL folks. I hope I can meet the rest of the family, before they leave. They say they’re going to be here for another month. I sure hope they are. I’d love to spend some time with them. Carl says they’re more fun to be around than a barrel of drunk monkeys.”He turned to Pam. “Do you have to have an excuse to go see the Smith’s. They sound like some special people, too.” Pam looked at him. “No, but you have to be patient when you go looking for them. They run trotlines up and down the river for probably 20 miles in both directions, and they go to ponds, and quiet places in the river to seine crawdads. Ain’t no telling where you’ll find them.” He went over and took a cup of the fresh made coffee. “I want to see what it looks like around here, and I can’t think of a better way to see it. We can all get in my pickup, and go lookin’ around, till we find ’em. First thing, though, is I’m hungrier than a bitch wolf with a litter of pups. Is the food ready?” Mel told Bob, “Go up and see if Vera’s up and around, kaçak iddaa and we can start cooking the eggs.”They heard the last voice from the stairs. “I’m up, but I’m moving slow, this morning. I thought I was all in, last night, but Albert gave me a shower, and an eye opener, and it took everything out of me. I’ll need help getting down the stairs. My legs are a bit on the shaky side.”Bob and Albert both went over and took an arm each, and assisted her down the stairs, and to the table. Pam poured a cup of coffee, and put in a little clear liquid from a pint jar that was under the sink. “Here, Mom. This’ll put the starch back in your sails.” Vera took a drink of the coffee, put the cup down, and fanned herself with her hand. She looked at Pan and remarked, “You made it like your Dad used to drink it. Gimme some milk.” Mel took the jug out of the icebox, and poured her a glass full. “Holy COW!!! That’ll curl my toenails.” Pam giggled at her. “I just put in about two fingers of it. Not too much.” Bob picked up the cup and sniffed at it. “Home made ‘shine, HUH? I may try some of it after while.”Pam, after fixing her Mom’s coffee, joined Melody at the stove, and cooked all of the eggs they wanted. They all pitched in to clean the dishes, and the pots and pans, swept up, and straightened out everything. Then they went up and dressed, and got in Albert’s pickup, and Pam sat in the middle, between Albert, and Bob. Christie wanted to sit there, but Vera told her to get in the back with her and Melody. SHE would make Albert have a wreck, and kill them all. He didn’t need anyone groping him while he drove. When they got to the county road, Pam told him to turn left, and follow the river until she told him to turn around. They skirted a lazy looking river, that was, perhaps, a hundred yards across. It was lined with willow and cottonwood trees, and patches of cattails. THAT was where they got a good many of their crawdads. After they had gone for a bit, Pam told him to pull in at the next gate, and turn around.They pulled back on the road, and went in the other direction. They passed the turn to Vera’s farm, and went a little bit further, and saw an old pickup that looked like the one that Sue (Kelly) Breen drove, except Sue’s was in MUCH better condition. It was an old International Harvester pickup, that was lengthened by a wooden platform in the bed, that was about two or so feet longer. There was a john boat in the back that was full of buckets, and tubs. An old man, and three younger men were standing around it, looking like it had just been reloaded in the truck. Pam told Albert to pull in next to them. Pam was out in a flash, and ran over to the old man, and hugged him. “Howdy, Pa! How’s it going? Get much, today?” She went around and hugged the other three, but had kissed the old man, ONLY. “I wanted my family to meet you all, and see what fine folks look like. We’re gonna go and see Mama in a little. Her and Joyce are gonna have us for supper. Got a couple of guys that think they’re full growed, Mama will cut ’em down to size, with one of her suppers.” Pam introduced Albert, Bob, and Melody. All of them were surprised when Melody kissed each one of them. “Beggin’ Pardon, Ma’am, but, folks don’t take kindly to white women kissin’ black folks.” Pa told her. Could STILL make a heap of trouble. Pam can get away with huggin’ and kissin’ me, cause I’m older than the hills, but she can’t do it with the boys, or they’d run ’em all out of the country.”Mel glared at him, and put her arms around his neck, kissing him, for the second time. “If anybody says anything to ME, OR to you, just let me know. I’m an attorney at law, and back home they call me the Black Widow, CAUSE I EAT THE MEN