Subject: “Little Howie Cums to Visit” (Mb, Ped, Exhibit, Mast, Anal, Oral) Little Howie Cums to Visit (Mb, Ped, Exhibit, Mast, Anal, Oral) by DavyWavy My little buddy “Howie” was just a couple months shy of 12 years old the first time he came over to my townhouse. That first time he climbed over the fence to see what he could see, I suppose. His real name isn’t “Howie” but he likes my nick name for him. I call him that because he is always asking “how”, as in “how does that work?”, etc. He calls me “Mister Stevie” because, well, that’s my name: Steve. He calls me “Uncle Steve” but during our intimate moments “Stevie”. We’ve been having sex since he was 11 years old. The first time Howie and I “got started” was when he was a few months shy of 12 years old. Our townhouses are connected and he would always come over through the back entrance and inside via my sliding glass patio doors. I have a big workstation setup where I do web edit work. 28 inch monitor and super graphics. I’ve got a huge stash of kid stuff on it too, gigabytes of boys having all kinds of fun. Well I told Howie that he didn’t have to climb over the fence, that the back gate was always open and he could come over anytime. He thought that was cool and started to come over every afternoon when the school bus dropped him off. Howie was a “latch-key” kid: his mom was divorced and she worked until around 8pm at night. Anyway, that one awesome day, I was naked in front of my computer, watching a really good video of two boys about 12 having hot sex. I love watching young boys kiss, and tongue each other’s mouths. My cock was really hard as usual, 7 inches long, not too fat but with a good helmet sized head. Perfect for me: I am a Pedophile, have been one since my very early teens. Oh Howie, Oh Yes! And a beautiful little boy he is too. About 4 and a half feet tall, maybe 90 lbs. Reddish hair, freckles, an 11 –almost 12-year old entering early-puberty. A beautiful slim body with that downy peach fuzz on his legs and cheeks. Luscious! Anyway, that day Howie when said “WOW!” was when I was in the den, naked, and jacking off. It was a fairly long video, about 15 minutes, with two boys about 12 or 13 deep tongue-kissing and then sucking each other in turn, then doing 69, and finally one boy fucking the other boy. Anyway, there I was jacking off with the sound turned up a bit so I barely I heard this “Oh! Wow!” sound behind me. I swiveled my chair around and there was Howie! He had walked in through the den door and was alternating his eyes between my cock and the 27″ video screen. I was still slow-jacking when I turned my chair around, but stopped when I saw him. He had quietly opened the sliding glass door and was watching me masturbate to porn. He said “Oh Wow! Sorry Uncle Steve!”. He could definitely see my erect cock and the video screen behind me. Howie had on a t-short and a pair of those thin nylon gym shorts. I could see the outline of his cock through the fabric and it was evident that he already had a nice boner. He told me later that he had been watching me before he came in. I was the first to say anything intelligible when I said “Hey Howie, it’s OK, I mean we’re both guys and we both jack off and we both watch porn. No big deal!” I didn’t even think before I said that, that just came right out of my erotic Pedo brain side I guess. He looked at the screen and then down to my boner, which was still pretty hard and said, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you and, uh, I’ll leave if you want me to”. Well, I knew right then that what he actually wanted was to look at the videos and my cock and maybe do some sex play. “Nah, it’s cool, you can stay and watch if you want to”, I was praying that he would stay! Howie said, kind of out of breath-like, “OK, if we can keep it a secret” Howie, was looking back and forth at my cock and then up to the video screen, and I could see in his thin summer shorts pushing out with a definite boner — getting harder by the second. His cock looked to be about 5 inches, which was pretty big for an “almost-12”-year-old kid. He was wearing those thin nylon summer-shorts and a t-shirt and it was painfully obvious that he didn’t have any underpants on either! I could see the cut head of his cock as it got harder and harder. Oh man, I thought, I am either so busted and will be getting big Bubba’s cock in my ass in jail, or this luscious