Mistis’ Adventures Part 149


Mistis’ Adventures Part 149Sharon was the last to arrive at the hospital. She was told to go to the waiting room with all the others. The whole Kelly family, along with most of the Breen’s, and Campbell’s were there to help Bennie celebrate. William hadn’t been able to come, as had Dave. They received the word too late. To atone for not being there, they both sent flowers to Lannie, and promised to be there as soon as possible. Knowing how things were going, Lannie’s father had bought a box of cigars marked, “IT’S A BOY!” and Bennie’s father had bought a box marked “IT’S A GIRL!” Both men were fit to be tied at the new arrival. It was their first Grandc***d. Lannie would be in the hospital for a few days, and was going to stay with her Mom and Dad while she made a full recovery, afterward.Cathy was as attentive as she knew how to be, and shooed them ALL out, after a few minutes. All accepted her instructions gracefully, even if she WAS a little BOSSY. She could be forgiven. After all, it WAS Cathy.Sharon made her way back to the office. She was only gone for a little over an hour. She, before she left the hospital, had called Mary to tell her about Lannie and Bennie’s new baby boy, that they had named Bennie, Junior. Mary was happy to hear that Lannie and B.J.,as he was going to be called, were both showing all the right signs. She thanked Sharon for calling her, and asked a few questions about how it was going, and was told that it was good. Sharon promised to fill her in on ALL the goings on that night, when she came home.She got back to the office and went in. Dolly was sitting at her desk, and was humming to herself as she tapped information into her computer. She had earbuds in and was listening to something. Sharon stopped to listen to her for a second or two. She had a BEAUTIFUL voice. It was almost something of a female baritone. It sounded very similar to Nancy Sinatra, but just a bit higher. She had her attention glued to the monitor, and didn’t see Sharon until she was almost to her. She gave Sharon a big smile, pulled the buds from her ears, and closed her app. “GUESS WHAT, SHARON!!! Wayne wants me to go out with him tonight. Second night in a row. He said he had something to show me, when I got home.” Sharon reached over to pat her on the arm. “That’s GREAT, Honey! I hope you two are happy together.” She went on to her office, and was met by Julia. “GREAT GOBS!!! Carl just called me. He wants me to move in with HIM when my lease expires. He’s going to take me to his house, tonight, when we go out. He wants me to live with him until we figure out where we’re going with this relationship. He’s dropping hints that he wants to make it more permanent. I wonder if it’s all going too fast. It seems like we just met, but it has been a whole week.” Both laughed at the observation. Julia took a more serious note. “I want to talk with Mom and Dad about him. THEY will both want to meet him before we do anything else. Mom knows about us, but Daddy thinks I’m still okay, and semi-virgin. He thinks the only sex I’ve had was when I was attacked that time. Mom said there would be plenty of time to tell him about the others, as long as I didn’t get pregnant.”Sharon told her. ” I think your Mom is a wise lady, and bears listening to. When I was young and foolish, I didn’t want to listen to MY Mom, but, as time goes on, I see differently. SHE”S NOBODY’S FOOL!!!” I went with William for several months, including the time we lived together. I finally married him a few months ago, and AFTER George was born. He is on the Birth Certificate as the father, so he didn’t have to go through adoption procedures. I was pretty wild for a long time, and had a DNA test done of George when he was born, and William WAS the biological father, so everything was okay.The rest of the day went fairly quickly, and had nothing new to be added. Sharon wanted to get home and see HER family, and go over to Mary’s and fill her in on the last couple of days, Julia wanted to get home and prepare for her evening with Carl, and Dolly wanted to see what kind of surprise Wayne had in store for HER. She had ideas of her own, but wasn’t going to try to second guess his intentions.Dolly, when Mary had hired her, had rented a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in a quiet part of town. They not only had keyed entrances, but a Security Guard on duty around the clock. He was a retired policeman, named Patrick, but known as simply Pat, that had wanted to have something to do after retirement, but nothing too serious. He had been single for the last 8 years, after his wife had left him. She had finally given up to the stress of being married to a cop. She had been supportive for the first 10 years, but had said, “Enough is enough. I hear about all the police being set up for targets, and can’t sleep when you’re out on the street.” She had, after a year of separation, filed for a divorce, which he hadn’t contested, and he was legally single. He would, often go to the bars down on the strip, and watch the gals there, do their routines. He was known to several of them as a good person, and had, on occasion, gone out with him. It was a kareoke bar, that also had “Adult Entertainment.” 