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Subject: Lonely Little Boy (chapter 1d) gay incest ——————– Thanks for reading, if you want to chat, do so ail Wickr: dicksonhill or Telegram: @DicksonHill. Thanks to those who have written, it keeps me going. I used to write under a different name, so if you have seen this story before you know why. I have broken the story up into smaller chapters. If you are reading this and it is illegal to do so, please stop. Please consider a donation to Nifty if you want to keep the site open for your reading enjoyment. ______________ Lonely Little Boy (chapter 1d) MONDAY I woke the next day, alone, this at first wasn’t unusual as I was in my own bed, but as I woke I realized I was missing dad. I went to pee and brush my teeth then went to seek him out. I found him in his bedroom, making his bed. “Good morning, sleepy head. Want to help me finish here? Then we can get cleaned up and go out for breakfast, how would you like that?” “Would I?” I exclaimed enthusiastically. We worked at making his bed, and upon finishing, he went to the hamper. “Let’s start a load and get ready ok? C’mon”, he invited me along. He loaded the machine, and then started to undress. “Let’s get these things in there too, you too my boy.” He added as he stripped. I eagerly stripped down to my undies. “Those too,” he continued as he removed his as well. I handed him my undies as he put in the detergent and we stood there naked together while he started the machine. He bent over and picked up my naked form allowing me to wrap my legs around him, “Now let’s go get cleaned up.” He smiled as he held my naked bottom. I could feel my penis getting erect against his side. I was nervous that this wasn’t allowed, but he just walked into his bathroom like nothing was out of the ordinary. “How about we shower together, save time and water”, he said. I smiled, afraid to break the spell by talking. He set my naked bottom on the bathroom vanity top while he went to turn on the walk-in shower and get the temp right. Then he stepped over to me in between my splayed legs, and I felt his warm body enshrouded me in a hug. He kissed my head as he held me tenderly. I felt the hair around his penis tickle my penis as it surrounded my member. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in closer as I lay my head against his chest. As the room got moist from the shower heating up, he broke the embrace and helped me down off the vanity. His penis snapped to full erect as he stepped back. He stepped into the shower first, and pulled me in after him. He shielded me from the water as it came cascading down his body. Once he was entirely wet he made room for me and allowed me to get soaked. As I was doing so he was soaping up his hands, and smiled down at me almost wickedly. He bent and with the soap and his hands started at my shoulders and worked and massaged any dirt or weakness out of me. He cleansed my back in slow luxurious circles, then worked my chest and belly. I was too relaxed and excited to talk. He then started up my legs working my muscles in deep intense strokes. He started on my bottom working each cheek very slowly as if exploring each mound. I felt his fingers slip between the cleft and make gentle slowly collapsing spirals working towards the center. Finally he turned me around with a loving smile on his face, and soaped his hands thoroughly. He reached for my turgid member and slowly but firmly encircled it. Working it in his hands, from base to tip working his thumb into underside of the tip, I was gasping with the tingles, as he gently massaged my testes. This was apparently not a play session though, this was to clean me and maybe just a little bit more. As he gently released me and placed me under the warm spray to rinse as he washed my hair, I felt his very hard penis continually bump me as he completed his work. He then leaned me against the wall, as I was unable to stand alone, while he quickly cleaned himself. I watched as he followed the same path he used on me but more efficiently, he turned away from me as he washed his back side pulling apart his cheeks to clean allowing me my first glimpse of his innermost parts. He turned and very gently and with almost no touching, he cleaned his penis and testicles. Then rinsing his body he washed his hair and finished his shower. He turned off the shower and stepped out, grabbing a big fluffy towel, he vigorously dried me not missing a spot, lingering in a few. Then grabbed a towel for himself and dried thoroughly, avoiding again, I noticed really touching his penis. For the first time I noticed he had clothes for me on the outside vanity. He pulled my underwear out and bent to help me with them. He pulled them up and over my penis but instead of letting me adjust myself, he reached in and did it for me. He continued to dress me all the way, from shorts to socks and shoes. He had obviously planned this whole thing, maybe as a way to bury the past and start the future, maybe as a way to allay any fears that there were no boundaries anymore, or maybe he just wanted to, either way I really appreciated it, and felt overfull of joy. I wanted to help him in all these things from washing to drying and dressing, like he did me, but he always stopped me. Finally when we were ready and he held my hand on my way to the door, I asked, “Thank