little boy was turned on and actually interested in having some sex. I said, “Come on over Howie, so you can see the video better.” I grinned at him and kept holding my cock with my hand right down partially under my balls. I was still pretty hard, would you believe? Not a full Viagra Boner, but pretty hard. Howie came right over, (I could see the head of his now-hard cock bulging his shorts, too) and he didn’t waste a second thinking about it either. He stared at my cock, then the video and said, “wow! those guys are really doing sixty-nine. How did you get that video?” I said, “well, Ole Buddy, there are ways to get these really great videos if you know how to use the Internet just right”. He said, (and by what and how asked me, I knew that I had found me a delicious little boy to suck and fuck), “I can’t ever get any really good ones on my ‘puter, its like its just all like PG rated shit, not like this one … Yeah and When Mister Josh left, he took his puter with him. That was really da shitz!” I started jacking off again, slowly stroking my hand up and down my cock. I was hard as a rock. Howie was watching like a hawk! “You sure got a big one Uncle Steve, how long is it?”. I said, “It’s seven inches long when I am really hard. How about your cock, Howie?”. He started to pull his shorts down and said, “You wanna see? Please don’t tell anyone and its gotta be our secret, OK?” Finally, after I reassured him that this was our big secret to keep, he pulled his shorts down. As the shorts started down I could tell that he was excited, with a nice hard boner and was actually watching me for my reaction. He very slowly slid the shorts down which made his hard 11-year old cock bend downwards. As the elastic band got to the head of his cock, he pulled his thin shorts down all the way to his knees. Howie laughed — sort of a dirty giggle, and said “There! You like it?” Oh man did I ever like it and I was still jacking off slowly and feeling that quivering feeling and my prostate bulging with cum. I leaned forward in my chair and got close to his cock, maybe a foot or so away, and said “Oh Howie, you have a beautiful cock! You are are one very sexy guy!”. His cock seemed to be big for his age of 11 years old. I asked him, already interested in “what” Mister josh had been doing. “Well Howie, my Ole Buddy, I can be just like your friend Josh, you know. Anyway, who is Mister Josh, Howie?” Howie was started rubbing the head of his cock and was looking intensely at the video — the boys on there were now greasing up and getting ready to fuck. Howie replied, “Well, Josh was my mom’s boyfriend for awhile, maybe a year I guess. But they had a big fight and he moved out. He was really cool about stuff, you know, sex and stuff.” I was really happy to hear that and was sure that Ole Mister Josh had showed Howie some “special sex stuff”. I know I was going to do that, for sure, if he was willing. I told Howie, “Dang, I’m really sorry he left, you must miss him doing sex stuff, huh?” Howie gave me that evil little grin he used a lot and said, “Oh yeah, he showed me how to jack off and to suck and he would suck me too — a LOT! Yeah, I miss him too, like totally!” He was still staring at my cock as my hand moved up and down on it. Howie was grinning and obviously turned konya escort on. He said “You got a lot of precum don’t ya? I can tell cause your cock is really wet”. Well, that statement told me that he knew his way around a cock, maybe from porn videos? I asked him, “You watch any good porn lately? Those guys drip a lot of precum, don’t they!” Howie giggled again and said, “Oh yeah, there’s one place I go to watch them and really like watching guys do it”. While he was talking and watching me and my video Howie started to stroke faster on his his cock. His cock was cut, about 5 inches long and about as big around as a hot dog. “You sure know how to jack off, Howie, using your hand like that”. He had his hand wrapped around his cock and was stroking it up and down from his smooth balls up to the head and back again. Just like I loved to do too, by the way. Howie had gotten bolder and said, “Yeah, and we could be suck buddies too, if you want to do that”. I asked him, “where did you lean about sucking, from videos or someplace else?”