Lucy and John Pt. 05


Firstly, my most humble apologies for taking so long to continue this story. I’d love to give you a really good excuse, except that I don’t have one. Life quite frankly got insanely busy.

I’ve since come up with with a few new story ideas. Hopefully I won’t take so long to jot them down!

I hope you enjoy…


On the balmy summer evening, the two couples, all still naked, sat side-by-side on the long couch. The two women sat in the middle next to their respective spouses.

Sharing laughter and recounting to each other the evening’s events so far, their hands wandered over flesh: pausing at a nipple, or a cock, lips, clitoris. Occasionally one would take a sip of wine, and kisses were shared – especially between Lucy and Anita, who were already revved up and ready to go again.

Anita was playfully fondling John’s cock, which was still slippery from fucking Lucy. She noticed his erection begin to return. “Not bad, for an old bloke!” she joked.

“It’s your expert touch, my love,” John retorted.

“More likely the thought of fucking Lucy again!” she replied. But her returned smile, and the easy way that she said it, made it obvious that she wasn’t feeling jealous. John said nothing. Anita was mostly right. That, and the thought that this could be an arrangement that would last beyond this night.

“My man feels like he’ll be ready soon too,” said Lucy, looking into Mark’s eyes while stroking his cock. Her lust was welling up in her once more. The anticipation of the main event made her feel like their last fuck was just the first course.

Their exploration continued for a while, until both men were hard again. Lucy bent down, taking Mark’s cock in her mouth. She pushed her head down hard against his crotch, taking him in and feeling the tip of his cock against the back of her throat. The whole time her tongue pressed against his shaft, setting off all of his nerve endings from tip to base. She quickly pulled away when she felt her gag reflex kick in, and then slowly started again. Mark was clearly in ecstasy, and his cock was soon fuck-hard.

“Lay down over there,” Lucy instructed Mark, pointing to the carpeted open area of the living room floor.

Mark willingly obliged, his erection bouncing up and down as he walked the short distance. Lucy followed him, her hand gently touching his hip. After he had laid down on his back, Lucy dropped to the floor over him and straddled his torso. Her gentleness gone, replaced by passion, she hungrily kissed her husband while positioning the opening of her wet cunt against the tip of his cock. Feeling those sweet pussy lips against him, he probed his tongue deeply into her mouth, and with more ardour as Lucy lowered herself onto him.

Lucy broke their kiss. “I love your cock so much!” She began rising and falling on his cock, and then said, “Join us whenever you want, John”.

“You’re so wet,” admired Mark. He knew there would be no problem with him climaxing again. His wife was so sexy.

“Partly me, partly some of John’s cum left over,” she stated matter-of-factly. Then she whispered into Mark’s ear, “Do you like knowing that my cunt is filled with another man’s cum?”

“It’s so damned hot!” Mark exclaimed loudly. Before the evening started, he wasn’t sure how he would react to John fucking Lucy and cumming in her – but now he would love for it to happen again.

Anita and John enjoyed the show for a short while, John’s erection throbbing. “Well?” suggested Anita, motioning with her eyes for John to join in.

John didn’t need any further prompting. He took up position behind Lucy, and Lucy leant forward to give him better access. Her heart was thumping and her loins aching from the anticipation.

John worked up some saliva in his mouth and spat a dollop of it onto Lucy’s butt hole. Anita was simultaneously horrified and excited at the crudeness of it. But she watched, transfixed, as the head of John’s cock pressed against Lucy’s crack.

Gently at first and, once slightly inside, with more force, John pressed his weight forward and began entering Lucy’s anus.

“Oh my fucking God!” Lucy yelled. “Slowly please John!” She showed an expression of slight pain that was soon replaced with a huge smile as she got used to feeling of being crammed full of cock. “Oh yeah, that’s good now.”

Soon both men were fully inside her. Mark had thankfully stayed still while John entered Lucy. After a moment of collecting herself, Lucy began rising and falling onto the men’s cocks. She was in ecstasy, not knowing whether them entering or leaving was better. They started their own rhythm of gyrations, pinbahis yeni giriş with Lucy filled sometimes almost only by Mark in her pussy, and sometimes almost only with John in her ass, but then sometimes both filling her completely at the same time. After a few cycles, it was one of the completely-filled times when she came first – quivering at the surreal treatment that these men where giving her. “Oh FUCK!!!” she cried out.

