Subject: LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 3 Adult/Youth LOGAN RETURNS HOME CHAPTER 3 Sitting in my History class, my stomach began to rumble because I had not had anything for breakfast. My teacher was teaching about King John signing the Magna Carta . He told us that on our first History test, we would need to know the year it was signed. He said that if we can remember our lunch time, we would remember the year. 1215. Well, that was one question I would know for sure on the test. It was 12:13 and we started to shuffle our papers to get ready for lunch. I knew that the 6th and 7th grade had the same lunch time so I was looking forward to see Logan. I was glad that the older kids in the 8th grade had to wait until 12:45 for lunch. The bell rang and all the kids in the class made a dash for the door. Since I sat in the back row, I was the last one out of the room. I went to the cafeteria and there were at least 50 kids in line to get their food. I looked around the tables hoping to spot Logan. I did not see him and I was trying to decide if I wanted to wait in the long lunch line. I decided to wait in the back of the line and try to eat whatever slop they were serving that day. As soon as I got into the line, I felt someone tapping me on my shoulder. I turned around and Logan was behind me with a big smile. “Hey dude…watz up???” He said My smile was twice as big as his when I saw that it was Logan and I gave him a high five. ” Watz up with YOU bro” I said laughing. He told me that he brought his lunch and I should forget about standing in line. He had food enough for the both of us in his sack lunch. We found a table for ourselves and sat down. I asked Logan how his Summer went and what he did in California. He smiled and said his Summer was AWESOME. He told me about his bus ride to California and how he met a man that looked after him during the whole trip. He said the mans name was Miles. He went on to tell me about some friends that he met, Hunter and Timmy. Logan went on to tell my about a boy named Derrick and how he was a foster child and had all kinds of problems trying to find someone to love and take care of him. Logan went on to tell me how he had introduced Miles to all the boys and that Miles made an arrangement to bring Derrick to Georgia with him to give him a home away from foster care. Miles sounded so cool, I told Logan that I would love to meet him someday and Derrick as well. He told me that he knew that Miles would love to meet me as well. I asked him how he knew that. Logan looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet, not sure what to say. ” You can tell me bro…we are best friends. What is Miles like” Logan looked at me and turned to make sure that nobody was listening. “You have to promise that you will never tell anyone about what I am going to tell you” ” I mean NOBODY”. “You got it, I promise, your secret is my secret” “Miles is one of those men that likes boys. I mean he REALLY likes boys, not girls. When I was on the bus going to California, I was in the back seat with Miles. It was hard for me to get comfortable and Miles told me to lie on the seat and put my legs on his lap. That night, he thought I was asleep but I was really awake. I was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and he started touching my leg. He was rubbing my leg and then he moved his hand under my basketball shorts. After awhile, he put his fingers under my underwear and he touched it.” “You mean he felt your DICK????” “Yes, he touched it and kept his hand there for a long time” “HOLY SHIT…. Did you tell him to stop ??” “No, it felt good. I was not sure what to do but it just felt so good. Nobody had ever touched my dick like that before, I liked how it felt. ” Logan kept his head looking down at the floor. Travis looked at Logan not sure what to say. Logan looked up at Travis expecting him to call him a fag, or even worse. :” OH FUCK. YOU LUCKY DOG …. That’s awesome Logan” ” You got to ride all the way to California with some man who wanted to play with your dick??”‘ ” HOLY SHIT””” ” I would have let him do it to me too” ” Did he do anything else on the trip?” Logan felt more at ease telling his story. Logan went on to explain about the bus breaking down and what he and Miles did in the Motel room that night. Travis had not started to eat his food, he was so interested in what he was hearing from Logan. Travis also realized that his dick was hard as a rock as he listened to Logan’s story. “There is more” Logan said. “OH FUCK…. PLEASEEEEEEE tell me everything you did on the trip” Travis pleaded. “What would you think of me if I told you that I did it with another boy in California?”” Travis could not believe what he was hearing from Logan. All these months that Travis had been thinking about Logan naked and how he would love to touch Logan’s dick. Now Logan was admitting that he liked to do stuff with men and boys. “Logan, you have GOT TO TELL ME EVERYTHING. My dick is so hard right now listening to you talk. Oh man Logan… That is SO HOT. Dude, you don’t know this but when I jack off, I think about you being naked with me. Now, you’re telling me that you did stuff with another boy?? OH SHIT Logan… I wish I could have taken that trip with you. You and me and those other boys. OH FUCK… I am HARD.” Logan laughed as he watched escort