Lizzie Pt. 03


A couple of days passed before we were able to spend time together again, thanks to mid-terms and a class project that took up Lizzie’s evenings. Then on Friday afternoon after my last class, I was walking down the hallway to my room when I passed Lizzie’s open door. She was sitting in her desk chair and talking with our RA Jackie, sitting on Lizzie’s bed and looking embarrassed. I walked in and said hello to both girls. Jackie immediately appeared even more embarrassed. I gave Lizzie a quizzical look. She smiled and asked me to close the door. As I did, Lizzie started her story.

“So, Jackie here stopped by to congratulate me!” I raised an eyebrow, Jackie blushed, and Lizzie continued. “After I was asking her about masturbation earlier in the week, Jackie heard some ‘noises’ coming from my room, and assumed that I had figured the whole thing out. Which… isn’t entirely wrong, but…” A still-blushing Jackie tried to meet my eyes, but quickly glanced away. She was at least a foot shorter than Lizzie or I, with long straight brown hair, a cute face and a bright smile. Jackie had an olive complexion, wore a lot of skirts, and I often saw her running up and down the hallway in her bare feet (which always drew my attention). This was her first semester as an RA and was taking it very seriously, but had a good sense of humor and was fun to talk to and joke around with.

“Anyway,” Lizzie continued “I told her that I wasn’t alone when I made those noises, and Jackie was very happy for me. For us!” Jackie nodded at this and opened her mouth to speak, clearly ready to change the subject. But Lizzie cut her off “But then, Jackie pointed out that I hadn’t really been masturbating, exactly. And that she’d be happy to… show me some techniques, if I wanted.” Jackie was blushing intently now, staring at the floor. This was a pretty arousing topic and my groin was starting to tingle with excitement. But at the same time, I was starting to feel bad for Jackie, and wondered why Lizzie was telling me all this and embarrassing Jackie so much.

Then Lizzie delivered the kicker: “So I made a joke about how maybe Jackie could give us both a… demonstration.” Lizzie’s voice turned conspiratorial. “And you should have seen how her eyes lit up!” Lizzie finished.

Jackie tried to meet my eyes again, glanced away immediately, and stammered “I wasn’t really… I didn’t…” Lizzie and I both had amused expressions of ‘not buying it’. Jackie glanced back and forth at our faces and her shoulders sank in chagrin.

“That’s, uh… I mean, you…” I wanted to relieve Jackie’s embarrassment, but couldn’t find the words.

Lizzie smoothly moved from her chair to sit beside Jackie on the bed, putting an arm around her.

“It’s totally fine, Jackie,” Lizzie said reassuringly, “I’m not making fun of you.”

Jackie lifted her head to reveal wet, grateful eyes. “I’m sorry, I…”

Lizzie shushed her and gave her a hug. “Don’t be sorry. You’re fine.”

Jackie turned to look at me and this time held her gaze. She smiled apologetically and said “It’s just that… in high school, I had some… friends that… well, we would sometimes… um…”

“‘Demonstrate’ for each other?” Lizzie suggested, encouragingly.

Jackie nodded, a fearful expression on her face, worried that we were going to call her a pervert, I’m sure.

Lizzie hugged her again and said “Oh, Jackie. Honestly, if you had told me that on Monday, it would have freaked me out. But it’s been a very… educational week for me, thanks to this guy.” Lizzie nodded at me and gave me a wink. My cock twitched and my heart melted, all at once.

A smile returned to Jackie’s face and she said “oh, I heard.” We all grinned at each other.

I was very eager to hear more about Jackie and her friends, and tried to think of how to ask her to continue. Lizzie beat me to it. “How did you and your friends get… started, doing… that?” she said, tentatively.

Jackie sighed and began, “Oh, one of us caught the other masturbating once. It was shocking, but kind of exciting, and then she starting trying to catch him at it, and then she did, and he was… you know, into it, and then they started doing it in front of each other. She told one of her friends about it, and then the friend started joining in. Then he told one of his friends about it, and… so on.”

I finally found my voice. “So it turned into kind of a club,” I ventured.

Jackie smiled and nodded at me. “That’s exactly what we called it,” she confirmed. “We would call our little get-togethers ‘club meetings’, and we… had them a lot.”

I was fully erect at this point, especially with Lizzie giving me lustful looks as Jackie was telling her story.

“Well,” I said, “I don’t think that’s exactly uncommon. I’ve heard of those kind of ‘clubs’ before. I was at summer camp once, and there were a few guys that used to sneak off into the woods…” I paused, realizing that both girls were suddenly very intently listening to me. “And, uh… you know, have a circle-jerk.”