Both men smiled at Lucy’s verbal proclamation of her pleasure. John mentally registered that his own pleasure of ass-fucking Lucy was accentuated by feeling the movements of Mark’s cock, which was only separated from his own by a thin wall of flesh between Lucy’s vagina and anus.

Lucy collected herself after that first orgasm. Seeing Anita sitting apart, looking on and masturbating herself, Lucy called to her, “Come join us! Mark has a spare tongue, I’m sure!”

At first, Anita wasn’t sure how she could possibly join in, let alone have Mark’s tongue involved. But then she saw it – if she hunched forward like Lucy was on the two cocks, and positioned her pussy over Mark’s mouth… Yes.

Soon Mark was presented with the delectable smell of Anita’s cunt above his face. He vaguely registered the smell of the sex that he’d had with her earlier. Unlike John’s previous display, he’d never tasted his own creampie before, but all regard for “the usual” had clearly left all of their minds. His tongue immediately started dancing on Anita’s pussy lips and pushing into her as far as it could.

Anita relished the feeling of Mark’s tongue, pushing out of her mind the fact that her ass was pointed directly at Lucy, and within inches. She was drawn back to reality when she felt the warm wetness of Lucy’s tongue on the rim of her butt crack. She stiffened a little when her brain had registered what Lucy had done.

Sensing her reluctance, Lucy said gently, “Tell me if you don’t want it”. Wanting more orgasms herself, but feeling that Anita should be included, she wanted to give her something new from the only position she could right now.

Anita weighed up her own feelings, and realised how good Lucy’s tongue had felt, and the silliness of feeling squeamish about it. “No. Keep going,” Anita responded.

The men continued their motions, and soon Lucy felt another orgasm mounting. She rode the wave as the men moved in and out of her until the wave broke into a blissful set of convulsions. She was forced to stop licking Anita’s butt crack when she came, and gasped as she breathed deeply for air.

When the fog of cumming had lifted, she returned her attention to Anita again. Mark had continued pleasuring Anita’s pussy with his tongue, even as he felt Lucy’s cunt squeeze his cock when she climaxed. Anita was feeling close to orgasm herself when she felt a different sensation against her anus. Soon she realised it was a finger-tip.

Lucy had licked her index finger for lubrication and brought it to Anita’s butt crack. Anita, concentrating too much on Mark’s delicious actions with his tongue, decided to forego all of her anal inhibitions, and gave Lucy an encouraging, “Mmmm.”

Without hesitation, Lucy increased the pressure behind her finger, until it began to slide slowly into Anita’s ass. The sensation was enough to take Anita over the edge, and she started bucking in orgasm. She let out a loud, “Ohhhh!” Her violent movements caused Lucy’s finger to move in and out of her anus, which only prolonged her orgasm more. She collapsed on the floor just beyond Mark’s head and turned around to watch the other three as she panted for breath.

It was all too much for John. “Mark, are you close? I’m about to lose my control!” he called.

“Thank god for that,” Mark replied. “I’m about to explode too!”

“Cum for me, men!” Lucy encouraged. “Fill me up with everything you’ve got.”

Mark started cumming first, and John felt the pulsations of Mark’s cock as he shot his load. A second later, John’s cock was also pulsating, pumping streams of cum into Lucy’s ass. Feeling both cocks quivering, and the flow of their cum into her holes, Lucy was brought to another wracking orgasm. All three of them grunted and screamed while Lucy rocked back and forth against the men’s spilling cocks.

Soon Lucy fell forward, and her lips met Mark’s. They kissed deeply, and Lucy tasted Anita’s pussy on Mark’s mouth. She savoured the flavour of their foursome debauchery. John stayed inside Lucy’s ass for a while until he began to feel his cock deflating.

When Lucy and Mark broke their kiss, Mark grinned, looking in John’s direction, and said pinbahis giriş cheekily, “I dare you to clean up *that* creampie, John!”

John knew that Mark was only joking, but he was always one to proudly show no fear – especially if he was dared to do something within reason. Despite only just cumming, he was still horny as hell.

