Lessons from my Big Brother

by Tony Williams

He”s fourteen, two year older than me and I worship him. He”s just so fucking handsome and his body, not too muscular, is almost completely devoid of hair. We sleep in the same room and my bedtime is an hour earlier than his, but I”m always awake when he comes to bed, usually pretending to be asleep, watching him undress from under lowered eyelids, my hand quietly stroking my cock.

He always undresses in front of the mirror, so busy admiring himself he always fails to notice that I”m looking at his bum, covered by the white cotton of his briefs and if I”m lucky and it”s a hot night he”ll sleep in the nude and I get to see him take them off. His cock is uncut, bigger than mine and I”m in awe of it. Once he”s in bed, I listen to him quietly wanking; there”s nothing to see except his fist moving up and down beneath the duvet, but I”m thrilled nevertheless.

It”s Saturday, just after lunch and I quietly open the door of our bedroom and peer in. He”s lying on his back in just his briefs, his cock protruding from the fly, his eyes shut as he pumps away, unaware that I”m there. I watch for half a minute or so, then close the door behind me. He hears the click of the latch and opens his eyes, his hand freezing in mid stroke.

“Fuck, Tony! I didn”t know you were there.”

“Don”t stop!” I cry. “Go ahead and wank off; I wanna watch you.”

“You dirty little slut,” he says, his grin telling me that my presence is not unwelcome. “So you like to watch guys wanking, then.”

“I like to watch you,” I say, “seeing as you”re the sexiest guy around.”

“I suppose you wank too?”

“For the last year or so, yes, every night in bed just like you do.” He grins again.

“So you”ve been watching me, huh? I had a suspicion you were. Is that a hard-on I see in your pants? Take it out and show me.” I”m more than happy to let him see my cock; no one”s ever asked to see it before now. I drop my pants and work my cock from the fly of my briefs, grip the base and wave it at him. “Nice!” he comments, “now wank off for me.”

Holy shit! My gorgeous brother wants to watch me wank. My heart almost bursts with pride. I”m delighted to perform for him so I kneel on the bed beside him, take hold of my cock and begin stroking it. He reaches out, presses his hand on my bum and pulls me closer to him and now my cock is just inches from his face as my orgasm builds. It”s gonna be a big one, I can tell.

“Yeah, you sexy little fucker, stroke that cute little cock for me. Cum for me, Bro, come for your big brother!” I feel my cum flowing out along my cock and try to pull back so as not to splash him, but his hand holds me close and when I cum, five enormous squirts of cream shoot right on to his face, covering his nose and one cheek, part of his forehead and his chin and his tongue reaches out, lapping up all it can reach, including the thin string of cum hanging from the end of my cock. Then he takes hold of my shaft and uses my cock like a paint brush to smear my cum evenly all over his face, then pops it in his mouth to clean it up. This would”ve been the most thrilling moment of my life if I hadn”t just cum; now I”m drained and not feeling at all sexy. My cock droops as he releases it.

“I suppose you wanna finish yourself off,” I suggest but he shakes his head.

“I”ll save it for later. Now fuck off and let me take a nap.” I pull my pants up and step out on to the landing, my head spinning from what just happened and all its implications. Although neither of us touched each other, except right at the end, after I”d cum, something happened that won”t just be shrugged off. We had an intimate moment together and I intend for there to be many more.


I”m in bed, thinking about what happened earlier, playing with my cock, bringing myself close to cumming, but holding back; I wanna save my cum for him. Finally he comes to bed and as usual I pretend to sleep. Is it my imagination or does he put on a show, removing garments slowly, one at a time until he”s down his underpants. He thrusts his hand down the front, then turns to face me. Gazing off into space he slides his briefs down to mid thigh, letting his cock spring out. It looks even bigger than it was at lunchtime. Gripping it, he starts slowly wanking. It”s as though I wasn”t there. He must be able to see me peeping though lowered lids. After a minute or so, he gently pulls the duvet down to my knees and gazes at my body, clad just as he is, briefs and nothing else.

“You”re so fucking sexy, Tony,” he murmurs and I open my eyes. I”m just about to reach for his cock when he swings a leg over me and straddles my upper body, sitting on my chest. My arms are trapped under his legs so I”m helpless as he takes hold of his cock and begins wanking. “I”m gonna cum on your face,” he declares, “just like you did to me, okay?” Okay? It”s gonna make me the happiest guy in the world. He strokes away vigourously as I struggle to get one arm free. Finally I can reach over his leg, push his hand away and take hold of his cock. Oh, what joy! He”s letting me do it! I”ve never touched a cock other than my own before and the feel of it in my hand is beyond exciting.