you very much for that daddy, it felt great, but why didn’t you let me help you too?” “Buddy, I have been on a hair trigger since last night, if you so much as touched me, I would explode, I’m nearly there, but I’m just not ready for that yet. Soon I promise.” He said ruffling my hair. I wasn’t really sure what he meant by hair trigger, it had something to do with the explody feelings he had, which I knew felt good for him, but I didn’t understand why he didn’t want to feel them again, or why touching him at all would have set them off. There was so much I didn’t know, but he said soon so I knew it wasn’t forever. I looked over during the car ride and saw that his erection had finally gone, but there was a small wet spot on his khakis. We ate and talked about nothing. I was right next to him, his arm around me, my hand in his lap close to his groin, not by plan, but by happenstance. Dad sucked in his breath, “be careful buddy, I’m not kidding about the hair trigger, and this would be the wrong place to explode, if you know what I mean.” I removed my hand reluctantly, but didn’t want dad to explode here. “You just have that effect on me, now more than ever.” He winked down at me. He leaned in and whispered, “I know this is all new to you, but my penis really likes you and just being near you excites him too much, soon”, he implored as he kissed my cheek. I smiled and blushed so hard but wanted to touch him so bad. His admission made me very hard. Dad looked and noticed, and trying to be careful so no one would notice, with his free arm he reached across himself and gave my penis a little squeeze, which left me breathless. “I love you too,” he teased releasing me. I whispered, “Not fair,” and put on a fake sulk. He chuckled. We finished, and went to the bathroom, I stepped up and had to wait for my penis to relax so I could go, dad stepped up, his penis was slightly engorged, and dripping that slick stuff. He looked at me and said, “Like I said hair trigger.” But he was able to blast the porcelain almost immediately. He didn’t touch himself to clear the drips, just put himself away. And went to wash his hands. I finished and washed my hands. We paid and left. I was surprised when we pulled into the Y. “I know someone who would really like to see if you are ok,” he stated, “what do you think?” “Will he be mad at me for being mean on Sunday?” I asked unsure. He reached over and squeezed my thigh, “I promise he won’t.” I smiled and we exited the vehicle. We went straight through to the pool area not even bothering to stop and talk to the teen attendant. I guess grownups just did that. We found Coach in the water with the teens, his competition team. There was a trophy at the end of the pool with several medals hanging on it. They were all in a huddle as Coach was shaking hands and clapping backs all around. I noticed a boy watching me. “And that win only means one thing,” we caught him in the middle of a speech, “more and harder work.” He extolled, to the groans of all in the pool. “None of that,” he splashed them. Looking over and noticing us. “You have the potential to go all the way, we can do it. Now start your warm up laps we’re working on relays today.” He finished swimming over to the edge. He was about to pull himself out, but looked at me. “It’s ok, I’ve seen everything already,” giving him permission. He exited, water flowing off his body and his hands quickly helped its flow by whisking the water away. He was in great shape, this being the first time I had seen him unobstructed. His penis was large and his hair neatly trimmed. He shook off causing his penis to flail about, and walked to us. He shook my dad’s hand, then squatted down to my level, “How are you today? You had me worried.” “I’m fine” I started my apology, blushing my shame. “I was confused and I took it out on you both, I am sorry.” I said looking down. He held my chin. “Sport, you’re going through changes, it happens, your hormones are messing with you, you’ll have good days and bad days, but we, your dad and I will always be here.” I didn’t care that he was wet, I rushed in and hugged him. Kissing his cheek I said, “Thank you, I’ll tell you about it one day, but dad already made everything better.” “I’ll wait till you want to tell me,” I didn’t see him wink at dad. I released the hug. “So you guys are ok?” He said looking at the wet spots in my dad’s shorts. “I didn’t mean to get you wet.” “Trust me, you didn’t, at least not this time,” he grimaced. Dad nodded toward me. “Ahh, well you probably have a fun day ahead of you, and I have a class, don’t let me keep you.” He clapped my dad’s back, and winked at me, then turning his attention to his class, “This is a warm up not a race Jones,” he yelled putting us out of his mind. We left through the showers, older men had started arriving and changing. I saw some naked men, I didn’t avert my gaze this time, and noticed lots of different shapes and sizes, as we walked through. Several of the men smiled and winked at us. We hopped in the car and headed home. Dad shut off the car and hurried us in. “I can’t take this anymore. He shucked his clothes in the laundry and hurried into his room in his undies.” I was curious. He sat on his bed looking at me, thinking, deciding. He whispered it came out almost strangled, “come here.” When I was close enough he reached out and pulled me istanbul travesti to him. He undid my shirt and almost ripped it off in his haste. He reached down to my pants and looked me in the eyes as he leaned forward kissing my lips as he undid the fasteners and slowly lowered the zipper. He pulled away and helped me step out of my shorts. I was still in my shoes which I kicked off and stood before him in my undies, my erection obscenely making a tent. He pulled me to him forcing our penises together and he groaned as he pulled me in tight. I reached to touch him and he barked “No, give me a second.” I obeyed, Impatiently. I could feel the wetness from his underwear begin to soak mine. He held me pulling me in by my bottom, he was breathing hard, almost panting. