Meghan at Nineteen


I had known Meghan for more than nine years. Her family moved to Maine from North Dakota when she was ten. They lived a block away from my wife and I. The reason I knew Meghan is because she delivered the paper around here for several years. I would see her riding her bike everyday with two full saddlebags of papers no matter what the weather was like. She was always wearing a baseball cap and pretty much dressed like what I would call a “tom boy” in her jeans and a t-shirt most of the time. I was forty one now and had often wondered what it would have been like to have a daughter like Meghan. Her father was so fortunate to have her.

It was about the time Meghan turned sixteen when my wife Jane and I started having some trouble with our marriage. We had been married for over twenty years but things were not quite the same between us the last few years and we decided mutually that we would go our separate ways. Sex with Jane was always good but not as good as I would have liked it to be. Not that sex is everything in a marriage, but it’s a nice part of it. I always felt she was rushing when we made love. Often as we lay there after sex she would talk about work. I was never really satisfied after we made love and many times I would head for the bathroom shortly after so I could manually satisfy myself.

Meghan would often stop by the house and we would sit on the front porch and talk while my wife worked upstairs in her office. My wife’s job that she worked almost eighty hours a week at was the main reason our marriage was coming to an end. Something about all the money and the power she had when she made partner in the law firm she was with had changed her as a person. I barely knew her at all now. Meghan and I would sit there and talk about whatever came to mind. We could talk about anything together. It was a good feeling to have someone to talk with. It made me feel relaxed to be around her. I would get so relaxed sometimes that I would fall asleep while we watched a movie together in the living room. She would always cover me up with a quilt before she left for the night. I slept on the couch a lot. There wasn’t much point in going upstairs to the bedroom; Jane was rarely in the bed with me.

When our divorce was final Jane moved out west to be closer to her parents. A larger firm had offered her an even better job than the one she had here. Our agreement was that I keep the house and the two cars. Jane had more than enough money to buy anything she wanted. Her father was also a lawyer and I’m sure he was happy with her moving closer to them. He never did like me much. After all, I did take his little girl away from him.

I didn’t want any of Jane’s money. She worked hard for it and she deserved it. I kept the house and all the bills that went with it. I had a tough time making the payments but even though it had seen better days I loved the old place and couldn’t bear the thought of selling it. My disability from a back injury meant that I would never work again and my income was the same every month but I could make the payments and have enough left over to live on. I would often supplement my income with earnings from online auctions and garage sales.

The house was built in the twenty’s and had another place at the back of the yard that would best be described as a “grandmothers” house. It was laid out pretty much the same as the main house only smaller.

Meghan was nineteen now and living at home with her parents. The days of newspaper delivery long behind her, she had taken a job at the mall in the food court. She would often stop by before or after work and we would talk for hours. She was truly like the daughter I never had. Meghan had also grown into a very pretty young woman in the years I had known her. Jane and I never had any children. We had decided early on that we would adopt a child or two that needed a home when the time came for kids. That time never came for us. She was just too busy with her budding law career.

I decided one day that if I could rent the small place out back I would be much better off money wise and could afford to do some much needed work on the main house. First I would need to get the small place in shape. My back injury meant that any heavy work would need to be done by someone but I could paint and do most of the smaller jobs around the place. Meghan stopped by one night after work and I told her what I had planned on doing. She told me she would love to help with painting and stuff. She had always helped her dad with painting and had learned from him to be pretty handy around the house. I took her up on her offer and we were going to start on the place this coming weekend.

The weekend came around and I had already gathered most of the supplies we would need to get started. I was looking out the front window of the main house as Meghan drove up in her Ford Fiesta. It was her first car and she loved it but I always thought it was small and not very safe looking. It was canary yellow and had a vanity plate on it cebeci escort that read “Tweety”. She pulled up out in front of the small house. I went out the back door and met her. I would sometimes ask her jokingly when she was going to get a real car. She said she loved “Tweety” but was thinking about getting another car.