. Howie said, “Those vids on a place called tube eight and … ummm … there was another guy at school one time…” Howie was still looking between my now very hard cock and the video screen and his hand started to go up and down to masturbate his cock. I said, “Howie Ole Buddy you really ought to take off your clothes and we can watch this together, OK?” I got up and pulled the extra chair over for him to sit in. My cock was standing out straight from my body, my ball sack hanging. My scrotum hangs pretty low, so much that I have to cup my balls in my hand when I jack off so they don’t bounce too much. Anyway, I sat back down and started to slow-jack my cock. Howie looked at my cock and my hand and licked his lips in a nervous manner. He pulled his shorts down and kicked out of his sandals then stripped the t-short up over his head. A naked 11-year old boy! OMG! Oh hell yes, Howie, I thought, then I said, “For sure Howie, you know I’ll always keep this a secret, just you and me .. we can be jack-off buddies if you want … and suck-buddies too, just like you and Mister Josh …” Howie grinned again, saying, “Yah, jack-off buddies. Oh yeah and sucking too, I love that!” When Howie pulled his t-shirt over his head it revealed a totally beautiful trim and tight chest. His nipples were brownish-red and were erect like pencil erasers. “Bet you like me naked too right?”, he said with that impish grin. “Oh Howie, I love it when we’re both naked so we can do sex stuff with each other”. “There! I’m all naked now and just for you Mister Stevie! You like that?!” He wiggled his hips back and forth making his hard erection swing back and forth. “Oh Howie, you are absolutely beautiful! I LOVE your cock and balls!” By this time I was jacking myself pretty fast, and the pre-cum was really dripping and flowing down my hand onto my cock. I asked him “You get your sperms to shoot yet?” Howie grinned again and said, “Oh yeah, sometimes I get a little bit … and sometimes precum too like you’re getting now!” I said, “Oh Yeah, well I do get a lot of pre-cum and I’m dripping pretty good …” I put my left hand under my ball sack and used my right hand to strip some precum up and out to a big glob out of my piss hole. “You wanna taste it?”. Howie didn’t even hesitate but leaned over and stuck his tongue out right under my piss-hole and I stripped a big wad of pre cum onto his lips and tongue. “There’s some, you like?” Howie said, “oh man that’s so cool, it’s really sweet! I love it!” I was almost shivering with the feeling a pedo gets when he is next to a naked boy and said, “I sure want to suck your cock Howie, is that OK?” I leaned over more and got my mouth right up to the head of his cock, stuck my tongue out and licked the head. Howie gave out a groan and said “Oh yeah, Oh Yeah!” I went ahead and put his whole cock in my mouth and used one hand to rub his balls while my other hand was busy jacking myself off. That’s the best way for me when I suck a guy off, jacking myself and feeling a boner in my mouth. I sucked him for a couple of minutes, and he was pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. Howie started to push his cock into my mouth as deep as he could as I used my lips and tongue to suck and lick him. “Uncle Steve, that’s gonna make me cum!”. I took my mouth off of him just long enough to say “that’s OK ‘lil buddy, go ahead and cum when you want to”. I knew that I was ready to cum, and could feel the tingle in my balls as I sucked his 11-year old cock and stroked my hard cock. Man! I was getting so close to a cum it was tough to hold back. I said, “Hey Howie, wanna watch my cum squirt? I can shoot it on your cock and then lick it off”. Howie gave that little giggle-laugh and said, “Sure, that’s what Josh did a lot, but I sucked him too a lot … his cum was really hot and salty. What do your sperms taste like?” I was ready to cum what with the excitement of a little boy naked in front of me. Howie was obviously already sexualized, and was enjoying my showing off too. “Here — I like to stand up when I get ready to cum, so lemme shoot on your cock and balls, OK?” Howie was jacking himself by now, using his thumb and two fingers to push the skin of his penis up and down over the head. I remembered that is how I started jacking off when I was his age — just a thumb and fingers. “Get ready Howie!” Man, I was sooooo ready to shoot my load, I was burning up with the need to cum. Knowing that a willing and very sexy young boy — right in my Age of Attraction range was standing in front of me — I