MICHELE’S NEW LIFE – CHAPTER 29CHAPTER 29: WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENTThe following week started out like most and moved into a new experience for us as a full kennel service for our unique clientele. We had our first customer leave with her new partner and receiving modified training and information exchange. We were down to one boarding dog. And, I am sure we will get more comfortable with the whole training, guiding of the customer with her new dog. In theory we expected it to be like most other discussions about our sex, but this took on a more complex element when it was finally in front of us.The woman that Bob referred in previous discussion arrived Wednesday, met the dog and loved him instantly. The dog had been very responsive to Mom and me sexually and to all of us, especially Helen, for general commands and behavior. The woman had elected to receive only the short abbreviated instructional course that we had set-up with Bob as an offering. This involved a demonstration of mating which I demonstrated with Cody and then guided her through her own mating with her new dog/partner. This was all preceded by giving her various pieces of information for her use later in the comfort and privacy of her home which included a ‘how-to’ written document containing various bits of information and tips for developing a successful and fulfilling relationship with the dog. Also included was the instructional video Nikki had helped produce.All that went pretty well but we identified a few things we could fine tune in our approach and presentation. While we captured those items for incorporation in our efforts going forward, my mind was a bit preoccupied by something Tim sprang on us earlier in the week. He had been contacted by some old buddies from our earlier life about getting together because they would be in the region for a few weeks on business. That led to a discussion of how best to get together and the names two other buddies still living in the area were added. One of them suggested getting together for an entire weekend and getting a little wild. Often, around here anyway, that leads to a dash up to Vegas. It has happened before and I am sure it would happen, again. But not this time. The idea of fishing and just relaxing instead of totally wild was suggested. That led to a suggestion by one of the locals to try something they never have done but is very popular: rent a houseboat for the weekend on Lake Havasu.As Tim was describing the sequence to me, I was getting a strong sense of where this was going. I knew every one of these guys. I have been with every one of them in threesomes with Tim or even a ‘more-some’ on one occasion that involved an early morning motorcycle ride and an impromptu stop at a convenience store. Combined with the reality that it had been a little while since Tim put me out on the edge, I wasn’t very surprised when he indicated that a question came up about me attending this ‘boys’ weekend’ and providing entertainment. That, of course, put me right into my submission role. Tim started to react but backed off in recognition that if it was an issue after the family changes lately that I would have indicated it in my response.But, just to reaffirm that point, “Sir, nothing has changed between us. Yes, there have been additions to our life, family and home group since we have been so fully immersed in this playing, but all those changes have nothing to do with what we have committed to each other. My sexual submission to you is still valid and of high sexual stimulation for me that it alone has satisfied. So, unless your attitude towards it has changed, we are still good.”“Thank you, Michele. I guess my initial reaction was to make sure. I know we have always understood that this might end at some point as we or our life focus evolved. Or should I have called you Destiny?”“Ooooooo, we haven’t heard that name for quite a while, Sir. And, since all these guys already know me, we won’t need it with them, either.”“Have you missed the needing her?”“Missed it? I have enjoyed these other times, also, Sir. I enjoy being used and the friends who have used me provide plenty of excitement in the way they do it. But there is definitely something different about being used by people I don’t know while still knowing that I am safe to let go of my real self and become Destiny.”“Well, we will have to do something about that then.”“It is much more difficult to arrange safely.”“Yes and I am not willing to take shortcuts. Ultimately, your safety is the main critical issue and that includes knowing the backgrounds of the people and that they are ‘clean’. Your health is not something we can play with or risk.”“That is why I am safe, Sir. Both you and Mr. R have that issue as a primary, critical point of concern. About the weekend, though, are the plans set?”“Yes. I am shocked but it all fell into place. I did not believe we could get a reservation for this weekend for an appropriate houseboat this late. And, I could get away. And, the kennel has nothing scheduled that would cause a conflict.”“You checked that, too?”