Leafy Suburbs Ch. 05: Winter Night

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It was December and for the first time in a while everyone would be home at the same time. It was also winter break from the community college and Nikhil was enjoying hanging out with his friends, between staying up late and getting up late. His sister Nishi would come over later, this time without her cool boyfriend Dan, who was staying at his parents’ home in Reisterstown. Priya planned to pick up Madan at the airport. He was returning from a weeklong business trip in Atlanta.

The winter Friday was cold but clear and bright. Priya went shopping by herself at the CompleteEats gourmet grocery store at Quarry Lake, dressed in sunglasses, leggings, sneakers and a fleece top, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. As she preferred, Nick stayed home, to keep this shopping trip no longer than it had to be. Nick had Friday night plans hanging out in bookstores and coffeeshops with his guy friends Cole and Chase.

Though she left early in the afternoon, the day was already growing dark when Priya pulled into her driveway. “Nick!” she called, first upstairs then again downstairs. “Nick!” There he was, downstairs. “Help me get the groceries out of the car please!” He left the TV on in the basement rec room and dutifully helped her move the paper bags from the SUV’s open hatch to the kitchen counter while she efficiently placed things both in storage and on the counter, getting ready to cook dinner.

He went back to watching TV. After a while the fresh smells of dinner cooking drew him in. He couldn’t recall ever seeing such a sight, not in their own kitchen. The lights were all on and his mom, still in activewear, her head down in concentration, was hard at work chopping while two or three pans simmered on the induction cooktop. It seemed the whole counter island was full of plates of raw ingredients in bright colors. “Wow,” he said, both to himself and sincerely. “Anything I can do?” he asked. “No…” she replied distantly. He drifted back out.

Afternoon became evening. He came up to the kitchen to find a cold drink. His mom was drying her hands on a kitchen towel. Behind her, the dishes she just cooked sat covered and ready on the kitchen counter. “I need to go pick up your father,” she said flatly, seemingly to herself. That’s funny, he thought to himself, she didn’t ask if I even wanted to come along for the ride.

Evening became night. Nikhil and his big sister Nishi now lounged in their family room while waiting for their mother to return from the airport with their father after his weeklong business trip. The TV was on but each of them was lost in their phones. They were also getting hungry. “There they are,” said Nick putting down his phone as headlight beams crossed the room.

Dad and kids sat around the bright lit kitchen table catching up while Mom served everyone the dishes she worked hard to prepare that afternoon. The TV was on but none of them paid it much attention. Madan briefly wondered why they owned so many ignored TV sets. Each of the kids checked their phones until their mom scolded playfully, “Nishi! Nikhil! Talk to your father!” Madan smiled wanly in spite of himself.

Madan had taken off the jacket and tie but he was still dressed in his business shirt and pants. Priya had apparently changed before heading out to the airport. She wore a black floor length skirt and a form-fitting saree blouse in a radiant red. It exposed her belly and lifted her breasts. She set it off with gold jewelry at her wrists, around her neck, even around her belly. The red of her lipstick matched the red of her blouse, her eyes were outlined with mascara and her hair was pinned up crispy. Nick noticed. So did his sister. In a moment he would never mention, he had gone to a different room to check for messags on his charging phone when he overheard Nishi say to their mom, “You look amazing, Mamma! Must be getting ready for a hot night alone with Daddy!”

Priya came to stand by the table and assemble everyone’s plates, starting with Madan’s, then Nishi’s, then Nikhil’s, then her own. The kids had cans of black cherry soda to drink. Priya had red wine. Madan had sparkly water. While one of the kids was telling a story, Madan took one of Priya’s hands in his and squeezed it discreetly.

As dinner ended, Priya packed up some food for Nishi, who welcomed her dad back home again and gave him a quick hug and kiss before leaving the house, probably to join her girlfriends at a Fells Point bar before going home to Canton, where she would do some cleaning and enjoy some quiet alone-time with Dan out of the apartment.