3 nights a week was devoted to people to give THEIR version of singing, which was mostly a pretty sad excuse for music, and the other 4 nights they had strippers, that went ALL the way down to complete nudity, and on 2 of THOSE nights, ladies who wished were invited to “strut their stuff” in front of a crowd. They had to sign waivers, to show that it was all of their own free will, but on those nights, there were usually a few brave souls, either exhibitionist, or drunk, that wanted to get naked in front of a crowd. It was interesting at times, and also a surprise.His post was, in the club, off to one side, where he could assist the man at the door, checking IDs. The rest of the time he watched the crowd, assisting the people who had overindulged, or the occasional belligerent individual, in finding the door. Julia was ready in a few minutes of getting home, meaning that she was stripped naked, and waiting for Carl to arrive. She was going to ask him to take off Sunday, and go visit her parents. She wanted to see how THEY got along. He would meet them and all but one of her brothers and sisters. The youngest brother, who was 18, was attending “Boot Camp,” or Basic Training, at a base in Missouri. He referred to it as Fort “Lost in the Woods,” but the real name was Fort Leonard Wood. He had started almost a month ago. He had signed up to go to a radio school, after basic training. She wasn’t sure what KIND of radios. All she knew was the part about him learning about radios.Carl arrived shortly, and was greeted by his favorite sight. A naked, willing, and VERY beautiful, Black lady. He was, just as quickly, invited to help her take a shower, and prepare for whatever they decided to do this evening. HE had insisted that they indulge themselves a little bit, BEFORE taking a shower. He wanted to taste HER natural flavor.They went in the shower AFTER he had made her weak from coming so many times, and filling her to overflowing with his seed. She had giggled and “fought” right up to the first time she had cum. She had then surrendered to him, and had been treated like she was the most special thing he had ever seen. Afterwards bahis şirketleri they had gone out to dinner, and went to his house. He showed her around at what he was offering her, and she had promised that she would think about it, but HE had to promise that he would take her to see her family on Sunday. Both were looking, but in different ways, for the same things. Carl was wanting to take her out to have more fun, but didn’t know exactly WHERE he wanted to take her.Julia remembered that Wayne and Dolly were going out this evening, and Dolly was worried that she would need help in breaking through Wayne’s shyness. She called Dolly and asked if they had any plans. Dolly had informed her that, in spite of her giving him an unsolicited kiss last night, he was just about as shy with her as he had been in the office. Carl had listened to his friend and “second in command” talk about the girl he had met, and thinking she was the best thing he had EVER found, until he was ready to think that Wayne would “blow” a good thing, for no good reason. He took the hint, and they went to Dolly’s apartment to see if they wanted to “double” with them. Maybe it would help to have Carl around to make him comfortable. HIS surprise had been to show her the car he had bought, so HE could take HER out, instead of using her car. He had bought a used Mercury Town Car. They arrived to see Dolly nearly in tears, and Wayne shy to the point of barely looking at her. Carl went in and talked to Wayne, and convinced him that HE was ruining the best possible date of his life, so far. Dolly felt that if she could sing something sweet and romantic to him, it would open him up. They decided to go to the place that Dolly had been told of.Carl had learned of it through several of his men going there to watch the strippers, and others going there to listen to the singers. He hoped it wouldn’t turn out to be a mistake. They got a table and sat down to see what developed. They sat through several “singers” that had no sign of any talent. When they finished, Dolly made her way up and took the mike, dialing through the available music tracks to one, then a second song, that she knew. Both were romantic, one was kind of slow, and she passed it up for the second one. She made her choice, and decided to let her hair down, as it was in a ponytail, and let the music take her, hopefully into Wayne’s soul. The music was the theme from “For Your Eyes Only,” and she sang as if her life depended on it. Her eyes NEVER broke from