“Cum for me,” I whisper, echoing his words of earlier. “Cum on my face.” I can tell from the expression on his face and his sped-up breathing that he”s close to the edge and sure enough, I feel the end of his cock pulse as he cums, shooting several big blobs on to my face and I open my mouth hoping to catch some of it, but I only manage one drop, just enough to taste. Mmmm, I could grow to like it. He smiles when I copy him, using his cock to spread the blobs of cum over my face and he smiles at me.

“Never been sucked off, have you?”

“Not yet,” I say, grinning. “How about you?”

“Oh, yes, quite a few times, guys at school, you know. But you won”t have to wait long. As soon as I feel randy again, we”ll have some more fun, this time a bit different and a lot sexier.”

“Okay, but what if it”s şişli travesti in the middle of the night?”

“Not a problem. I”ll just climb into your bed and help myself.”

“To my cock?”

“Your cock, your hand, your mouth, your bum hole, anything and, as you might guess, I”m all yours.” I shiver with anticipation of all the thrilling things that might happen. “Let”s face it, I know you”ve fancied me for months now, and I have to confess I”m beginning to realise just how fucking sexy you are and I intend to teach you everything I know about sex. I know you”re gonna like it.”

I silently concur.


I wake in the middle of the night, feeling the duvet being pulled down to my knees. My brother has come to “molest” me again and I couldn”t be happier. I decide to pretend I”m asleep and perhaps that will encourage him to do anything he likes to me, the dirtier the better. I feel the bed sag as he sits beside me, and then he”s fishing my cock out of the leg of my briefs and it becomes almost instantly rock hard. He lowers his head and, oh my God, he”s actually sucking me. His lips feel so soft and warm as they fold around the head of my cock and his tongue does exciting things, pushing into my foreskin as he pulls it forward, swirling round my glans, sending new sensations through my whole body. I open my eyes to see his head bobbing up and down, my cock disappearing into his mouth then reappearing again, up and down as my orgasm rapidly builds. I can see his naked back and his bum, covered by those sexy white briefs and suddenly it”s all to much.

“I”m cumming!” I groan, expecting him to lift off me but he doesn”t, if anything, he”s taking my cock deeper and deeper into his throat so I feel like I”m fucking his head. I cum and still his mouth stays on me as my cock pulses, shooting my jism into him. He carries on stroking me until I push his hand away.

“Were you asleep?” he asks.

“I was pretending, so you could do anything you want to me.”

“I”ve been wanting to suck you off for months, now. It was worth the wait, believe me. Your cock is awesome.” My chest swells with pride; my sexy brother seems to be as excited by me as I am my him. “Now go to sleep and when you wake up I”ll be in my bed and you can do whatever you want with me.” He climbs into his own bed and pulls the covers up. I roll over on to my side, supremely happy. What did he do with all the cum that filled his mouth? He must”ve swallowed it. Wow, that”s the sexiest thought I”ve had in a long time. And he said I could do anything I want to him. I”m more than ready.


Daylight streaming though the flimsy curtains wakes me up and I look over to see my brother lying on his back asleep, his duvet pushed down far enough to reveal his underpants, those sexy white cotton briefs that I find so exciting. I get out of bed, go for a piss in the bathroom and come back to sit on his bed. I push his duvet further down and run my gaze up and down his body. My cock, hard when I woke up, is now even more rigid. I grip his hard-on through the cotton and stroke it, feeling it grow big and stiff and soon I”m able to work it out of the leg of his briefs. This is the moment I”ve been waiting for. He seems to be asleep, but he”s probably faking it, to give me a free hand, so to speak.

Slowly I lower my head until my lips press against the tip of his cock. With the tip of my tongue I collect the drop of precum that”s oozing from it and discover its slightly bitter, salty taste is quite exciting. Then I take about half his cock into my mouth so the tip is touching the back of my throat. My heart is pounding. I can hardly believe this is happening. I”m sucking off my sexy brother whose eyes are now open. His fingers dig into my scalp and his hips thrust up to meet me. I lift off and look into his eyes.

“I want you to cum in my mouth and I”m gonna swallow it all,” I tell him and he smiles.

