Lexi’s Mom’s Party


“Why don’t you join us, Ella?” said Lexi with a syrupy sigh. She lifted her foot and flexed her toes outwards, spreading apart the thin nylon of her suntan pantyhose. With a distracted eye, I noticed that her toenails were painted a shade of deep crimson that perfectly matched the shimmering gloss of her full lips. Beside her, Karen slid her hand along Lexi’s thigh and nuzzled into her neck, causing Lexi to lean her head back and moan quietly.

“I’m sorry… I mean, I’m not a…” I paused, unsure what to say. I thought about turning quickly and leaving the bathroom where I’d stumbled on this sordid tryst, heading back to the mind-numbing tedium of Sally’s party. But I didn’t move, I couldn’t move.

“You’re not a what?” asked Lexi with a smirk as Karen pushed her tight mini-skirt over the curve of her bottom. Lexi continued to wave her toes in the air, as though beckoning me forward. “A lesbian?” she gasped mockingly.

I blinked. “Yes. I mean, no. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you…” I stammered, painfully aware of how pathetic I sounded, wondering why I was even still there, knowing exactly why I was.

Lexi smiled. “Neither am I, honey,” she purred, then turned to Karen who was kissing the side of her face. “What about you?”

Karen looked up and licked her lips, touching her cheek against Lexi’s. “Oh, I’m perfectly straight,” she breathed, “I’m a virgin as well!” she added, and the two cavorting girls fell into fits of giggles.

I gasped, scarcely able to believe that Sally’s daughter, her eighteen year old daughter, was behaving like this. Sally’s hair would turn white if she ever found out what Karen was doing with her best friend.

“Listen, Ella, we’re just having a bit of fun, nothing more,” said Lexi when she’d finished laughing.

“Okay,” I said, trying to sound like a mature and unflappable adult. “I’m sorry that I disturbed you, I should be getting back.”

I turned to leave.

“Would you like to touch my feet, Ella?” she said suddenly. I stopped in my tracks, fingers frozen on the handle of the door.

“Wh-what did you say?” I said, turning.

“I said, would you like to touch my feet? ankara masaj yapan escort I saw you looking at them earlier. I saw you watching me as I dangled my shoe from my toes.”

She’d seen that? I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I thought I’d been discreet, thought I’d indulged this curious fetish of mine in secret, as I had my entire adult life, never daring to act on it.

“Karen loves it when I do that, don’t you?”

Karen nodded sheepishly, a light flush rising in her cheeks.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. Beside her, Karen had stopped kissing and caressing and was now slowly sliding her heels from her own feet, revealing the high curve of her arch and ten more perfectly painted toes, muted jewels in nylon prisons. She placed her feet down besides Lexi’s and they both gazed at me expectantly. I felt my heart pounding in my ears and a warm blush rising from my chest to my neck and face.

“It’s okay, Ella,” said Karen with a pout, “we won’t tell anyone.”

“We’d like to touch your feet as well,” said Lexi. “More than touch, in fact. We want to taste them,” she added, lifting a single slender finger to her glistening lips. “We’re like you, you see? We like feet too…”

Karen sighed and her mouth fell open. Her eyes fell to my legs and she gazed at me with a hungry expression. “Are you… are you wearing pantyhose… or stockings?” she breathed.

I felt a dizzy feeling sweeping over me, and I glanced down at my black nylons and high stiletto pumps. “Pantyhose,” I whispered, scarcely able to believe what was happening.

Lexi gazed up at me with wide eyes. “Can we see them?” she asked.

“See wh-what?” I replied, feeling giddy. Karen’s feet were now sliding over Lexi’s, nylon brushing over soft nylon. I could see the dark place between Lexi’s legs. With a distant fascination, I realized that the girl wasn’t wearing any panties. The line of her pussy was visible to me, if I looked hard enough. To my surprise, I found myself wanting to look.

“Your feet, can we see your feet?” Lexi said with a petulant impatience and nervous excitement.

