Max’s Freudian Slip – Chapter 17

by ail


Author’s note:

Sorry for the delay between chapters.  I was on a trip and have been busy catching up.  I also came up with a new story idea while travelling and it was forefront in my mind, so I worked on it before coming back to Max.  I should have that story (“Solstice Seed”) published soon if you are interested.  (It is not a chapter story, one submission only).  It just needs a little more editing.   Now that I am mostly done with that, it is full steam ahead on the adventures of Max!


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Chapter 17 – Max’s Birthday Weekend

I finally came up with a plan of how to tell Max that I was taking him to Mexico for his 14th birthday present.  I purchased a dive mask for him and plan to wrap it up along with a calendar showing the dates of the scuba diving lessons that I booked for him with a local dive shop.   Then, on the back of the calendar, is another calendar page showing the dates of our Mexico trip, filled in rather colorfully with tropical drawings (to the best of my non-creative ability).   I wrapped it all up as a present and gave it to him Sunday night when my wife and I went to have dinner with Max and his mom.  It’s kind of lame I know, but hey, I’ve never been one to be super creative.

Opening the present sent Max into near hysterics, which I think he needed after a kind of tumultuous weekend.   His weekend started out well enough with his laser tag party on Friday night.   I stopped into the party for a bit just to watch, and well, also to help pay for it.  It was more than Stacy could afford, so I told her I would take care of it.   It was honestly probably ‘too much’ considering everything else I was doing already for Max’s birthday, but I didn’t care.   It was worth a few bucks to see Max and his friends running around all hot and sweaty, and happy.

After laser tag, Max had invited Cam and Noah to spend the night at his house and that is where his problems apparently began.   I had made plans to pick Max up on Saturday morning and take him shopping.   I had been looking forward to it all week.   I had purchased him some new underwear that I was sure he would really like.  (Well, to be honest, I thought Cam might appreciate them more than Max.)   One pair was some bright Andrew Christians I found on sale on-line.  Another was a pair of Separatecs (the ones with the hole for your cock), and the third pair were some super sexy AE trunks, camo with the eagle logo all over.

Max was abnormally quiet when I went inside and picked him up on Saturday morning.   I assumed it was probably just a matter of him being tired after a sleep over.    I figured the boys were likely up late overdosing on video games.  But he remained silent all the way to the mall.   When I parked and finally had him open the underwear before we went in, he just mumbled a thank you as he glared out the window.   I knew something was up beyond being tired.

“OK, Max,” I told him as I gently grabbed his wrist to get his attention.  “What’s going on?   You’re acting like someone pissed on your pancakes.”  

Max was silent for a long while, still looking away from me.   I was just beginning to wonder if maybe he and Cam had a falling out, a break-up even maybe, when he finally turned to me, his eyes watery.   “Noah knows!” he practically screamed at me.

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about at first, but then it became obvious what he was saying.  Noah knows he is gay.   And judging by Max’s reaction, I guessed that the information wasn’t well received.   “That you are gay you mean?” I asked.

Max nodded and jumped over into my arms.  I hugged him tight.  “Ok, ok.  So did he not take it well or what?  What made you tell him anyway?”

It took Max a few seconds to compose himself before he could tell me what happened.   Apparently, Noah went to take a shower when they got back from laser tag and Cam and Max couldn’t resist the urge to have a little fun while he was out of the room.   They must have been too engrossed in what they were doing to realize that Noah had come back out of the bathroom.   Noah came around the corner and found Max on his knees giving Cam a blow job.

“Oh geez Max.   Did he freak out or what?”

“Not really.  He just went back to the bathroom and finished showering.  He had come out because he remembered that he hadn’t given me his birthday present yet and was excited to do that.  I think he must have been taking a dump while the water was running or something.”

“Then what?”

“Well, Cam and I just thought maybe we could all pretend it didn’t happen or something.  So we just played games and stuff for a while.   And then Noah just straight up asked if Cam and I were gay.  So we told him.  We told him everything.   Well not everything, but you know, that we were gay and boyfriends and all that.”

“And he wasn’t ok with it or what?”  I couldn’t figure out the problem.  I honestly would have expected Noah to be at least reasonably accepting.

“That’s the weird thing Craig.  He actually seemed pretty cool with it.   We played games until like almost two a.m. and then we all crashed.    But then this morning, he was acting all weird.  He wouldn’t say a thing to either of us!  AND THEN, Jackson came to pick him up and Jackson called me a little homo.   He told Craig! He’s gonna tell everyone! Jackson will tell everyone! I thought I was ready for people to know, but I’m not, I’M NOT!”