Wayne’s. She wanted him to know that THIS was her heart speaking to HIS. The crowd in the club faded and was silent. All eyes and ears were on HER, and she milked it to her best ability. When she finished the song, the crowd exploded in applause, and cries for MORE. Her next song was another movie theme. “You Only Live Twice.” Again she sang it straight to Wayne, as if HE were the only person in the room. Carl and Julia glanced over and saw that the first song had garnered his full attention, but the second song was hitting him where he lived. He was looking at her as if seeing her for the first time. He met her gaze and returned it. He never even blinked while she was singing. When she finished it, there were even MORE calls for her to keep singing. She thanked the crowd, and thought about it for a second, and dug into her purse for the music she had planned to sing at church on Sunday, pulling a cassette out and putting it into the slot to start. Organ music filled the club, and she stood straight and as tall as she could manage. The opening music started and she fell in as she had rehearsed. She started singing, “Amazing Grace” and the crowd was even more attentive, IF POSSIBLE, than it had ever been, before. She went through the song, but this time she was met by near silence. The crowd was in a mood that her minister would have loved. There were tears from many, as her music had touched something inside of them. The owner came up and invited the four of them to come to his office. They accompanied him, and were shown several more discs of music that he hadn’t programmed into the machine. Dolly examined them, finding more songs that she liked, and the owner went and inserted into the machine for her. She went back on the stage, and sang several more songs, but after 3 more, decided to see if her plan had worked. She HAD to be with Wayne to find this out. She sat with him, even though several other people came to compliment her on hr singing, AND her delivery. Most hoped that she would soon become a regular.They finally figured out that as long as they stayed in the club, they wouldn’t have any privacy, so Carl took them to the farm. He and Wayne were intimately familiar with the landscape, and it was quiet and peaceful. Wayne led Dolly over to one of the tables that the men sat at to eat their lunches, and sat beside her, apologizing for not having anything but the wooden seats for her to sit on. Carl and Julia had disappeared to leave them alone. The trees and remaining shrubbery were a quiet setting for them. Dolly was astonished when the shy to a fault Wayne took her in his arms and kissed her. He apologized for the way he had acted with her, but, he explained, he hadn’t believed that anyone as fresh and beautiful as her was doing anything but giving him a “pity” date. He had never even dared to believe she had any interest in him. Her songs that night had made him willing to see if she REALLY thought about him. Her actions since had given him the confidence to find out if it was the real thing.She decided to put all her cards on the table about how she was feeling, and they went and found Carl and Julia, locked in an embrace, and showing each other their love, as per their usual way. As they locked in each others arms, Dolly was fascinated by the way Carl made love to Julia. She was on top of the table they had picked, and her dress was bunched up just under her armpits, and the top of it pulled down to fully reveal her breasts. A thin band of material was all the covering she had, or needed.Carl was holding her ankles, as she wriggled her butt, and groaned, as his tongue made a full-on assault of her vagina. He was making her cry out as he ate her until she had fainted. While she was totally limber, he had removed her dress, and laid her on the table and put a paper table cloth under her. He moved her legs apart and licked her until her eyes fluttered open, and she held him to her and begged him to “FUCK ME!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME!!! YOU GOT ME AS LONG AS YOU WANT ME!!! JUST, PLEASE, FUCK ME!!! CUM INSIDE ME, AND LET ME FEEL YOUR LIFE INSIDE ME!!!Dolly was seeing her at her basest emotion. She was a quivering mass of passion. Surrendering herself to Carl’s pleasure, and begging for more. Dolly had seen the “skin flicks” of people having sex, but had never seen the likes of this. It had, in every instance, been quiet, and tender, without the shouting or sobbing. Then she felt something else. She felt a stirring in her own body. It felt like she was nervous, and shaking inside. She looked out of the corner of her eye to see if Wayne was looking at her, but he was watching Carl and Julia, just as SHE had been doing a minute ago. She stuck her hand down inside the waistband of her skirt and felt of her own crotch. SHE WAS WET!!! She had heard some of the bahis firmaları girls in High School, and more in College, talking about