“Okay,” mecidiyeköy escort I said, unsure of myself, then carefully slipped my shoes from my feet, losing four inches of height as I stood flat-footed on the bathroom floor. The girls peered at my toes as I flexed them back and forth, feeling obscenely self-conscious and insanely horny.

Lexi sat back and lifted her left foot again. “Why don’t you kneel down and join us?” she offered.

“Someone… someone might come in?” I said, the last gambit of my fading resistance.

“Lock the door, Ella,” purred Karen, turning again to nibble at Lexi’s ear.

I nodded, then turned and flicked the lock. Was I really doing this? I thought with a sigh, before turning back to see what awaited me. Was I really going to live out the fantasy that I’d had since I was a girl? My pussy felt slick and warm, making my panties feel damp. My nipples were rock hard bullets in my blouse, brushing maddeningly against the soft material of my bra. I really was going to do it, I realized with a hot rush of pleasure that radiated out from between my legs.

I lowered myself to my knees, unable to take my eyes off Lexi and Karen as they made out on the floor before me. Karen slid a hand into Lexi’s top, pushing down the dark material and revealing the cream globe of her breast. Lexi giggled and kissed her friend anew, still holding her foot aloft.

“Take it,” she breathed, words slipping out between distracted kisses. “Isn’t it what you want?”

I nodded. Then I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around her sole, feeling a starburst of utter pleasure erupt inside me as the silky length of her tiny foot squirmed in my grip, toes flexing back and forth, demanding attention.

Like explorers in a new land, my fingers roamed over her, touching her sole, her arch, her toes, the toned length of her calf muscle; relishing every new detail, marvelling at how much better than my elaborate fantasies this sinful reality felt.

Lexi and Karen turned to me, peering at me with hungry eyes, following my every move. I glanced down as mersin escort I felt a soft touch on my leg to find Karen’s foot creeping up my thigh, pushing my dress further up my leg. The feeling was indescribably arousing, a tantalizing friction of nylon on nylon.

Without even realizing it, I’d moved Lexi’s foot until it was close to my face. I could feel the warmth of her, could see every detail of her sole. I gasped and caught the perfect scent of perfume and shoe leather and sweat in my nose. It made me dizzy, more intoxicating than any cocktail.

“Taste it,” purred Lexi from far away. Karen’s foot was between my legs now, forcing my thighs apart, pushing into that damp place. I felt a momentary twinge of self-consciousness, but that faded when her toe touched my aching clit. I shifted, parting my legs and allowing my friend’s daughter full access to my sex. I peered at Lexi and nodded, remembering her sordid command.

I closed my eyes and buried my nose in the space behind Lexi’s toes, smothering myself in her foot and breathing deeply. It was unfathomable, utterly overwhelming, more intense than anything I’d yet experienced. My pussy roared and stars exploded in my vision. I lost control, planting frantic kisses on the young woman’s sole, pulling her toes into my mouth, sucking them with a hunger that had no precedent. I licked my way along her arch, tasting her where I could, soaking her thin pantyhose with my mouth. She began to moan, then I joined her as Karen’s foot began to press down on my clit, tracing quick circles with her big toe.

Faster and faster she moved, provoking me to greater heights of sensation, demanding that I worship Lexi’s foot with ever greater abandon. And all the while, Lexi and Karen squirmed together, hands pawing at each other’s clothing, breasts bared, lips locked against lips and tongues dancing.

When I came, I came hard. A supernova of sensation between my legs that roared out into my body. I slammed my thighs shut, locking Karen’s nylon foot between my legs. I pushed my nose against Lexi’s sole, breathing her into me one last time as the pleasure raged inside me. It was too much, too overwhelming. I fell to the side and onto the floor, still clutching Lexi’s soft foot in my shaking hands.

For the longest time, I lay there, trembling, eyes closed. Lexi was the first to speak. “Your mom throws the worst parties Karen,” she whispered, breathing quickly. “Should we go to your house instead, Ella?” she added.

All I could do was nod.

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