“Calm down Max.  I think you might be jumping to conclusions.   I’ve seen Jackson call Noah a little homo many times.  It’s practically term of endearment for him.   Why don’t you let me talk to Noah before you start running down rabbit holes, ok?”

He nodded.   “OK, I guess,” he mumbled.

“Max,” I said, looking into his eyes as I put a hand on his shoulder.  “Don’t worry, no matter what happens I’ll be with you.  I love you and will have your back no matter what.  You know that right?”

“Thanks,” he said, a smile finally cracking on his reddened face.

I think he tried to get his worries out of his mind as we found some cool clothes for him.    He seemed to cheer up more and more as we finished shopping and eventually grabbed some lunch.  By the time I dropped him back at home, he was almost back to his normal self, almost.

Then I went home to see if I could sort things out with Noah.


I hadn’t been home for ten minutes when I heard the familiar sound of basketball being played next door.   A quick peek out our dining room window ankara escort through the blinds revealed Noah shooting baskets, albeit lethargically.  You could tell he wasn’t really into it.  He was either really bored or still upset.

I went out through our garage and pulled a few weeds out of our front landscaping before eventually making my way towards Noah.  “Hey buddy, how’s it going?”

“Ok, I guess,” he muttered as he lazily put up a shot which clanked off the backboard. 

“I’ve worked up an appetite.   Any chance you’d want to run to DQ with me and get some ice cream or something?” I asked him.

He shrugged.  “Not really hungry,” he grumbled.

“Ok, well how about you just go and keep me company then?” I suggested.  I said it in a bit of stern voice so he would get the hint that it was something I really wanted him to do.

He reluctantly agreed and ran inside to put the ball away while I backed my car out of garage.   He had just buckled himself in when I decided to get right to the point.  “I understand you had a bit of a surprise last night at Max’s house Noah.”

He was silent for a few seconds.  “What do you mean?”

“Um…When you came out of the bathroom at Max’s,” I replied.

“Oh,” he answered as he looked down.  “Max told you?  You know about him and Cam?”

“Yeah Noah, he did and yes, I’ve known about them for a while.  I hope that’s ok.   He’s kind of worried.”

“Worried?  Why?”

“Well, he thinks you might not like him anymore, and – “

“What!?!  That’s not true.  I do!”

“And he thinks maybe you told Jackson because he called Max a homo when you picked him up.”

“What?  No!  I didn’t.   I wouldn’t.   Jackson was just being a dickhead.”

“Ok, ok, relax.  He said you were quiet and acted like you were mad this morning.”

“Oh, yeah.  I was I guess,” he slowly replied.

“And it seems to me like something is still bothering you Noah.   Anything you want to talk about.”

“I dunno,” he shrugged.

I let him remain silent for a bit while I merged onto the highway.  It was a short jaunt down one exit to our local DQ.  Then I continued my probing.  “So did something happen after you went to bed?  Max said you and Cam and he talked about them and you seemed cool with it, but then this morning, you were acting different.”

“He really does tell you everything doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, most everything anyway,” I said.

“Ok, well,” he said before taking a deep breath.  “You remember Colorado?”

“Colorado?  Sure what about it.”

“It happened again.  At Max’s.”

“What happened again?”  I was a little slow picking up on what he was trying to tell me.  “You mean you sleep walked?”

“NO!  Not that.  Don’t you remember?  When I had…you know….the dream… the wet dream.”   The light bulb went on.  With all that had gone on with Max the last few months, I had actually forgotten about Noah having a wet dream while in Colorado over spring break, when I helped him discard the evidence.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” I answered as I pulled into the DQ lot and parked the car.   “So what Noah.  A few months have passed.  It wouldn’t be unusual to have another one by now.”

“It’s not that.  It’s, it’s, just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s the dream that bothered me,” he admitted.   Then he surprised me with a question.  “Do you think I could be gay Craig?”

“YOU Noah!?!” I responded, clearly surprised.  “You’ve liked girls since before third grade,” I sung to him, parroting the lyrics from the famous Macklemore’s song.

He looked at me completely puzzled, like I’d lost my mind.  “Huh?”

“It’s a song Noah.  I figured you’d heard it.  But it’s true, right.  Didn’t you have a girlfriend like in 2nd grade?”

“Well 3rd, actually.   But, I don’t know. That doesn’t mean really anything does it.”

“Actually, I’d say it usually does, but whatever.   I’m guessing your dream was, um… interesting?”

He nodded without replying.

“Wanna tell me about it?  I promise to not tell a soul Noah.”

