Little Arab Buttercup Ch. 01


It was after midnight and the weather was hot and sticky this close to the sea. I was moving through the dark alleys of a city in the north of Africa. A very Arab country, and I was an American soldier attached to the local consulate.

I should not have been out like this, alone and unprotected. But I had a mission to complete. One that was personal. No one could know I was here, especially my superiors.

I had seen her several weeks before in the local bazaar. She wasn’t alone, of course, but I could see her eyes as they gazed into mine. I could see the twinkle and the crinkle around her eyes as she smiled from the hijab surrounding her face. Then she was swept away by an entourage, back to her domicile, I supposed.

I would go to the bazaar as often as I could get away from my duties. Actually, part of my duties encompassed recon missions into the city to learn what I could. I wasn’t a spy, but my superiors needed to know how the populace felt about us and our being in their country.

I needed to see her again. And I did. Several times, in fact. She was always surrounded by men and other veiled women. Clearly, she was the youngest and certainly her face was more than lovely.

I had developed an infatuation that needed to be realized. I needed to know her. It might be the death of me, but I would see her alone, at least once. I started making a schedule of the times she appeared in the bazaar, how long she stayed and which direction she traveled when her group moved away.

Finally, after a few weeks I was emboldened to follow her, as discretely as possible, dressed in my civvies. She and her fellow shoppers moved down a large street, finally arriving at a large, stuccoed building. It must be her home I thought. At least, it had the feel of a residence. There were children playing outside, and the windows were covered with colorful curtains, bracketed by open shutters.

I now knew where she lived. At least I hoped so. I hoped that she wasn’t just visiting relatives or friends. She went inside surrounded by her entourage and I lingered in the neighborhood as discretely as I could, walking as if I was going somewhere, down the street, then back again on the other side.

I hoped no one thought I was odd or out of place. But westerners or Europeans were not unknown in this part of the world. After all, it had been held by the French for many years.

After taking all afternoon to finally decide she lived in this large residence I returned to the consulate to mull over what I knew and what I desired.

I was most truly obsessed with this little Arab flower. I thought of her as my “buttercup.” ayaş escort I loved California buttercups. I had lived most of my life there and was terribly fond of my home state and everything about it.

Finally, I took the plunge and started making stealthy forays into the city streets after darkness fell, moving quickly and with purpose to her domicile. When I arrived I always took up station across the street.

After several days I saw that the curtains in front were never opened, but in the alleyways beside the residence one could see light escaping out the sides of the building. This caused me to cross over one night and work my way down both alleys. I found that one could see that some windows were not curtained.

This went on for several days, but on one occasion I saw someone leaning out a second story window. I could barely see her, but it was truly my little buttercup. I had frozen her face and eyes in my brain.

At last I knew which room was hers. Now began the truly dangerous mission. Down the alley there were stacks of bricks and old boards. I spent an hour piling bits and pieces of this debris up to the second story window.

Then, I slowly and quietly peeked into her room. I was never more surprised. She was slowly dancing about the room and she was completely naked! I had never seen any woman as beautiful as her. She was dark, of course, with long, black hair. I was entranced by the fact that her nipples were inverted.

That was a lovely happenstance. It was my particular fetish. And, of course, her pussy bush was full and black in a charming V shape. But I could see her little pussy lips peeking out as she danced around.

I had never been so hard in my life. I had to release my cock and relieve myself, then and there. I started beating off as if it would be my last time. I came within a minute and my cum shot out against the stucco and dripped down the wall. I felt light headed, and decided that I would have to return another time.

This had been extremely draining, what with building my make-do scaffold and then jerking off so roughly and vigorously. I carefully crept down from my perch and moved through the darkened streets to the consulate.

You can believe that I would not miss the chance to return the next night. I arrived about the same time as last night and crawled up my still standing makeshift stairway to heaven. Again, with the light shining our the window, I gazed into her room, and again she was dancing naked around the room.

Now came the moment of truth. I cleared my throat. She froze. Then she slowly turned, and I could bağlıca escort see she immediately recognized me. You see, she had been watching me at the bazaar as much as I was watching her. We had both liked what we saw. And she smiled. God, I was in ecstasy.