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lay my forehead on his shoulder trying to watch the drama below. “Don’t move,” he pleaded, “don’t kiss me, don’t move.” I could tell he was really struggling, either to control himself or having some internal debate. After some time. He pulled away and kissed me tenderly again. He nudged me back, “There’s no coming back from this,” he said finally to himself and the air. “Help me with these underwear, ok Book? But don’t touch me.” I tried my best to be careful. I knelt before him as I slowly pulled the soaked underwear away from his body and eased them down. I smelled them when I got them off of him. He sat, closed eyes, breathing deeply and slowly. “Now yours” he said, he didn’t reach for mine so I removed them myself. He opened his eyes and nearly choked looking at me, his resolve disintegrating his inner debate quickly losing. He reached for me and pulled me into that same hug as a minute ago, “Don’t do anything,” he begged. I was pulled into his embrace, our erect penises touching. He didn’t move, he didn’t break the embrace, I could feel his slick stuff dripping down onto my penis as he squeezed me tightly. Dad was breathing deep and struggling. I knew his inner struggle was almost done. He pulled back, and nearly unheard said, “Ok” as he leaned in for a hard kiss, my hand found his slick penis. As I grasped onto a hot velvet smooth steel member, he threw his head back and gasped, I was watching his penis as he began to eject shot after shot of the white stuff all over my hand and our penises. I stroked his penis like he had mine in the shower up to his spitting head, he cried out as if in pain. A shot blasted forth and landed on my cheek. I was fascinated as I continued to stroke him and he fell back on the bed as if fainting. He grasped my hand and held it still. “Oh slowly, slowly, it’s too much, too much”, He panted. I thought I was hurting him and was about to let go but his hand closed about mine encircling the end of his penis as he slowly caught his breath and his penis oozed its slickness over our hands. After a short time he sat up, looking exhausted, he smiled at me smearing the slick stuff on my cheek with his thumb and leaned in and kissed me, firmly pulling me in getting my penis coated with the wetness. He massaged my bottom, and when he pulled away, his white stuff was on his nose, having rubbed it off my cheek. “I love you so much,” He enthused. “I’m sorry it was so fast, I waited so long, and was so excited I hurt. Thank you thank you thank you. Are you ok?” He asked. How could I not be ok, that was amazing. It was spectacular. It was… everything. “That was so cool,” I finally managed. “It’s not over yet,” he smiled his wicked smile again. He took my slick penis and slowly but firmly massaged it with the slippery wetness from his penis. It tickled then tingled. He kissed my neck and fondled my bottom as he attended to my penis. I held his head as I watched his ministrations. The tingling kept building to a burning, I was whining, and whimpering at the feelings wanting to be kissed and hugged and touched everywhere. My body and mind sent me into signal overload, when I felt dad’s fingers enter the cleft of my bottom, my system jumped, I cried out “Daddy, I have to pee stop” I pleaded in ecstasy. Instead he leaned in and gently bit my neck, while applying pressure between my cheeks. I yelled, and my body spasmed, I shook and tensed and passed out. I came too, lying on daddy’s bed. He was gently holding me. As my senses returned to me, I realized he was cuddling me, I felt the weight of his soft penis on my thigh. He was tenderly caressing me from face to groin and back. I felt kiss after kiss on my head as I slowly came back. My penis was soft, it was cold and sticky, a little move and I felt daddy’s penis sticking to my thigh. Upon regaining strength I tiredly said. “What was that?” “That my little love, was your first orgasm. That is the explody feeling I get, now you got one too.” He cooed softly into my ear. “Did I shoot the stuff?” “Not yet,” he replied. I was slightly disappointed but I allowed myself to enjoy the relaxed feeling. And simply said, “I’m doing that again.” Dad chuckled. I turned to him and pulled his head down into a kiss, he held my head to his as he kissed me firmly, his other hand holding my bottom. I felt his tongue on my lips, I opened my mouth to wonder at it and his tongue slipped in, feeling for mine. I slowly caught on and began to return his kiss rather clumsily. He smiled into my mouth at my efforts as we broke the kiss. I caught my breath. “What was that?” “That was how people in love