LAWYERS ALIVE IN COURT. Any problem, and I’ll be back with a busload of Federal Marshals, and buses enough to take a hundred people to jail. If I take the notion, I’ll strip off my clothes and let all three of the boys fuck me in plain sight of God, and everyone else. I hate bigots worse than almost anything else. BY THUNDER, IF THERE ARE ANY AROUND, THEY BETTER KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT, AND KEEP A LOW PROFILE. I don’t want to hear ANY shit from them.” She decided, since a car was approaching, to put her words to task. She skinned off her shirt, and went over to hug the nearest of the boys. She was appreciating that HE wasn’t wearing a shirt, either. He was just a little taller than she was, and she put a lip lock on him like she was going for the gold. The man that was driving looked, but never slowed down. She backed off and looked at him for a second. “LEM?” He nodded to her. “You got more than most people can guess. I would love to find out how good you can use it. You won’t be my first black man, but I’ll bet you can do as good as any of the others that have had me. Could I interest you in a trip to a place a little more private. You’re the only ones that I’m interested in seeing my equipment.” Christine looked over at Jimmy. You’ve seen me a few times, but I’d love to show you a little more, if you’re interested.” He looked over at his Dad, as if to get HIS permission. Pa looked at him, and said, “You might as well. If there’s gonna be trouble, you might as well have some fun in the meantime.” Christie took Jimmy’s arm and led him over to where they were out of sight of the road, and the others. Mel took Lem’s arm and went a little over from them. Bob was standing there, and Pam looked first at him, then over to Winnie. “DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!! WINNIE! COME ON. No reason for you to be left out. Let’s go shake some grass together.” He broke out in a smile, and allowed her to take his arm and lead him to another place. Soon the sounds of cooing, and kissing fell on their ears. Bob offered Pa a cigar, and lit it for him. “Does this happen very often?” he asked. Pa studied the fire on his cigar, for a second, before answering. “More than I like. These boys never see’d a passel of trouble, from a mob. They heared about it from me, and a few others, but I seen it, with my own eyes. Tain’t somethin’ you’d want to see happen to your worst enemy. They’s STILL some of the Klan around. They lay low, but they’s here. Right person saw what’s happenin’, and it could git ugly, quick. Been a while since I see’d a cross burnin’, or a white robe in the edge of a fire light, and I’d just as soon NEVER see neither of them, again. I could go and do like they do, but it’d only bring grief, soon, or late.”Bob, and Pa explained the way things had been to Albert. Bob had seen reports on the news, but Pa had seen it, first hand. As they explained, Albert’s chin dropped with disbelief. He had heard stories, and seen old movies, but hearing it from an eyewitness was far and away more believable. He drew his breath in to speak, but Pa had heard it, before. “No need for YOU to apologize, Son. It happened before you was even born. The folks what done it will have to tell the Maker why they was so mean to people, and He’ll pass judgement on ’em. That’ll be they justice. Jesus forgave them, what hung him on the cross. Can I do any less?” Albert went over and put his arm around the old man, hugging him, and told him. “You’re the kind of person I want to be, when I’m grown to be a man. A REAL MAN!!!” Bob patted him on the back. “You know. You’re well on the way to being that man, now. Just keep hanging around with the friends you have, and the rest will come in time.” Pa smiled at him. You got the makin’s. Jus’ keep workin’ on it.”The others came out of the brush, each smiling. The three ladies picked stray grass or leaves out of each other’s hair, and brushed each other off. Melody went over and kissed Pa, and told him. “Remember what I said. Any trouble, AT ALL, and you let me know. I have many friends that are U.S. Marshals, FBI, or former Secret Service agents. We can do more than you might think we could. It’s almost a new century. Things like that aren’t supposed to happen, any more.” He hugged her. “You don’t remember me do you. I was brother to one of the hired men that worked for your Grandpa. He was the oldest, and I was next to the youngest. I can remember when you and Miss Vera streaked a few times. Gave ever’one that saw ya, somethin’ to smile about. I was friends with your Uncle Truman, before they passed. You sure growed up NICE!!!” They bid their farewells, and were