leaned back a bit and arced my back a little, pushing my cock forward and starting to stroke myself really fast. Howie moved closer to me, so close I could smell his sweat and sexy body. I put arm around his back and held my hand on his shoulder. I could feel my cum building up to the point where I almost was unable to hold off. But I did because I wanted Howie to get his cums. Then I was going to have a surprise for him: A cum-load all over his belly and cock and balls. with licking and cum-swapping! I stopped jacking off and said, come on Howie, lemme suck you off to a cum then I’ll jack off on your cock. I quickly went to my knees in front of the computer chair and started sucking him. Within a few seconds Howie was moaning and saying stuff like “Oh Fuck!” Oh Fuck” … “Feels so fucking good!”. He was really aroused and I knew he was close to a cum just like me. I could feel his 11-year-old prick pushing in and out of my mouth like a piston. I leaned into him and held his beautiful little boy ass cheeks in both hands to help him pump my mouth. “Pull out of my mouth and jack off for me so I can see you shoot!” Howie moved back a bit and his hard boner came out of my mouth wet and slick. He started to jack himself off as I watched and started to masturbate again. My cum started to shoot and I cried out “Oh Fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” My semen shot out of my cock and directly onto his cock and balls, his hand was still jacking away on his cock, so I got a load on his hand too. Howie, cried out “Ewwww Yeah!! .. jizz on me! … oh fuuuuuck! I’m getting a cum too!” He arched back and his eyes stared at my hand and cock, and he jerked his cock forward letting out a groan and an “ooooh FUCK Yeah!” Howie was breathing hard and red in the face. “You gonna cum now Uncle Steve?” I bent down and started licking and sucking him then. Even though I had just had an orgasm, my hand was jerking my cock so fast it was a blur! Howie was still red in the face and watching my every move. I said, “Come on Howie, you can get another cum with my sucking konyaaltı escort your cock, shoot your cums in my mouth!” I felt and watched jets of hot little boy semen shoot out of his cock and into my mouth. It was salty but sweet and I kept it in my mouth to savor the taste. I used one hand to rub underneath Howie’s ball sack to help get those last precious drops out. Oh yeah, and I was ready to cum again! I pulled him forward towards my cock as I jacked myself off. Howie put his hands on my thighs and looked up at me then back to the head of my cock with my hand stroking furiously over it. Then, my cum started again! I seemed never to have come so much. My semen shot out of my cock and into his mouth as he ducked down and put his mouth right at the head of my cock. My sticky white goo covered his nose, his cheeks and his lips with white jizz. I pulled him up to stand close, our hot bodies rubbing each other as I collapsed back onto the chair. I started licking his face, then sucked the cum from his mouth with our tongues probing deep in each other’s mouths. His hands were around my neck like the most precious lover I could ever have. My arms surrounded him and my hands slid downward to his beautiful boy-butt. Well, well, well … 30 minutes after Howie entered my jack off room, we had both cum and were going to be Suck-Buddies! I figured this was the best pedo-moment I had had in many years of trying to seduce young boys. Howie down and started to use his hand to clean off the cum from his cock and balls. He was still mostly hard too. Ahhhh youth! I said “hey buddy, lemme do that for you, OK?” He nodded and whispered “OK Cool”, and I leaned forward and started to lick the cum off of his cock and balls. Some of the cum was in his very spare and soft pubic hair. Yummy Cum! I got it all off at the same time as starting to lick and suck his balls. Then I moved to the head of his cock and sucked a bit, looking up to him, “is that good Howie? You liking that?”. He gave me that impish grin again and said “Oh wow, sure, that is soooo sexy. You can suck me anytime you want to!”