kiss.” “Are we in love?” I asked shyly. “I can’t speak for you, but I am,” he said knowingly. I reached for his face and brought him down into a kiss again this time I reached his lips with my tongue inviting him in. I spoke around the kiss “me too”. We kissed like that for a bit till we were both erect again. I reached for his penis, when he didn’t stop me I held it without breaking the kiss. I smiled. This was heaven. Eventually we stopped and literally pulled apart, “we smell”, I said, something tickling my memory. “Yeah and I need to wash the bed again before your mom gets home, but let’s get cleaned up first.” He lifted me up cradling me in his arms. And for the second time that day started a shower for us both, This time he cleaned me, but looking me in the eye he bent and kissed my penis, then kissed my lips, with the lips that had just kissed my penis I thought, electricity running through my body. I was allowed to wash him this time, and upon reaching his penis, I kissed his penis as he had kissed mine, more than once, I even thought about kissing with tongue, like people who are in love, but I thought that might be too far. I cleaned his back side as well and felt his hole for the first time. It felt puffy, or swollen to me, but he didn’t seem hurt when I touched it, just sighed heavily. We rinsed and got out. I dried him and he me. Then we got fully dressed and stripped his bed. Washing the sheets. “Daddy, can we do that again sometime,”I asked hopefully. “Buddy, we can do it as often as you like, but we have to be careful when other people are around.” He replied picking me up and kissing me on the lips. He set me down and I experimented with my boundaries, I reached and cupped his groin. He didn’t stop me, “Anytime, but if we do it again right now, we will have to get a shower again, and mommy may come and find us,” he warned. I let go, glad to know the rules, and glad he hadn’t stopped me. I grabbed his hand and kissed the back of it. Instead we decided to go shopping. Dad explained that it was going to be hard for me to hide my erections around mom, now that they started, and we had better get me some more concealing sleep clothes. He also instructed that I was never to be in my undies when someone else was home besides just him. We discussed the rules of our affection. And relived the encounter through discussion, what I liked, what he liked. I learned the proper name for the slick stuff, semen or seminal fluid, but around him I could say cum or precum. He told me that we hadn’t even scratched the surface of what we could and would do, but he said that mystery is for later. We got some lunch and took home dinner. We set about putting everything back in its place. When we were done and sitting together it occurred to me. “Did we have sex?” “Yes my boy we did,” he smiled, caressing my cheek. “But you said when you’re married you usually only have it with who you married.” I lead. “That’s true, I did. Son, what happened between us complicates things incredibly,” he looked at me seriously, willing me to understand, ” that’s why I had a hard time allowing this to happen.” He put a finger to my lips forestalling any worries, arguing, “I don’t intend to stop now that it’s started,” I gave him a relieved smile. “But you are right, I am married, but that too is complicated, and shouldn’t be your worry right now. But I will say this, your mom and I haven’t had sex since your sister was born, in fact we hadn’t had sex between the time you were born and she was really, we love each other, but we are not in love. She is on her own journey of discovery, we knew that when we got married, we both wanted a career, and to do that, we had to have a family, have a pretend marriage. Your mom still struggles with the feelings she has, she fights it and thinks doing what most people think wives do will change everything. But it hasn’t, I’ll tell you one more secret so you don’t think you are betraying your mom. Aunt Claire and your mom went away to explore their feelings in a way… I guess. Your mom doesn’t really like men, she likes other women. Do you understand?” I thought for a moment. “Yeah, I guess.” I was a little sad about thinking they didn’t really love each other. But also relieved that I wasn’t hurting mom. “is that why she doesn’t like Coach” “Well that’s even more complicated,” he replied thinking. “Hmm how to answer, your mom likes girls, umm I like… boys.” He passed looking at me, almost afraid. I didn’t know why he would be, he liked me, I am a boy. He saw my lack of understanding. “Ahh, when I was in college with Coach, we were… people in love,” he said. “And when two boys are in love people get mad… they think only girls and boys should be together. Mom and coach and I were all friends. When college was over, we, your mom and I chose careers over love. We were young and foolish, but it got me you,” he hugged me. “So we decided to get married, most everyone thought we were a couple anyway. But mommy correctly pointed out that having Coach around would make the illusion see through, you see? Coach was very sad, he left and joined the Navy. I hadn’t seen him till about a week ago, he had moved back to town, left the Navy and was using his degree to teach. I think your mom knew things were changing kadıköy travesti once she found out he was back.” “Do you love coach?” I asked softly. He