Lost Suit Pt. 01


Monday morning and as part of his usual routine Michael goes by the dry cleaners to drop off his clothes from the week before. He walks in to see Anne the drycleaner behind the counter sorting tickets. She looks up and smiles.

Anne: Good morning Michael!

Michael: Good morning to you too Anne, how was your week?

A: Busy, nothing very exciting. (Walks into the back and comes back with his clothes from last week.)

M: (Anne is such a cute girl, Michael always enjoys seeing her and hearing her chat nervously! Michael lays his clothes on the counter.) I have 4 dress shirts, 3 pairs of pants and 1 suit. (Hands Anne his credit card)

A: (Runs his credit card and hands it back. At 5′ – 4″ she has to look up at Michael being 6′ – 1″) Is next Monday ok for your pick up?

M: (Smiles down at Anne) of course, I will see you then.

A: (Smiles nervously and looks down, shyly unable to keep his eye contact) bye.

M: (Collects his clean clothes and heads out the door)

A: (Why is she always so embarrassed and shy. Especially with him! He is always friendly and maybe even flirtatious. Anne is a bit mad at herself. She takes his clothes in the back and sets them on a table. Grabs a bag to start sorting them as she silently lectures herself about not being more outgoing with him. She is still distracted as another customer walks in. She scoops up the clothes and bag and walks back to the front to help the next customer Mr. Blake who is such a nice old fellow. She sorts the clothes into separate bags.)

Mr. Blake: I am going on holiday so this is no rush. Maybe 2 weeks.

A: Ok Mr. Blake have a great trip!

The following Monday:

A: (Waits for Michael to come in, she has gotten herself ready for today, she is going to try to be more outgoing and maybe even flirtatious with Michael today. She wore her favorite slim fitting tight dress which she thought made her look very attractive.)

M: (Opens the door and walks in smiling.) Hey Anne, how was your week?

A: (Smiles widely and tries to look right at Michael) It was wonderful Sir, how was yours? (Sir? Why did she say that? She knows his name. That was so akward!! Ugh!!)

M: (Smiles again, laughing a bit to himself at her calling him Sir.) It was great!

A: (Pulls out his clean clothes and hangs them)

M: (Looks at the clothes) Anne, I do not see my suit.

A: (Looks at the clothes and the ticket.) There is not a suit on the ticket. You did not have a suit.

M: I am sure I did.

A: (Looks at the ticket again and shows it to Michael) Look, there is no suit here.

M: (Gets a puzzled look) Ok, maybe I left it at home. I will check there. (Tries to down play the issue and wants to double check before he pushes the issue. Anne is always so nice.)

A: It must be there, I do not have it on the ticket. When clothes come in, I bag them right away. I have never lost a garment of any kind. (Wow that was probably not flirtatious, this is not going how she wanted)

M: Ok, I will check at home. I will see you next Monday to pick these up.

A: Ok, thanks (She tries to smile.)

M: (Collects his items and leaves.)

A: (Stomps her foot.) Ugh!! (One chance a week to flirt with Michael it this stupid suit thing happens!!) UGH!! (Stomps foot again)

Next day.

(Phone rings)

A: Hello First Street Cleaners?

M: Anne?

A: Yes

M: It is Michael Harris, I wanted to see if my suit showed up, it was not at my house.

A: (Excited to hear from him) Oh, um no it did not.

M: Could you check the store for me?

A: (Why should she check the store? She doesn’t have the suit. It would stick out like a sore thumb if it was on one of the counters. It is clearly not there.) I can look around right now and see it is not here. Maybe you dropped it somewhere. Did you check your car?

M: (Tries to be friendly about the issue even though it is very clearly not in his car.) I will check everywhere again but I have looked around pretty carefully. Can you just let me know if it shows up?

A: (If it shows up? He is acting like I lost it!) It is not here. I have looked. You must not have brought it in. I HAVE NEVER LOST A GARMENT OF ANY KIND!!

M: (Wow, that is a bit of an over reaction…) Ok, let’s give it a week, hopefully 1 of us will find it. It is a charcoal grey herringbone suit.

A: (1 of us!! Oh the nerve of this guy!!) Yes hopefully YOU will find it.

M: Ok Anne, bye.

A: BYE (Slams down the phone. The nerve of that guy!! I can’t believe I liked him. Even a little bit!!)

M: (Wow that was a bit crazy, I can’t believe I thought she was such a sweet girl.)

Two days later

It is a quiet day in the store which gives Anne time to think about how angry she is at Michael.

