Master In Training – Chapter 3 of 4

Close Up

Master In Training by Murry Davis Chapter Three At first the four guys stand there unsure of what they should do. Jennifer walks over to Bob and grabs his crotch through his pants. She rubs her naked breasts against his chest. “What are you guys waiting for? Show me what you’ve got,” Jennifer tells them. Gradually they begin to get a little bolder and start unbuckling their belts. Poor Ted, though, still seems to be in a daze. Jack and Fred are soon pantless. Their cocks stand at attention as they slowly begin to stroke them. In the meantime, Jennifer has gotten on her knees in front of Bob and begins to remove his pants. Soon his hard cock springs into view. “Oh yes! she exclaims as she takes it into her mouth. I thought Bob was going to shoot off right away, but he surprises me with his control. Still stroking their cocks, Jack and Fred surround Jennifer. She notices their presence and grabs a cock in each hand. She is soon deep-throating Bob and jacking off Jack and Fred. Ted is still looking on with a shocked expression. He hasn’t even begun to remove his clothes. The guys begin to get bolder and start laughing amongst themselves. “Oh man, can you believe this?” one of them says. “Shit, nobody’s going to believe this,” says another. “Um…Somebody fuck me!” Jennifer exclaims. Jack moves away from Jennifer’s hand job and positions himself behind her. His thick cock soon finds its way to her cunt and easily slips in. “Oh man, I’ve never fucked a shaved cunt before,” he says almanbahis as he begins thrusting in and out of her. Bob is just standing there, letting Jennifer do all the work. She sucks his cock deeply down into her throat. I watch as her throat expands when his cock enters it. Bob begins to moan and I can tell that he is getting ready to cum. She increases her sucking and plants her nose in his pubic hair as he begins to shoot deeply down her throat. She swallows every drop. Jack is still fucking her cunt as she pulls Bob’s cock out of her mouth and turns her attention to Fred. He has been quietly standing there while she sucked Bill off, but now he wants to get a little of his own. “Damn!” Fred exclaims as she sucks him deeply into her throat. “You guys have got to get in this pussy,” Jack tells them. “She is so tight.” Jennifer wiggles her ass for Jack, encouraging him to increase his tempo. His cock is sawing in and out of her so fast, I can barely make it out. “Ungh!” Jack exclaims as he shoots his spunk deep in her cunt. Fred has grabbed the back of her head and begun fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, his balls bouncing off her chin. As Jack pulls out of her cunt, Fred begins to lose control in her mouth. His cum splashes on her tongue and drips down her chin. He pulls out and stands there slightly stunned. Looking around for another cock, Jennifer spies Ted still standing in the corner with his clothing still on. “What’s the matter with you?” she asks him. almanbahis yeni giriş “Are you shy?” she laughs at him. She gets off her knees and walks over to him. The other guys encourage her. “Come on Ted!” they yell, “She’s ready for you!” She rubs her beautiful body against his. Reaching for his crotch, she says. “You don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m here to give you a good time. What kind of surprises are you hiding in there? I’ve got to see it,” and she begins to remove his pants. Ted simply stands there while his cock comes into view, and what a cock it is too. His cock is huge. At least 10 to 11 inches, but what really is amazing to me is how thick it is. I begin to worry whether Jennifer can take it. “Oh my!” she exclaims. “The shy ones are always hiding the best cocks.” She begins to stroke the huge thing. “What am I going to do with this beautiful piece of manhood?” she says. “I know, I’ve never had a cock this big up my ass before. I wonder if my poor hole can take it. Only one way to find out.” She turns her back to him and offers up her ass. “Come on, fuck my ass,” she tells him. Finally Ted seems to snap out of his daze and moves closer to her. “Alright Ted!” someone yells. “Fuck her ass,” I hear someone else say. He aims his giant cock at her opening and begins to push. I didn’t think it would go in, but he is merciless, and soon its head pops past her sphincter. “Ungh. Oh yeah,” I hear Jennifer say. “Fuck meeee!” she bellows. He slowly begins almanbahis giriş to impale her on his tool. I watch unbelieving as it slowly begins to disappear up her ass. Soon he simply cannot shove another inch up her. He slowly pulls out and begins fucking her. Jennifer is going crazy. Noises are coming out of her I have never heard before. The other men’s cocks are beginning to recover as they watch this spectacle. Even my own poor cock is discovering more life. Ted continues to impale her with every thrust. I notice her stomach expand slightly as his cock reaches its deepest point. Jennifer’s arms are flailing out of control as he increases his intensity, and it looks like he may cum at any moment. Finally he thrusts one more time as far as he can and leaves it there. “Oh God!” he yells as I hear him speak for the first time. I can’t believe it as I see his balls resting against her cunt. Somehow he managed to get his entire monstrous cock up her ass. “OOOHHHH!” he exclaims as he shoots his cum up into her bowels. Finally spent, he pulls out of her with an audible pop. Jennifer falls to the floor, having cum several times. Her asshole is stretched obscenely, and cum is oozing out of it. The other three men, now fully revived, move toward her. “Did you see that!” someone exclaims. “Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen anything like that before,” someone else says. “How about making a sandwich out of her,” someone suggests. “Sounds great,” responds another. They pull her off the ground and begin moving into position. Jennifer, still dazed, can barely stand. Jack grabs her bare mound and slips a couple of fingers up her cunt. “I got her cunt,” Bob cries out. “Fine, I want her ass,” replies Jack.

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