Nick was also getting ready to go out. He washed his hands and face and changed into something more comfortable. He walked into the family room. “Heading out. Welcome home Dad.” “Thanks!” his father replied dryly. “Drive carefully,” his mother said flatly, hardly looking away from the TV. Nick put his shoes on, pulled his coat on and pulled the front door closed behind him. The air was as crisp as his mom’s bahis şirketleri hairdo and the frozen snow crunched under his sneakers. As he unlocked, started then drove into the night in his sedan, he thought about how they were sitting side by side on the couch in an otherwise empty family room, how he didn’t remember them sitting so close like that before.

Madan had taken a pill earlier and now was relaxing on the couch, sipping seltzer water, with Priya sipping wine. They had a movie channel on but paid it little attention. Priya looked right at Madan and smiled a little. He leaned in and kissed her. Then he pulled away and took the wine glass from her hand and placed it on the coffee table with his glass of water. He put his hands on her sides as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they enjoyed an unhurried kiss with their kids now out of the house.

He turned off the TV, put the remote on the coffee table, stood up. Helped his wife to her feet. Then without a word he turned and left the room and walked up the stairs. Without discussing it, she went to the kitchen, looked around for anything that needed storing or tossing, put some stray glasses and saucers in the sink, then turned out all the lights on this floor but the one over the sink and the one in the lobby. It was meant to welcome her son back home.

All the lights were off upstairs except for her bedroom. Madan’s outfit pieces were piled on the carpet. The shower water was running in her bathroom. She made sure her bedroom’s double doors were shut completely and locked. She unfastened the snug fit blouse, removed it, added it to the pile, reached behind her to unfasten her bra, peeled it off and freed her breasts, added the bra to the pile, pulled the skirt down and let it fall onto the pile then last removed her thong underwear.

Now naked except for her makeup and her jewelry on her ears and around her neck and around her wrists and around her belly, Priya walked to the bathroom sink and proceeded to brush her teeth. After she finished she walked to the toilet alcove. She sat down on the toilet and pulled off a length of tissue. As she peed, she unclipped her still mostly black hair, shook it loose, then tilted her head to remove one earring then the other, placing them in a tidy pile on the alcove’s wall. Last was the chain around her belly. She finished, wiped, stood, flushed and joined him.

The warm water felt good after this long day. It was just a quick shower for both of them. She enjoyed soaping up his back and his hairy chest. He enjoyed massaging her head and neck and soaping up her back and her breasts. His attention lingered on her belly. He turned off the water, opened the glass door, reached for her lush towel and began gently toweling her off from her head to her curvy bottom. She smoothly took it from him, dried off her bottom and hips and legs and used the same towel to start drying him off.

Though neither of them said anything about it, each of their tummies tingled with anticipation. Madan felt a relief he hadn’t felt before at being home again, not just in the house he helped his trial-separated wife buy, but he wanted to go to bed with her after an excursion with an exotic girlfriend. Despite Priya’s attractiveness and a live-in child who would cooperate with her discretion, she did not have have even a short-term boyfriend during the separation. She filled her time with work, with maintaining her home, with the company of her women friends. If she found she needed relief, she would set aside some private time to masturbate. But it didn’t happen often, and when it needed to, she respected her live-in son by waiting until he wouldn’t be aware.

The towels joined the pile of laundry. Anticipation was starting to make Madan erect. He helped Priya into bed first before walking around and climbing in on his side. Then he made sure she stayed comfortably on her side as he moved toward her – it was one of their oldest bedtime routines in the years they slept together as a married couple. After a short time of enjoying the skin-on-skin closeness and whispering to each other and playing with each other until his sex was hard and she informed him that her sex was wet, Madan would keep to tradition and lift at least one of Priya’s beautiful legs into a deep squat so they could look into each other’s eyes as he entered her. Madan wasn’t the perfect husband in all respects, but Priya appreciated how he would hold his erection still when he first penetrated her so she that could get used to him there, and how he when he did start to thrust would buck his hips once or twice to get her vulva lips straight, so she would be more comfortable. Even without a partner after him, she missed this.

It was late at night when Nikhil returned home, like after one o’clock. Under a clear black sky and an icy winter moon the neighborhood was dead silent. He turned off the lights of his old sedan before pulling up to the curb. The house was almost bahis firmaları completely dark. He opened the garage door so he wouldn’t wake anyone with the front door. In her dog bed, Bella lifted her head curiously to see which family member it was. She saw Nikhil’s silhouette, put her head back down and went back to sleep.