“Just round-about. Since plans were not finalized, I just wanted to know if it would cause an issue if we got away for the weekend.”“Mom didn’t wonder why she wasn’t going. Why she was being left with Helen?”“Your mother is very perception, dear. She saw through it very quickly. When Helen asked specifically about it, your mom said she would explain later.”All I could do was smile. Helen was getting more exposure to what our life can be like.The details came together quickly. But I was told I did not have to worry about any of it. I was to be present and available to the men for the weekend. This would encompass from the time shortly after leaving the marina dock on Friday to shortly before returning to the marina dock on Sunday and during that time I would be without clothes. Like at home, that is really available. And since Cody was also going to be with us, the ‘entertainment’ was more than just me being available to the men. Other than that everything else would be taken care of by the men including taking care of the boat, tiding up routinely, cooking and cleaning.The couple days before Tim and I leave gives just enough opportunity for questions from both Mom and Helen about this adventure. Helen especially needed a little time to formulate her question and how to approach asking them. But Mom, too, had her issues to work through. Despite her knowledge of my past experiences, having heard description about some of them, this was really the first time it was real-time. Knowledge beforehand and time to consider the event prior to it happening. Enough time to have the mind consider potential activities and realities before they occurred. Previously, it was always like hearing a story, something that had already occurred and I had come through it okay.We covered the minor details of the kennel operation in my absence. Mom and Helen would remain home with Jackson and the remaining kenneled dog. Tim, Cody and I would be leaving early the next morning. The plan was to be ready to leave the marina shortly after the noon availability time for the houseboat.Packing Tim’s SUV was interesting. We seemed to put more and more stuff into the vehicle: suitcase, fishing equipment, Cody’s essentials. But my ‘stuff’ was on my body already: my sundress and sandals. We hugged and kissed Mom and Helen, petted Jackson. I looked at Helen after hugging her, “Are you okay?”“Yes, this is just so different. You are so different. You are so comfortable going off with five guys for the weekend in this case but in past days have been like the best big sister a girl could ask for. You are very complex.”“We all are. Mine is just a little more unusual.” She smiled, kissed me on the lips and patted my ass as she backed up to stand with Mom.As we pulled into the parking lot at the marina in Havasu City, we realized we were the first ones here. We got the stuff out of the car and put Cody on a leash for the walk through the parking lot and to the dock entrance. Then we just waited. “Aren’t we going to get the boat, Sir?”“It’s not our responsibility. Jayson is taking care of that and the others are paying him their share. We’ll just wait for him.”“Their share? What about our share?”“Dear, you are our share.”“Oh, very good, Sir. I keep saving you money.”“How is that, Michele?”“Well, Sir, think about it. A free weekend with the guys, a trip to Europe, stays at an estate on a quaint Caribbean island, and I wear very few clothes.”He laughed. He pulled me into his arms and I shrieked, causing several bystanders looking at the boats to look our way. He kissed me passionately and ran his hands up and down my back, finally cupping my ass firmly. “Yes, it is indeed fortunate for me that you accepted my proposal.”“Twice, I did, Sir.” He laughed and kissed me again, pulling me nearly off my feet.From behind me I heard, “Well, these two haven’t slowed down any.”I turned my head, still in Tim’s arms, and found the other four men had shown up at the same time. Tim released me and I stepped to each one giving a tight hug and kiss on the lips. None of them missed the opportunity to feel my body in front of anyone happening to notice as we stood at the entrance to the rental dock. Jayson and Tom were local within several cities. Jayson was a former defensive back in college. And as I hugged him I could tell he had maintained that hard, muscular body. He was one of the blackest men I had ever met. Tom was more than a recreational runner forever, it seemed. He has been in many local and regional marathons and even got Tim and me out for several 10K running events over the years. He had that long legged, lean body look of a dedicated runner and his hug indicated he was also spending time now in the gym with the weights. His body was not likely to bulk up like Jayson’s could but it sure did get hard and cut. The guys from out of town were Nathan (Nate) and Jake. As I soon learned, Nate had moved several times since the old days and was now living and working in Atlanta. He was fully involved in the corporate life but unlike Tim had let himself get a little pudgy in the process. He was always the jokester, the bahis