He didn’t answer for a bit.  “Ok,” he finally relented.  “It was about Max.  AGAIN.”   I had forgotten that his dream at spring break centered around he and Max masturbating together (while fending off a zombie pet attack).  “Well, this time he was doing to me what I saw him doing with Cam.”

“Yeah, ok, so what Noah.   Remember how I told you that we put things in our dream that are on our minds.   After what you saw and talked about, no wonder it showed up in your dream.   It doesn’t mean anything.  Really.”

“Yeah, I know….. but,” he started to answer before going quiet again.   We were still in the lot, just sitting in my car.   He looked at me.  I raised my eye brows, signaling for him to go on.   He let out a loud sigh.  “It’s just that, I dunno, while I was trying to go to sleep I kept wondering about if I’d been doing stuff with Max, like he was doing with Cam, maybe we’d still be best friends and hang out all the time.  And then I started thinking about what it would feel like to get one, you know, a blow job and I got really, you know.”

That was a lot to unpack.  I envisioned Noah, lying wide awake on Max’s futon, his mind racing.   Seems like he’d had his mind perhaps opened to people being gay and experimenting, but the big issues were worrying he was gay and also that he seemed jealous of Cam eating into the time that Max and Noah used to spend together.   “Noah it sounds like you had a hard time getting to sleep last night.  Am I right? There was a lot on your mind?”


“So let me see if I can sort out what I am hearing.   For one, you are a bit jealous of Cam, taking Max away from you?”

“NO!” he replied sharply.  He looked at me.  I was staring at him.  “Ok, well, maybe a little bit,” he admitted.

“That’s an honest feeling Noah.  It’s fair to miss spending time with Noah.  You can’t just turn that into hate for Cam, or Max.    That wouldn’t be fair, thought, right?”


“We can talk about that more in a minute.   But the big thing that’s bothering you I’m guessing is this whole worry all of a sudden that you are gay.  Correct?”

He nodded.   Then he explained further.  “When I was just thinking about doing THAT with Max before I feel asleep I got so hard.  And then I had a wet dream thinking about doing it.  And then I couldn’t go back to sleep at all, wondering what it would be like.  If I would really like it and stuff.”

“I don’t think you’re gay Noah.  You’re just 14 and curious and at your age it doesn’t take much to turn escort ankara you on.   But you know, I do have to say something, ok?  If you end up deciding you are gay, it wouldn’t bother me at all.  But don’t confuse teenage curiosity with a true identity.  It’s probably nothing.   But you could always try it and see Noah.”

“Try it?”

“Yeah.  Maybe ask Max to… um…you know.   Or maybe there is someone else?”

“Max is with Cam.  If he did something with me that would be cheating and Cam wouldn’t like it, right?”

“Maybe.  I’m probably telling you more than I should, but I have a feeling Cam wouldn’t care that much.   I’m not telling you to do it Noah.  I’m just saying if you are curious and want to experiment, I don’t think that’s going to cause a problem with Cam.   They have….understanding.” 

He looked at me kind of puzzled. “Really?”

“Yeah, but like I said, I probably said too much.   Now about you being jealous, you know the best thing to do about that?”

“No.  What?”

“Tell Max how you feel.  Try to spend more time with him.  Has he actually turned you down from doing something because he was too busy with Cam?”

“Yes.  Well one time anyway.”

“Once?  Just once?”

“Uh-huh, but I see his posts and stuff and it seems like he’s with Cam 24/7.”

“Ok, but you should still ask.  Maybe they would include you on some things.   Cam thinks you are really cool Noah.”

“He does?  He said that?”

“Yeah, of course.  They were both excited you were spending the night.”  (They actually were, though Max had admitted last minute to me he kind of wished it was only Cam so they could have sex all night long.)

“Thanks,” he said, finally breaking a smile.  “So are we going to get some ice cream or what?”  And like many an adult-teen meaningful conversation, just like that it was over.


We ate about half our ice cream in the store and I could tell Noah was feeling a lot better.  I don’t know if he had actually sorted out anything, but apparently talking about it had helped.  I at least think I got him over the jealousy of Cam issue.   As far as him being horny to get his dick sucked, that he would still have to noodle through.

We were heading back out to the car when he asked me a question.  “So, when did Max tell you about him being gay anyway?”

“Honestly Noah, the same time he told you…and Jackson, and those other kids who were at your house on New Year’s.”

He looked over the top car as he opened the door.  “What?  He never told us that!”

“Get in,” I said.

Once we pulled away, I told Noah of the New Year’s Eve party when Noah’s friend had asked Max if he had a girlfriend and how he made his ‘slip’, by answering he’d rather have a boyfriend.