getting wet over things they had witnessed, or been a part of, but had NEVER had it happen to HER. But then, she had never witnessed anyone making love right in front of her. Not even her PARENTS. They had always locked the door so none of them could see them like this. Her oldest brother had claimed that, AFTER taking Sex Education classes, he had remembered their Mother’s stomach getting bigger, until their Father had taken her to a hospital, and she had brought the other brothers, then HER, home, as babies.She had found out that she had lost her “cherry”, as the boys called it, after slipping and falling on ice one winter. She had gone home and told her Mother, who had, after looking at her “down there,” had told her Father. She had, that day, found blood on her panties, that made her tell her Mother. She had been 17 years old. Her Mother had told her the “facts of life” and she had remembered seeing her brother in the bathroom once, peeing. HE was standing UP to pee. SHE had to sit DOWN to pee.She had never, until tonight, realized that her life was so sheltered. She wore the scant, and sometimes revealing clothing, because she saw the other girls wear them, and it looked good to her when she tried the same type clothing, so she wore them more and more. Just NOT in front of her parents or brothers. She had dressed much the same as when she started. Little girl clothes, she called them.She had begun to enjoy it, when boys or men whistled at her. She had been told that, if they liked what you looked like, they would whistle at you. She had started dressing in the more revealing clothing when she started college, and, after Mary had allowed them to start, when she went to work, now. Some of the men had paid little or no attention, but a few had taken notice right away. She enjoyed them taking peeks at her, and started to let herself be a little less careful about the way she was sitting, or keeping her legs crossed. Guys acted like it was a big deal to get a hint of her panties, or if a little too much of her butt showed. They REALLY liked if they got a quick look at her nipple or the swell of her breasts. THAT made her go out and buy some sheer bras.Now she had someone that she wanted to see ALL of her, with NOTHING to obscure their sight of her. She watched Carl and Julia until they finished, getting a good look at Carl’s “thingy” going in and out of Julia’s private part. There was some whitish goo on them when he finally took it out, then got between her legs and started licking her. They were near enough, and there was light enough, from the glow of the work lights that were on all night, for her to see everything in great detail. She remembered her own classes and knew that the stuff he had put into her was called sperm, or cum, and it was what gave a woman a baby, unless she was taking birth control pills. She also remembered that there had been a fuss over something they had called a “Morning After” pill, that could be taken to prevent pregnancy. She studied the situation and made her decision. The pharmacist down the street from the office would have them if they were needed.She reached over and took Wayne’s hand in hers, and motioned with her head, toward the table they had been at before. She had dressed to what she thought was her best advantage, in a skirt that was at least 6 inches above her knees, and a blouse that was thin, but NOT sheer. She had decided NOT to wear a bra. Wayne, Carl, AND Julia had noticed. Julia had winked at her and said simply, “GOOD GIRL!!!” Julia had taken note of how Carl, and especially WAYNE, had looked at her all evening. Most of the men that had come by their table had taken in the sight of her as well. Nobody had said anything, but they HAD LOOKED!!!Dolly led Wayne to “their” table, and stood looking at him. “Please take my blouse off of me, Wayne. I want YOU to see ME. I dressed this way just for YOU. Wayne stood as if frozen and fumbled with the tiny buttons until she was afraid he would rip them off. “Calm down, Sweetheart. I WANT you to see my body. Take your time so you don’t tear my clothes for me.” He took several deep breathes, and resumed unbuttoning the blouse and took it to lay as neatly as possible on the table. He let her guide his hands to the catch at her waistband to unfasten her skirt. When he had it opened he pulled the zipper down slowly, and soon had to pull the hem of the skirt to let it fall to the ground. She was wearing a pair of bikini panties, and, although he couldn’t see it, yet, they were wet at the crotch. He picked up the skirt and folded it and laid it on top of the blouse. He stood looking at her as if she were a specter that would go up in a puff of smoke. He stood there looking at her until she told him, “You’re NOT finished, yet. You have something more to remove, before you’re finished. She spread her feet a slight bit so he could pull her panties down, unhindered by her thighs. He