grabbed my chin, “I never stopped loving him. But I love you too, and maybe more strongly, it will never come to be a choice between you and him.” I smiled and was glad to hear it. “Are you and mommy going to split up?” I wasn’t afraid, I was curious. Dad chuckled, “I said it shouldn’t be your worry, but I’ve basically told you everything. In for a penny I guess. Buddy, now that everything has happened I would be surprised if we didn’t. Like I said, we want different things. I think she’s ready to accept her true self. And now that I have you, I am ready too.” I sat and thought. “Are you ok hunny?” He said, rubbing my tummy. “That’s a lot to take in.” I was still quiet, but finally “Yes, it’s a lot, but I’m not losing you or mommy, right? And I want you both to be happy.” I smiled. “Will we all be friends?” “Yes, Buddy, we will. We will still be close.” I was still unsettled by the Coach revelation though. I liked the coach but did I want to share dad? Then it hit me, that smell. “Did you and Coach… have sex here?” I asked, suddenly surprised. “Would it upset you if we did?” He asked. I thought for a second, I don’t think it would, in fact I was curious. What would this mean for dad and me? I had to answer honestly. “No, I don’t think it would.” I wasn’t sure. “We did.” “Was it nicer than us?” He laughed, “It’s not a competition, but it was different, and like I said, I have never had an explosion, err orgasm,” remembering he had told me the proper words, “like I had with you.” “Me either” I said. He laughed. “In all your experience.” “When will all this change?” I asked, ignoring his sass. “It’s hard to say, mom can’t know about us, and she doesn’t know about what happened with Coach, but if what I think happened with aunt Claire, I imagine soon.” “Can I stay with you?” “I won’t have it any other way,” he said fiercely. “What about sissy?” “Hmm, I would imagine she would go with mom, but you would see her all the time. Mom and I would have to discuss it.” We snuggled while we waited for mom, each lost in our own thoughts. When mom finally came, I ran to hug her. Dad stood to greet her, now that I knew what I knew, it felt awkward. We exchanged pleasantries, talked a bit and when the conversation began to lull, mom said, “Alex, we need to talk.” Dad gave her a reassuring smile, “I’m sure we do. I’ll call someone to get Ty.” He left to make a call. I just held mom’s hand, she wouldn’t look directly at me. “I love you mom.” I said, squeezing her hand. She squeezed it back but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t time for dinner yet, and it was still light out. Dad came back, told me to gather some clothes, and went to help me. “Coach has agreed to let you stay with him tonight, is that ok?” I had never stayed away from home so I was nervous, but I knew I should go to let them talk. “You may not need to stay, but we should be prepared just in case.” He said after seeing my worry, “and since you have swimming class tomorrow you can just go with him. Will you be ok?” I was worried, but said “Yes, I’ll be fine, you are just a phone call away. I will miss you though.” I said and meant it. “I will miss you more.” He kissed the top of my head. While he was bent down I whispered, “One for the road” and gently squeezed his crotch, smiling wickedly. “No fair,” he teased, and picked me up, blowing a zerbert on my belly, then quickly planted a kiss on my crotch. I smiled so broadly and laughed. He set me down and shushed me. He instructed me to go say goodbye to mom and wait outside for Coach while he waited for his penis to go down, now that I had awakened it. I always obeyed. Mom wasn’t cold toward me, just seemed unsure and shrunken, yet at the same time looked eager and determined. It was strange to see, I kissed her cheek and went outside with my bag. Coach must not have lived far away, because no sooner had the door shut then I saw his car speeding up the street. “Hop in Sport,” He cheerily chimed, reaching across and opening the door for me. He ruffled my hair as soon as I was in and the door was shut. “Looks like it’s going to be a tough time for your parents tonight,” he said consolingly. “Do you want to talk about it?” I wasn’t unhappy, just nervous, but the more I thought about it, “I do want to talk, but not about this, not yet.” “Ok sport, what do you want to talk about?” I wanted to ask if he loved dad, I wanted to talk about the sex he had with dad, I wanted to talk about the sex I had with dad, but couldn’t talk about any of those things unless dad said I could. So I just shrugged my shoulders. “Well how about I start then. Are you ok with sleeping at my house tonight? I was nervous the first time when I was about your age.” “Yeah I’m a bit nervous.” I admitted. “And with so much going on, I hope it doesn’t make it worse,” he responded, trying to sound supportive. “I know your parents love you.” “Yeah, this isn’t about me,” not realizing I was tricked into talking about it, “they need to find out what’s right for them.” “You are so smart, so grown up,” he praised “when I was your age I would have freaked.” I didn’t realize he was telling me without telling me he knew what was going on. “I am sad, a little scared, but I have dad,” I was about to say, `and you’, and the realization that I thought that stopped me square. I looked over at him as if I was trying to figure