Jackie smiled in recognition, bahis şirketleri but Lizzie looked confused. I opened my mouth to clarify, but Jackie stepped in, suddenly eager and without any lingering embarrassment.

“It’s when guys stand or sit in a circle, and then they jack each other off!” she explained excitedly. Lizzie’s eyes widened adorably in comprehension.

“Education week continues,” I said playfully. Now it was Lizzie’s turn to blush as Jackie giggled.

Jackie’s eyes met mine and I sensed she was starting to get aroused by the conversation, and where it might lead. Lizzie looked at me and gave me a look that said she was feeling the same.

“So,” Lizzie said, hesitantly, “you’re right, Jackie. I haven’t really… masturbated… on my own yet, and could probably use some… help, there.” Jackie gazed at her expectantly. I stared in wonder.

“And if you wanted to… you know… start another… club…” Lizzie trailed off, leaving the offer hanging. Jackie smiled and nodded at her, then both girls turned to look at me.

Nonchalantly, I said “I mean… I’m in, if you want.” Jackie beamed at me.

Lizzie smirked and said to Jackie, “Check him out. Joe Cool over there has a hard-on right now that could cut glass, I guarantee it.” We all laughed. I may have blushed.

“So…” Jackie started, but then my stomach grumbled and we all laughed again.

“Sounds like it’s dinner time,” Lizzie remarked. Jackie and I smiled and nodded. “Maybe we meet back here around eight for ‘movie night’?” Lizzie suggested.

Jackie said “oh, you want to watch a…”

“Not really,” I answered, “that’s sort of a euphemism now for Lizzie and I getting together for some… ‘education’.”

We all grinned at each other and Jackie softly said “sounds good, then.”

Jackie got off the bed, gave Lizzie a warm look, and stepped toward the door, brushing her fingers against mine as she passed me.

“See you guys tonight,” Jackie said as she opened the door and left the room. I lunged to close the door and then practically leapt toward the bed. Lizzie was already on her back and breathing quickly. I jumped on her and we immediately locked in a embrace. We hadn’t seen each other in two days, but had traded a multitude of texts (including a few dozen R-rated messages), and one quick and dirty phone-sex session. Well, one-sided phone sex. Lizzie was at a classmate’s apartment with a group working on her class project, and snuck into the bathroom to give me a quick call and giggle at me as I jerked off in my room for her.

But now we were back in each other’s arms and aflame with passion for each other. We started fiercely making out and groping at each other, grunting and moaning and whimpering with desire. Soon we were dry-humping and Lizzie began panting as I felt familiar pressure building in my loins.

“Wait… wait…” Lizzie gasped as she pushed me away. I reluctantly rolled off of her.

“Let’s… save it for tonight, ” Lizzie suggested between breaths.

I moaned with frustration and whispered “But I missed you,” before I planted my mouth on her neck, licking at her skin. Lizzie shuddered and sighed with pleasure but pushed me away again. My stomach grumbled for a second time.

“…and see, we need to eat something!” Lizzie said, triumphantly.

“That wasn’t my stomach,” I said seductively, “that’s my cock, hungry for you.”

Lizzie cackled at this, announcing “oh, you’re SUCH a dork!” I ended up laughing with her and rolled away to lie beside her, breathing heavily.

“But we could get each other off real quick and then go,” I offered.

Lizzie shook her head. “Let’s save it for Jackie. I might need some extra nerve,” she explained, her smile turning devilish, “and I want to see you shoot a mega-load.” I relented and we got up and headed for the cafeteria.

Lizzie and I had a leisurely dinner, chatting about classes and general dorm gossip. It was like a lot of meals we’d shared in the last month before our relationship changed this week, except for the occasional innuendo and sultry look we would throw in here and there. I made a joke about overwhelming her with my sexy smile, and Lizzie stroked my ankle under the table with her toes until I blushed and grew speechless. She certainly knew how to shut me up, and I adored her all the more for it.

After dinner we took a walk across campus, holding hands and kicking piles of leaves and generally falling deeper in love with each other, or so it felt like to me. We made it back to Lizzie’s room well before 8, and we kept our hands off each other, each growing more nervously excited as our ‘appointment ‘ with Jackie grew closer. I certainly didn’t know what to expect, and I was in awe of Lizzie’s relative calmness.