headed into town to meet the remainder of the family.The cafe was big enough for a large crowd of people, with booths on one side, and tables for family, or larger gatherings on the other side. They took an empty table just down from the opening to the counter. As the group entered, a large, black lady exclaimed, “MY, OH, MY!!! LOOKEE HERE, JOYCE!!! FRIENDS COMIN’ IN TO SEE US!!! PUT ON A FEW EXTRA FISH!!! THESE PEOPLE LOOK HONGRY!!!” She came to meet them and each of them received a warm welcome. Ma was a little taller, and was no light-weight. She was nice looking, but the kindness shone like a beacon in the night. She had a hair net, but it was covered in a red bandanna. All of the three ladies received kisses and hugs. Then she saw Mel. Ma rushed over to her open arms, and the rocked back and forth, hugging and kissing each other, babbling about how long it had been. Mel introduced Bob, and Albert. Ma wiped a tear from her eye, and kissed him, telling him, “You was named for a great man. See that you live up to it. He deserves somebody to carry on his name.”Just then, Ma heard someone behind her clear their throat for attention. She turned and pulled another lady to stand beside her. Mel, Bob, and, most of all ALBERT, saw a lady standing there, that looked like she had just tucked her wings under her sweater. SHE was breathtaking. She was far darker complected than Julia, but the similarities were overwhelming. It was all Albert could do to not take her in his arms and smother her with kisses. Her hair was long enough, that she had it tied in a ponytail, and it was tucked inside a hairnet. She was a little taller than his Mom, and her teeth flashed, sparkling white, against her darker features. She was introduced to them as her daughter, Joyce. She seemed to float, instead of walk, and went over and hugged and kissed the three neighbors, then did the same with Melody. “I’ve heard Mom and the ladies all speak of you, and tell stories about you and Vera. That must have been fun, doing those things. I was still a little girl during those days. I went to kaçak bahis Durham School, and lived with my Aunt, when Mama married Poppa. I was 15 when I came here. I’ve been living with them and the boys for 8 years now. I help Mama, here, and wait for some nice guy to come along, and pop the question to me.” She excused herself, and went back to check on the food that was cooking. Albert was fighting the urge to rub his eyes in disbelief. She was, so far, even better than she had been described to him.Mama took them to a table and sat down with them, and she soon was back. Whether by accident, or on purpose, the seat that was next to Albert was left open for her. It was early for the supper crowd, and much too late for the dinner crowd, so the cafe was empty when they arrived. It would be at least an hour or so before the supper crowd came in. Plenty of time for them to catch up on things that had happened. Joyce had seen the pack of cigars in Bob’s pocket, and brought him an ashtray. He smiled and thanked her, then took one out to light it. She held the match for him. He thanked her, again. “We try to be as much like we were in the old days as we can. That, and Mama’s cooking, is what makes us enjoyable. We do a better business than most of the places in town.”She turned to Albert. “Your Mom and Pam were saying that you’re in college, and studying to be an Architect. How long have you been going?” He told her that he would be a Sophomore this fall, and that he was also learning the Real Estate business. He also told her about the disagreement he had had, when he said he was going to drop out of college. She laughed at the way he told it, but agreed with the adults. “You can NEVER do too much to prepare for the future. I’m taking correspondence courses, and have earned some credits. I’m studying for a Teaching Degree. I want to help c***dren to grow up the right way. I used to think that the grown ups were being mean to me, but now I see that they were just trying to guide me in the right directions. Sometimes, they would have to warm my bottom, to get the messages through, but they always let me know that they loved me, and wanted the best for me. I want to pass that love through to other c***dren, at least until I have my own. Then I can pass the way I was brought up, along to them. I’d love to have a houseful of youngsters. BUT, until the right man comes along…”Albert was fascinated by her words. More and more, she sounded like a slightly younger version of Julia. He was VERY happy that she and Carl had met, and fallen in love. His phone started ringing, and he looked at it. It was ALTHEA!!!He almost dropped it in his haste