“You”re gonna love it!” he says, with a wicked smile.

Mmmm, I do love it! Cum tastes awesome and I know I”ll be enjoying a lot of it in the days to come.


I come home from school to find my brother is already upstairs in our room as as I climb the stairs, I hear voices. Shit! I wanted to get him alone so I could suck his cock again, or let him suck mine or, in fact, do anything he wants to me. I push open the bedroom door and there he is with one of his school friends. They”re both in just their brief.

“Come in, Tony,” my brother says cheerfully. “You know Jake, don”t you? Remember I told you I”d been sucked off? Well Jake is heavily into oral sex and taught me all I know.”

“Did you tell him about us?” I ask.

“I did. Do you mind?” I think about it. Our sex adventures are supposed to be a secret, I”d thought but then the idea that if news of my cocksucking got round the school, it might work to my advantage. I know that my brother isn”t the only boy who fancies me.

“No, I don”t mind. I”m not ashamed of anything.”

“Get undressed, Tony,” he asks, “and let Jake see you in your sexy underpants. Look, Jake, couldn”t you just cum, hands off, from just looking at him.”

“Fuck, yes!” Jake asserts, gripping his cock through his briefs and stroking it. “So you actually sucked your brother off?” I grin.

“I did!” I feel so proud.

“And he swallowed my cum, every drop and he loved it!”

“Wanna taste mine?” Frankly I”d rather suck my brother, but on the other hand, judging from the excited look on his face, he might want to watch me suck another cock and I”m ready to do anything he wants, just to please him, just to let him know that I love him.

“Yeah!” he says. “This I gotta see. Go for it, Tony, suck him off.” If he wants me to suck Jake”s cock, I”ll do it; I”ll make him cum and I”ll swallow it and I”ll suck his balls and lick his arse if it”ll please my brother. I drop my pants, step out of them and peel my shirt over my head.

“Jesus, you”re fucking gorgeous, Tony!” Jake says, eyeing me up and down. I sit on the end of my bed and beylikdüzü travesti Jake steps in front of me. My brother stands behind him and reaches round to fish Jake”s cock from the fly of his underpants and points it at my face. I lean forward as Jake thrusts his hips so his cock slides smoothly between my eager, parted lips and once again, I marvel at how exciting it is to have a big stiff cock in my mouth, how deliciously dirty, how depraved, how fucking shameless I am and how his excitement adds to my own.

“Fuck his face, Jake,” my brother snarls. “Cum in his mouth or on his face, either way he loves it!” Then, to me, “Suck that nice big dick, Kiddo, make him cum.”

“Christ, but he”s good!” Jake reports as I go to work with my tongue, teasing his glans as my hand caresses his balls beneath the cocoon of white cotton.

“Jesus, this is the sexiest thing I”ve ever seen! Tony, you dirty fucking slut, you”re loving it, aren”t you?” I nod my head vigourously because yes, I am loving it! My brother, who”s standing off to one side, takes his phone and the flash goes off four or five times from different angles. Good, I wanna see what I look like with a stiff cock in my mouth. Then he moves behind Jake, crawls between his legs and takes my rigid cock in his mouth. Oh, my god, I”m in heaven, I”m being sucked off while I have a cock in my mouth. What could be better? Jake is moaning and groaning and it doesn”t sound faked and it isn”t long before he cums, filling my mouth with jism. My brother looks up. He must be able to see the trickle of cum leaking from the corner of my mouth because he lifts his head off me and smiles.

“Open your mouth,” he says. “I wanna see all that cum.” More trickles out as I part my lips. “Don”t swallow yet,” he demands so I close my lips and breathe through my nose. Jake steps back, then falls on to his back on the other bed and immediately my brother pushes me on to my back, lies on top of me with his cock pressed against mine, and presses his lips to my mouth, pressing his tongue into me. I know exactly what he wants and with my tongue, I push cum to the front of my mouth and he sucks it into his. This is so incredibly intimate, both of us enjoying the taste of another guy”s cum. Our kiss lasts for several long seconds during which his tongue searches my mouth, seeking the very last drops until we break apart and he rolls off me.

“You seem to like the taste of cum,” he notes.

“I fuckin” love it!” I assert.

“Me, too. I can”t get enough of it.”

“Then suck the kid”s cock,” Jake calls, his face flushed. My brother looks into my eyes.

“May I?”

“Ask me nicely. I want you to beg.” He grins.