Meghan said “your Grand Prix looks like a pretty hot car, why don’t you sell it to me?”

I told her I was thinking about selling it. I didn’t drive it much. It was Jane’s and besides I had my Blazer that suited me just fine. I asked Meghan if she was serious about buying it and she said,

“Sure, I’ve always liked it. How much do you want for it?”

I told her we could talk about it while we were painting.

We grabbed a few things from her car and walked down the path to the small house. I was behind Meghan and could see her hair lit up from the sun. She had very beautiful thick auburn-brown hair that she usually wore in a ponytail. Today it was free and flowed gently down her back almost to the top of her cut off jeans. I loved long hair on a woman and thought it was very sexy. Another thing I noticed as my eyes followed her hair down was her ass and then her legs. Meghan had firm nicely shaped legs that were perfectly tanned and led up to her cute little ass cheeks that moved from side to side as she walked.

I had always thought of Meghan as a daughter but today for the first time I was thinking of her as a young woman. She never wore a lot of make up or clothes that made the boys notice her but she was “the girl next door” kind of pretty. I had always loved that look and like most guys I would often check out the younger girls in town. I never realized until today what a beauty I had “literally” in my own backyard.

We started to get things ready to paint. We needed to clean the walls, do some sanding and fill in holes. Meghan was sanding up and down on one of the doors and when she put her hands up above her shoulders I could see her breasts rise. With every move she made I would notice parts of her move in ways I had never thought of before. Meghan was quickly becoming an object of my desire.

As the day went on we took breaks and talked. She was her usual happy self and I must have looked like a young schoolboy watching and listening to her. I couldn’t stop thinking of her in a sexual way and I hoped she hadn’t noticed the stares from me that came her way while we were working.

We were talking and I made the mistake of staring a little too long at her breasts. She asked me if she had something on her shirt. I was startled and said,

“I think there is some paint on you but not much”.

She laughed and said these were her painting clothes so it didn’t matter. I was more careful when staring at her from then on.

It didn’t take long for both of us to work up a sweat. We were taking a break and I was sitting across from her when I noticed her legs were spread slightly. I could see her light pink panties showing because of the short cut offs she was wearing. I had to casually place a pillow from the couch on my lap to cover the bulge that was quickly forming in my jeans.

We went back to work and she asked if I would give her a hand with a curtain rod. She went to reach for one side of the rod and fell backwards. The good part was I was there to catch her. The bad part was I lost my balance and fell to the floor with her on top of me. Meghan laughed and said she was lucky to have a big strong man to catch her when she fell. Then Meghan said something that surprised me. She told me it felt good to have my arms around her like that when we were falling. Meghan then turned over, looked into my eyes and asked if I was ok. She also asked me in her young sexy voice if I was sore and might need a back massage. I didn’t care that my back was killing me. Those eyes, that voice and her scent made me melt.

I answered, “Yes I think I might Meghan”

Meghan smiled and said “Ok Mr. Andersen, I would love to give you one.”

I turned over so she could get at my aching back.

My heart fluttered and I was feeling like you do when you take the downhill plunge on a roller coaster. My stomach was full of butterflies.

I first told her she didn’t have to call me Mr. Andersen and asked her to call me Rick. She agreed and then bent down to the nape of my neck and gave me a soft kiss. I could feel her hard nipples press down against my back. Meghan told me both her mom and dad said that she gave great massages. She then proceeded the give me the deepest most seductive massage I had ever had. Every time she bent forward I could feel her breasts slowly moving up and then down my back. Her warm breath and the soft kisses on my neck and shoulders felt so good. She made my skin tingle with every touch. I could hardly speak when Meghan was done; she was like an artist that had worked me as if I were soft clay in her hands.

“Was that ok Rick?” I had my head turned to one çinçin escort side and I could see she was smiling down at me but I could sense in her voice she wasn’t sure of herself.

I managed to get out the words “yes that was really nice Meghan.”