kocaeli his friend wide eyed and his mouth half open, waiting for more juicy information. “NOTHING you tell me will make me think you’re bad” Travis said Logan went on to explain about Hunter keeping a magazine under his dresser and how the boys would get on his bed and jack off looking at the pictures. “Where they pictures of boys or girls” Travis asked Logan looked down at the floor. ” They were boys”. Logan looked at Travis ” Travis , I think that I am gay” Logan looked down at the floor again, waiting for Travis to respond. Travis was quiet for a minute then he spoke to Logan. ” Buddy, if it makes you feel any better, SO AM I “. Logan looked up and looked into Travis’s eyes. They both smiled. Travis put his hand over the table and opened it, inviting Logan to put his hand inside of his hand. Travis squeezed his hand tightly. “Did you guys do anything else besides jack off?” “Yes, we sucked each other too” Travis wanted to head to the boys room so he could jack off. He was harder than he had ever been in his life. “Did Miles do stuff with the boys too?” “Yes, he showed us a way where we all could suck each other in a circle suck. ” OH MY GOD” Travis said slowly. ” What about Derrick?”” “Derrick did stuff too. He likes sitting on someone’s chest and letting that person suck his dick.” “Did you and Derrick suck?” ” Yes” Travis put his hands up to his face and opened his mouth wide. ” OH FUCK. Logan, You don’t know how good I feel right now. I always thought that you liked girls, I never would have dreamed that you like boys. I wondered sometimes when I saw you checking out boys in the YMCA. I guess you saw me doing that too” Travis laughed. The bell rang ending the lunch period. Travis wanted to skip the next class and stay during the 8th grade period and keep talking with Logan. Logan said he had to go but he told him to give him a call tonight or get up with him on Twitter. The boys got up and pushed their chairs under the table. They looked at each other and hugged. “Logan, this is so awesome. Now we can be honest with each other about how we feel about other boys. I have so many stories I can tell you. I can’t wait to tell you some of my secrets” Logan smiled. ” See ya later bro” It took forever for the 3:00PM bell to ring, bringing an end to the first day of school. Travis put his backpack on with his school supplies and started walking towards the bus stop. He noticed that Clay was walking away from the bus zone . He ran to Clay to find out why he was not going to ride the bus. “Hey Clay… Where are you going???” “Oh, Hi Travis. I am going to walk home, I have something I need to do” “Cool, I’ll walk home with you” The bus that Travis rode slowly began to pull out as Clay and Travis walked off of the school grounds. “Why are you walking home?” Travis asked Clay did not respond. He kept looking behind him to see if anyone was watching where he was going. “What’s going on?” Travis inquired. “Remember that story I told you about my baseball coach?” Clay said “Yeah, what about him?” “Well, I told you that I kind of liked letting him take pictures of me. I went back a couple of more times and now he pays me to take pictures. He told me if I knew another boy that wanted to make money, he would pay them too” ” What kind of pictures does he take?” Travis asked Clay was silent as they walked a few more steps. “You can’t tell anyone this, but the last time I was there he told me that he would give my $50 if I would take all of my clothes off” ” I haven’t done it yet but I would like to have that money. Will you go with me? I would feel better and he will give you money too. You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” Travis could not believe how this day had developed. He was finding out secrets from some of his best friends and they were the kind of secrets that he enjoyed. Thinking about letting a man take photos of him being naked gave Travis an erection. He had been popping erections all afternoon remembering what Logan had told him. “Yeah.. I don’t mind getting paid $50 to let him take my picture” Travis said They approached the street the coach lived on and Clay looked back several times to be sure nobody was following or watching them. He told Travis that coach wanted him to knock on the back door so nobody would see him going into the house. The boys walked to the backyard and approached the door. Clay knocked three times and Travis found himself looking around to see if anyone was watching them. The door opened and Clay’s coach smiled when he saw Clay and another boy. ” Clay… I’m glad that you decided to come over. ” “This is my friend Travis and he is cool with you taking pictures of him too” Coach shook Travis’s hand and invited the boys in. ” Would you guys like a coke?” “Yes” Both boys answered at the same time. The boys sat on couch while coach sat in his lazy boy chair. “You boys can just call me Tony, no need to keep saying coach” While they were drinking their cokes, Tony kept staring at Travis. ” So did Clay tell you what I like to take pictures of?” ” Yeah, he said you take pictures of boys in their underwear with a bat” “That’s true, BUT if you want to make $50, I want to take pictures of you and Clay naked.” Travis looked kocaeli anal yapan escort at Clay to see what he would say. ” I’ll do it” Clay said. ” Me too” The boys put their empty coke