Melody Part 2


Golden fingers of sunlight started reaching through the blinds to hit me in my sleepy eyes. I rubbed my eyes and let out a long, slow yawn. After a few quick blinks I looked over to see the musical auburn goddess, Melody, laying sweetly at my side. Her hair was tussled about a little from bed head and, if I’m honest, made her look even sexier than she was from the night before.”Good morning, sleepyhead,” Melody softly whispered in my ear, landing a kiss on my cheek.”Mmmmmm… good morning, beautiful,” I sighed, another yawn hitting me uncontrollably. “You’re not supposed to see me like this just yet. Especially not after a night like we had.”Melody snuggled against me, still laying just as naked as she was last night when she fell asleep in my arms after an intense orgasm. I rolled to my side, both of our bodies pressing close together, both of us gazing into each other’s eyes like nothing else mattered outside of this room.”It’s real,” Melody softly said, her hand touching my face, pulling me in for a gentle, loving kiss on the lips. “I enjoy creativity and dreaming things up, but when something feels so good to be real, I don’t worry about the little things like giant yawns first thing in the morning.”Melody’s soft hands slid from my face down my shoulder, then gently glided down over my stomach to finally trace the bulge in my boxer briefs that nestled against her.”This feels kaçak iddaa pretty real, too,” she smiled, biting her lower lip as she started to stroke her fingertips across the fabric holding back my hardness.”It feels pretty nice, too,” I said with a trembling breath.”I agree.”Melody’s hand slipped into the waistband of my boxers, reaching in to finally touch my hardness with her fingertips. I jumped a little at her touch. Not only was it morning but after no release from the night before, I couldn’t help it; I was so sensitive to any touch, that my auburn goddess’s loving hand wrapping around me made all my muscles tense.”Are my hands too cold?””No, no, no. Not cold at all. I’m just very, very sensitive right now,” I admitted, blushing a little.”Like the way you made me when you played at the open mic last night?” Melody’s other hand slid into my boxer briefs, one hand stroking the length of my hardness lovingly while the other cupped my balls and started to tickle them with her fingertips.”My guess is it’s very, very close to that feeling, yes.””I seem to remember,” Melody said, pushing me onto my back and straddling my body, “that with how sensitive I got and how attentive you were to me. I quite enjoyed letting you explore me.”I took in the view. This beautiful, passionate, creative goddess looking down at me with her auburn locks framing her face. Her green eyes showed kaçak bahis an intensity as she held my stare. I’d break the gaze to enjoy the curves of her naked body, the fullness of her luscious breasts, the way her stomach gently sloped down into her intimate wetness. The way she trimmed her pubic hair and how that, too, was auburn as well. The way she was straddling me and showing by her body language that today was going to be a personal day from work for me.Melody wrapped her fingers into the waistband of my boxer briefs and started tugging them down, climbing off me just long enough to work them from my legs and let them drop to the floor with the rest of our clothes. Straddling my naked body once again, her gaze still met mine, but this time her soft hands wrapped around my hardness and began to stroke me slowly.”I’m definitely enjoying the shoe being on the other foot,” I sighed, marveling at the sight in front of me.”So am I,” Melody smiled. “I wanted to feel and taste you as much as you did me. You just happened to sidetrack me so much that I never had a chance.””I’d say I’m sorry if I meant it. Notice how I’m not actually saying those words?””Nope,” she purred, leaning down and kissing me. “And I’m not sorry either.”Melody trailed her kisses down my chest, using her teeth to tease my nipples for a moment or two, then worked her way lower down my stomach. I watched the illegal bahis way her hips and butt moved back, sticking up in the air as she moved lower and lower before I felt her hot breath against the skin of my cock.”I actually had a dream last night of doing this to thank you for a wonderful evening,” Melody murmured in a very seductive, husky tone.Holding my cock at its base, she pulled it away from my stomach. Her lips began to caress my hardness, her tongue sliding out from between those lips to taste and tease the smooth skin. Melody’s eyes kept meeting mine, her tongue licking around the purplish mushroom head, making the sensations coming from my loins get intense very, very quickly.My hips began to move against my will, pushing up slightly to show Melody just how much I wanted her. Opening her mouth, Melody answered my movements by taking the head of my cock in, making a seal around it. Bobbing her head up and down slowly, the tingling feeling in my loins and lower belly were building.I opened my legs as wide as I could, showing her that nothing was out of bounds for me at this moment. As long as it was with her, I was more than interested to enjoy it all. Soft fingers exploring and tickling my balls made me jump more, goosebumps rising all over my sac as the sensitivity pulled my balls close to me. Melody let out a low moan as her tongue licked the head of my cock over and over, my pre-cum starting to bubble up to the surface. Taking her mouth away from me for a moment, Melody took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me up and down, using her saliva as a lubricant.

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