A: (It is even more infuriating that he acted like he was being nice about the whole thing. What a condescending twit!! He lost his damn suit!!)

The door opens.

Mr. Blake: (Walks in) Hello

A: (Smiles) ordu escort Oh hello Mr. Blake, how was your Holliday?

Mr. Blake: Oh it was wonderful!!

A: (Grabs his clothes and hangs them at the counter) Where did you go?

Mr. Blake: (Pulls out his phone and turns it to Anne) Oh we saw my grandchildren. This is Joey and Amy (flipping through pictures) oh Anne, these do not look like my clothes. Oh well this item is not mine.

A: (Looks as he points to a suit. A dark grey suit. She opens the bag to look closer. It is a charcoal grey herringbone suit. She gets a lump in the pit of her stomach. Oh no, it can’t be. I was such a jerk about this. She is at a loss for words.)

Mr. Blake (Still flipping through pictures) This is Amy on a sliding board. She is so cute!

A: (Can’t even make pleasant talk about the children. She is in shock. How could this have happened. Why was she so mean to him about it. What is she going to do.) Ummmm umm sorry that got mixed in with your clothes, I will correct your bill. It looks like a wonderful vacation.

Mr. Blake: Thank You! It was so wonderful to see the kids. (Pays and leaves)

A: (Puts her face in her hands. How is she going to deal with this…)

Chapter 2

Anne: (Is overwhelmed with emotion. She can’t deal with this. How can she tell him what happened. She can’t. She can’t even think about it. She puts the suit in the very back of the shop. She tries to go about her day and not think about it. She tries to put it out of her mind. As she is getting ready to leave she goes to the back of the store to turn off the lights, there is the suit. That Damn suit. Why was he so nonchalant about the whole thing, this suit must have cost a fortune. Why was she not a little more graceful, why was she so arrogant and sure of her self, not leaving any possibility to explain it now. Ughhhhh!! Oh you Mr.Perfect and kind with your nice suit!! Well I am not going to do anything about this right now. I will just give you a couple of days to stew and stress about it!! Humph! That will teach him!! She smiles to herself as she heads home.

The next morning she comes in and goes to the back to turn on the lights. Oh, that damn suit!! She turns her back to it and gets on with her day. Guilt begins to build throughout the day. By the time she is ready to close she walks back to shut off the lights and almost bursts into tears seeing the suit. She pulls the plastic off and rubs the chest thinking of him. She takes it down and goes over it again, by hand carefully cleaning every detail. She decides she will have to bring it to him tomorrow. She has been a complete bitch about this whole thing. She feels horrible. She wraps it back up and heads home for the night. All night she thinks about how horrible she has behaved. She has not behaved like this since she was a child, not ever. Oh and back then she would have had her bottom paddled so severely for this she would not have sat for a week. It hits her how badly she deserves that right now, and maybe even needs it to deal with her guilt. She begins to think about Michael paddling her for this. It would have to be on the bare bottom, oh she could not stand the embarrassment of that, but she could fantasize about it… Ummmmm… before she knew it she was rubbing her clit. She thought about him baring her bottom. Closer and closer to orgasm as she imagined him, paddling her. Nude, exposed to him, that is what she deserves for this and also the very least he deserves for this is the pleasure of her body…

The next morning as she showers she remembers her thoughts, of course that won’t happen, but she shaves everything with extra special care spreading her cheeks, between her thighs, every little crease at her lips. She picks out her sexiest little underwear and puts on her favorite dress, the one she wore the day he came to pick the suit up. As she walks to work she thinks; of course nothing will happen but I do deserve a paddling, at the very least I need to tell him that, so he knows I understand how bad this was. Laughs. Of course I can’t say that. But I guess I could say I am so sorry, I behaved like a child in all of this, a horrible, bratty child, that should be paddled. Hum, that I could say, it is just a hypothetical, like if she was still a child. That is it. That is what she will say.)

A: (Knots fill her stomach all day as she thinks about taking this suit to his house and saying those words. She thinks of her fantasy and continues to moisten her panties throughout the day. She watches the clock all day. At closing time she looks up the address on his account. Goes to the bathroom to check herself in the mirror. She walks out, looks at the suit, takes a deep breath, smooths out her top nervously then picks it up and walks to the door. It is a short walk and her mind runs completely wild as she walks. Her face is flushed, she is completely nervous as she reaches the door. She takes another deep breath, here goes. (She knocks on the door.)

The door opens.

Michael: Anne, it osmaniye escort is so nice to see you please, come in.