bottles on the dining room table and Tony set his camera up in the living room. He checked the blinds to be sure that there were no openings. ” Let’s start with both of you taking your shirts off”. Clay and Travis took their backpacks off and placed them on the couch. They pulled their shirts off and placed them on the backpacks. Tony told the boys to stand facing each other and put their arms around each others neck. He took several photos of that pose. ” Now take your pants, shoes and socks off” Both boys stripped down to their underwear. Clay looked down at Travis’s underwear and saw that he had an erection. Tony noticed it as well. ” That’s awesome Travis, I love to see boys when they are hard” “Now, huge each other and smile looking at the camera” Tony took several photos. While he was taking the photos, Travis noticed that there was a bulge in Clay’s underwear. He knew that Clay had a boner as well. ” Now Clay, you slowly pull Travis’s underwear down to his knees” Clay looked at Travis and smiled ” This is fun” Clay said. Clay pressed down on his penis, trying to hide that he was fully erect. Clay pulled Travis’s underwear down to his knees. He kept his eyes on Travis’s dick while he did it. Coach took several pictures of Clay as he pulled the underwear down with Clay looking at his dick. When he pulled the underwear down, he pulled Travis’s dick down as well and when the underwear went lower, his dick popped up, totally erect. “Awesome” Tony said. He asked Clay to do that several times. He wanted to see Travis’s dick popping up from his underwear. Clay was enjoying pulling his underwear down and watching his dick spring upwards. “Ok, Travis you do it to Clay now” Travis had been wanting to see Clay naked for a long time but he never dreamed it would be in this manner. Travis slowly pulled Clay’s underwear down and just as his penis had popped out, Clay’s penis jumped up towards his belly.. Clay’s penis was erect and sticking straight out. Travis was surprised to see that Clay’s dick was not circumcised. Travis was totally naked while he was pulling Clay’s underwear down. Tony asked Travis to keep pulling Clay’s underwear up and down so that he could shoot pictures of his dick springing up when the underwear was pulled down. Tony was clicking his camera over and over. “I also love seeing boys that are completely hairless” Tony said. Tony walked up to the two boys and took close up photos of both of their dicks and balls. He took pictures of their belly and skin above the dick. He had them move close to their dicks were sticking up, next to each other. Tony took several photos of the boys dicks as they touched each other. One cut and the other uncut. Clay looked down at Travis’s penis and kept his eyes on it. Travis did the same to Clay’s penis. ” Clay, put Travis’s penis in your hand and hold it” Coach asked Clay looked at his penis and put his hand on it, grasping the erect penis around the shaft. “You do the same to him Travis” Travis reached down and grabbed Clay’s penis. He held it tightly, enjoying the fact that he was holding another boys hard penis. ” Pull his foreskin back on his head” Tony requested Travis started pulling Clay’s foreskin back, watching Clay as he did it to be sure it was not hurting Clay. Clay had his eyes on Travis’s hand as the foreskin was pulled back revealing a pink cock head. Travis could see that Clay’s penis was just about the same length as his when it was hard. “Ok, now both of you guys put both of your hands on the other’s ass cheeks and push forward back and forth like you’re humping each others dick. The boys did as he requested and looked at each other as they humped their naked bodies together. Both dicks were touching each other. The boys looked down and watched as their dicks touched each other and rubbed against each other. ” This feels good” Travis whispered to Clay. ” Yeah” Clay responded. “Clay, get on your knees and let Travis put his dick on your face. ” Clay got to his knees and Travis moved close to Clay, allowing his penis to rub against Clay’s lips. ” Now put it into your mouth” Clay grabbed his penis and put it inside of his mouth. Without any direction, Travis slowly began to move his penis in and out of Clay’s mouth. Clay closed his eyes. Tony was clicking away on his camera. Travis closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm moist feeling of his penis being inside of Clay’s mouth. Tony took at least 100 photos of Clay as he sucked Travis. ” Travis, you do it to Clay now” Travis got on his knees and looked up at Clay and smiled. Clay moved his penis towards Travis’s mouth and Travis opened his mouth accepting the boys penis. Travis began sucking the penis without being told to do so. “Travis, pull his foreskin back and suck on his dick head” Travis did as instructed, pulling the foreskin back and sucking on the head. Without being told, he put his tongue on the cock head and tickled the head with his tongue. “OH YES’ Tony yelled out. ” You are a natural Travis” Tony moved close to the boys and snapped another hundred photos of Travis sucking on Clay’s cock head. izmit yabancı escort “Do you boys know how to 69?” Tony asked “I do” Travis said Travis directed Clay on how he should lie on the floor. Travis started sucking on Clay while moving his penis towards Clay’s mouth. The boys began to suck each