In the foyer he kicked off his sneakers and tiptoed up the stairs in sock feet. He was tired. The plan was to shut his bedroom door before turning on his light, then change into his pajamas and drop into bed. But at the top of the stairs something seemed a little different, even in the dark. His mom’s double bedroom doors were shut, all the way. His mom was usually in bed at this hour anyway, even on a Friday night, but on this Friday night, where there was usually just dark, there was just a dim light spilling out from beneath the doors.

He followed his own plan, closed his bedroom door silently, turned on his nightstand lamp, stripped off his clothes and pulled on his sleepwear. He turned the lamp back off and opened his door. Still making no sound, he tiptoed down the hall, closer to the doors. He could hear his mom’s voice. It sounded like she was talking on the phone, so he assumed it was someone calling from India. Telephone callers from India often called Baltimore without bothering to first check the time difference.

On closer listen he could just make out the telltale softly rhythmic movement of the bed. He suddenly remembered that after some time away his dad was actually back home now sleeping in there too. Nick’s heart began to beat harder as he realized that he was hearing his mom and dad gently having sex.

His father hardly made a sound. But whatever Daddy was doing to Mommy, her pleasure must have been fairly intense. It sounded to him, as it sounds to all kids who overhear their parents, like Daddy was hurting Mommy. There was no way he would know and no need for him to know that it had been a while for Mommy. A couple of times her soft rhythmic cries stopped and he could hear her say something, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying. On the second time he heard her say something softly, then he heard his dad’s voice reply softly, then she laughed a little, like he made a joke. Then she moaned once and her rhythmic noises started again.

Madan was hardly a romantic, but he did squeeze and play with Priya’s full, round breasts. Her mouth was open to him. With his elbows on each side of her breasts, he kissed her deeply and without interupting the rhythm of his hips, a few times he drooled spit into Priya’s mouth, then aggressively licked and sucked and kissed their spit together. Her mouth tasted good to him. He could taste the wine she had at dinner. It was like a symbol of their other fluids that he would be mixing before too long. The naughtiness intensified their arousals.

Never mind the sounds coming thru her doors. Nick was way more concerned that his parents would hear his heart beating thru his chest. He tried to keep from breathing. Then suddenly the noises stopped. He heard his father’s voice say something he couldn’t make out, before his mother’s voice made a sound of affirmation. Then there was the sound of their moving around on the bed. “Oh no!” Nick thought to himself and not in words, “I’ve been caught!” As silently as possible he began to quickly sneak backwards down the hallway to his room, where he planned to close the door just as silently.

But what happened next was that Daddy’s silence and Mommy’s soft rhythmic cries continued. This moment was already a lot for young Nick to take in, and he now had to accept that he had just heard his mom and dad change positions. Even with nothing more than his imagination, he just knew that Daddy had been kneeling on top of Mommy and that he had just maneuvered her onto her knees, to enter her from behind.

He knew he should not be standing here like this, listening in the dark, basically invading their privacy. He decided he would go to bed soon, because he really did not want to be here when anyone finished what they were doing on the other side of these bedroom doors. But in this moment Nick confronted his first oedipal feelings. He felt a tinge of envy, hearing his dad pleasure his mom, Nick’s half-jokingly live-in girlfriend. The sounds she made were of a different quality, but they were just as urgent.

All at once Nick learned that Mommy had wants, and was very good at never mentioning it to him. At the same time he was learning that Daddy had the same wants that he had. This made Nick feel weirdly proud. He himself couldn’t believe he was hoping for it, but tonight he hoped for everything good for his dad too – that his erection was very hard and very sensitive, that he was good at holding off his release, that when the moment came and he couldn’t hold it off any longer that it took total hold of him and that he released even more fluid than Nick did.