Surely she was about to have a night of major new ‘firsts’ of her life, after a week of having a few big ones already. But she seemed less nervous than me. It was like that first orgasm had unlocked some confidently curious part of her that was hungry for new experiences of all kinds. Well, bahis firmaları mostly the sweaty and physical kind, at least. I remarked on how impressed I was with how calm she was in the midst of all this change, and she grew quiet. Lizzie gave me a tender look and said “It’s all because of you.” I probably blushed a bit and tried to make a joke, but Lizzie continued.

“You know I’ve been pretty… sheltered, when it comes to boys and… stuff. And was always warned that guys were aggressive and always trying to force their way in your pants. But you…”

Lizzie’s eyes grew moist. “…you let me be your friend, and seemed to really care about me.” I nodded solemnly, touched by her emotion.

“You snuggled with me like I used to do with my brother, and made me feel… at home.”

I had a lump in my throat and just nodded at her again, finally forcing out “I feel… at home with you too.” It seemed far too early to say “I love you” to each other, but I would swear we were both thinking it at each other as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I leaned toward her just as a soft knock at the door startled us both.

“Come in!” Lizzie shouted with a bit of a hitch in her voice. A beaming Jackie entered the room and locked the door behind her. She was wearing a towel wrapped around her hair, and her glowing skin indicated that she was fresh from a shower. Jackie wore a loose-fitting tshirt, shorts, and a pair of thick wool socks that I didn’t expect. I’d long since grown used to sneaking glances at her running through the hallway in her bare feet. But I was too excited to dwell on it, and instantly distracted by the shoebox that she was carrying under one arm.

“Hi guys!” Jackie chirped cheerfully. “I’m pretty… excited for… tonight” she continued, turning slightly nervous, as though just remembering the purpose of her visit. But Jackie’s confidence quickly returned as she set the shoebox down on Lizzie’s desk and started looking around the room, as if for the first time.

“Okay,” Jackie said, putting her hands on her hips. She nodded at me and asked “can you help me move some furniture around?” Lizzie and I glanced at each other in mild surprise, but I stood up and said “sure.”

Jackie had me push Lizzie’s bed further into the corner of the room and then slide a tall bookcase against the foot of the bed. The bed was now ‘enclosed’ on three sides by wood or wall. I traded another puzzled look with Lizzie and then Jackie explained.

“It’s better if we can all sit up and face each other, with back support.”

Lizzie and I just nodded at her, smiling tentatively. I glanced at the shoebox on the desk.

Jackie followed my look and said “Ah, those are just some… toys, in case… well, we actually probably won’t need to break those out tonight, but I thought I’d bring them anyway. Standard ‘club equipment’, you know.” I didn’t know, but had a pretty good idea. Lizzie looked mystified, but curious.

Silence seemed to stretch out between us. “Thank you for… ” I suddenly wanted to avoid saying “coming,” given the circumstances. “Uh… joining us tonight.” Lizzie and Jackie both giggled at my awkward formality, and I blushed.

“Let’s start with a group hug to break some tension,” Jackie suggested softly.

I joined the girls in a standing, triangular embrace, careful not to let my hard cock press against Jackie through my pants. Lizzie rested her head against my shoulder and shorter Jackie rested her head on Lizzie’s chest. Our hands met on each other’s backs, Lizzie and Jackie both taking my hand in theirs, raising my heartrate. As I felt Jackie grasp Lizzie’s hand behind my back, Jackie turned and laid her head on my chest, raising my heartrate further. I gave both girls a gentle squeeze that they returned. This really was cozy, though a part of me was anxious about touching Jackie in front of… or along with, my new girlfriend. But Lizzie just purred and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We all held each other for another few moments before disengaging and stepping back from each other.

Jackie’s eyes seemed moist again, but she smiled brightly and nodded toward the bed. “Shall we get comfortable?” she asked cheerily. Lizzie and I looked at each other excitedly and climbed onto the bed. I set myself up against the wall at the head of the bed and Lizzie sat in the middle, facing the ‘open’ area of the bed. Jackie said “perfect!” as she got comfortable at the foot of the bed, sitting back against the back of the bookcase. I was relieved that I didn’t get stuck in the ‘middle’ where Lizzie was. I could see both girls at once, whereas Lizzie would have to turn her head to look at either of us.

“Okay, this is all about having some casual fun,” Jackie began, “so don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to try. Just say ‘not into it’ if anything bothers you, and nobody will judge you, okay?” Lizzie and I just smiled and nodded at her. I was feeling a rising surge of arousal and anxiety, unsure of how to handle myself (pun intended).

