Michael Cuckold of the Year


Warning 100% cuckold story.

Michael went over the edge. I’m almost ashamed to say I know him. Jo saves the day by being so fuckable.

It’s surprising how fast a marriage can sour. A cancelled anniversary dinner finds Jo cuckolding Michael and discovering her slutty side. She’s now his boss’ slut. Michael quickly adapts.

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Wednesday Nine PM

I got home just before 9 to a dark house. Usually the landscape lights flood the front of the house like New Year’s Eve. The only light came from the living room on the first floor. I sighed, but half expected this from the way our afternoon phone call ended.

Wednesday Three PM

Today is our 5th anniversary and Jo excitedly called to tell me she went to her favorite boutique with her friend, Annie, who helped her pick out a sexy dress for dinner and dancing tonight. She described the dress as being so short and revealing that she is almost embarrassed to wear it.

“It’s a plunging v-neck party dress made by Venus. The vee ends below my breasts, and I hope tape will prevent my boobs from falling out. It’s backless and ends at the top of my ass. I can’t wear a bra or panties with it. It made me feel so slutty trying it on. I bought 4 ½ inch strappy sandals to complete the look. Annie insisted that I get it for you.

“What time will you be home?”

“Honey, Hank wants me to finish up the proposal for that new construction project. I don’t see getting out of the office until midnight, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Fine!” she said cooly and hung up.

I felt rotten canceling our anniversary celebration, but my boss made it clear this proposal had to be finished tonight. Then to my surprise a co-worker, John, saw me at my desk and offered to help. The two of us finished the project by 8:15.

I called Jo but her phone went directly to voicemail.

Wednesday Nine PM

A stretch limo was idling in our driveway. It was empty.

I walked into the dark foyer and called out: “Jo! I’m home!”

No answer.

I walked toward the stairs to the upstair bedrooms. I was passing the living room and caught motion out of the corner of my eye. There was Jo, naked, wearing a chauffeur’s cap, fucking a very large naked black man on the sofa. Her legs were wrapped around his back, urging him to thrust faster.

Jo looked at me with a smile and said: “Michael, wait for me in the bedroom.”

She grabbed his lean black ass pulling him into her cunt. Empty vodka bottles littered the floor.

I quickly entered the room shouting, “Get the fuck off my wife! Who the fuck are you?”

He continued pounding Jo’s pussy turning to me with a smile, flashing perfectly white teeth and said: “Hi.”

“This is Antonne, Hanks driver.”

“Stop fucking my wife!” I said grabbing him by his enormous bicep and not being able to pull him away.”

Jo pushed my arm away screaming: “Michael. Stop it. Be nice to him because he fucks wonderfully and I’m cuming. Get the fuck upstairs and I’ll be there in a minute.”

He looked at me coldly.

“Don’t disrespect your wife, go upstairs or I’ll drag you upstairs!”

He looked like a bull. He is very big and must weigh 250 pounds.

I stood my ground.

Antonne stopped thrusting and said to Jo: “Excuse me a sec, honey.”

He pulled out of her pussy and stood facing me. I was amazed at the size of that thick cock.

He’s very tall, over 6′ 5″, with a broad, chiseled chest tapering down to a narrow muscular waist and sculptured ass. His cock, from which two monstrous balls hung, had to be over 13 inches long and as thick as a beer can.

He took a step towards me and lifted my 185 pound frame and walked me backwards to the foot of the stairs before putting me down.

He stood there with his huge arms crossed and that perfect set of white teeth and told me:

“You lose, Michael, you can’t beat me and I can easily break your fuckin’ ass. I want you to listen to your wife and go to your room while I finish fucking her. Now go upstairs.”

I lost. I couldn’t sınırsız escort see the use of further resistance and turned and walked up to our bedroom and stood at the door frame listening to the conversation from below.

I’m 6′ 1″ and have a nice body that I work on at the club. There was no way I could have rescued Jo without having something to beat on his huge nubian head.

And what the fuck is my boss’ driver and limo doing here anyway?

I pulled out my phone and called Hank’s cell and the call went to voicemail. I was thinking what to do next when my phone rang and I see Hank’s number on the screen. I answered hearing loud music blaring through the phone. I could just make out Hank saying he couldn’t hear, and would find somewhere quiet and call me right back.

I stood at the door waiting and hear Jo shouting, “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck my cheating cunt. Fuck me like nobody else can. Fill my slutty cunt with your seed.”

I’m heartbroken and couldn’t believe how crappy this day had become.

At the same time visualizing that monster cock fucking Jo was erotic. Did he fuck her throat? Visualizing his wood in her throat was a huge turn-on as I closed my eyes to form a mental picture.

The phone rang.


“Hello, Mike? Hank. Did Antonne fuck her yet.”

“You sonovabitch! Why the fuck would your driver be fucking my wife? What’s he fucking doing here?”

“It’s my anniversary present to Jo.”

