Love Long Delayed – Part 4


Stefan’s weekend visit at Linda’s and Rudolf’s was full of surprise. On Saturday, he invited them for dinner in one of their provincial town’s better restaurants. Linda was in high spirits. She was delighted to see Stefan again and to reminisce about their shared past. But more than this, with only an occasional side-glance at Rudolf, Linda’s flirting with Stefan throughout the evening was openly deliberate.While it surprised Stefan, it was far from unwelcome. He and Linda had met twenty years ago. She was the younger sister of Trudy, his then-wife. A friendly relationship with his in-laws and Linda had survived his divorce from Trudy five years ago. Whenever Stefan was in Germany, he visited and was made welcome.And for Stefan, something more than a ‘sisterly’ liking of Linda was in play.When they initially met, Linda must have been, Stefan thought, unaware of his less than innocent interest in her. She was, in her early twenties, already a married woman with two children. She had, at eighteen, fallen pregnant with her first boyfriend. Rudolf was twenty-nine, an accountant, the son of a respected, local burger family.Following the dictum of their small-town community, Linda and Rudolf married with neither being sure that binding themselves into wedlock was what they wanted. In contrast to her forward sister, Linda seemed shy. Trudy was not averse to drawing men’s eyes on her fetchingly sexy assets. She loved to dress in the fashion of the shortest miniskirts and tightest tops with no bra underneath. Linda, on the other hand, was always clad in conservatively covering garments. She also wore sensible shoes and failed to highlight her beautiful, long legs. In her walk, unlike Trudy’s, there was no suggestive sway in Linda’s well-hidden bottom.Stefan knew from experience that such externals in a woman did not automatically mean that she would lack sensuality, sexual interest or that she could not be seduced. What strengthened Stefan’s doubts in Linda’s Swabian small-town virtue was that she was, marriage and children aside, Trudy’s sister and Edith’s daughter. And these two – he noticed it with amusement in Edith’s sway and flirting laughter when she was with him – were women of sexual vim.In addition, his interest in Linda alerted him that all signs of a sexual bond or desire for each other were missing between her and Rudolf. They seemed unstrained, almost detached friendly with each other. Between them, Stefan never observed an affection-seeking hug, a hand on a thigh, a pat on the bum or heard an innuendo, bahis şirketleri followed by a telling glance or smile. He suspected, therefore, that after their five years of marriage, in Rudolf and Lindas’s marital bed, little more than an occasionally opportune three-minute fuck would go over the sheets.In contrast, Trudy’ and Stefan’s behaviour must have struck Linda and Rudolf as extraordinary. Admittedly, the former had been married for two years less than them. A brief episode, which happened at Trudy’s parents’ home in Reutlingen, comes to mind.Rudolf and Linda were visiting, and there was a family celebration. Gathered around the coffee table in the living room, the gathering had already emptied a few bottles of the excellent local wine. Then Trudy got up for a pee. When she returned, she had to squeeze past Stefan sitting on the sofa and the edge of the table. Without needing to, she came to a halt fronting him. With Trudy in her miniskirt, Stefan was seduced into sliding his hands slowly up her legs, not stopping until his fingers dug into Trudy’s wriggling ass.He felt that Trudy wore the sheerest of panties. For a mad moment, Stefan toyed with the idea to put her buttocks, squirming in his grip, on show. But then his hands slid again, oh so slowly, down Trudy’s legs. She wriggled free to plonk, giggling down on the sofa. And her hand grabbed Stefan’s thigh dangerously near his erection!Being slightly embarrassed by what he had done, Stefan looked around. Rudolf, on his right, had not noticed. He was refilling his wine glass, concentrating on an unsteady hand. Opposite them, Hermann, Trudy’s father, had stopped talking and was looking down into his lap with a disapproving frown. Edith, next to him, had watched and was still grinning. Her lips had formed an expectational ‘Oh!’ And Linda, her eyes wide open, looked for a long moment into Stefan’s before she lowered them and blushed.What was it that attracted him to Linda? As is often the case, Stefan had not chosen the bodily type he habitually fancied in marrying Trudy. Admittedly, Trudy was a sexy woman. She was pretty, with an hourglass figure, a lusciously rounded ass, and largish but firm, apple-shaped breasts. She was a fraction short of medium height. They were also, he supposed, in love and well-matched in their sexual tastes.However, Stefan had never admitted to Trudy that the women that turned him on most were not at first glance pretty and invitingly ripe for picking like her. Instead, they were tall, long-legged, and with their bahis firmaları sexy but relatively tiny tits, more often shyly aloof. When he and Trudy came