“Lucy, get off that cock and kneel doggy style in front of me,” John instructed forcefully. He pulled his semi-deflated cock from Lucy’s ass.

“John, you don’t have to! He was only joking. Weren’t you, Mark?” Lucy said.

“Just joking, mate!” Mark assured. “Although I’d love to watch if you do.”

“I want to,” John admitted, as much to himself as the others. Anita raised an eyebrow but said nothing. “Will you cum again if I do?” John asked of Lucy.

“Probably!” Lucy said while grinning at the thought of what he was about to do.

Lucy complied with John’s request, lifting up off Mark’s cock that was glistening in cum and pussy juice. A little of his cum rolled out and landed on his cock. Lucy kneeled either side of Mark’s torso, her dripping holes immediately above his cock.

Mark widened his legs to let John come in close to Lucy’s nether regions.

Before he could change his mind, John leant forward and licked Lucy, starting from her clit and then up to her butt hole. There was cum everywhere, and he couldn’t rightly tell where Mark’s ended and his own started.

After the first lick, and processing in his brain that he’d just tasted another man’s cum for the first time, he realised how similar it was to his own. He loved it and went back again and again. Slowly drips of cum where oozing from Lucy’s holes.

“Oh damn, that feels good!” Lucy cried. It was also the thought of what John was doing – it was way beyond simply eating his own creampie.

John licked a few more times, and then concentrated on pleasuring Lucy’s clit, hoping to make her cum. He knew that in that position he’d mostly be getting Mark’s cum, but he didn’t care at that point.

Suddenly, after making up her mind, Lucy said, “OK! Enough of that!”

John was temporarily stunned, and even hurt by Lucy’s words. Until she spoke a second later.

“Maybe you should have a *taste* of your own medicine, Mark!”

Mark looked slightly confused, but not for long, as Lucy moved forward and brought her pussy down over Mark’s mouth.

“That wasn’t…” Mark started. But he was cut short as a huge dollop of his own cum rolled out of Lucy’s pussy and into his mouth as he spoke. Tasting his own creampie was a first for him, and he realised that when the choice in it was taken away from him, he didn’t think it was bad at all. He always loved giving oral pleasure to Lucy, so this was just an extension of going down on her before sex.

“Make me cum, Babe!” Lucy pleaded.

Confronted with what Lucy had effectively turned into a ‘double-dare’, Mark decided what the hell, and let his tongue loose on Lucy’s clit and deep inside her pussy. She tasted of both of their cum, and maybe some of John’s from their first fuck.

But Lucy wanted Mark to experience everything that John did and rolled her hips forward so that he butt hole was directly over his mouth now. When John had licked her there, she was on all fours and gravity wasn’t drawing down on the cum in her in ass so much. Now gravity had free reign on the cum-filled contents. To ensure delivery, Lucy pushed a little.

Most of John’s cum splattered out of Lucy’s anus in a split second into Mark’s waiting mouth. To his credit, he took it as though he’d wanted it all along. After swallowing the wads of cum in his mouth, he pushed his tongue deep inside Lucy’s ass, retrieving more and blowing Lucy’s mind.

Anita had joined John, and they were both watching the show intently. Anita absently fondled John’s cum-covered cock that had only recently emerged from Lucy’s ass. She enjoyed the slickness against his skin.

Lucy rolled her hips back so that her pussy was again over Mark’s mouth, and Mark again treated her clit and the inside of her pussy with his tongue. In no time, she had a minor orgasm again.

Breathing deeply, she lifted herself away from Mark’s mouth. Most of his face was covered in sex. He seemed to have a smile permanently affixed.

Soon all 4 were sitting, facing each other, on the carpeted part of the living room floor – individually reliving in their minds their favourite parts of the night’s adventures.

After a short while, Anita stated “You seemed to be enjoying that, Mark”. She nudged against his shoulder playfully. John & Lucy nodded in agreement.

“Maybe…” pinbahis güvenilirmi Mark responded coyly. From the grin on his face, it was clear that there was no indecision in his mind.

“Anita, I hope I didn’t go too far with your butt. I know…” started Lucy but let the obvious implication about Anita’s squeamishness with anal sex go unsaid.