şirketleri party guy, and he was the one who drove the idea of everybody getting together. Jake is now in Denver which he loves. He was always the outdoor guy so it is little wonder he ended up there. Although knowing him, he is very dedicated to his job, but the proximity to the mountains, skiing, trail biking and hiking is the real reason he is there. And he is in the kind of shape that an outdoorsman is. A tough, strong, lean body used to walking miles carrying a 40 to 50 pound pack on his back or biking up and down mountain trails for days. Nate was the only married one of the group, besides my Tim of course. And I figured it was best to leave that topic alone for the weekend. If this weekend was an example of problems back home, at least this particular weekend wasn’t THE problem. It already existed without me being involved. And a quiet word with Tim while Jayson settled up with the rental office confirmed his agreement and assessment the same way. We would not worry about that part of, if there might be something to worry about.Jayson came out of the rental office and dangled the keys to the houseboat in his fingers. Everyone gathered up their stuff and we made our way down to slip ‘18’. The boat was ironically named ‘The Teaser’. I pointed it out to Tim and smiled. He leaned to me to help me into the boat and said, “But for you there won’t be much teasing this weekend.” I gave him a knowing and eager smile. Stepping onto the boat was the start of the realization. As I waited for the guys to make a couple trips for all the food, steaks, beer and liquor, I went into full anticipation mode. There have been a few time in my time as a submissive that I have been given to a group like this that might also include women but that was always for hours at a time. This was going to be for days starting very shortly, noon on Friday, to Sunday at noon when the boat was due back in the slip. I was getting juicy just from the anticipation, the unknown of what was really going to happen in specifics. I knew I was getting fucked royally this weekend and over and over. But just exactly how? And in what combinations? And in what setting? Private, isolated, public while on the water with other boats nearby? That was part of the excitement right now.With everything finally on board, Jayson started up the big motors. The lines were released and the guys jumped back onboard and we slowly moved out into the harbor and through the channel into the main lake. Once cleared of the harbor entrance, the guys gather around as I stood near Jayson at the boat’s controls on the main level. Tim came up to me and slipped my shoulder straps off as just a signal. He knew I always took this sundress off over my head. Jayson got his music system going and selected a seductive title. So they want a strip tease? Okay, I am getting naked and staying that way for nearly the next 48 hours.I went back to some of the moves and suggestions I have gotten from Marie over the time we have been friends. As a former stripper and whore, she knew more moves than I could incorporate into my limited dancing skill. But, playfully, she did get me somewhat skilled enough to get our men worked up. I used those moves now but when you are only wearing sandals and a sundress, nothing underneath, the tease is over pretty quickly. So I just continued dancing erotically for a few songs, showing lots of ass and cunt. All very graphic and blatant, but that was what this weekend was going to be, graphic and blatant.After a couple songs of dancing, I stopped. I don’t have that many moves to avoid just appearing to be doing the same thing over and over. Maybe I should learn more if this is going to keep coming up in the future. But, that is still the future. And when I stopped, it got awkward and quiet, except for the music that continued to play.Tim stepped forward and stood next to me with his arm around my now naked body. “We all know why Michele is here and Michele knows why she is here. So, let’s cut through the awkwardness and get to enjoying our weekend. The first order of business, though is to identify our expectations and where we want to be. Fishing? Privacy? Swimming?”There was a chorus of “All of the above.” Which is what Tim and Jayson had expected and they had locations on this expansive lake where each could be enjoyed and where they could be combined, factoring in the size of this boat. And this was quite the boat. We were not going to be fitting into tight spaces. This was a 46 foot houseboat that was a double decker. The top deck was largely over the entire bottom portion and part of it was covered where the boat could also be operated. Right now we were at the lower operating level. Most of the upper level was open for general use as a sundeck. There was a whirlpool suitable for four people, a spiral stairs leading from the rear of the lower deck to the upper deck. At the very back was a curved slide from the top deck down toward the water. The first deck had several bedrooms with multiple bed, large gathering area and kitchen/dining facility.After Tim’s introduction and the establishment of what part of