Jackie said “So, we can start, uh… disrobing,” kaçak bahis siteleri and I immediately started pulling off my shirt, pants and underwear. I was already done by the time she finished her sentence of “…to whatever degree you’re comfortable with,” smiling at my eagerness. I blushed, realizing that other ‘club members’ probably just pulled their pants down or whatever. Lizzie giggled nervously, and I worried that I had just put her in an awkward position.

It only then dawned on me that Lizzie hadn’t even gotten fully naked in front of me yet, and now she probably felt pressure to strip in front of both of us. I opened my mouth to apologize, but first Jackie said “I love the enthusiasm!” as she pulled her tshirt over her head, then started to wriggle her pants off. I was delighted to see her socks come off with her pants, and I tried to take in the sight of her now-naked body without appearing to ogle her.

Jackie’s olive skin was smooth and soft and glowing, with a few hints of tanlines lingering around her chest and hips. Her breasts were small but pert, with small nipples that were already hardening. Jackie’s bush was trimmed short and neat. The curves of her legs were perfectly proportioned and her feet and toes were as alluring as I remembered them. My cock throbbed noticeably and Jackie giggled at me before we both turning to look at Lizzie.

To my relief, Lizzie had a already-familiar look of hungry curiosity on her face and was smiling devilishly as she gazed at Jackie’s body. “You’re beautiful, Jackie” Lizzie said softly, and Jackie blushed. I felt like a jerk. “Uh, yes! I… think so, too… Jackie!” I awkwardly agreed. Both girls smiled at me, then Lizzie rolled her eyes and started to pull off her shirt. I practically forgot about Jackie as Lizzie removed her clothes, so intent was my focus. Her sweater came off in one smooth pull, then her bra in a few more complicated motions. I gazed at Lizzie’s bare breasts for the first time. Apple-sized, firm, with nipples that seemed to extend a little farther than average.

“Nice boobs, Lizzie” Jackie said brightly. Lizzie thanked her, blushed a little, and started to unbutton and wriggle her jeans off. I could feel my desire increasing with every fresh inch of skin that came into view. Soon she had kicked her jeans, panties and socks off the side of the bed to join her sweater in a pile on the floor. I gazed in wonder at the sight of Lizzie’s body as she glanced nervously back and forth at Jackie and me.

“Wow” I breathed. “You’re utterly gorgeous, Lizzie.” Lizzie blushed some more and winked at me. She seemed to be handling everything just fine. I was becoming a little overwhelmed at the sights before me, and hoping things would get started soon before something ruptured.

“Okay,” Jackie began, “here’s how ‘club meetings’ usually go: it’s not a race. In fact, the first person to come is usually then obligated to follow orders from the other members. Like playing truth or dare, and coming early is like picking ‘dare.'”

“What kind of ‘dare’,” Lizzie asked, a little nervously.

“Oh, nothing obnoxious,” Jackie said reassuringly. “Like, ‘go get me a drink’ or… ‘go make out with another member’, or… maybe… ‘go lick another member’s toes’,” she finished in a mischievous voice.

My cock throbbed, Lizzie blushed, and Jackie giggled. I sensed that Lizzie had been telling Jackie some stories about our time together. I didn’t mind in the slightest, as there were twenty gorgeous female toes on the bed in front of me and they all looked deliciously lickable.

Lizzie nodded in my direction and said “I think this one is ready to pop already. Maybe we let him shoot one off first, and then you can help… guide me.”

“I like that idea,” Jackie said encouragingly, as she spread her legs and guided her right hand between them. Her pussy was small and delicate, and she started lightly gliding her fingertips up and down her lips. I looked around to confirm there was a box of tissues within reach, then looked at Lizzie for approval. She smiled and nodded at me, as I watched her tentatively place one hand between her own legs. I couldn’t see her pussy or how she was touching herself since she was sitting in profile to me. But I watched her legs twitch and her eyes widen as her arm moved slightly.

I grasped my cock in my right hand and immediately gasped at the sensation. I was eager to come, but wanted to give the girls something of a show first, so I started stroking extremely slowly. My cock throbbed in my hand as both girls stared fixedly at me. Lizzie would occasionally glance over at Jackie’s hand to see how she was touching her pussy. Jackie was completely focused on my cock and beginning to breathe faster.

As I slowly stroked myself, I watched Jackie’s fingers begin to move a little faster and press harder on her pussy. Orgasmic pressure was already beginning to boil, and I scooched my hips down on the bed a bit so I could lean back a bit more, to make sure my cum shot all over my chest and belly, and not on the bed. I gazed at Lizzie, who was moving her arm a little faster, and had spread her legs a little wider so I could almost see her fingers on her pussy. Drawing my gaze upward, I observed her hard, pink nipples at full attention.

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