“Cocksucker! Where do you get off telling me you sent your driver to my house to fuck my wife on my anniversary!”

“Calm down Michael. Jo called me crying, saying it’s her anniversary and you wouldn’t take her out to celebrate,”

“I was fucking busy working on the McMillan project FOR YOU!” I shouted.

“Listen, Michael. I didn’t know about your anniversary. You should have mentioned it. Jo was on the phone sobbing uncontrollably saying it was her anniversary and she wanted to get fucked. Since you work so hard for me, she reasoned, I should fuck her. She sounded drunk. I told her that she had to calm down.”


“No, Michael, I’m telling the truth. She insisted that I fuck her in her brand new anniversary dress and wanted to drive right over here. I didn’t want her having an accident, so I sent Antonne to pick her up.”

“Bullshit.” I said again just as Jo screamed from downstairs, “OOhhhh God. I’m cuming!”

The phone clearly picked up the scream.

“Oh, that sounded good, Michael. She got an anniversary fuck.”

“I think you are out of bounds sending someone to fuck my wife!”

“I have no bounds, Michael. I do what the fuck I want. Please tell Antonne to bring Jo here as soon as he’s finished.”

I couldn’t believe he said that. “What do you mean, ‘Here’? Bring her to your house? You pr…prick!”

“I’m having my usual Wednesday poker game with several of friends and want her here so we can fuck her on the card table. Antonne sent a picture of Jo in that fuckable dress and now my cock wants her. You know I always get what want.

“Don’t make me mad Michael, just send her with Antonne. He’ll bring her back to you in the morning. Be sure she wears that dress.”

He hung up.

Dumbfounded I sat on my bed. What is causing this nightmare?

A naked Antonne stood in the doorway and asked, “Did the boss leave a message?”

I looked up with a dumb expression on my face: “Yeah. He wants you to drive her to his house wearing that slut dress. You’re to bring her back tomorrow morning.”

“Got it, Michael. I’ll take care of her, I promise.”

He turned and walked down the stairs. I followed.

Jo was on the living room sofa with her legs spread wide and her heels touching. She was using her fingers to sop up Antonne ‘s cum off the cushion and then suck it from her fingers. She smiled when she saw him.

He helped her off the sofa, grabbed her dress and placed it over her head letting it fall in place.

God, she is fucking beautiful.

Jo is 23 years old, 5’10” tall, 135 pounds with curly black hair extending şırnak escort five inches below her shoulders. Her brown eyes are large and expressive. High cheekbones have a slightly olive skin tone inherited from her Sicilian mother. Her stubborn streak comes from her father’s Calabrian side. She is blessed with 34C breasts, large pink areolas and nipples that stand out ¾ of an inch when aroused. Her waist is narrow accentuating her peach bottom ass. Her legs are long and well proportioned.

The dress couldn’t contain her luscious breasts exposing half of each boob with the areolas and nipples. My cock twitched again.

Antonne picked her up and went out the door to the waiting limo. As he carried her down the walk, she threw me a kiss saying: “Bye, Michael.”

He backed out of the drive beeping his horn twice as he drove away.

I went back into my living room and sat in the leather arm chair across from the safa where Jo got fucked. There was a pool of semen on the leather seat. I got paper towels to sop up the cum, and sat back down.

Closing my eyes brought a replay of his big black cock in her cunt. The vision played over and made me hard.

Wednesday Ten PM

I jumped up as my phone alerted me to an incoming message. It was a photo of Jo in her fuck-me dress.

I fell back to sleep in the chair.

Thursday Three AM

I dreamt of my naked Jo being chased by Antonne’s cock with its huge balls. His cock would fly into her cunt then back out and fly to her mouth, come out and fly up her ass. Jo was attempting to swat it way.

In another scene she was bent over a green octagon card table while faceless demons were fucking her ass and pulling her tits. Jo was telling them to fuck harder since she doesn’t get this kind of fucking at home.

The scene changed again showing Jo on her back on the card table with faceless men in business suits discussing the stock market while cuming in her cunt. Gold coins were washing out of her vagina and the men were screaming: “We’re rich!”

Again the scene changes with Jo sitting on the card table with her legs over the edge. There were cigars sticking out of her vagina. A dozen demons were in a half circle in front of her. Jo pulled a cigar out and it magically lit itself as she handed it to a smiling demon. She handed out all the cigars. The last demon had Hank’s face.

The dream continues; now in a fog which obscures the image. I can hear Jo ecstatically urging Antonne to fuck her harder and cum inside her again just as I wake up.

I opened my eyes and saw Jo and Antonne back on the sofa in front of me. This time his monster cock is in her ass.

It was erotically beautiful, and my heart rate increased as he pounded her faster. Jo was moaning saying: “I’m cuming, I’m cuming.”

He was watching my face and grinning.

“She’s a real good fuck, Mike. She’s insatiable. She made me promise to fuck her ass when we got here. Just being polite to your wife.”