the lake we should be heading for, someone took my hand. I looked down and then up to find my hand encased in black flesh. I looked up, and I mean looked up since he was 6 foot 3 inches tall, smiled at him and squeezed his hand. Jayson was always one of my favorites of Tim’s friends. Actually, thinking about it I had really only had issues with Nate over the years. But right now it was Jayson and I was going to enjoy him, again. As I turned us around to head to the back of the boat, I hugged his arm to my body. I remembered that he had been steering the boat from the marina but saw now that he had handed that off to Tim who smiled and blew me a kiss as we walked past. I remembered Cody and looked around for him until I found him curled up on the floor next to Tim as he sat behind the wheel. He looked up at me as we went by but was content to put his head back down after the long drive up.Walking through the commons area that also contained the kitchen Jayson noticed me checking out the kitchen. “Checking it out, Michele? You know if you are going to miss being able to cook, we could always let you do some meals.”“No way, stud. You know me better than that. It is never a problem for me not to cook. That’s for you guys.” I hugged his arm and stroked up his hard, defined bicep, “This is what I get to cook up.”He laughed heartily. “And you have always been gourmet at it, too. And Tim indicated you have expanded your activities. Maybe you and Tim can regale us with your stories later?”“You mean while I have to wait for you five to recover enough to continue?”“Ohhh, so that’s how you want it? Going to challenge us? I think we’ll take that challenge.”We were playfully bumping hips as we came to the room he had thrown his stuff into. He claimed one of the beds by stripping the covers back and then stood still. “Any preference how we do this?”“Yes, I want to undress you and see how hard you are by the time I have finished getting you naked. Then, regardless of your existing hardness, I want you in my mouth for a while. I recall that you have a truly beautiful cock, Jayson. You can choose if you stand, sit or lie on the bed. Then we can decide on a position for the main course.”I took the one step separating us and wiggled my body into his. My breasts seemed to be at the top of his stomach, lower rib cage. I pulled myself up and encircled his neck and he dropped his head down for us to kiss, again. While we did that I grabbed his shirt and tugged it out of his pants. Breaking the kiss I pushed the shirt up his body, slowly exposing to my view his hard, chiseled, black body. His abdomen and stomach showed the six-pack I had guessed would be there from touching him earlier. His chest was defined as well with nice pecs showing like slabs of beef tightly contained on his chest. His shoulders were defined … oh, hell … this was a grade A male specimen and he always was. He was an absolute demon on the football field, roaming the field with reckless abandon. Which is how he eventually got hurt and lost a good chance at going pro in the draft. But off the field he was always one of the nicest, considerate men Tim and I knew. We loved having him around when we ran through bars late at night having fun. Tim was always protective of me. Jayson was like a big brother the way he watched over me, always knowing that Tim and I were together, but there if needed. He became a friend with privileges. But there was never any assumption. He always waited for Tim to suddenly suggest we go back to our place and even then he would look to each of us to be sure.And this moment reminded me of all that. That awkward moment of me standing naked and nobody knowing what to do or when. He literally came to the rescue by taking the initiative, not to be the first but to get things going comfortably for me. I hadn’t been with him since that night I ended up naked on the back of Tim’s motorcycle. But this was like it had been more frequent.With his shirt at this shoulders, he pulled it over his head and off. I, meanwhile, was using my hands and lips on his chest and stomach. And I was slowly sinking down his body staying in contact with him. I stood and looked into his eyes as I took hold of his belt and undid it, then the snap on his jeans, then winking at him I lowered the zipper. I knelt down in front of him and lifted one foot to remove his shoe (no socks), then the other shoe. Then I reached up to the open pants and pulled them down over his hips, down his legs and off his feet. I put my hands out and ran them up his calves, to the front and up his quads to the top of his underwear. I stopped, not hesitated, stopped. I looked up at him, staring into his eyes. My fingers curled into the waist band and slowly lowered his underwear. But as they lowered I leaned in and kissed the flesh being exposed. I heard him groan. I could look and see what awaited me as I lowered his underwear further, exposing more skin for more kisses. When the head of his cock was going to come into view (yes, bahis firmaları the head was first), I smiled at it and then up to him and I had to pull his underwear out and away