to answer. “OH, BABY!!! I’VE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!! IS EVERYTHING GOING OKAY?” He listened to her for a good bit. OH, I’M SORRY!!! I hope she gets better, soon.” He listened for a few minutes, more. “Okay, Sweetheart. Give everyone my love and kisses. I LOVE YOU, AND MISS YOU, TERRIBLE!!! Bye, Bye, Sweetie.” He turned to the others. “She had cancer in her reproductive organs. They had to remove everything. They did the surgery the day after Floyd, Maria and the girls got there. The doctors took her in at 6 in the morning, and she was in surgery for almost 12 hours. She wanted to know all about us. Althea and Susan told her most, and Floyd and Maria filled in the other stuff. She’s been in ICU since she came out of surgery. They had to give her four pints of blood while they were operating. All four of them donated a pint for her, but she is still in serious condition. Althea had to hang up, because the doctor was coming in to see them, and give them his latest prognosis. She’s going to call me back, later, to tell me as much as he told them. They all send their love to you, too.”They sat there for a few seconds in silence. Mama broke the silence by telling the others. “This sounds like something we should talk to the Master about. She looked over at Albert. Do you know her name, Chile? We can ask him to look after her.” Albert told her that the lady’s name was Evelyn Woods. Her husband was John.Mama told them, “Bow your heads and we’ll take it to the Man upstairs. He got all the time we need. Dearest Lawd. You, who knows all, sees all, and hears all. Hear us now, as we come to you, to ask that you see after the sister of our friend, Floyd, and see her and her family through this ordeal. Take her in the cusp of your mighty hand, and heal her, and comfort her family, that they need not worry any longer. Restore her health, and deliver her to those who love her so much. Show them the path to your kingdom, and set their feet firmly on it, that they may, someday, live in your Kingdom for ever and ever. Return Floyd, Maria, and their daughters to those who love and miss them, so greatly, and give them a life of peace and love. In the Holy Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, we pray these things. AMEN!!!”Unknown to any of them, several other people had entered the cafe, and stood, silently, hats in hand, while Mama had said her prayer. Each of them muttered ‘Amen,” after her. Mama got up to greet each of them with her usual hugs and kisses, and invited them to come over here and meet these folks that were visiting their town. Joyce went and got what they preferred to drink, and served them, taking their orders, and joking with one young man that was teasing her gently. As soon as she had their food cooking, Joyce came over and leaned down to put her lips next to Pam’s ear. “He’s the one that I’m hoping will ask me to go out with him.” Pam looked at him and smiled. “I know him. His Dad owns some land over by the county line. He’s good people. Little rough around the edges, but the right girl will smooth him out.. I used to run around with his sister. She’s gone to college.”The food was brought out, and it was, if anything, more than any of them could eat. Even with their humongous appetites, neither Bob or Albert could finish it off. They went up and paid their tab, and left a generous tip for Joyce, and were kissed by her and Mama, both. Mama pressed a brown paper sack into Albert’s hand, and gave him another hug and kiss. “That’s for later. I know how young men get hongry, after just a little bit. Jus’ make ’em hot, and get a cold glass of ice tea to wash ’em down with. And promise that you’ll come back, before you go home, to see me. He put his arms around her, and hugged her, and kissed her cheek. “I promise, Mama.” He turned and hugged, then kissed, Joyce. “Just in case, here’s to hoping you find your Prince Charming, soon. You deserve the absolute best. If I weren’t so in love with Althea, I could make a fool of myself, for you. I had doubts as to whether any other woman, except the wife of my boss could be so great, but you showed me that it is possible. I wish you could meet her. You’d soon find out why I think so much of her. She just gave my boss his first son, and they are having the time of their lives, together.” She smiled and told him, “It almost sounds like YOU might be in love with her.” He thought for a second. “You could be right. I do love her, but I’m not IN love WITH her. THAT is the difference.”They went back to the house, and all agreed that no more food would be needed until morning. Albert “suffered ” through much gentle teasing from all of them. They