took them in the thumb and forefingers of his hands and slowly pulled down until, they were at her knees. He looked at her, as if asking her permission. “All the way off, and lay them on the other clothes” She lifted her feet as he approached her ankles and they were never allowed to touch the grass and dirt. One foot, then the other. He folded them and laid them atop the other garments. Her skin was slightly tanned, but the marks of “bikini lines” outlined her breasts and her pubic area, showing that she always wore a suit out in the sun. The difference in color was like cream on a white platter. Her nipples were extended and her breathe was coming rapidly. She, in her own way, was more excited than he was. He was looking at what he thought an angel would look like, and she was anticipating giving herself to this man. Even if her hymen was gone, she WAS a VIRGIN. She had NEVER felt a man inside of her. Not even a finger. NO ONE had been allowed to touch her like that. UNTIL TONIGHT!!! His finger had brushed against her as he pulled her panties off, but that was all she had EVER had. OH YES!!! The doctor had touched her while he examined her, but her Mother AND a nurse had been there, watching to make sure that he hadn’t taken any liberties with her. Now she was ready to give herself to this man. He would be her FIRST!!!She looked into his eyes, and slightly nodded her head “YES” to him. “Take me, MY LOVE! Make me love you even more. I will always remember this night. The night you show me what being a woman REALLY means. Giving her heart and body to the man she loves. Do me like Carl did Julia. Make sweet love to me, and put your sperm inside of me. I want to have your baby.”Wayne was dumbfounded at what he was hearing. He had only kissed her for the first time, tonight. All the other kisses they had shared, SHE had given HIM. She had turned to see if she was laying on her clothes, and saw that they were on the bench. The top of the table was clear. She backed up until she felt the hard edge of the table contact her butt, and raised enough to perch on the top and lay back, opening her legs for him. He was looking at something that only her parents and doctors had seen. It was beautiful. There was a small rise of soft looking flesh with a slit kaçak bahis siteleri and a good coating of hair on it. It was dark brown, but there was none between her legs. It was all over the top if the tiny crease. He bent over and looked closely at what she was offering him.”Take off YOUR clothes, too, Darling. You have to take off YOUR clothes to make love to me. I want to feel your flesh touching mine as you go inside of me, and make love to me. I want you to put your sperm inside of me, so I can have YOUR baby. Wayne was almost ripping his clothes off and throwing them everywhere as he made ready to do what she was asking of him.He thought about all the movies he had seen, and the stories he had heard, and bent to kiss her first, then to lick her completely. He paused and went up to kiss her lips, and hold her for a few seconds, then bent over to suck her nipples and kiss her breasts. She didn’t know anything different, so when Carl and Julia came over and Carl spoke, she almost jumped off the table.”OLD FRIEND!!! Take your time. Kiss her and tell her what you think of her, then KISS your way to the best thing she has for you. Make HER want YOU as much as YOU want HER. If she don’t like it as much as YOU did, you did it WRONG. Nibble on her breasts, and suck on her nipples until you see her wiggling like a worm on a hook, then go down and kiss her belly till it shakes. Then take your tongue and open her outside lips, and you see a little pink bump at the top of the slit. Suck it and nibble at it. BE CAREFUL, though. It’s easy to hurt it. Lick it REAL easy. She’ll tell you when she has enough. She’ll try to push your head inside of her. Stick your tongue inside of her and lick everything you can touch with your tongue. She’ll be shakin’ like a dog shittin’ prune pits if ya do it right.””When you make her squeal and her ass starts shaking, you go on top of her, and put your pecker at the BOTTOM of the slit. There’s a little hole there. Push as slow as you can ’till you’re all the way inside of her. Watch her eyes to make sure you’re NOT hurting her. If you do, it could ruin the rest of her life for her. She might be afraid of being hurt, again. Once you’re inside of her as far as you can get, go in and out until she moves the same as you are, and keep it going. Soon she’ll cum, and when she does, she’ll love ya forever. If she tells ya it’s okay, then keep goin’ until ya cum inside her, or, if she’s worried about gettin’ pregnant, pull it out and drop your cum where she tells ya she wants it. Some girls want ya to cum on their bellies, and some want ya to cum in their mouth. Let HER tell YOU where she wants your cum. If she tells ya to cum inside of her, when you finish kiss