. “You got cum on your hand, buddy, you want me to lick it off?” He said, “naw, I got it .. I like the stuff!” and started to lick my cum off of his hand. His eyes were closed and I was still licking his cock. I took his almost hairless peach-fuzz really — balls into my mouth and sucked them gently. He said “Oh Fuck! that is sooooo cool! I love that!” I brought my hand up to his cock and started to jack him off slowly, using my hand wrapped around his cock in a fist. I was gently sucking his balls and pulling them down slightly with my mouth. I figured I would get at least one more cum out of him, being “almost” 12 years old. My cock was semi-hard right after that cum, but starting to get harder by the second. You older Pedos know how that is, you cum but still stay about half hard and still sensitive. I hadn’t taken a Viagra so I was surprised I was getting hard again! Ahhh, the power of a little, sexy boy over my adult Pedophile cock! I started stroking my cock with my thumb and forefinger in an “O” shape — I had plenty of spit and cum on the head so it felt deliciously sexy and slippery. Howie was watching me too, which made it even better. I stood up again and realized that my cock was about even with Howie’s chest; he could simply bend over a bit to suck me. Howie was definitely sexualized, which suited me just fine. I knew I was a boy-lover pedo by the time I was 10 years old, getting a stiffie every time I looked at another boy in the swimming pool. I watched every boy and teen as they showered before and after the pool, even if they didn’t take off their swim trunks. At that time I didn’t realize that there were older men watching me too!. There were toilet stalls at the YMCA, and I would duck in one to jack off after watching the boys in the shower. What I didn’t know about at the time was that the one toilet stall I went to all the time had both sides drilled with peep holes. I was, at age 10, putting on quite a show for the older pedophiles at the pool! Little Howie said, “What you thinking about Mister Stevie? You got your eyes closed.” I opened my eyes and looked at him, he was slowly jacking his almost-six inch pre-teen cock — he had his thumb and fingers wrapped around it slithering up and down — his cock was still covered with a sheen of our cum too. “Oh Howie, I’m was thinking about how happy I am to have met up with you! I’m so glad you like sex the same as me.” He grinned and said, “Yeah me too. Hey, I bet you wanna cum again, right?” I said, “Wow! You are reading my mind, I am sooooo horny! Looking at you makes me really hard!” Howie reached over and started to run his hand under my ball sack, and he whispered “You want me to suck you off? I love to suck cocks!” He didn’t even wait for my answer but went down to his knees and leaned forward, taking the head of my cock in his lips. “Oh Howie! Oh God! That’s so good! I love it!” The feeling of his almost-12-year old lips and mouth on my hard pedophile cock made me arch backwards and downwards back into my chair and my legs went straight outward. Howie started sucking back and forth, taking almost all of my 7 inches into his mouth with his tongue flicking back and forth over my pee hole. His other hand was holding and gently massaging my balls. Fuck! I was in Pedophile heaven! I reached out and took his head in my hands, gently holding him, caressing his hair and neck. I lowered one hand and started to pull and squeeze a nipple. Howie’s nipples were perfect, like pencil erasers and hard as little rocks! Howie moved his hand that was holding the base of my cock downwards and started jacking himself off as he sucked me. I looked down at him and saw his eyes looking up at mine. Perfect Pedophile Sex! I was going to cum, but wanted to suck him off again, first, so I said, “Howie!, stop sucking and let me do it to you so you can cum again, OK?” He stopped licking and sucking my cock and stood up, his hand still playing with his cock and balls. I then had him to sit down on the computer chair while I slid forward and down on the floor on my knees — the video forgotten — and cupped his beautiful ass cheeks in my hands, pulling him towards me. I leaned forward and began to lick and suck his penis. He gave a little groan and said “Oh Mister Stevie, that feels so great!” I took my middle finger and slowly slid it into his boy-pussy hole. Well, Howie didn’t take long to cum that second time, maybe 5 minutes of my sucking and he gave out a gasp and said “I’m getting it, I gonna jizz!” And he sure did: I tasted and felt the hot semen shoot from his penis into my mouth as he orgasmed. I slowed myself down and then gave his cock head a lick or too, and said “Now, how was that?”