out what just happened. “You don’t know it yet, but you have me too,” he said. “You know what, I actually know it now.” He smiled down at me and squeezed my thigh in thanks and recognition of the sentiment. I was looking at him anew, I saw what my dad saw in him, kindness, beauty, intelligence and humor. In different measures than my dad but all the same qualities. I smiled warmly up at him as he drove. I put my hand on his. I wanted to share something with him to let him know how much I trusted him. I confessed why I was angry on Sunday morning, and my discoveries about touching myself. He nodded and asked questions showing his interest, and finally thanked me for telling him and sharing with him. We popped into a diner and had a quick meal, Coach said he wanted to get home fast in case dad called. We ate, paid and left efficiently. We got to his apartment. It was a one bedroom, but looked nice. “I had to clean up a few things before you got home.” He said, “I’m not used to visitors.” His apartment was untidy, not dirty, but boxes were still unpacked and some things had not yet found a home. The couch was covered in books and boxes. “I guess I should have mentioned, I am still unpacking, I am being really lazy about it actually, but I just realized I don’t have a place for you to sleep. I was so eager to help your dad, hadn’t thought it through… I guess unless you want to sleep in my bed, I can clear the couch for me.” He said, scratching his head clearly at a loss. I came to the rescue, “We can just share the bed, just stick to your side and don’t snore,” I teased. “Oh really, I think I should be worried, from what your dad says, you snore like a beast,” he teased back. I came up with the best retort I could think of, “nuh uh,” yep that was my best, bookworm me. But the coach threw it right back at me, “nuh huh.” I giggled and threw a pillow at him. He grabbed one and started to swing at me, in no time we were in a serious pillow fight. Jumping from bed to floor chasing hitting and finally hiccuping from laughing to hard. We fell as one on the floor backs to the bed. I was hiccuping. He was breathing heavily. “I can see why dad loves you,” I let slip. I instantly turned as white as a ghost, my eyes as big as saucers and my hiccups became worse. “I wasn’t supposed to say that,” I struggled to get out, around the intense hiccups. Coach just smiled slyly, reaching to tickle me, “Oh yeah, what else aren’t you supposed to tell me,” he came at me mercilessly. Pinching and grabbing, not at all helping my predicament. He teased and tickled till I yelled, “I’m gonna pee!” He stopped, grabbed me up quickly and ushered me into the bathroom. I quickly pulled my pants down but didn’t make it in time, I was peeing my pants before I could get them down. I hiccuped causing my stream to splash about, causing me to laugh more causing me to miss the bowl as well. When I was done I was about to be sad, but Coach was already there chiding me. “If I had a dollar for every time I peed myself or missed the bowl, I wouldn’t be living in an apartment,” he laughed. “Get out of those clothes, get into your sleeping clothes and I’ll wash your things.” I stripped no longer caring if he saw me or not and handed him my damp clothes. He sniffed them playfully, “Smells like you need to eat more veggies,” he teased. I throw a play punch at him. I went out and got my pjs and slipped them on after washing my wetted skin. Coach watched the whole thing smiling. “What are you smiling at?” I hiccuped at him. “Never seen a naked little boy before?” “Well yes obviously, just never you.” I realized I hadn’t actually been naked in front of him before, I blushed but my hiccups stopped. “Too late for that streaker, but now we’re even. You’ve seen me, I’ve seen you. And just think a week ago today, You were changing under a towel.” He left to go put my clothes in the wash. He came back and sat down next to me. “How about you tell me what you meant about your dad.” I blanched, I couldn’t say no I always did as I was told, and I had already let it slip. “Umm He umm told me about you guys in college.” I said quietly. “I wasn’t supposed to say,” I was mad at myself. “Nope, none of that,” he snapped, “no more feeling sad or mad today, you’ve been through too much of that this weekend. But let me say, I already knew about your dad and me in college so you didn’t let anything slip.” He smiled at my sudden realization of this. “But you did say, “loves” as in, loves me still…” Now I was caught out. I couldn’t tell him everything, but I couldn’t just say nothing. So I said, “ask him.” Not looking up. “I don’t have to, you already told me, but you can tell him, I love him too.” He smiled at me. “I never stopped” “That’s what he said,” I remarked, smiling back. He smiled sadly at me. “Do you know what we mean by that?” He asked. “Yes, it means you love each other like a man and woman, and you have sex.” I tried to sound grown up. “Good boy, does that bother you?” “Bother me that you love each other? No.” I didn’t want to talk about the sex part, but I was curious. “Do you think my loving him, and him bakırköy travesti loving me would stop your daddy loving you?” He was asking all the tough questions. “I know he loves me differently than he loves you.” “Good boy again, but to be honest, he will never love me as much as he loves you.” Hearing him