“Oh please, Tony, let me suck you off! Put your gorgeous cock in my mouth and cum for me. Please, please, I”m begging you. Fuck my face! Shoot your load down my throat.” His words set my heart racing.

“If you insist,” I say, faking reluctance and in a flash he slides down the bed and kneels at its foot, pulling my ankles so his mouth can reach my cock and now he”s sucking me off again, just as before, but now with Jake watching, it”s even more exciting. Jake takes pictures. I want to reach down and stroke my brother”s cock but I can”t reach and I don”t want him to stop sucking me. Soon he looks up at me and lifts his head off.

“Pee for me,” he says, to my astonishment. It”s a deliciously disgusting idea, peeing into his mouth. I know what pee tastes like, having sampled my own and it”s not as bad as you might think. If he wants to pee in my mouth, I”ll be more than happy to let him. As he goes down on me again, I release a little jet of pee and he swallows it. “More!” he demands and this time I fill his mouth and it takes three swallows for him to ingest it all. Then he sucks me to climax. I”ve never been this sexually aroused before and I can feel my orgasm building.

“I”m gonna cum!” I cry.

“Yeah, Tony,” Jake says, “Cum in his mouth or on his face. He love it either way. Shoot your load, Kiddo and make your brother happy.”

I cum like a nuclear explosion, firing squirt after squirt between his eager lips as he milks my cock to get the last drops. Then he looks up at me and opens his mouth. It”s full of creamy cum. He closes his lips and swirls my cum around as though he”s tasting fine wine, then swallows. There”s a drip on his chin and I scoop it with my finger and offer it to him to suck. I can tell he”s grateful.

“Did you get some good pictures?” I ask Jake.

“Yeah, pretty hot stuff. We should post them on the internet.”

“Hold up,” my brother says, “first off, it”s child porn and secondly, you might at least ask our permission before uploading them.”

“You”ve got mine,” I say. “I wanna be on the internet, doing dirty stuff. The more people who see me, the better.

“My God,” my brother says, “you really are a fucking slut.” I grin, taking it as a compliment.

“But I”m your slut.”


The three of us are sitting on the sofa in the living room, dressed in our white underpants, watching gay porn on my brother”s laptop. I”ve recovered from our earlier exploit and from the bulges in their briefs, so have they.

“Who”s ready for a blow job?” I ask. They grin.

“We should try new stuff,” My brother suggests.

“Like what?”

“Golden showers,” Jake says. “Your brother loves being peed on.”

“Anal sex,” my brother offers.

“Preceded by a little anilingus, (that”s arse licking, Tony),” says Jake.

“Followed by the insertion of a magnificent big cock.”

“He likes it up the arse,” Jake explains to me. “Have you ever fucked a bloke?”

“Not yet,” I confess and my brother grins.

“Bondage!” Jake blurts out. “Let”s tie Tony up and molest him.” A shiver of excitement sweeps through me.

“Maybe later,” my brother says, “meanwhile, I”m in dire need of a cock, two cocks in fact, one up my bum and the other in my mouth. Any volunteers?” He stands up and I take the opportunity to drag his briefs down. Jake tugs at mine and I lift my hips to allow them to istanbul travesti slide down, then my brother pulls Jake”s off. I watch, enthralled, as my brother gets on all fours on the carpet. “Fuck my arse, Tony. It”s gonna be awesome and you”re gonna love being fucked after I”ve prepared you.” I wonder what that might involve but I”m ready for anything. “Fuck my face, Jake, you fucking dirty brute!” Jake kneels in front of him and offers his cock for sucking and my brother clamps on to it like a starving man. Oh, I could really get into this. I”m amazed at how easily my cock slides into him, all the way right up to the hilt.

This is my first real fuck. I”ve often wondered what anal sex might be like. It”s always looked painful to me, but my brother seems to be loving it. The feel of his sphincter gripping my cock is out of this world. He relaxes on the instroke and squeezes on the outstroke, like he”s wanking me. Speaking of which, his cock, hard as a rock, is pointing downwards and is obviously in need of attention so I reach around and take hold of it. I hear him sigh with pleasure. He must be loving this, a cock up his bum, another in his mouth and my hand stroking his cock.