to slide it further down. He was nearly fully hard already. I kissed the exposed head and worked my way down the shaft as I exposed more of it until his underwear fell to the floor. I licked his shaved balls and then up his nine inch cock until I came to the large knob at the top which I sucked into my mouth. I released it and looked up. He backed to the bed and eased into the center. I followed him and took up my position on my knees at right angle to him at his waist. I bent forward and turned my head to his cock and gulped it right to the back of my mouth. I hadn’t been pumping my mouth down and up his cock for more than five or so minutes before I felt a tug on my arm. I released him from my mouth and looked at him with a sly smile on my face. He pulled me up to him and we kissed but I swung my leg over his midsection and I began rubbing my wet pussy back and forth over his abdomen until I found his cock and shifted further down until my pussy was rubbing along the length of his cock, now getting coated with my pussy juice in addition to my saliva.I kissed his chest, both slabs of beef, sucked on each nipple, all the while moving my pussy around the head of his cock until I finally managed to press it up just far enough to slide along my slit to my hole and penetrate just inside. I sighed and he did, too. I sat up and with my hands on his chest I arched my back and found the angle I wanted and sat back, taking his entire length in one immediate penetration until I was sitting completely on his upper thighs, grinding my pussy down on his crotch. He pretty much lay there relaxed with his hands outstretched but his relaxed posture was in contrast to the sighs and moans escaping his lips, the flexing of his hips to meet my dropping onto him. I was grinding my pelvis onto his with greater regularity before again rising up for another sudden and complete drop down on him. He reached up and took each nipple between thumb and forefinger of each hand, twisting and pulling on them. And the moaning was intensifying but whether it was him or me, my brain was no longer differentiating. I was rising quickly to my first orgasm of who knows how many as my partner, first partner, was also rising to his. And rising he was as his hips rose higher in response to his apparent need to drive ever deeper into me as he sought the last stimulation he needed to achieve his release.I felt his cock jerk inside me once, then again and I knew the moment was coming and my mind and body was ready. My own orgasm was right on the edge and when I felt his first spurt inside me, the twitch and jerk of his cock followed by the feeling of his cum inside me, I crashed over into my own orgasm. As I felt him tense rigid under me, my own legs and arms quaked in response to my own climax. I literally fell onto his chest, my lips kissing whatever it was in contact with as I rode out my orgasm. I drove my arms under this neck and I hugged him tightly as my body quaked and shivered through my release. God!! This was only the first!After our recovery I lay back on the bed and watched as Jayson gathered up his clothes, tucked them away and pulled out a pair of swimming shorts and his sunglasses. He then put his hand out to me and pulled me up and off the bed and into his arms, we kissed and he led me out and back to the control area where Tim was still manning the operation of the boat. But he was alone. I kissed him and asked him if he needed anything. A beer, which I got for him. I sat quietly with him. With your true lover you can be quiet and a very content. He pointed to a spot on the map indicating where we were headed and then to the shore and the map again indicating where we were now.While that was being communicated by signals, Jayson disappeared up onto the top deck where the other guys apparently were. Soon, Jake appeared behind us and took me into his arms from behind. He kissed my shoulder with his arms around my waist. He looked to Tim, “May I take you beautiful bride for a moment? Okay, more than a moment?”Tim chuckled, “Of course.” He leaned to me and kissed me on the lips. “Have fun you two.”I took Jake’s hand and he led me to the back of the boat. I thought we were headed for a bedroom until he continue back and past the bedrooms to the very back where there was deck with chairs, the spiral stairs to the upper deck and the access from the water or for fishing. I went through a similar process with him, kissing and stripping him. When I had him naked, I pushed him back into a chair and knelt in front of him and began sucking his already hard cock.I was already very excited. We haven’t been out of the marina that long and already I am fucking the second guy. And the whole situation must have been having an effect on him, too, like it seemed to for Jayson. Jake also seemed to be reaching a level of stimulation quicker than might have been normal. But, fucking your buddy’s wife with him nearby, your other buddies just above you on the upper deck, and doing it outside on the back deck of the boat probably would have that effect. I rose up from sucking his cock, turned around so I was facing