Learning Life’s Lessons Ch. 02


Mickey was woken the next morning by the telephone. As he rolled over to pick it up, he saw it was already 11.

“Hello?” he croaked

“Mickey, its Sophie. Meet us for lunch at the Cafe Tropicale in town in an hour, ok? See you then, bye!”

She put the phone down before he could respond. Typical Sophie. He was annoyed that she assumed he would have no other plans. Not that he did, but that wasn’t the point. Mickey pulled himself out of bed and washed his face in the sink in his room. ‘OK,’ he said to himself, ‘just lunch, no big deal. Just try to forget about last night.’

His bus was a little late, so when he arrived they were already sipping drinks. It was a surprisingly mild day for the time of year, and they were sitting at a small outside table. To his horror, Maxine looked even sexier than last night, wearing a figure-hugging blue dress. As he sat down opposite them, Mickey prayed he would be able to control himself. Sophie glanced dramatically at her watch and sighed.

“Hi, sorry I’m late, the car wouldn’t start and the buses round here are terrible…” he tried to explain.

Sophie interrupted him.

“Well it’s not like you had far to come, and I did tell you 12.”

“Lets just order,” Maxine intervened before he got a chance to reply, smiling across at Mickey.

As they ate lunch, Sophie talked incessantly about her busy social life and how hard it was to see all her friends. Mickey just nodded and smiled, noticing occasionally that Maxine was looking at him. Just as his mind began to wander due to Sophie’s constant babble, he felt something that made him sit bolt upright and almost choke on his food. A bare foot was beginning to work its way up his leg. He stared in amazement at Maxine, who continued eating and glanced up at him with a cheeky smile. Sophie was so wrapped up in her own conversation she didn’t notice a thing. As Maxine’s foot began to push between his knees, Mickey felt himself growing rapidly under the table. In a panic at becoming hard in public, he pulled his chair back slightly so that her foot could no longer reach him. Maxine looked a little disappointed but as mischievous as ever. They finished eating soon after, and Sophie took the lead as usual by calling for the bill and beginning to rise.

“Well, we’ve got to dash, lots of shopping to do before tonight! You don’t mind getting the bill, do you? Thanks! OK, catch up with you later!” Sophie called as she walked off.

“Bye Mickey. Hope to see you again soon.” Maxine murmured as she followed Sophie. Mickey could only manage a weak smile. Normally he would have been furious at Sophie for leaving him the bill, but he was so distracted he paid it thoughtlessly and wandered back to campus. He tried to get some work done for the rest of the day, but his mind kept drifting back to Maxine’s beautiful body and teasing foot. Finally, he gave up and switched on the T.V. ‘Oh boy,’ Mickey thought abidinpaşa escort to himself, ‘this is getting serious.’


Mickey had started working just half an hour before he was interrupted by the knock on the door. Who could this be now? He knew some of his friends were planning to go out that night, but he had told them he needed to work. He looked at the clock as he got up from the desk. 9pm. Surely they would have left by now? Mickey prepared himself to say he was busy as he opened the door.

It was Maxine.

Mickey stared for a moment, unsure of what to say. Maxine broke the silence.

“May I come in?” she asked in that sultry voice of hers.

“Uh, sure…” Mickey replied, stepping aside, “er, isn’t your concert supposed to be tonight?”

Maxine flashed that mischievous smile at him.

“I told Sophie I wasn’t feeling well. I never really wanted to go anyway. She was pretty pissed off!”

“Yeah, I bet she was!” Mickey chuckled at the thought of his sister storming out alone.

“You’ve got a really cute smile, you know. I’d never seen it before.” Maxine purred, taking a step towards him and pushing the door closed.

Mickey gulped. He could already feel himself growing hard just from her closeness. Maxine continued to advance slowly, one step at a time. She leaned in and their lips lightly met. Mickey felt sparks fly, deeply inhaling her heavenly scent. He could have cried when it was over as quickly as it had started. Maxine took a step back and looked down at his crotch. Then, without a word, she took his hand and led him toward the bed.

Maxine faced him with his back to the bed and gently pushed him down onto it. Mickey stared in awe with his tongue almost hanging out as she stood in front of him and slowly unzipped the same tight blue dress she had been wearing earlier. She let it slip to the floor and stood there in silence for a moment, allowing Mickey’s eyes to drink in this view of her perfect body. She was wearing a red silk bra and matching thong which clung to her body. Mickey could only stare and feel himself grow even more in anticipation of what was to come.

Maxine knelt down in front of him and began to unzip his jeans, never breaking eye contact with him the whole time. She undid the button on his jeans and pulled his boxers down just enough for his rock-hard cock to spring free. Only then did she look down at it, taking it all in with ravenous eyes. She licked her lips.

She slowly lowered her head, her lips moist. Mickey gasped as her cherry-red lips met the head of his cock. They parted and began to slide down his shaft. Meanwhile, she placed her right hand at the base of his penis and encircled it with her thumb and forefinger, squeezing slightly. Mickey gasped again as he felt the pressure build. By now, he was oozing pre-cum into her hungry mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked akyurt escort it from the head, gently probing under his foreskin. When she began to suck, Mickey felt the life being sucked out of him.