“I don’t remember that at all,” Noah answered, looking at me like I was crazy.

“Well, you were kind of busy cleaning up the spilled pop at the time.”

“Oh yeah,” he mumbled, the memory apparently coming back.  “I must not have been paying attention.”

“I don’t think anyone was.  Except me.  I noticed.   He told everyone he was joking and then promptly ran upstairs to the garage to escape.  I don’t think the other guys even registered any of what he said.   But I went up to the garage and I could tell he was upset. He was sweating and breathing hard.  He didn’t tell me right then but later he helped me take dishes back to my house, remember?”

“Oh yeah.  So he told you then?”

“Yep.  He was worried I had figured it out and would tell.”

“I do remember thinking you guys were gone for a while now that you mention it.   It makes sense now.  So is that how come you starting spending time with him?”

“Yep exactly.  With the stuff going on with his dad he needed a male role model and he knew he could trust me.  So that is why he shares so much, understand?”

“Yeah.  I get it.  You really are easy to talk to Craig,” he replied, looking at me with a smile.

“Yeah, I know.  But thanks for saying that Noah.  It means a lot to me.”


“So there’s one thing you ought to do Noah.”

“What’s that?”

“You need to call Max and tell him you aren’t mad and that you didn’t tell anyone.   He’s pretty worried about it and it’s kind of ruining his birthday weekend.”

“OK, I will.  I’ll text him when I get home.”

“Great Noah.  You’re a good friend, you know that?”

“Yeah.  Hey Craig, since I told you all my private stuff that can you tell me your secret?”  I was suddenly alarmed.  My secret?  Like admit I like boys?  Had Max mentioned it somehow?  My blood rushed to the surface.  I was flush.  “Can you please tell me what the big surprise is for Max’s birthday.”

Whew.  That’s all he was talking about.  “Of course.  You know how Emma and I were supposed to be going on our regular dive trip to Mexico?”

“Yeah, you’re not?”

I explained to Noah about Emma not being able to go because of her internship.   I told him about Max now going in her place.   I felt bad telling him all this, knowing it might just refuel a bit of his jealousy towards me spending so much time with Max.

But his reaction was totally different.  “Shit, that reminds me,” he said, suddenly very excited.  “I’ve been meaning to ask you about something.   The school district has a trip planned for 8th graders next summer.  Honor students only can sign up to go with some teachers on a trip to London, Paris and Barcelona.   I wanna go, but I don’t know any friends that are going AND they said are maxed out right now because they don’t have enough chaperones.   They are looking for more chaperones who have travelled to Europe before.   So I, um, thought of you.”

“Wait!  You want me to be a chaperone for your school trip to Europe?  Really?”

“Yeah, it’s only for ten days.   I thought maybe Max could go too and you could be in charge of us and a few others.  What do you think?”

What did I think?  A trip with Max and Noah?  To Europe?  Fuck yeah!  That sounded great.  Even though it was to places I’d been, some more than once.  I wasn’t sure what my wife would think though.   My mind immediately went to Barcelona and how maybe I could take the boys to the nude beach there.   “Well, that does sound interesting.  I’ll have to get the details and talk to the wife about it.   She’s kind of jealous already of all the time that Max is getting,” I joked.

“OK, cool.  My mom has more of the details.  You’ll check it out then?”

“Of course I will Noah. So I take it you’re feeling better now?”  We were just pulling ankara escort bayan into my garage.

He undid his seat belt and put his hand on my shoulder.  I turned to him. “Yeah.  Lots.  Thanks a ton Craig.  Really.”

“No biggie Noah.  Just don’t forget to text Max, ok?”


I got a text from Max a couple hours later saying that everything was cool with Noah, so Noah came through on his promise to touch base with Max.   Not that I was ever worried – Noah is very responsible.   But it will still nice to get confirmation from Max that everything was okay.

I was glad.  I wanted him in a good mood for the next night when I would give him his surprise.   I could hardly sleep on Saturday night from the excitement.  I couldn’t wait to see Max’s reaction to the present, but I also found myself looking ahead to the trip to Mexico.   I thought about the fact I would surely get to see Max naked some, but mostly I thought about how fun it would be to spend a long week, alone, just him and I, bonding and enjoying each other’s company.   And yeah, there was that thing about seeing him naked too.

I was anxious all day on Sunday as I waited for it to finally be time to head over to Max’s.  His mom had invited my wife and me to dinner.   Stacy wanted to see Max’s reaction to my present and so did my wife.   It was completely agonizing waiting through dinner until Max could finally open the present.  He naturally had begged to open it before we ate, but his mom told him no.  I probably would have given in. 