Jake is the first to cum, hands off would you believe, squirting his load all over the carpet, but we”re too carried away to care. I”m pounding away at my brother”s arse and judging from his grunts and groans he”s gonna cum any second, and so am I. Just as I feel my cum rushing down my cock, I feel warm wetness on my hand and leaning sideways, it can see he”s cum, too. We”re gonna have to work hard to clean the carpet. My own cum shoots into his arse and I”m awash with pride; I”ve finally fucked. Okay, I fucked a guy, my own brother, but I don”t care what anyone thinks; I couldn”t be happier.


A week has gone by and my brother has sexually molested me every single day, thrusting his cock into my eager mouth, rimming my arse, swallowing my cum, peeing on my face and into my waiting mouth and I”ve never been happier. He”s as sex crazed as I am. We”ve spent a lot of time on the internet, looking at gay porn sites and re-enacting some to the videos, including peeing on each other in the shower. I”ve come to love the taste of pee and drink his every chance I get.

Tonight, when he comes to bed, I”m lying on top of the covers in my briefs, waiting for him and he doesn”t disappoint me. He slowly and seductively strips off, down to his briefs, pausing to let me take pictures, the slides his underpants down, exposing his already hard cock, that centre of all my pleasure.

“It”s time I fucked you up the arse, you dirty little fucking whore!” he snarls, but I know his aggressive attitude is all part of the games we play. For the past few nights, he”s been pushing fingers into my bum hole to stretch me and it seem he thinks I”m now ready. To be honest, I”ve been ready since day one and at last, I”m about to be sexually assaulted exactly the way I want to be. He pulls my briefs of and gives my cock a little suck, then lies beside my one the bed.

“I want you on top Tony. Just sit on it. Let it slide slowly in and if the pain is to much, you can stop.” I don”t care how much it might hurt, I want his magnificent cock deep inside me, filling me with his love cream. He lubes his cock from a bottle of sun tan oil and I straddle him. I take hold of his shaft and place the tip against my rosebud, rubbing it back and forth. This feels almost as good as when he licks my bum hole. Then I start to lower myself on to him. At first, it seems hopeless; it just won”t go in, but I relax and bear down like I”m taking a dump and suddenly, with a sharp sting, his cock pushes past my sphincter and the sting fades. Lowering myself even more, I feel a thrill like nothing before as its full length slides deep inside me, and I see his face twist in what looks like agony but I know is ecstasy. I lift up and down, fucking myself on him and he starts to lunge, ramming his cock into me as hard as he can. The thrill of being fucked keeps my cock rock hard and he looks down at it, his eyes filled with lust. He takes hold of it and strokes me in time with my bucking.

“Shit!” I croak, “this is so fucking dirty! I fucking love it! Fuck me, you brute, fuck my hungry arse! Shit, I”m gonna cum!”

“Don”t cum yet,” he cries. “This to too fucking good to end.” He”s right, it is. For half a minute more he pounds me and I know I can”t hold out any longer.

“I”m right on the edge!” I manage to groan.

“Cum hands off!” he cries and seconds later, half a dozen big thick blobs of jism shoot on to his tummy and chest, my cock bouncing up and down in time with the squirts. He takes hold of it and milks the last drops from me, then scoops up as much cum as he can with his fingers, popping them into his mouth to clean them.

“Jesus Christ, that was out of this fucking world!” I say, lifting off him and shuffling up the bed until my cock is above his face. He knows what I want and takes, soft as it is, and sucks it clean.

“So you like it up the arse, Kiddo?” he asks, unnecessarily.

“I fuckin” love it!” I assure him.

“Next time, I want you on your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggy style.” Oh, that sounds deliciously humiliating.

Although I”m sexually drained, I take hold of his still rigid cock and wank him. It gives me no direct sexual pleasure, but I want him to know that I still love him after I”ve cum. Watching his face is the only reward I”ll get, but it”s all I want. Soon he shoots his load which mingles with traces of my own on his torso.

I lie beside him, utterly content, blissfully happy.

“We”ll be randy again in about half an hour,” I say, “and I”m gonna fuck your brains out.”

“Twenty minutes, max,” he corrects me. “Let”s do it in the shower; there”s something I want to show you.”


Have you ever had a piss enema? I have, and so has my brother. We”re running out of ideas for new sexual adventures. Tonight, we”ve decided, I”m gonna try and fist him and if he wants to fist me, I feel ready for it. Sure, it”ll hurt, but if my pain creates pleasure for my brother, then bring it on. Hurt me! Fuck me! Molest me!. Humiliate me! Do anything you want to me, you sexy fucker! Then let me do it to you.

The end

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