other. Travis started humping Clay’s mouth, showing Clay how it should be done. Clay began humping Travis’s mouth as well. Tony was no longer taking photos, he had a video camera that he was using to record the action. Tony moved close to the boys as they sucked each others penis. He zoomed in on the hairless cock and balls as they slipped in and out of their mouths. Travis and Clay both enjoyed the fact that they were doing this in front of an adult who was recording what they did. “Both of you guys stop sucking and just stick your dicks on each others lips and let the dicks rub all over the lips” Travis and Clay did as they were told. Both boys rubbed their hairless dicks and balls over the other’s face and lips. Travis closed his eyes as he rubbed his penis over Clay’s mouth. He felt the climax begging to build and he whispered ” I am getting ready to cum” Tony moved his video camera close to Clay’s mouth and taped as Travis’s penis began to twitch , moaning while reaching his orgasm. Coach filmed the boy’s semen slowly seeping out of his penis onto Clay’s lips. Travis had noticed the past few weeks when he jacked off that some fluid was starting to come out of his penis when he finished. Clay kept rubbing his dick along Travis’s lips hoping that he would finally be able to cum. He wanted Travis to have his penis on his mouth when he experienced his climax. After several more minutes, Clay said that he was feeling the “feeling”. Travis enjoyed Clay rubbing his penis on his face as Clay moaned loudly. Clay’s penis began to jump and twitch all over Travis’s lips and mouth. That felt GOOD” Clay said. Tony continued to film the boys as they rested from their orgasms. After a few minutes, he stopped filming and went into his bedroom. The boys got put their clothes back on and waited for the Coach to return. He came into the living room and gave each boy a crisp new $50 dollar bill. ” Anytime you boys want to make another $50, you know where I live” “So what do you do with the videos?” Travis asked “I keep them for myself” Tony answered “Some times, I share them with my friends that like to see naked boys” “So you like seeing boys have sex?” Travis asked “Yes” Tony answered. ” I am what is called a boylover” “That’s cool with me” Travis said. Clay agreed. The boys went out the back door and walked to the sidewalk. They both looked to make sure that nobody saw them leaving Tony’s house. They both lived a few blocks away and had some time to talk about what had just happened. “Do you think what we did is too gay” Clay asked Travis could not help but laugh at what Clay had just said. ” Yeah, I kind of think it was pretty gay” Travis said laughing. ” Did you like doing it?” Travis asked ” Yeah, I liked it a lot” Clay responded “To tell you the truth Clay, I know I am gay. I think about boys more than I think about girls and I would rather do sex with boys too” “I don’t know what I am but I like doing it with boys too.” Clay said. “Have you ever done stuff with another boy?” Travis asked “I did it with a boy that’s in your class. His name is Randy” Travis knew who he was talking about because Randy sat right next to him in his History class. Travis was first attracted to Randy when they were in the 4th grade together. Travis remember how he wished he could see Randy naked to see what his dick looked like. “What did you and Randy do?” “When he comes over to spend the night, we sleep in my bed. When I know my parents are asleep, we take our underwear off and do stuff with each other. We jack each other off and he likes to suck my dick. I did not like doing that to him at first but now I do” ” Do you and Randy do it often?” “Every few weeks, he comes over and we do stuff” Thoughts of naked boys were swirling in Travis’s mind. Now he knew four boys that would probably like to have sex with other boys. John, Logan, Clay and now Randy. His mind was swarming with ideas of how to get hooked up with the other boys for sex. ” Have you ever done it with other boys Travis?” Clay asked. ” When I was 9, I did some stuff with my friend John. You know him Clay, he just lives almost across the street from you.” ” Oh yeah, I know John” Clay answered Travis looked at Clay ” To be honest with you Clay, I have wanted to do stuff with you and Logan . When I jack off, it’s you and Logan that I think off. I probably should not say this but I know that Logan is gay too” ” You would not believe the stuff he told me at lunch today” “What did he tell you” Clay asked “I can’t say, I promised to keep it a secret” The boys continued to walk. ” Do you think Logan could spend the night with us on Friday night” Clay asked Travis thought about how much fun it would be for three gay preteen boys to spend the night in a tent. He was curious to see what Logan looked like Naked now that he was in the 7th grade. “I’ll tell you one big secret Clay. Logan knows this boy, his name is Derrick. He is just 9 and likes to have his dick sucked by other boys. How cool would it be to have us and Logan and Derrick all in the same tent. WOW…we could have a PARTY” Clay gave Travis a high five and said he would get back with him tonight. They parted ways both of them thinking about how much fun they just had at Tony’s house. They both knew they wanted to do that and much more again.

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