back to Germany on their first visit, Stefan met Linda. Unlike Trudy, she was not a naughty girl-like cutie but interestingly attractive, slim, and almost as tall as he. And somehow, Stefan was sure that under her nondescript clothing was a hot body that would stir his strongest desires.In his then youthful, male arrogance, Stefan was convinced that, like Sleeping Beauty, Linda could be awakened. And God, he wanted to be the prince she seemed to be waiting for, to kiss her awake! But then, all these years ago, Stefan was also too conventionally ‘decent’ to act. And he did nothing that let Linda know how dangerously she had captured his imagination. He was sure that Linda had remained unaware of his repressed desires. But then, what about Linda’s affection and open flirting during last night’s dinner? Perhaps, he had been wrong, and Linda had known about his feelings for her. Did she want to make good now for not responding to them these years ago? What was to happen if this was the case? ***Sunday was a beautiful, sun-filled day. Over dinner, the evening before, Rudolf and Linda had suggested taking Stefan on a trip across the nearby Swabian Alb. It was the first of May. In the villages on the Alb, people, following ancient customs, would dance around the phallic Maypoles, celebrating a new-come spring. They, as outsiders, would not be invited, but they could stay in the car and watch. Linda had still dressed for the occasion. She wore a wine-red, close-fitting top complemented by a silk scarf loosely tied around her neck. In her tight, fitted jeans and heeled sandals, her legs went up and up to an, by the cling of the denim, beautifully sculptured ass. Linda smiled when she caught Stefan’s admiring look.Rudolf was the driver. On setting off, Linda had quickly slid in next to Stefan on the car’s back seat. He thought Rudolf must have agreed that Linda would chat with him and be his main companion for the day. Even before Rudolf pulled away, Linda had moved close to him on the spacious rear bench of the Opel Vectra. Her thigh was touching. And it slightly moved against Stefan’s as they talked. When he looked at Linda, she smiled. Her lips momentarily parted as if they left something different from what she had just mentioned unsaid. To Stefan’s delighted surprise, Linda’s eyes, behind her fashion glasses, seemed to speak volumes from a censored kaçak bahis siteleri book!So, Stefan took the risk, put his hand lightly on Linda’s thigh, and waited for her reaction. The two of them were, of course, in the rear-vision mirror visible to Rudolf. Stefan could only hope that the high backrests would block Rudolf’s view. They would also have allowed Linda to brush off Stefan’s offending hand if she wished to re-establish a merely social normality without alerting her husband. But instead, Stefan’s fingertips felt the play of her muscles as her thigh pressed against his.Anyway, Rudolf’s attention focused on the narrow streets of their hometown and then the winding road and traffic up the escarpment to the Swabian Alb. Linda had spread a road map over her and Stefan’s lap to show him the route and details of their excursion. Under its cover, his hand had begun to slide up Linda’s invitingly spreading thighs. And her voice, talking about the villages and castles on the way, had taken on a higher pitch and sexy timbre.As Stefan’s hand made love to her thigh, ever closer to her pussy, Linda leaned in on his arm. Regretfully, through the material of his coat, he could barely feel the pressure of her boobs. When he looked at Linda, her face, bent over the map, had a rosy glow, and the pointy tips of her nipples were peaking showily against the thin covering of her top. So encouraged, Stefan let the edge of his hand rub against the warmth of Linda’s jeans-sheltered pussy. With a moan, Stefan hoped, Rudolf did not hear, Linda bent forward. The map folded and fell into the footwell. As Linda gathered it up, Stefan’s hand cupped her pussy’s mound. It was out of Rudolf’s sight behind his seat. Linda looked up at Stefan with a mischievous smile. While her lips formed an offered kiss, a wagging finger signalled a No-No. When Linda sat up, she pushed her ass against his thigh before moving slightly away. As she folded up the map, Linda gave him a smile that told him not to be discouraged.In a village close to the Bavarian border, they stopped for lunch. Rudolf decided they would sit outside in the inn’s garden. When he briefly left to go to the toilet, Stefan put his hands halfway across the table. Without a moment’s hesitation, Linda’s hands locked into his.And then, Stefan stammered out his confession about his wicked, unfulfilled attraction – now twenty years old – for her, the young, innocent sister of his wife. Back then, he had to resist the temptation. But now, Stefan whispered hoarsely, “Linda, I’m still drawn to you as strong as I was then! You are a stunningly beautiful and sexy woman. So, forgive me, Linda, for, at least, telling you how I feel. I know, I won’t, but if I could love you now, I’d be the happiest man on earth!”

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