. We both just sort of stood there staring at each other for what seems like hours. Howie finally said “Oh SHIT! That was so like totally awesome!” He put both arms around my waist in a hug and nuzzled my stomach. Then he said, “You still got a boner .. its still hard!” I said, “oh yes I do Baby Boy, and you made it like that too. Your cock and cum tasted sooooo good!! I said “Hey, let’s go into the bedroom for some 69 fun, OK?” Howie just grinned and blushed a bit and said “That would be soooo cool! OK!” We both walked to the next room over and I sat on the edge of the bed. My cock was not as hard as it was, to be sure — having had a mind-shattering pedophile cum followed by an almost squirting edge session with a little boy in less than 30 minutes, but it was still big and sort of floppy hard. I’m sure you know konyaaltı eve gelen escort what I mean. Like your cock gets right after a cum or before when you’re edging to porn. This wasn’t Little Howie’s first “rodeo” either, he giggled that delicious little-boy laugh and said “You got some lube for me? I bet you wanna fuck, huh?” My cock started to fill up again and harden and I could see his cock was a stiff as it could be. The wonderfulness of being a 11-almost-12 year old boy with almost endless erections. I said looking in his beautiful eyes, “Oh Howie, I would be honored if you would fuck me first. I really want your cock inside of me and to feel you fucking me.” Howie looked up at me and then down at his stiff boner and said “You think I’m big enough? I mean you prolly like a lot bigger one in you, right?” Our 69 moment was forgotten for the moment as we got ready for Howie to fuck my Man-Pussy with his Boy-Cock. “Howie, your cock is just the right size for me, here, let’s get on the bed”. And with that I got up on the bed lifted my legs over my head and braced my head on the pillow then reached my hands back to spread my butt-cheeks apart. “Grab that tube of lube on the end-table and get me all lubed up, OK?”, and sure enough, almost like my delicious little boy was mind-reading, he took the bottle of Astro-Glide and dribbled it on my butt-crack. Then I felt his fingers rubbing the lube up and down over my pussy-hole. “Put some in me Howie, Please!” I felt Howie’s slim, boy-fingers rubbing my pussy hole and I pushed out so as to make the anal ring muscle loosen. Howie’s index finger slid into me — very easily too! I cried out, “Oh God Yes Howie! Finger Fuck Me!!” His middle finger felt great but when he added his index finger, pushing them all the way inside of me …. OMG! I was in Pedophile Anal Heaven! Howie said, “Allllrrrright Mister Dave, you want more fingers?” I said, “Oh Howie, that feels sooooo good, but I want your cock inside of me .. please fuck me!” I was in absolute ecstasy! I hadn’t had a boy fuck me in over 25 years. Just feeling Howie’s fingers on my pussy hole almost sent me over the edge into a premature ejaculation — but I clenched my jaw and held off cumming. Howie continued to wiggle his fingers inside of me, pushing in and pushing on my prostate. I told him to curl his fingers inside of me on my prostate and he did! He kept at it with two, then three fingers, pushing them in and out. I could see his other hand busy with his boner, jacking off slowly, pushing the skin up over the head and then stretching is back down his cock shaft. Howie’s middle finger was rubbing my swollen, semen-filled prostate gland. I asked him, “I’ll bet you did this a lot with Mister Josh, right?” Howie kept up the slow in and out movement of his fingers and he said, “Oh yeah, he loved that. He taught me all about that prostate place and how to make it feel good. I do it to myself when I jack off sometimes too, it makes the cum really shoot out of me! and Josh had this buttplug thing that we used a lot. He told me it would stretch me out and make my cums better.” I asked Howie, “Come on Howie, don’t you want to put your cock inside and fuck me?”