Meghan then said that I was the first man she had ever kissed and told me she had only tried it a couple of times on one of her girlfriends. She had always loved the kissing scenes on television (mainly the daytime soaps) and learned a little from watching them. She then told me she was attracted to older guys and had fantasized about me often while masturbating. I could hardly believe what was happening here. This beautiful young girl had fantasies about me? I really didn’t think of myself as hot or stud like but only as average, although some of Jane’s friends that would stop by the house told her I had a nice ass.

So here we were, me, at “the really feeling young right now” age of forty-one and Meghan at the young age of nineteen. I slowly turned over onto my back. The two of us looked into each other’s eyes and then she leaned down and pressed her lips against mine; her tongue sliding across my lips. I told her I hadn’t felt a kiss like that in a long time. In fact I hadn’t felt anything like this in a long while. I had a warm feeling all over me. Meghan told me that I was neglected by Jane and for a long time now she had longed to be in her place in bed beside me. She said she had secretly loved me for some time now and would like to give herself to me if I wanted her. I told her I would love to be with her but things like our age difference, her parents, and the stares from others (unless they thought she was my daughter) might be a problem. She told me in a soft but firm voice, as she cradled my cheeks with her soft hands, that she wanted to be mine and no one else’s. The look in her eyes said it all; she didn’t care what anyone thought.

My mind was racing. I had so many thoughts going through my head I cold barely think straight. I did know one thing… I wanted to grasp this night and hold onto it forever. It was like a dream to me. A dream I hoped I would never awaken from.

It was dark now and we had managed to get off the floor and make it to a large couch that used to be in the main house. It was a very comfortable thing that I just couldn’t get rid of when Jane replaced most of the furniture in our place so I put it in the place out back.

Meghan started walking around the house turning all the lights off. When she got to where I was sitting on the couch I asked her, “What are you doing?” She told me she had found several candles in one of the kitchen cupboards and was going to set a romantic mood for us and have her first time with me be very special. With that she lit the candles then turned off the light next to me.

A soft glow now lit the room as Meghan sat down next to me. She moved close and asked me to kiss her. I did and when my lips met hers I could feel her tense up but soon she started to relax and get comfortable in my arms. Her eyes were closed and she let out a soft moan of content. It was such a good feeling to be with her. I hadn’t felt like this for such a long time.

I held her close as we kissed. We were so natural together, so relaxed. I could feel her soft skin thru the thin layer of cotton as I ran my hands up and down her back. Meghan wasn’t wearing a bra and the feeling of her breasts against my chest was wonderful. I asked her about the bra and she told me that she was hoping I would notice that she wasn’t wearing one tonight. Meghan said she had hoped I would have noticed her so many times before now. Meghan’s hoping had paid off. I was certainly noticing her tonight. How could I not notice what I had before me? She was everything I had ever dreamed about. Tonight my dreams were coming true.

We kissed and ran our hands up and down each other’s bodies as we sat on the couch. I had that tingling feeling all over me. She was getting more aggressive as our passionate kissing continued and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. Our tongues explored each others mouths in sensual swirls. We stopped for a moment and she asked if she did it right and I said,

“Meghan, you’re doing everything right”.

Her roaming hand then felt the bulge in my jeans and she giggled.

“Is that because of me Rick? Why don’t you let me unbutton your jeans so I can see it? I’ve never seen one in person, only in pictures.”

She unbuttoned my 505’s and then slid down the zipper. My hard cock was stretching the fabric trying to get out of my boxers. She slowly pulled on the elastic and out sprang my erection. Again she giggled, this time with a more nervous tone in her voice.

Meghan brought one of the candles over so she could get a better look. I watched her as she was getting her first close up of a dick. She had a rather curious look about her. She took her hand and touched the tip. It was wet with pre-cum and she said,

“Cool Rick, çubuk escort you’re cum looks just like the shampoo I use”

She wiped some from the tip with her finger and tasted it. I almost came right then but I managed to hold it back. She wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and then with a big smile she began to stroke me. With her other hand she cupped and massaged my balls. The faster she stroked the bigger her smile got. I was ready to come and she could sense it.