A: (Holding the suit at her side) hiiii. Umm hi, uh thank you. (Oh my gosh, he looks so hot today, he is wearing another fine suit, she nervously steps inside.)

M: This is a nice suprise to see you. (Michael is overwhelmed with how nice she looks in the tight sexy dress)

A: Well, ummm (she holds up the suit) I found your suit.

M: Oh that is wonderful news!! Thank you so much. (He reaches out his hand and takes it from her, turning his back walking away to hang it on the knob of a closet door.)

A: (She is so flushed she can hardly speak, but she has to get the words out, she needs to just blurt it out.) Michael, I am so sorry, I have acted like a child about this whole thing. A horrible, bratty, insolent child, in fact one that probably would deserve a very severe paddling. (There she said it, its over, so glad it is done)

M: (Stops, still with his back to her. Stands up straight. Turns to face her.) A horrible, bratty insolent child? Who deserves a severe paddling?

A: (looks at the floor) Yes sir.

M: (Hangs the suit on a door knob.) Anne, close the door, lock it and come into the livingroom with me.

A: (Nerves begin to flood her whole body. She does as she is told, as he walks into the livingroom and she follows him.)

M: (Sits in the center of the couch, leans back comfortably, watching her every move.)

A: (Walks towards a chair to sit)

M: Stop there Anne.

A: (Stops, standing nervously in the center of the large room.)

M: You behaved like a horrible, bratty child that deserves to be paddled severely, is all of that correct?

A: (Oh my god, this can’t actually be happening. She can’t speak.) She shakes her head yes.

M: Speak up young lady!

A: (Looks at her feet and fidgets her hands) Yes Sir.

M: And you feel pretty guilty about this?

A: (Swallows) Yes sir. (She says meekly.)

M: And then a good, hard, severe, paddling would help you get over that guilt?

A: (Oh my God, this can’t be happening. She can’t speak, there is an awkward silence and then she shakes her head yes again.)

M: I asked you a question young lady!!

A: yes sir (She says in a whisper)

M: Well then Anne, that is exactly what you need, and exactly what you will have. On your very bare, completely naked bottom. Come over here so I can remove those clothes.

A: (She slowly steps to be right in front of him. He can’t mean that.)

M: (Roughly grabs her waist, turns her around, unzips her dress and pulls it down over the round bubble or her bottom. He smiles at her cute little round cheeks with only a slight bit of lace in the crack. He grabs the hem of her shirt and pulls it up over her head. He runs his hands down her soft back.)

A: Ooooooooo (She lets out a gasp)

M: (unbuckles her bra and lets it drop off her shoulders into her hands. Sticks his thumbs into the waistband of her panties.)

A: (Grabs her panties instinctively.) Please Sir.

M: Anne you told me you deserved a spanking and I told you it would be on your completely bare bottom. That is exactly how you are going to receive it young lady. (Grasps the panties tightly, pulls them out of her hands to the ground.)

A: (Immediately covers her lips with both hands.)

M: (Sits back and enjoys the view of her pale small but very round bottom cheeks. He grabs the cheeks roughly and pulls them open to see he most intimate area.)

A: (Gasps)

M: Very nice Anne, I am going to enjoy spanking every square inch on your bottom. Every, square, inch! (Releases her cheeks)

A: (Feels her breathing increasing so fast she is almost panting like a dog. All of this is so overwhelming!)

M: (Grabs her waist and spins her around.) Spread your legs and put your hands on your head.

A: But Sir

M: (Quickly unloads a few full force smacks on her bare bottom cheeks) do you want to argue with me young lady?

A: owwww, owww, no Sir, (She quickly spreads her legs and puts her hands on her head. So embarrassed she closes her eyes tightly.)

Chapter 3 (Start here if you just want the juicy parts)

Anne: (Standing completely legs spread hands on her head. Looking at Michael, sitting comfortably on the couch is his well tailored suit. She can not look him in the eye this is so humiliating.)

Michael: (Leans forward and puts his thumbs on each side of her lips.)

A: (A shiver runs down her spine)

M: (Pulls her soft hidden inner lips open so he can look directly into her moist pink pussy which is already beginning to drip, knowing this must already be a very severe punishment for such a demure young lady.) Well young lady, I have not even yet begun to spank you and your little pink pussy is already dripping wet.

A: I am sorry sir, this is so embarrassing.

M: (Gives her little lips another tug so he can let go and they will stay open whennhw ostim escort sits back.) Well young lady it is about to get much worse. Tell me why we are here.