away from him and to the open end of the boat, grasped his hard cock in my hand and slowly lowered myself, guiding his cock to my opening which was still wet with the stimulation of my own body’s reaction but also from my just completed fucking with Jayson. So in short order he was obviously nearing his climax and with me rising and lowering myself over his cock, facing away from him, now with one hand on a breast as the other was on my hip, I felt his hips rise up to meet my drop, driving our bodies together harder and more firmly. His hand on my hip shifted and pulled himself up slightly and with that adjusted position was able to apply direct pressure and stimulation to my clit as I rose and dropped on him. At the same time the hand on my breast shifted its attention from just my breast flesh to my nipples and direct, intense stimulation and pinching of it. The combination sent chills and shivers through my body, connecting the independent stimulations inside my cunt, on my clit and on my nipple. And my consideration that I might bring Jake to climax before I was able to attain my second just completely disappeared. I was now intentionally squeezing my cunt around his cock as I moved to increase his stimulation, now wanting to be sure of his release by the time I would enter into mine. And we both succeeded, both bringing the other off, both attaining our orgasms in nearly the same moment, both crying out our release ignoring the presence of others of our group in relative close proximity.I placed my hands to his knees, leaned forward, raised myself one more time and ground my cunt down over his cock, grinding into him at the bottom. And we both came hard and strong. Then, I again leaned back into his chest to ride out the quaking and twitching of our limbs. My pussy clenching and squeezing around his twitching cock. I collapsed against him, his arms around me, neither of us seeming to care to move just yet. My arms went around his holding me. I felt a soft kiss on my shoulder and I moved to the side and slightly turned to kiss his mouth. I smiled at him, “Thank you, Jake. That was so nice. And, somehow, it seems kind of appropriate to do it out in the open. I mean the time you spend up in the mountains hiking or biking, living outside. Thank you.”“Thank me? No, dear, thank you. It’s nice to get everyone together, again. But we’ve never done this before with all of us involved.”“Hmmm, my pleasure, believe me.” I gave him another kiss and slowly got up with his softening cock slipping out of me. I put my legs together so I wouldn’t have cum running down my thighs in front of them. “I think maybe I should go clean up a little before I continue.” I walked inside and found the bathroom where I clean up a little with a wash cloth. I found my way back to the front where Tim was still driving the boat. Jake was sitting with him and they were talking about life, catching up when I walked up. I slipped in next to Tim who put an arm out automatically for me to walk into and cuddle up to him. I hugged his arm to me and put his hand on my breast. Jake caught all of it and smiled at us. Tim kissed my cheek and I noticed Jake’s bemused look. “What’s so amusing, Jake?”“You two. I love you two. Always have, probably always will. We all probably wished it was us you were dating back then, but it clear you two were it. Maybe even before you two realized it, we all knew it. And all this time later, look at you. Michele is naked, just pleasured me and Jayson right before me and will have the others before long no doubt. But you stand there casually in Tim’s arm, a gentle kiss on the cheek like the world is good and normal for you two. And I guess it is and that is wonderful. Truly finding your soul mate. All this other stuff is fun, exciting, but not threatening. Good for you.”I turned to give Tim a kiss, then stepped to Jake, I put my hands on each side of his face and kissed him. “You know why this works, honey? Because I am the luckiest girl on earth. He understands me and trusts me and I trust him. He keeps me safe and protected through our challenges and adventures. But you guys, you are easy. I know you. Tim could not be here at all and we would know I would be safe with the four of you.” I kissed him, again. “Thank you for being that kind of friend.” I turned to Tim, “There are three more before I start repeating myself. You want to go next, Sir?”