Then, without warning, she stopped, removing her hand and lifting her head. Mickey was devastated. Licking her lips clean, Maxine smiled at him and said,

“You have to earn your pleasure, honey.”

She stood up and pushed Mickey’s shoulders, indicating that she wanted him to move back. He did so, sliding along the bed. Maxine tugged at his jeans and boxers, pulling both off and discarding them on the floor with her dress. Next she pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, leaving Mickey sitting there totally naked and feeling self-conscious. This didn’t last long, however, as she then reached around and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside. Climbing onto the bed, Maxine straddled him and put her arms around his neck. She pulled his face down to her left breast. Mickey wasn’t entirely sure what to do, so he opened his mouth and placed it around her erect nipple. He began to suck, slowly at first but then gaining confidence, tentatively flicking it with his tongue.

“Mmm, that’s nice, honey,” Maxine reassured him.

After a couple of minutes of this, he moved without prompting to the other breast and repeated his actions. Maxine’s breathing was starting to become heavy. She leaned backwards, pulling his head with her, until she was lying on her back, forcing Mickey to kneel then position himself over her on all fours. She guided his head downwards, brushing his lips along her soft belly, until he reached her soaking wet thong.

“Take it off for me, baby,” she whispered.

Mickey gulped again as he peeled the damp garment from her body and feasted his eyes on her beautiful vulva. It was completely bare. Maxine clearly took great care and attention when shaving, and the thought of this turned Mickey on even more. She opened her legs a little more, and the sweet lips seemed to be inviting his mouth. Lowering his head, Mickey gently kissed her opening, savouring the delightful taste. His tongue carefully parted her soft lips, and cautiously explored every bump and ripple. Mickey had heard of the clit, but had no idea what it really was or how to find it. So when the tip of his tongue flickered over a tiny hard mound, he curiously probed it more. To his surprise, it began to slowly press back against his tongue, coinciding with a small moan from Maxine. Without stopping, Mickey glanced up to see her eyes closed and her face flushed. Encouraged by this, he pressed his lips around the object and began to tenderly suck it. Working it with his mouth, Mickey ran his tongue in slow circles around the tip of it. Maxine groaned loudly, then suddenly grabbed his head and pulled it up off her. Mickey looked at her in panic, thinking he had done something wrong. Maxine, her breathing ankara escort fast and shallow, stared him in the face and panted,

“Fuck me. I need you to fuck me right now.”

Mickey’s dick nearly exploded at this, and began to drip in anticipation. He moved forward until he was directly over her, gazing down into her desperate eyes. ‘This is it,’ he thought, ‘I’m about to lose my virginity.’ Maxine took his throbbing cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. She rubbed its head around her lips for a few seconds, allowing their juices to mingle. Then, squeezing it firmly, she inserted it into herself. They both gasped as it broke the surface, plunging deeper and deeper, inch by inch. Mickey thrust slowly and forcefully, loving the sensation of her vagina caressing his shaft, trying his best to prolong the experience. Maxine wrapped her legs around him and grasped his butt cheeks firmly with both hands, trying to give him as much access as possible and force him even deeper inside her. Every time he got close, Mickey would slow the pace and breath deeply for a few seconds, then speed back up again to a hard fucking rhythm. As time flew by, Maxine felt her inner walls screaming at her with ever greater pleasure and Mickey felt them tightening around his cock with every passing minute. Finally, he could take the pressure in his swollen balls no more.

“I’m… gonna… cum!” he gasped.

“Yes baby, cum deep inside me, I want it,” she breathed.

The surge started in his balls, shooting rapidly up the hilt until it culminated in the head, exploding deep inside her with all his pent-up frustration and passion. The force of it shocked Maxine, and to her amazement she felt herself shudder with the familiar ecstasy of an orgasm. Mickey let out a little cry as his hot cum filled her insides, and Maxine screamed as the orgasm took hold of her, setting her whole body on fire. Mickey collapsed beside her, leaving a trail of cum across her leg between her pussy and his dick. Mickey gazed at the glowing form lying beside him, unable to believe that he had just made love to such a perfect creature. Her bosom heaving, Maxine stared back at him, unable to believe that she had just had an orgasm from fucking a guy. They both rolled around so that they were lying in the proper direction on the bed, and fell asleep holding each other, exhausted.


Mickey woke up to find Maxine scurrying around the room picking up clothes and trying to quickly get dressed. When she noticed he was awake, she said,

“It’s nearly 1am. Sophie will be back from the concert soon, so I have to get back to the hotel before she does.”

Mickey nodded his understanding and continued to watch her.

“Thanks,” he simply said.

Maxine stopped and smiled at him. She walked over to the bed, stooped down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“It was my pleasure,” she winked.

As she closed the door, Mickey curled up and started to drift back to sleep. He smiled to himself, knowing that she meant it.


Thanks for the feedback from the first part, I hope this lived up to expectations! If this chapter is well received, I will post the third in the near future!

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