A: Because I lost your suit sir. (She can feel the cool air up inside her open wet lips. It is so humiliating and her face is burning red.)

M: But, that is not the end of the world, and you did find it right? That by itself probably deserves a spanking but not a severe paddling, and you young lady have a severe paddling coming. So why is that?

A: (Anne wants to start crying now. Why is he making her relive all of this, she knows she was horrible, she knows it was in excusable. She even asked for the spanking. She just wants to cry.) Well Sir, because I was a horrible, obnoxious brat about the whole thing and… and (her eyes begin to fill up) you were incredibly understanding which I responded to by being a complete bitch Sir.

M: (Sees she is taking this to heart.) That is right sweetheart. Go into the kitchen (points towards a doorway.) There is a paddle hanging on the wall, bring it to me.

A: (Feels almost out of her body. This is surreal, who has a paddle hanging on the wall in their kitchen??? Begins to walk towards the door.)

M: (Enjoys the view of her cheeks balling up at each stride. He is looking for to paddling the attitude he received right out of those cute, soft, round, little cheeks!)

A: (His kitchen is beautiful with exotic stone countertops and there, on the wall she sees a dark wood paddle hanging. She walks over and takes it down. It is small but feel so heavy for its size. It is hard and dense which makes her even more nervous as she walks back into the livingroom. She again thinks who would have this hanging on the wall in their house.)

M: (Again Michael enjoys the view of her smoothly shaved little pussy and small round breasts with hard little nipples walking towards him. He holds out his hand.)

A: (Walks towards him and places the handle of the paddle in his hand.)

M: (Grabs Anne by the wrist and pulls her around to his right side and then pulls her over his lap. He pushes his left knee up between her legs spreading them open. He then reaches down and pulls her cheeks open. Locks his right leg over her left leg then wraps his right arm tight around her waist and grasps her right wrist tightly locking her in place. He raises his left knee to push her round bottom high in the air and rests the paddle against her left cheek.) Brace yourself Anne, this is going to hurt bad and you are going cry very hard today.

A: ( Feeling his knee against her clit makes her become very wet until she hears those words.)

M: (Begins to paddle her soft left cheek over and over on the same spot.)

A: (Tries to hold still but immediately begins squirming and begging for him to stop.)

Please Michael please please I am so sorry.

M: oh you will be!!

A: (She can’t take it panic is setting in.) PLEASE MICHAEL PLEASE I AM SORRY!!

(She bursts into tears.)

M: Not as sorry as you are going to be!! (He continues to paddle without mercy. The barrage goes on for over 15 minutes straight all on the left cheek from the very top down to the top few inches of her thigh. He feels her struggles ending as she lays and takes it. He stops and moves the paddle to her other cheek.) Brace yourself we need the other cheek to get the same. (He looks at her dark red and purple left cheek and then he begins)

A: (Bucks and squeals.) Daddy please!! Please no!! I am sorry!! (She wails and tears stream down her face. She tries saying anything that will get him to stop.)

M: (Continues ignoring her pleas. Untill her struggles again weeken. He pulls her cheeks open and begins on the soft inner wall of her left cheek.)

A: (Jumps and pushes with both hands onnhis thigh to try to get away. She is frantic this pain is so intense on such a tender area. She is loosing her mind. Then it stops she tries to reach back to grab and rub the inside of the raging fire in between her cheeks but she can’t move he has her so tightly. Then she feels him place the paddle on the inner wall of her right cheek.) No Daddy, please Nooo (She is crying so hard as he begins again. She is fighting to get away but can’t move. She is crying as hard as she can cry nose running from th e tears she is an absolute disaster. He has stopped for a while before she even realizes it.)

M: (He curls her up on his chest and she cries it his suit. As he caresses her welted flaming bottom he sees his pants leg is soaked. ) Young lady, your little pussy has dripped all over my legs.

A: (Through tears) I am so sorry. I am so sorry. (Her embarrassment now complete humiliation)

M: (Reachs down between her legs.) You are soaking wet Anne. (He begins to rub her clit.)

A: (She jumps and trembles but tries her best to hold still. She moans and then bites her tongue what kind of girl would get this wet from a paddling like that. She is ashamed.)

M: You need to be fucked.

A: (She wraps her arms tight around him hearing those words.) Yes sir Daddy.

M: But you were a naughty girl so you don’t get to feel Daddys cock in your pussy, you will take it in your ass.

A: (Is so nervous having not felt that before.) Yes Sir Daddy.

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