Considering how much he pestered me from the time we walked in the door, I think Max had been anxious for us to arrive as I had been to go.  He kept asking for hints about the present, but he got stonewalled by everyone.  I think it was driving him crazy that all three of us knew what was in the box.  Noah had told him he would love the present, and I think the fact that Noah also knew just frustrated him even more.  I have to admit, his agony was somewhat entertaining, but only because I knew there would be a good payoff.

His mom finally gave in and let him open it before we had dessert, even though she had told him vehemently that he had to wait for that as well.   When he opened the present and took out the dive mask, you could tell he was really confused.   He was expecting a big surprise and it was obvious by his reaction a mask just wasn’t ‘it’.   He tried to say thanks, but it was obvious he was a little disappointed and a little lost.   The three of us were having a hard time containing our laughter as he looked around at each of us, trying to understand.   “There’s more Max.  Look again,” I told him.

Then he pulled out the calendar with the upcoming scuba lesson dates marked.  You could tell he was relieved and happy.   “Yes!” he exclaimed, finally discovering something he liked.  “I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that.  This is so cool.”  He seemed content with that as a good present, but then I told him there was more.

You could tell he was surprised that it wasn’t just the scuba lessons. “Really?  Seriously?” he asked with glee, his excitement building.   Apparently the scuba lessons were cool enough that his expectations were met.   And that was great because I knew that when he discovered the actual big secret, it would be just that more of a surprise.   “Max, you need to turn the calendar over.  There is a reason you need scuba lessons.”  On the other side was the week marked off that we were going to Mexico.

When he turned the paper over and read it, he actually started shaking.  The paper was trembling in his hands.    I thought for a second he was maybe going to faint.   But he didn’t.  Instead he just started jumping up and down and yelling in excitement.  Then he hugged me.  He hugged my wife.  He hugged his mom.  Then he hugged me again.   “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” he kept yelling over and over as he ran all over the house jumping up and down.

By the time he got calmed down, all the adults were teary-eyed.  Seeing Max so happy was making us all emotional.  My wife reached over and gave my hand a squeeze.   I think she might have been having second thoughts about me taking Max to Mexico, but if she did, her squeeze told me they had evaporated.

While we ate dessert Max was suddenly full of questions.  What was the resort like?  Will we see sharks?  How long’s the flight?   His excitement was obvious.

When we finally left, I got the biggest hug from Max that I’ve ever gotten.  He buried his face in my chest and squeezed me so hard it actually started to hurt.   “I love you so much Craig,” he said as he continued pressing his body to mine.

I was filled with pride.  And happiness.  And something else too: complete and total LUST.  Max was wearing thin shorts and as he hugged me I could feel his boy meat pressing into my upper leg and hip.   His developed pecs were pushing into my chest.  My hands were on his back, feeling the contours of his well defined lats and trapezoid muscles.   And then there was the scent.  The scent of Max.   A combination of his shampoo, hair gel, deodorant, and god knows what else wafted into my nose.   It was a familiar scent.   I remembered it from Madison, when he ended up curled against me the night he shared my bed.

My mind was immediately back to that hotel bed with Max curled against me, his semi-hard cock resting against my thigh.   I closed my eyes as he continued to hug me and admitted to myself that I wanted him.  I wanted to play with that teen cock.  I needed it in my mouth.  I wanted to eat his little boy pussy until he was so desperate for release that he begged me to fuck him.  My mind envisioned it all in a matter of seconds.

I thought after coming back from Madison I’d gotten any urges toward Max under control.   I knew right then, hugging Max, feeling his body against mine, breathing in his scent, that I was wrong.  Yeah, this trip to Mexico maybe wasn’t such a great idea after all.  I broke out in a sweat.


I managed to calm myself through dessert and on the way home.   My wife noticed something was wrong.  I told her I think I just had one too many glasses of wine.

When I got home I had a Snapchat from Cam.  “I can’t believe Max gets to go to Mexico with you.  So cool.  You can’t believe how excited he is.  I just wish I could go too L”

“Maybe next time Cam,” I replied.  

My heart was full and my mind was racing as I climbed into bed.   My wife rolled over and gave me a tender hug and a kiss.  “I married a good man Craig Peters.  What you’re doing for Max is truly amazing.  I love you, honey.”

If she only knew.  If she only knew.


*End of Chapter 17*


Author’s notes:

Thanks again for the patience.  As always comments are appreciated to ail.


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