“To be honest, it was liberating! And I loved it!” admitted Anita.

The other three smiled at her – realising that she, along with the others, had opened a door onto a whole new realm of sex.

“Do you think that you might be ready for your anal virginity to be taken?” ventured Lucy.

Anita laughed loudly. “Oh, no! I’m not that bad!” she began. “I tried it with John once a long time ago. It wasn’t his fault… I just couldn’t get past the… ickiness. The toilet part of it. Does that make sense?”

“Sure,” Lucy reassured. Then she added, “…and now?”

“I think I’m ready!” Anita said excitedly.

Lucy immediately saw her opening, and in the coming moments, John was truly impressed at her quick-thinking. “You know…” she started, “Mark loves anal sex. Don’t you Babe?”

Mark smiled. He did. But he also suspected part of what Lucy might next suggest. He nodded agreement, and said, “I love it.”

“Would you like to borrow my husband from time to time to play? Anal, or… whatever?” Lucy proposed.

Anita looked from Lucy to Mark and back again. “I mean… I guess? Sure! We could organise another night, and…”

But Lucy cut her off, “No.”

Everyone in the room – including John – was slightly taken aback by her abruptness.

Lucy continued, “I’m sorry. Yes, absolutely! Let’s do another night like this.” After a pause, she continued, “What I was thinking about was something much more open than that.”

Anita, still slightly pondering the change in conversation, finally said, “What do you mean?”

Lucy smiled, and the odd tension lifted. “I mean, if you and Mark want to, you can have him any time. No appointments. No organising. No checking with me. When the feeling comes.” Lucy suspected that John would be absolutely fine with it all, especially once the rest of the plan had been realised. But she also knew that she had to address the obvious. “If that’s something you’d be OK with, Babe?” she asked, looking at Mark.

Mark looked at each of them in turn. He was partly confused, and partly – well very – excited at the prospect. “You’re happy for me and Anita to fuck whenever we both want to?”

“Yep!” said Lucy decisively. Then she added for believability, “So long as you don’t run off with her!”

Without giving anyone much time to process that, and without even waiting for Mark to answer her question – from the look in his eyes, the answer was an obvious ‘Yes’ – Lucy turned to John. ‘He’d better play his part properly,’ she thought to herself. “What about you, John? After tonight are you OK with these guys getting some one-on-one action going?”

‘Oh my God, she’s done it,’ John thought. He feigned surprise at her suggestion – at the whole situation. Looking directly into Anita’s eyes, he said, “I trust you completely, Honey. I saw how much fun you had tonight, and how it’s opened up a lot of stuff for you. I’m OK with it, too.”

Anita sat with wide eyes, staring at her husband. Frankly, she was gobsmacked, but also excited about having more sex with Mark.

“Good, well that’s settled,” started Lucy. She seemed to be about to continue, but John saw an obvious thing that he would be expected to say.

“But…” John said loudly.

Everyone turned to look at him. Lucy inwardly smiled. She knew that John had this.

When he was sure that he had everyone’s attention, he continued, “…shouldn’t that be a two-way street?” He let the words rest for a moment. “I’m OK with you

two hooking up, really I am,” he said looking at Anita and Mark. “Maybe Lucy and I could continue to explore, too? Same arrangement?”

‘Perfect!’ thought Lucy. “And maybe Anita and I could fool around a bit sometimes?” she added out loud.

Anita smiled. “Sure, Lucy!”

The fact that Anita had moved past John’s offer seemed to John that she had trivially accepted it.

“Maybe the guys want some alone time, too?” teased Lucy, already knowing the response.

The two men laughed loudly and looked at each. “No, I think we’re good,” said Mark.

“But we might have some beers while we watch the two of you,” added John, looking at the two women.

“Typical!” exclaimed Anita. But she was smiling as she said it.

“So, everyone’s OK?” Lucy asked. “No hang-ups? No jealousy? No rules?”

Everyone looked around at each other, nodding.

Amazed at Lucy’s deftness at achieving what he thought was the impossible, John looked directly into Lucy’s eyes and smiled mischievously. Luckily neither Anita nor Mark noticed.

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