What could I do but watch as he increased speed to a blurr and then stiffened. I knew he was coming inside her ass.

It was a thing of wonder watching his cock deflate as he slowly pulled back.

I did cum in my pants and smiled at him.

He knew I had cum.

“No problem, Michael. Glad you got off. See you later.”

He rose from the sofa gathered his clothes and proudly walked naked to his limo, got in and drove away.

I walked over to Jo and looked spellbound at her open anus. I felt that urge again. I grabbed my cock and masturbated over her ass.

“You can cum inside me, Michael. I don’t mind. I know I’ve been bad, but I wanted to wear that dress so badly. I wanted to be fucked by you in that dress from the moment I saw it.

“Did you like watching Antonne ‘s big cock in me? Oh! You’re getting hard. I see your cock. Sit near me, Michael, and let me play with your cock.

“You have a nice cock, Michael, and I love it in me. Antonne ‘s cock is just so much bigger. I know you like me telling you this. Your cock is telling me you like me talking about what happened.

“Michael, taksim escort did you like the thought of other cocks fucking me? Would you like to watch?”

“Jo…I….uuhh….yes. It excites me like crazy.”

“Oh, Michael! I’m so glad because I cum too just thinking about being fucked by strangers.”

“This talk is really turning you on, Michael, your cock doesn’t lie.

“You’re going to be happy from now on since Hank promised I’m going to get fucked a lot.

“Michael! That really excited you. I’m so proud of you accepting your part in this.

“Don’t look so puzzled, you know what you are.

“Michael, you’re a cuckold!

“Michael I want you to eat my pussy right now and taste my juices. C’mon, honey, Eat me out. Let me send Hank a picture of you enjoying the cum inside my cunt.”

I got between her thighs and looked closely at her swollen and bruised, pussy which is still dripping. My cock spasmed contentedly. I noticed faint teeth marks on the inside of her thighs. Her odor was strong, but still feminine.

I’ve read about the taste of cum and did not find it disturbing. I agree there is a salty taste. I grabbed her hips and pulled myself into her and slurped and swallowed. I licked the inside of her pussy as far as my tongue would reach. She flinched and moaned and squeezed my head between her thighs.

“Oh Michael. You eat cunt so well. I’m going to loan you to Cheryl and have her experience this. I bet you would like that, you pervert!

“Oh Michael. You’re so excitable. I want to watch as you jerk off and cum on my breasts. Do it Michael.”

I got up on my knees between her bruised thighs and started jacking off, pointing my cock towards her fantastic boobs.

I noticed bite marks and bruising on her areolas and wonder how sensitive they must be.

Jo lay back with her lips pursed into a big ‘O’ and mouthed, “Cum in my mouth, cuck.”

I came, hard. It felt good to ejaculate over those beautiful boobs. My cum reached her mouth, too, and I watched as she licked her lips and swallowed. That’s my slut.

“Sit down Michael. The last thing I said is you’re going to eat cum from my cunt – and you just did. I’m so proud of my sweet cuckold.

“I will definitely loan you out to Cheryl. She gets a lot of cum in her pussy. I lost count of the number of lovers she has had since she cucked John.

“Maybe I will bring Gladys over here and let you fuck her and make Phil a cuck, too.

“I love you.”

“Do you love me because now I’m a slut?”

“I love you because you are a slut.”

“Do you love me because I’m a whore?”

“I love you because you are a whore.”

“Your cock’s getting harder. Do you love me when I fuck Antonne? Don’t bother to answer. Your cock answered for you. I know your dirty mind.”

“You’ve made me cum very hard today, Jo. I’m excited that you are a whoring slut. I can’t wait to see someone else fuck you and then eat your pussy.”

“Very good ‘Michael the cuckold’. Now let’s take a shower and get some sleep. Hank gave you the day off so we can sleep late.”

“Why the fuck did Hank give me the day off, and why didn’t he tell me himself.”

“Hank told me to tell you that you earned the day off for working on that contract. Hank just thought it easier to get the message to you though me since I will be seeing him more frequently. Also there is a card game every Friday night and you’re invited to play, or just watch me entertain clients.”

“No, Jo. Something is still not clear. Why will Hank be seeing you more frequently, and what do you have to do with clients?”

“I’m Hank’s new, umm…fuck toy and he wants to fuck me often so we’ll be together a lot.

“I’m going to wear an identical dress like I had on last night and fuck seven or eight clients until they drop.

“My anniversary dress was ripped to pieces for souvenirs at the card game. Remind me to show you my camera phone and let you see the pictures Antonne took of me being fucked last night. Oh, the things they did to me. Hank already gave me my fee of $10,000.

“I think that’s pretty damn good, cuck. Those are net dollars, cuck baby. I’m on the payroll with tax deductions and everything.”

“What’s your job description?”

“Cunt-sultant.” She smiled happily and headed off to shower wiggling her ass while I followed thinking, “Cuck, cuck, cuck.”

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