“I always want you, you know that. But let’s take care of the others, first.”I turned and winked at Jake, “See what I mean? I’m the submissive in this relationship, so he means it.”As I walked to the back to the stairs to the upper deck, I heard Jake, “Submissive? Did she say submissive?” Tim laughed and that’s all I caught.As I climbed up the spiraling stairs to the upper deck, a speedboat was racing past until they spotted me. As I came to the top of the stair to the deck, the boat throttled back kaçak bahis siteleri and yells came from the boat. I turned and waved, then walked the few steps to the railing at the side and vigorously waved to them being sure that my breasts wiggled sufficiently. When Jayson stood up and looked down at them they throttled up quickly and took off, but not before waving vigorously themselves. We all laughed at their immediate reaction. Well, almost all of us. For some reason Nate seemed in a foul mood and did not join in on the mirth. I noticed there were already a lot of beer cans discarded around his lounge chair. If he had a problem, it was his problem. I was looking for my next fuck. The only question according to Tim was whether it was Tom or Nate.As I walked into the group, I ran my hand along Jayson naked shoulders as I passed him and stood between him and Tom, facing Nate. Nate didn’t look up and really seemed out of sorts about something. “Nate, are you okay?” He just sat there drinking his beer and opened another can. I looked down at Jayson who just shrugged his shoulders, then jerked his head toward Tom. Tom was my former running mentor and the quietest, most reserved of the group. And what a group we were. Others always seemed to marvel that we actually were a friends. All decidedly different but we were committed to each other. The super jock that all groups seemed to make room for; the guy who seemed to hate to be indoors at all; the business guys that seemed to hate being outdoors when he could be reading the Wall Street Journal or some such; the guy who was shy and alone and who had fun running a half marathon distance just because; and us, an everyday couple who just seemed ‘normal’. But it always worked for us.I shrugged my shoulders and Jayson did the same. I didn’t have any intention of choosing one over the other, but if one wasn’t going to respond, fine. I stepped to the side and moved behind Tom. I bent over and put my arms around him and stroked his chest with my face next to his. “Tom, it has been so long and I would really like to be with you, again.” Tom was the more reserved and I knew I had to be more aggressive with him.He turned his head and kissed me on the cheek, “I would love that, too, if it is okay.”“Honey, this weekend you just come to me.” I kissed his neck and took his hand and he stood up and began following me to the front to the boat. I reasoned that I had the bedroom, the back deck, now was time for even more exposure. Too bad it was the more reserved guy of the group but, being the long distance runner, once he got going he had stamina that was amazing.I got him to the front of the upper deck and I turned into him and pressed my naked body into him. Before I worried about what position this might take, I had already decided this was going to start like all the others with making out, stripping him and sucking. Then I’ll think about the position. I started out making out with him standing and while in his embrace, something distracted me. I broke the kiss to look behind and to the front of the boat. Then, Tom was gone. I had my hands on his chest as I kissed him and now he was not there. I turned to see what he was doing and heard a clatter and crash and saw Tom falling over some chairs and Nate was standing in front of me.He was yelling at me, “You bitch! You knew I set this whole thing up. It was my idea! I should have been the first one to fuck your whore cunt.”“What?!? How dare you …”“Shut up, cunt!” And he slapped me, knocking me off balance and I fell over the lounge chair behind me.I hadn’t noticed where Cody was before. I guess I assumed he was still with Tim, but as I struggled to my feet he was suddenly between me and Nate. He was growling and barking at him. The ruff on his back was standing up, his front end was slightly down and his back end was primed to spring, if needed. Nate was still yelling at me but it wasn’t sinking into me. All I focused on was Cody between us. Slowly the noise started to focus, “You cunt! You’re like all the rest. I’ll teach you a lesson.”He made two steps to me and I panicked and screamed, “Cody, attack!” I said it to scare Nate. I might have been more shocked than anyone. We had never trained Cody for that command, but he was in the air before I realized that Cody might kill or maim him. Cody hit him in the chest and knocked him over and was jumping for position and was looking like he was going for the throat or face when I screamed again, “Cody, stop! Cody, come!” And he did. He came to me but continued to watch Nate. I also noticed that the boat got quieter, the motors had stopped. I bent down to hold Cody and saw Nate coming at us again and I put my face into Cody’s neck and I could feel the vibration coming from his throat as he continue to growl even fiercer. But I waited for the attack, holding Cody, I didn’t want Cody to seriously maim him and be in trouble with the authorities when we try to explain what happened.But the attack didn’t happen. The next moment I heard a scream and shriek and then a splash. Then Tim was at my side holding me. I looked at him questioningly. He looked beyond the railing and I followed his look. I saw Jayson next to the railing. I stood up with Tim, Cody not leaving my side now. I looked out into the water and saw Nate flapping around as the boat drifted away from him. I looked at Tim, “Better throw him a life ring. He never