Nick told himself that it was late, that kaçak bahis siteleri he would get to bed, honest, but he had so many thoughts. Things that suddenly seemed obvious and he wondered even here why they didn’t occur to him before. They’re a couple, he thought. They’re married. They’re having sex. That’s good. They’re supposed to. With her huge effort with that amazing dinner, all by herself, his mom showed love to him and his sister. Not only did Mom and Dad wait patiently until they were together again, but they waited even later for their kids to be out of the way and unbothered.

So he felt glad that it was happening. He felt glad that they still had feelings for each other. He felt glad that Daddy wanted to have sex, and that Mommy wanted to have sex, and that they wanted to have sex with each other. If it was a little scary to hear then he told himself that it was this was why they wanted to get married to each other – because they had so much love between themt that this is how they made his sister, then a few years later made him. He wondered if this is what it was like on the night they made him. He kind of hoped it was.

Nick glided soundlessly back to his room thru the dark hallway. There was no need for him to know that less than a minute after he shut his bedroom door and went to lie down in bed, down the hallway, behind a different closed door, Mommy had reached down between her legs to stimulate herself to the finish she needed now, while Daddy had begun his last series of stimulating thrusts into Mommy. These were stronger and more urgent, his sex longer and harder and more sensitive than at any time since tonight’s first full arousal, his balls pulled up tight. If Nick was still standing secretly in the dark hallway and listened carefully, he could hear the slaps of his dad’s hips against his mom’s bottom as his dad’s release took control of him. Madan had been patient for over a week and now he held Priya’s soft feminine body tightly, exhaling involuntary gasps, as he spurted thick strands of his fluid into her. They both held still patiently while this happened.

How mundane and clean and boring and unpornographic it all was. A middle-aged married couple, so familiar with each other, so grateful for what each other gave. Madan was reminded how pretty Priya was, even in this dim light, and how good she smelled, and how good her body felt beneath his. This body, with which she gifted him their amazing smart daughter and then their sweet curious son.

There was no machine-like thrusting. There was no loud moaning. There were no expletives. This was the best kind of sex, the good, healthy, fun kind of sex, which she wanted for both Nishi and her someday husband and for Nikhil and his someday wife. It was a good thing. There was nothing dirty about it. It was the kind of sex that weddings celebrate without coming out and saying it. It was the kind of sex to plan for. And that’s what they did.

In his own now dark room, Nikhil lay in bed, his heart still beating hard. “I don’t believe what I just heard,” said the voice in his mind. “Oh, my God…” he thought. “Dad… Mom…” Then he forced himself to confirm some things, still in his own mind. “It sounds like he’s hurting her… But he’s not… She’s just having pleasure… And why shouldn’t she… They’re married… They’re supposed to have sex… Regularly… And that’s where babies come from… Is that what it sounds like? I guess that’s what it sounds like… But I wasn’t supposed to hear that…”

Nikhil reached to his nightstand and turned on his phone’s flashlight. His nightstand lamp would seem too bright, but at almost two o’clock at night even this cellphone flashlight still seemed too bright. Never mind. He used it as a room light. He climbed out of bed, went to a bookshelf, found the box of tissues his mom bought him, placed it on the floor next to his bed, pulled out three or four. He turned off the cellphone light then removed his sleeping pants. His sex was so sensitive and hard that it surprised him.

Wearing only his bedtime tee shirt he climbed back into bed and pulled the covers up only to his thighs. He gripped his shaft and exhaled in quiet relief. He gripped harder and stroked faster than he wanted to but this was both urgent and late at night. He thought he would enjoy this moment until he drifted off to sleep but this moment had other plans. He tried picturing what they looked like behind that shut and locked bedroom door but the only image that would come was them face to face, Dad on top of Mom, both their shoulders naked under their covers, Mom smiling.

Before long he felt that tingling deep inside which told him that he was going to finish soon. In the heat of this moment he realized his mom was right, he should stroke the shaft and tease the head and not hurry to finish. Suddenly, still wearing nothing but a tee shirt, Nick sat up on the side of his bed, his feet on the floor and enclosed the tip of his sex with the wad of dry tissues. He would not recall ever having such a strong release. Apparently it wasn’t just Daddy who had not had any release for days. Nikhil’s sex throbbed and he groaned softly as his fluid arrived in the world.

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