her and tell her thank you, then go back and clean the mess you made between her legs. She’ll most likely love that too. Most women, if ya treat ’em right, will invite ya to fuck ’em over and over.Julia was standing there and offered some advise to Dolly. “Just relax and let your feelings take over. It’ will feel so good that you will swear you died and are in Heaven. Don’t try to hold back. If you feel like screaming, then scream, if you feel like moaning, then moan. If you feel like your legs want to shake, shake ’em. Tell Wayne if you really like something he’s doing to, or with, you. He know to do more of it, and you will enjoy what’s happening even more. Let yourself enjoy everything that happens to you and remember who did it to you. After he finishes, if you DIDN’T like something, tell him that, too. That way he’ll know NOT to do it the next time. You will, probably, like most girls, try many different things, BEFORE you find something you like the best. You may find that you like him to eat you, oe take you from behind, or even lay down and let YOU take care of HIM. For that you can find out if you like to look at his face while you ride him, or turn around so he can see himself going in and out of you. There are many ways to do it, and sooner or later, you will try all of them.Both had been paying attention, and began to put the information to good use. Carl and Julia had gone to leave the couple to their privacy. Wayne had only had sex two times in his life, and both had been with women of experience, who had told him what he should do next. This was his first “solo” with someone who had less experience than HE did.He had kissed her, but she had been kissed enough to know how to do that part. She had put her tongue into his mouth, and kissed him passionately He had, as had been suggested, nibbled the nape of her neck. It had tickled, but had made her feel good. He sucked on her earlobes, and she had started to feel funny between her legs. An errant breeze had let her know that she was getting wet, when she felt the sudden coolness. He massaged her breasts, and bent down to suck at her nipples, and the feelings between her legs got even stronger. She felt like her head was spinning, like when she had been talked into taking a drink of alcoholic drink in college. She was itching a little inside, too. She felt him kissing between her legs, and his tongue made its way inside of her body. OH MY GOD!!! IT FELT SO GOOD WHEN HE MOVED HIS TONGUE LIKE HE WAS DOING, NOW!!! She began to squirm as he went further and further inside of her. She tried to help him by pushing on the back of his head. THIS FELT BETTER AND BETTER ALL THE TIME!!!She put her legs around him and was moaning at the same time. She felt his tongue searching for something and suddenly it was like she had received an electrical shock. She cried out. It wasn’t a scream, but it was louder than she had been before. Her legs squeezed him as tight as she could manage.He raised up to where he could kiss HER some more, and in doing so, she felt something touching her, “down there.”She raised up to look and saw the thing that she had seen in an Anatomy book, his penis, was touching her. It felt hard, like he was touching her with his finger, but it couldn’t be. His hands were around her shoulders. It tickled her but if also felt nice. He began pushing, and she felt herself opening to let him go inside of her. She began to feel like it was growing bigger and bigger, inside of her. It was a tiny bit uncomfortable, like she had eaten too much, but then it made her feel warm all over. The warmth grew and increased as he went in and out of her, and she felt as if her insides were shaking. She felt a pressure in her abdomen, then it exploded, and this time she DID scream. She faintly heard laughter. Julia was standing next to her. She hadn’t even noticed, before. She vaguely heard Julia’s voice tell her that it was her first orgasm. Then it happened, again and she screamed out again.She felt something else. It was warm and wet inside of her, and the warmth spread and it was happening for the third time. She could feel the wetness inside of her and Wayne had stopped moving. Did he hall asleep? She opened her eyes and Carl was helping Wayne to lay on the bench of the table. Julia went around and looked down at Wayne, and she told Carl, “For two bits, I would clean him, while you cleaned her, but if we do, we’ll be cheating THEM! They need to know so they can look forward to the next time. Gotta give credit. He paid attention to ya. He hade her nut at least 3 times, and maybe 4. She’ll want him again before long. she’s got the makin’s of a good lay. He’s well on the way to bein’ a stud, too.A short time later the pair had recovered, and been reminded to clean each other. They had enjoyed THAT almost as much as making the mess. It was now time to go home.

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