could swim. It will really screw up our weekend if we have to explain to the authorities why one of our group drowned.”That drew a little chuckle from everyone and Tom threw the ring out towards Nate without much enthusiasm after how he had just been treated. I watched Nate flaying his arms in the water but making some progress to the ring. Without turning to anyone in particular, “How did that happen? I thought I was about to me hit and Cody would be chewing on him, then …” I pointed out to the water “… that.”Tim put his arm around my waist and pulled me in, “I heard Cody barking and then growling. I didn’t know what the problem was but I knew there was one for Cody to react that way. I cut the engines and pointed the boat into the lake center and ran for the stairs. As I got to the top I saw Jayson grabbing Nate from behind, spinning him around, and launching him over. I looked for Cody because that is what I heard to begin with and saw you crouched over him.” He then looked around the top deck and down into the water and kicked the railing post and swore. “I am sorry, Michele. I let you down.” He knelt down and held Cody’s head between his hands and rubbed his head. Cody’s tongue shot out and caught him on the face. “Thankfully, Cody was here.”Jayson walked up followed by Tom. We could feel the boat moving and hear the engines again so assumed Jake was maneuvering to pick-up Nate. Jayson quietly added, “We all missed it, Tim. We were sitting here talking to him and we missed that something was brewing inside.”Thanks, Jayson, you were decisive for Michele and I appreciate that. But she is my responsibility. This stuff works only if she can trust that I will keep her safe and protected.”I stepped into the middle of them and touched each of them, “Thank you, again. You guys were exactly the kind of friends we trusted you to be. You were there for me like you always have been.” I turned to Tim and looked up into his eyes, “Tim, darling, you can’t put this on yourself. It worked, I was protected. Cody stopped it from escalating too fast, at least until I stopped him. Then, when it was about to escalate more, Jayson was right there. I still trust you completely. You had the right people here. What happened with Nate couldn’t be seen.” I reached up and kissed him. I turned to the others, “Which is my question, what happened with Nate? He’s always been more aggressive and pushy, a real type A, but this was different.”Tom shook his head, “Jayson’s right, we all had talked to him and we never put the weight to what he was saying and complaining about to this level of alarm. Apparently, he’s going through a divorce and based on the way he reacted to you, Michele, I would bet he is being divorced. That she is leaving him. You know what his ego was like in the best of times.”“Tom’s right, we missed it. I’m just glad I am still in the shape to throw his lard ass off the boat.” This got us laughing and relieved a little of the tension. “My question is, what do we do with him now?” He looked over the railing as Jake was fishing Nate out of the water. “I know what I want to do.”I looked at Tim and he asked, “What’s that, Jayson?”“Take him back to the marina and tell him to go back to his hotel and count his blessings that we didn’t leave him in the middle of the lake.”Tim looked at me, “Michele, what do you think?”“He might be really regretting his actions right now. But, I have to admit that I will feel much more comfortable with the four of you without him around.”Tim nodded, “Okay, let’s tell Jake to turn this thing around and we’ll make the trip back and start all over, again.Jayson wasn’t finished, “Wait.” He pointed to the near shore and a small cove, “That cove over there. Let Jake and I take him back. You three enjoy that cove, the beach, water, each other. There’s no reason for all of us to lose more time for this weekend. You guys relax. Beside, Jake and I are more suited to taking care of any trouble if any arises. No reason for you to endure anymore.”“Are you sure?”“Absolutely. I insist in fact. We’ll get this tub as close as we can. I’ll get a bunch of towels and meet you at the rear.”We didn’t even see Nate after that. We jumped off in waist deep water and he handed us the towels, cooler of beer and a bag with snacks and lotion. Cody jumped in after a lot of dancing back and forth but finally did it. Tim grabbed hold of his collar and helped him into shallower water. At our waist deep water Cody had to swim. When he got to shore, it was amazing how much water could come off his fur as he vigorously shook himself. Tom and I pushed the boat away and I watched and waved as they left, driving a little faster than before. But even so it was going to be at least two and a half hours to go back to the marina and return. But, with towels, lotion, and beer we were set for at least that long. Not to mention I had two men I had not yet pleasured, and also Cody who was always eager.* * * CHAPTER 30: WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT – THE COVE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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