say this made me happy. “And I wouldn’t want him to. The future may bring some big changes,” he said, hinting at his knowledge, “but I wanted you to know, he loves you, I want him to love you, and if I can be very honest too, I am beginning to love you as well.” I was shocked at this, happy but shocked. I threw my arms around his neck and squeezed him tight kissing his cheek. “I love you too!” I knew it as I said it. He hugged me back, happy. I wanted to tell him I knew about him and dad having sex, and me and dad, but I didn’t know how he would take it. I wanted to share everything with him. I was glad my daddy loved him. We set about getting ready for bed when the phone rang. I heard Coach talking, he said a lot of mm hmm’s and really’s and even one is that so finally ending with, we’ll be right there. I had no idea what was said but I knew we were leaving. My clothes were still in the washer so I had to go in my pjs. Coach carried me out to the car, got in himself and started off for home. He held my hand. “Are you nervous?” “I won’t be if you just tell me what is going on.” “I would, I honestly would, but that’s for your dad to tell you. I’ll drop you off, and see you in class tomorrow, you can call me if you need to.” He said. Now that made me more nervous. We got to my house and Coach let me out. Mom’s car wasn’t here. He walked to the door with me, holding my hand. Dad greeted us at the door, he looked somber. The Coach reached for dad and hugged him, dad hugged him back. He passed my hand from his hand to my dad’s who took it. I felt small and helpless at that moment, like the little boy I was. Dad waved at Coach as he left, no words were spoken. I felt very nervous. Dad sat me down, he had been crying. I held his hands and climbed into his lap hugging him. He cried a little into my shoulder and got a hold of himself. “I didn’t expect to feel this way,” he admitted. ” I won’t keep you waiting, it all happened just as we discussed. Your mom was finally ready to admit who she was. I’m happy for her, really” he said to make me understand. “It’s just the suddenness of it that has caught me.” He held me to him. “She admitted to me her love for Claire, did I mention she’s not really your aunt? They are in love,” he said, smiling. “I’m so happy for them. They are going to move into Claire’s house. We are going to stay married for pretense’s sake, but pretend to be separated because of our busy lives, people will believe that.” All I could think about was me, I know it was selfish, but what about me, I felt my panic rising. “She is going to keep your sister, but you are staying with me, we agreed your sister and mother will be right across town, you can see them as often as you like.” He revealed, smiling down at me. He kissed me on the lips. I kissed him harder in relief. “I will still have to work, and you will need a sitter, any thoughts?” One name jumped to mind, but he already had a job, but his job is teacher, and he will be my teacher so we will get out of school at the same time, and he teaches my class at the Y. The thoughts became a plan. It ran so fast through my head and finally spilled out. “Coach!” I yelled enthusiastically. “Yeah that’s my thought too… maybe we can ask him to move in, we have three bedrooms…” he said slyly. I was just thinking the same thing, but then I thought about our private times. “But what about…” Dad stopped me. “Coach already knows about that, he’s the one who told me to stop being a fool.” “Then he knew while I was over there,” I blushed. “Yep and he’s one of the people who don’t care. He knows I love you like I do. And he is ok with it.” He stated, drying his face. “Are you ok with it?” I thought about it, it was weird having the coach know, but I wanted to tell him anyway. “Yes I’m ok with it, I wanted to tell him anyway but I didn’t because you told me not to.” “I’m glad you didn’t, even though he knew, it means you make smart choices and can be trusted.” He hugged me. I just thought, you should know I always do what I am told. “Will he share your room like mommy?” “Maybe, maybe not, maybe you’ll share my room, or we all have our own rooms, or we all share one room,” he seemed to be teasing, but the new thought planted in my subconscious. “We don’t have to figure it all out today. But we do have to figure out where you are going to sleep tonight.” He said with a leading tone. I grabbed the bait immediately, “With you!” I exclaimed. “Well aren’t you a bit overdressed?” I giggled, jumped up and took off my pjs. I laughed at him when he saw I was wearing nothing underneath. “Coach tickled me and I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time” I admitted shyly. “It’s okay, it saves me some time” he rushed over and scooped me up. He took me into his room with the twice cleaned sheets and set me on the bed. He kicked off his shoes, and started to unbutton his shirt. I stood on the bed and stopped him by pulling away his hands. I wanted to undress him. I started at the shirt and unbuttoned it, pulling it off of him. He kept lightly tickling my penis, I kept slapping his hands away and laughing. I helped him pull his T-shirt off then I stepped down off the bed and undid his belt. I looked him in the eyes as I ran my hand up his inseam and brushed his crotch. “You are evil” he teased, sucking in his breath. I undid his clasps and let his slacks