knew he had been impressed, but, also, knew who had his heart. His conversation on the phone had shown them all where it was. At present, it was in Arizona.He had questioned Pam about what Joyce had said about the young guy, that she seemed interested in. It was explained that that was the double standard they lived with. It was okay for a “white” guy to take up with a “colored” girl, but it was strictly taboo for a “white” woman to take up with a “colored” man. He shook his head. “How stupid can people get?” he asked. Vera answered for all of them, “Pretty FUCKIN’ stupid.” They others laughed and agreed with her, though.They sat outside, enjoying the cool evening breeze, and talking about everything they could think of, until it started getting late. Bob and Albert were the first to admit to what the others seemed to be thinking of, and announced that they were going to go and take showers. Christie, giggled, and asked, “TOGETHER?” Bob smiled at her, and told her, “NOT QUITE!!! He’s going in one, and I’ll go to another. We might need some assistance, though.”Christie rose up and told the others. “He’s only give me a quickie, since he’s been here, so I’m gonna give Albert a hand with his shower. You others can fight over Bob.” She led him up the back stairs and into her room. “I saw the condition you left Pam and Mom in, when you finished with them, and I want some of the same. PLEASE!!!” His answer was plain, and to the point. He pulled her to him, and kissed her for a long time. One leg lifted during the kiss. As he lifted his lips,she fanned herself, “WOW!!! You kiss a girl like you MEAN it. How would you kiss a girl that you’re in LOVE with?” He pulled her to him again, wordlessly, and kissed her the second time, with all the feeling, and passion, in it he could muster, but instead of holding her around the waist and shoulders, he held her by her soft butt cheeks, and ground his pelvis into hers. She also felt his penis rising and going between her legs. She backed slowly away from him, staring into his eyes. “Do we REALLY have to take a shower. I don’t know how long I can wait.” This time, he smiled at her, and spoke. “In the shower, it only gets better.”They went in and turned the water on, letting the chill from the spring, warm a little, and went in, together. He reached to the shelf and took the bottle of shampoo, and put it in her hair, and began to work it into her scalp. Soon he was rinsing it, and repeating himself with the conditioner. He squeezed the water out of her hair several times and took a sponge and washed her in the front. He rinsed her off, and told her, “Assume the position.” She turned and put her hands on the wall, leaning far forward, and spreading her feet. He started washing at her neck, working his way lower, and lower. As he was washing her butt, he felt the slight vibrations coming from her. She was shivering. He reached past her and turned the water a bit warmer. He finished washing her legs, and raised up to lean over and kiss each of her cheeks, taking small bites at her flesh. She jumped and yelped as his teeth touched her flesh, and she turned with illegal bahis a puzzled look on her face. “I’ll tell you when you can look at me! Turn back around!” She leaned against the wall, her hands just higher than her head, peeking under her arms to watch what he was doing. He wiped the water, as if he were still washing her, but he was waiting for her to look at the wall in front of her, and NOT at him. Her head turned to look at her hands, and he spread her just a tiny bit wider, and leaned forward to stick his tongue into her vagina. He had a good grip on her, so she couldn’t turn around..His arms went all the way around her, and his tongue went deeper inside of her. “OH, MY GOD!!! THAT’S SO GOOD!!! YOU COULD GIVE A GIRL A LITTLE WARNING, THOUGH!!! NO!!! DON’T STOP!!! DON’T YOU DARE STOP!!! OH MY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! YES, YES, YES!!! THAT’S THE RIGHT PLACE!!! JUST A LITTLE DEEPER, THOUGH!!! OH GOD!!! YES!!! RIGHT THERE!!! THIS IS WORTH ALL THE WAITIN’!!! LITTLE MORE OF THIS, AND I’LL GO COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! OOOHHHH MMYYYY GGOOODDDD!!!” He felt the contractions as she came, squeezing down with her vulva on his tongue. “EAT ME!!! PLEASE EAT ME!