. He gave that evil little giggle of his — his voice still had not changed — and said, “Sure! You want me to do it to you now? I’ll prolly cum in you too. I’m really horny again right now!” With that Howie hitched up on his knees and positioned himself close to my upended buttocks. I continued to hold both my butt cheeks open for him. I could feel his cock head sliding up and down my butt crack teasing me. God! I needed his cock in me! We all know how it feels to be fucked, right? Your anus muscle ring is starting to relax and open up after your lover has used his fingers on you. You feel a cock head start to enter that hot, wet, slippery hole. Oh yes, we know that feeling. And what a wonderful sensation … to start feeling yourself filled up with a cock and then the cock moving in and out of your boy-pussy. And the guy fucking you going inside of you as deep as he can, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. And there I was on my bed with a sexy boy “almost twelve years old”, pushing his hard boner inside of me, making me his bottom-boy slut-bitch. Howie pulled his fingers out of me and I saw him quickly using the lube on his fingers to get his cock as slippery as possible. He put the head of his pre-teen cock at the opening to my anus — my boy-pussy-hole — and he slowly pressed it into me. The crown of his cock went into me and was enveloped by the anal muscle. I could feel the actual penis head with my pussy lips. He held my legs, and pushed himself inside of me all the way. I felt his stomach — his HAIRLESS LOINS — pressing against my butt cheeks. And Howie, my little lover was inside of me, fucking me! Howie started to push in and out of me, slowly and in a very deliberate way. Ole Mister Josh had been a good teacher for sure! He would pull his cock out until it was almost all the way out of my pussy, just the crown of his cockhead at my anal muscle. Then he would slow-push it into me as far as possible, then move his hips around to wiggle his hard boy-boner inside of me. Then pulling back out again, very slowly until he was almost all the way out of me and back inside. Over and over again. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Howie hunched forward and said “Oh Mister Stevie, I really gotta cum! I’m gonna shoot!” He had started thrusting in and out of me faster and faster, so I knew that he was approaching his orgasm but was holding back to keep pleasuring me. I started to cry out, “Oh Howie! Fuck me! Hard fuck your boy cock in me as deep as you can! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!” I could hear little Howie breathing hard and felt his hard cock pounding my buttocks. His balls were rubbing and slapping my balls. Oh man I thought I would die! Howie suddenly shouted out, “Oh FUCK! I can’t hold it! I’m gonna Shoot! I’m cumming! Oh Fuck Oh Fuuuuuckkkk!!” I could feel Howie’s stomach and pelvis pounding into my butt cheeks and his hard cock going in and out like a machine. He clutched me around my upper thighs and I felt his hot breathing my belly as he leaned forward over me. Suddenly, he thrust his cock deep into into my chute and his head came down my tummy! I felt hot liquid squirting inside of me. My own cock had been hard for the whole time he was inside of me and when he starting his “Oh god I’m cumming!” squeals, my cum started too. Knowing that my little boy-lover had achieved an awesome orgasm by fucking my ass, I clenched my anus and felt my own sperm shooting out of my cock on both of us and squishing around as he ground his chest into my stomach. We were panting and it took a bit to catch our breath. Finally, His little-boy cock got soft and slipped out of me. Howie leaned back and looked down at my cock with my jizz dripping and then at his cock laying softly just inside my butt crack. My cum was smeared on my stomach and his cock was soft, but very wet with both lube and cum. I scooted him upwards over my chest and started licking his cock and balls. I could taste my shit, his cum and lube. Would you believe it? He started to get hard again and I took his entire cock and balls into my mouth, gently sucking them. I got very hard again feeling his body rubbing on mine and said, “Oh Howie baby, I sure want to fuck you”. He said, “Oh Yes, that would be so awesome” Then he moved around to his boy-butt was over my cock as I lay back on the bed. I held my cock straight up and he slowly lowered himself down on my boner. My cock cock was slippery with cum and spit and I let myself slide down into his boy-pussy, and then thrust deep into his body, burying the entire length inside of him. He used his knees to go up and down on my cock like he was riding a horse. Howie cried out, “Go deeper daddy! Shoot your cum inside of me!” to be continued … Like this story? email me at ail

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