fall, he stepped out of them and stood there in just his y fronts, already wet with his excitement. I kissed his penis through his underwear, tasting the wetness on my lips as I pulled back. Dad breathed deeply as I went in again, this time licking the material for a real taste. It was sweetish and slightly salty. Dad sucked in his breath at this. The taste wasn’t bad. I pulled his underwear out away from his body and reached in and held his penis while I looked up at him happily. He looked back dreamily. I rubbed his precum under the tip of his penis causing a glob of precum to trail on my thumb which I promptly put in my mouth and tasted. My dad groaned seeing this. I nuzzled my face into his still clad groin as I reached the band and slowly peeled them off of him. I continued to hold his penis massaging the underside of the tip with my thumb getting drip after drip of the clear liquid. I kept sucking it into my mouth off my thumb. Dad said, “enough torture,” picked me up and threw me on the bed. He moved till his dripping penis was over my face, he milked some out till it dropped directly into my mouth and told me not to swallow while he dropped more and more. Finally he got in bed with me and kissed me, tasting my lips from his precum and plunging his tongue in for more, we shared his taste on our tongues, his hard penis continuing to drip onto mine, I was already panting. He stopped kissing me and said. “Are you ready for this?” He asked while lowering his head into my lap. He licked my thighs where he had dripped his precum, then having cleaned it up he looked up into my eyes and licked the tip of my penis watching my reaction, I nearly jumped, it felt so good. He then sucked my testes into his warm mouth cleaning those off, my whole body stretched in pleasure, finally continuing to hold my gaze, he put his pursed lips at the tip of my penis, and slowly engulfed the whole thing in his warm mouth, sliding down achingly slowly, bathing the tip with his tongue never breaking eye contact. He sucked, he even lightly nibbled, I was writhing in pleasure. He stopped all too soon. He came up and kissed me. Letting me taste what I could, of my penis in his mouth. I held his head and kissed him furiously. He pulled back and once again milked his penis above my head, but this time I rose up and kissed his penis like he did mine, sucking the liquid for the source. Dad grabbed my head and held onto it while I played my tongue around his tip, even lightly nibbling which caused a large amount of precum to spew forth. I held his testicles pulling lightly and squeezing lightly as I looked up into his eyes. Swallowing the copious amount of fluid he was producing. His breathing got heavier and his penis got larger in my mouth as I felt his testicles pull up out of my hand. “I’m gonna cum, explode, pull off quickly if you don’t…” he didn’t finish his sentence. My mouth was flooded as dad began to tense and shake pushing more of his penis in my mouth than I was ready for. He came in my mouth, it was warmer than his precum and didn’t taste the same at all, it was saltier and something else. I swallowed as best as I could with dad’s large but softening penis was still in my mouth. I enjoyed the sensation of him becoming soft, but he pulled out. “Oh way too sensitive”. Instead I was content holding it and licking the remains as they oozed out. Dad stroked my hair while he watched me nursing his penis. His penis was red and inflamed and losing its heft quickly. But dad wasn’t through, he pushed me back hand on my chest while he once again worked my penis in his mouth, he was rougher this time, more urgent and he squeezed my testes, causing me to squirm in pleasure. He stuck a finger at my mouth so I sucked it in. He pulled it out when it was all wet, and he lifted my leg, never stopping the mouth work on my penis. I was panting and writhing, almost begging for him to stop. It felt so good, when I felt his wet finger find my hole in my bottom and felt pressure as he pushed it forward slowly and gently. He circled my hole pressing forward at each passage, my moaning became more urgent, my legs had found their way to his shoulders as he continued to savagely work my penis. Finally when I couldn’t stand it any longer I felt myself tense up, my body shaking uncontrollably as his finger slipped around my hole. I screamed in ecstasy. I held my consciousness, but just barely. Dad continued to assault my penis which was now very sensitive. He left his finger on my twitching hole as I writhed and slowly came down from my high. Only when I had stopped and was trying to regain my senses did he remove his finger, and his mouth. He lay beside me, I felt his spent penis on my thigh as he cuddled me leaning in for a kiss which I returned softly. He breathed my breath, he fondled my penis as I came back from heaven. I turned into him and held his face while I kissed him hard. “I love you,” I proclaimed into his mouth. Sucking his tongue for a second like it was his penis. My hand reached down and felt for his penis and I just lightly stroked it. Just wanting to feel it’s manly form. Dad smiled into my kiss. “I’m pretty sure I love you too.” He said rubbing my bottom. We fell asleep like this, holding each other content and loved. Healing each other from the night’s trauma.

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