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” She, quicker than his eyes could follow, pushed off of the wall, and turned, landing on top of him, and smothering him with her kisses. OH, GOD!!! I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I CAME SO MUCH FROM JUST BEING EATEN!!! LET ME WASH YOU SO WE CAN DO THIS RIGHT!!!” She took the sponge from the floor, where he had dropped it, and scrubbed him, none too gently, until he could have walked into a surgical theater, naked, and watched the doctors. She took the towel, and dried them both, and almost ran to the bed. SHE was definitely HOT TO TROT!!! She pushed him on the bed, and dove headfirst to his groin, and took his cock in her mouth, to suck him. He was hard, and soon felt his first shot going down her throat. She took one of the discarded towels and wiped her face, lips, and inside her mouth, cleaning his cum and climbing on top to kiss him, all the while, dry humping his thigh. He tried, HARD, to remember when he had seen a woman so turned on. He was amazed at the reaction she was displaying.She rolled to her back, holding him in a steel like grip, and pulling him on top of her. He managed to catch her wrists, and pin her arms above her head. He eased down to kiss her, and she responded by sucking his lip and tongue in, and almost choking him with HER tongue. He finally managed to pin her arms at her side, and kiss her gently, whispering to her. “Now, now, baby. Calm down. We aren’t going anywhere until you can kiss me, WITHOUT hurting me, and letting me do what you want me to do. I can stay here for as long as you want. Just relax and we can enjoy ourselves. No need for us to hurry. Just relax, take all the time we want, and go slow. I want you as much as you want me. Now we have each other, and need to take our time and enjoy ourselves.”She blinked her eyes, and focused on his face. “What happened? Why are you holding me so tight? Why is your lip bleeding?” He rubbed his lip with his tongue, and discovered it WAS bleeding. He smiled at her. “Are you okay, Sweetheart? You seemed a little, WELL, out of it, for a few minutes.” “I have a tiny bit of a headache, but I can’t let that bother me. I want YOU so much.” she answered. He slowly released her hands, and told her, “Now kiss me. No hands. Just lips.” She giggled. “I have to use my hands, you silly boy.” Her arms went around his neck, and his shoulders, and she pulled him down to meet her raised lips in a long, tender kiss. “Like that?” she asked him, “Or like this?” This time she pressed her lips to his and her tongue went in and gently probed the inner surfaces of his mouth. He returned her kiss, and said, “More like this.” and pressed his lips to hers, pushing his tongue between her lips, and gently sucking her lower lip into his.He felt the tension leaving her body, and leaned down to kiss her many more times.After a bit he felt her shudder, and went to her breasts, holding them lightly, and sucking her pink nipples, until they were almost red. Her breath was coming faster, and his hands started their downward journey, sliding along her ribs, and caressing her hips as he slowly felt his way to her abdomen. He was still laying with most of his weight on top of her, and, now, he eased himself down to kiss her tummy, and saw it flutter from the touch of his tongue. A little further, and he took her legs, and raised them high over his head, exposing the tiny openings of her body. She clutched the sheet in her hands at what she knew was going to happen to her. Her breathing got even faster, with the anticipation. Albert stuck his tongue to her anus and she squealed. He licked upward and she cried out. He licked her “taint” and she wriggled, trying to free her legs from his grasp, but it was fruitless. His grip, as gentle as it was, was too strong for her to break. She grunted with each stroke of his tongue, and her breathing was like she had run a marathon.He lowered her a bit, an his tongue went the length of her slit. “OH, MY GOD!!!” she cried out. It sent electric shocks through her like she was hooked to a telephone crank, but without the pain. She felt her body vibrating as he licked her over and over. Her hands went around the back of his head, and tried to pull him closer, but there was no place for it to go. “LICK ME!!! SUCK THE JUICE OUT OF ME!!! OH, GOD, THAT FEELS GOOD!!! I LOVE IT!