“Are you going to cum now Rick? Before you do let me take my shirt and my shorts off. I want to try something I saw some girls do while I was watching HBO late one night. They each had a guy cum all over their breasts.”

Meghan sat the candle down and stopped stroking me. I loved what I saw when she removed her shirt. Her nineteen-year-old breasts were so… perky? I don’t know how else to describe them but I couldn’t stop looking at them. Meghan started to stroke me again and with just a few moves of her hand I could feel myself starting to come. I held it back as long as I could and then arched my back and exploded. She was sitting right in front of me as I shot my load all over her tummy. A little hit her breasts and she said, “Watch this Rick, I saw one of those girls do this.”

Meghan took my warm cum and started to rub it all over her tummy and breasts, smiling the whole time. She sat back and slowly rubbed her breasts lightly pinching her nipples between her fingers. Her right hand then traced a path down to her thigh. She let out a soft moan as she slid her hand inside her panties and spread her pussy lips. Her hand brushed her clit on the way up as she brought it to her mouth. I could see her fingers dripping with her pussy juice, as she tasted herself.

“Do you like watching me rub and play with myself Rick?”

I told her the only thing better was having me do it for her. With that she leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs just wide enough for me to get a good look. The outlines of her swollen pussy lips were noticeable through her soaked panties.

“Are you going to take my panties off and eat my wet pussy Rick?

That was my cue. I got on my knees and had a perfect view of Meghan’s nicely trimmed patch of hair. I slowly kissed the soft skin inside of her thighs. I moved upwards closer to her pussy and could feel her warmth on my face. I wrapped my finger around the elastic of her panties and slid them down. As I removed them she opened her legs wider then placed her hands behind her knees and pulled them up to her chest. She was completely exposed to me now.

I held her wet panties up to my nose and breathed in her scent. This was all driving me crazy and I had to have her. I placed a kiss right on her moist lips as I parted them with my fingers. I could feel Meghan shudder. My tongue had its first taste of Meghan’s juices and it was like sweet nectar. I couldn’t get enough and was lapping at her like a dog drinking water. I ran my tongue up and down her swollen lips but stopped just short of her clit. When I stuck my tongue into her entrance she started to move her hips and ground them into my face. As I slid it in further I could feel her start to shudder all over. Her ass came off the sofa and she was now pulling my face into her pussy by my hair. She had her first orgasm of the night and flooded my face with her hot cum. I licked and ate as much as I could but some of her sweetness escaped my mouth and ran down my chin. I caught it with my hand and rubbed it onto my chest She collapsed back into the couch and smiled.

“I don’t know for sure what that was supposed to feel like Rick. That’s never been done to me until tonight but I think you’re very good at it. You must have had lots of practice.” Eating Jane’s pussy was always a favorite of mine but she never enjoyed it like Meghan just had.

I told her “You haven’t even felt the best part yet.”

With that I placed my face between her legs again and ran my tongue from the bottom of her warm slit very slowly up to her clit. I circled her swollen bud with my tongue several times. I could feel it swelling and throbbing against my lips. Meghan was moaning loader now as I sucked her clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. She began to hump my face furiously.

Meghan started screaming, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck Rick! Don’t stop! Eat me and make me cum!” She came with twice the intensity of the first orgasm and was breathing heavily as she fell back into the couch.

“I can’t believe that it could feel so good Rick. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life.”

We cuddled up on the couch and just sat there staring into each other’s eyes for a while. After about twenty minutes she looked at me and said “I’m ready Rick, I want to give myself to you.” Meghan was now laying on the couch with a sultry look on her face and said,

“I’m yours Rick, take me.”

I positioned myself between Meghan’s thighs and prepared to enter her. I took my dick and placed it in the warmth of her pussy lips, moving it up and down covering the head with her juices. She moaned with each stroke I made. I placed the tip right on her clit and she almost jumped off the couch with excitement. When I rubbed the head in circles around her bud she couldn’t take it any longer.

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