She quickly beckoned that I enter fast. I knew she feared getting caught. I also knew she wanted me. I whispered to her and she whispered back. It was so charming. She spoke broken English with a French accent! It was so cute and lovable. I was completely entranced.

I slowly enveloped her in my arms and just hugged her with a joy I had never known. She also embraced me and laid her precious head against my fast-beating heart.

Then I gently took her face in my hands and gave her the first kiss she had ever received from a man. So, I made it special, gentle, and sensuous as I could.

Her lips tasted like honey. She probably had been eating baklava for a treat. It made her lips a treat for me. They were soft and she knew how to kiss with a naturally sexual sensibility. I made it last. This was going to be a long night, if I had my way, and I would.

She knew nothing, but she was a natural lover. She was the first to force her tongue into my mouth and we traded tongues. Then I nuzzled and licked her neck and her ears. I could tell this was making her very randy because she began rubbing her sweet pussy against my still clothed crotch. As I said, a natural.

I stepped back and held my hand up in the universal stop sign. She pouted but smiled when I began stripping and I was soon as naked as she, with my white skin contrasting with her dark complexion. I couldn’t hide my cock sticking out and up, pointing at the ceiling.

I could see she was fascinated by it. She had probably never seen a grown man’s prick. She slowly reached out and took it in her little hand. Then, with a gentleness, she began to stroke it. And it got even harder. This, I could see, made her happy. She grinned.

We both began touching each other’s genitals. For her it was an exploration into the unknown. For me it was paradise. I felt her pubic hair, probed into her pussy and stroked her labia. She shivered. That was the first cum she had ever experienced with a man. Then I laid her down on her bed. I placed myself beside her.

She had not let go of my cock. Sweet. I began squeezing and sucking on her tits. I sucked her inverted nipples and they popped out as if to say hello. After I stopped sucking they became inverted again. Cute.

While she still held my cock in her little hand I began kissing my way down her belly. Finally she bala escort had to release me, but a smile came to her as I moved my mouth to the little clit peeking out of its hood. I was very gentle.

This was her first time for many things. Her pussy getting eaten was one of them. I licked her clit and slid my tongue down into her black bush. Perhaps later we would shave it together. That could be great fun.

I licked and sucked as she started cumming. This was very surprising for her. But she really enjoyed it, so much that she grabbed my head and began humping against my face. I relished that! But I didn’t want only pussy eating tonight. This night would be the night she lost her virginity.

She had a high bed, so I moved between her legs, pulled her to the edge of the bed and prepared to enter virgin territory. I could see she was fascinated by it all. She stretched her neck to watch as I slowly pressed my cockhead into her pussy. It was so fucking wet.

I slid right in, to the membrane. Then I kissed the inside of her leg by her knee, licked it and thrust my cock through her maidenhead. She squealed with a cry muffled by her little hand.

Then I began to slowly and deliciously fuck my no-longer virgin Arab buttercup. She fucked me right back. She was loving the pleasure of her first cumming and fucking. I was determined not to cum in her. I wanted to introduce her to another kind of sex act.

So I rammed my dick into her pussy as she came around it, and dripped her pussy juices down her thighs into her virgin ass and onto the bed. The bedspread soaked up tons of pussy cum that night.

Finally, I withdrew without having cum myself. I don’t think she even knew that a man could cum, too. She was so naive. I took her hands and raised her up. The bed was very high, so I had her take a pillow, put it on the floor, and I sat on the edge. Then I had her kneel between my legs and brought her sweet lips to my cock.

She was a natural, as I said. She knew exactly what to do, if a little unsure of herself. She licked my dickhead and tasted her own pussy honey for the first time. She grinned around the head and began taking it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue probing my pisshole, then she began swirling her tongue around my prick.

Now, I began to fuck her mouth. She took it all. She loved it all. She made me finally cum. And like a little trooper, she sucked and swallowed all of it. And seemed to like it. She did like it, because she grinned at me.

I knew the danger we both were in, so I brought her up into my arms, hugged her, kissed her, and told her I had to go. She started to sob. Really sobbing. It broke my heart. I made her understand something. I would be back, as many times as I could.

And somehow, someway, I would get her out of this place and back to California with me. This I vowed on my honor. She believed me. She smiled. The future was ours.

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