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Her head went back as she screamed her feelings for the world to hear. Damn being a lady! To hell with being quiet!!! This was too much to disregard. She was dead to the world that was around her. Never a shrinking violet, she was in a whole new world. It was centered in her nether regions, and demanded to expose itself. She shrieked once and twice, again. Albert was just as focused on what he was doing to her. He licked her until her labia parted, exposing the link interior of her vagina. He went a bit higher, to give the same attention to her clitoris. This made her scream even louder. Her leg muscles tightened from the strain of being held, restrained, and she lifted her hips from the bed, trying to get more of the sensations from her assailant. Her sides and breasts were heaving from the fast breathing, and tears of joy were running down her cheeks. Albert teased her clit for several minutes, causing it to change from light pink, to blood red. He continued to lick her, and she was so out of breath that she fainted. Feeling her relax, he lowered her legs and reached up, for a pillow to put under her hips. He raised up and leaned down to kiss her face, and gently slap her face until he saw her eyelids flutter, and her eyes open. He leaned down, and gave her the tenderest of kisses on her lips. She barely responded, but her arms went around his neck. “Now I understand why Mom and Pam walked the way they did. PLEASE!!! DO THE SAME FOR ME!” He reached down to place his dick where it needed to go, but her hand had hold of him, already, and was rubbing it up and down her pussy, coating it with her special lubricant. Her other hand was holding herself open, for him. All he had to do, was to push, to go inside of her. In spite of her wetness, and being held open, she was as tight as he could imagine. She was slick inside, but he still felt the overwhelming tightness grasping his cock. He pulled back a bit, making her whimper, then pushing a little deeper inside of her. It was necessary for him to repeat his move for two more times, before he was all the way inside of her. She was hissing as he hit “bottom.” “OH, MY GOD!!! I NEVER REALIZED THERE WAS SO MUCH OF YOU!!! OH, DEAR LORD!!! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! I WANT YOU TO STRETCH ME OUT, AND FILL ME UP!!! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!! IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I GOT A GOOD FUCKING!!! CURL MY TOES FOR ME!!! PUMP ME FULL OF CUM!!! I LOVE TO FEEL CUM GOING INSIDE OF ME!!! GIVES ME THE SHIVERS!!! SHOVE IT INSIDE OF ME!!! OH, GOD!!! I’M CUMMING. AGAIN!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!! OOOOHHHHH, GOD!!! GIVE ME YOUR CUM!!! GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!” Her outcries had him more than ready, and he pushed deep, and felt the tide of sperm, rushing into its destination, seeking a fertile egg. She had locked her ankles around his waist, during the mayhem, and she was squeezing him with her legs, and pulling him with her hands around his butt cheeks, trying to get him deeper. They were oblivious to all that was going on, except for the two of them. Melody and Vera were on either side of Bob, watching the lovers finish their dance. Pam, knowing the condition her sister would be in, was wetting some hand towels, and heating bottles of douche solution. Bob was looking through the door, watching Pam’s ass wiggle as she wrung out the towels, so they wouldn’t drip on the floor, or the bed. Melody had already called dibs on cleaning Albert, and Vera was watching for the pulses to end, so she could take care of Christie’s clean up.The movement on the bed ceased, and they went into an orchestrated routine, of rolling Albert off of Christie, so the clean up could begin. Melody took Albert’s semi erect dick in her mouth, and began to work it in and out, cleaning the outside, and sucking any sperm left inside, out. Vera went between her daughter’s legs, and began at her knees, licking everything until she reached Christie’s vagina, where she probed deep, with her tongue and fingers, to take as much of the cum out of her as she could. Then she and one of the others, probably would help the girl to the toilet, and use the bottles of douche, and rinse her out with lukewarm water. Then both would be covered, so they could sleep in comfort, until they were ready for a repeat performance. Melody knew full well, that Albert would probably take her at least two more times, before breakfast. Vera knew that her daughter was going to need help to come down the stairs, the next morning, like she had, this morning. Pam, her duty finished, wrapped her arms around Bob’s waist, hugging him to her, and lifting her face for him to kiss. They held the kiss for a long time, and smiled at each other, and went across the hall to Pam’s bedroom. THEY had business of their own, to attend to. Vera and Melody watched them climb into the bed and roll together, then hugged each other. “SHALL WE?” asked Melody. Vera smiled at her. “WHY THE FUCK, NOT? We been doing it since we saw Mom and Dad fucking. We was only 12, then. Been doing it as much as we could, ever since. It’s STILL fun.”They went, holding each other, into Vera’s bedroom. Some things NEVER changed.

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