Subject: London Life – Part 2 Thank you for the feedback and comments on the first installment of this story. This is the next part of my first attempt at a story or series and I continue to develop the character and the storyline. The following story is fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Please do not read if you are under 18 or if the content is illegal in your jurisdiction. This story contains relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story is illegal in your jurisdiction or you are under the age of 18 then please leave now! If you enjoy this story and other stories here on please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this or would like to offer feedback then you may contact me at ail I will try to answer all emails so feedback is appreciated. Please be kind. I’m a new author. From the outside our home in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, outside London looked picture perfect and like other homes in our area was well back from the road behind secure fencing and a large gate. It was a well presented 3 story mansion and had been featured in various home decor magazines over the last 2 years following the extensive refit we completed. From the outside nobody would know that both Ivan and I had designed and had built an underground floor; this room was our party play area. There was a cinema kırklareli escort room, a small bar where we entertained, a pool and a gym. But behind the cinema room was a room we had not finished but were still working on. This room was to be our very special play area, the soundproofing had only recently been installed and the toys for this room were due to be delivered from Amsterdam in a months time. More on our new special play area later… We had a great evening, we were invited to attend an inner city school fundraiser for a charity that Ivan was involved with through his hospital work. I was so proud of my husband tonight, we personally had raised over £100,000 for the project and were asked to tour the projects some of the older students had completed for a science fair. My boyfriend Reggy attended this school but as is our arrangement when in public and the company of others we just exchanged pleasantries and he was a model student showing the visiting public and dignitaries around and also introduced me to Kian. Kian was 14, and stood at 5ft 3 in height, had a slight frame and as well as his science interest was a promising dancer. Standing next to the two boys to pose for a picture I was very much in my element. A little over 2 hours later I was watching as my husband, force his 7″ cock inside Kians beautiful kırşehir escort hole. Ivan had spent over 20 minutes rimming and fingering the boy to loosen him up while Reggy and I helped him take some poppers as he made out with both of us. This was the third time Kian had been with Ivan (once in the the car and once in the school lockerroom) so he knew what to expect, however this was the first time Kian was on a bed with Ivan, Reggy and I and he was loving the attention. As Ivan pushed forward, stretching Kians tight anus, his 6ft 4 muscle frame looked stunning towering over the 14 year old who was clearly spaced out on poppers which helped the feeling of my husbands cock opening him up. Slowly but surely Ivan kept going, inch by inch he crept, while I lubed until his 7″ cock and bottomed out; his balls touching Kians bare ass. Ivan waited for 30 seconds while Kian looked at his friend Reggy and the two teens just smiled. Reggy leaned in, kissing him passionately as he started to rub his friends torso and make his way down to Kians rock hard 5″ cock. Ivan started the rough fuck, Kian could do nothing but moan, the pain had subsided and started to make way for the pure pleasure he was feeling, I knew that feeling of pleasure wasn’t going to last forever but for now let the kid enjoy himself. With Reggy bent over sucking him off kızılay escort and Ivan buried inside him I positioned myself above Kians face and let my cock snake down his throat, he gagged as I continued to shove my cock inside his mouth and slapped him when he tried to turn away. I told him to concentrate on his breathing as I wasn’t going to stop. Ivan and I looked into each other’s eyes, our lust for each other never waned and after all these years and we still loved each other dearly. Ivan started to fuck harder and harder as almost in unicen I started to face fuck Kian, his legs and arms were throughing around the bed as Reggy retreated with a mouthful of cum. Kian had sweet release and continued to spurt his teen cum over his beautiful body. As Ivan and I continued to look at each other we leaned in and started kissing and moaning in pleasure then we held each others shoulders and Ivan blasted wads of his hot cum into the 14yr old… blowing his load hard he howled… 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 heavy shots of his man juice shot up into the teen. At that moment I released from deep with me and emptied 5 loads down Kians throat. We both were panting and smiled, started laughing to each other and pulled out. Kian had passed out at this stage but a few slaps across the face he sat up, coughing and confused as cum dripped from his hole and down the side of his mouth. Ivan and I stood up and before we headed for our shower I told Reggy to take Kian home and I’d call him in the next few days. “We both needed that hun” I said to Ivan as I stepped into the wet room with him and gave him a kiss. “Badly needed my love” said Ivan

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