Lawan Revisited


My name is Mike Kirkman and this is another chapter in the continuing saga of Lawan as told in the stories “Tightly Thai’d, Part I and II” found elsewhere on this site. If you haven’t read them, I invite you to read them to catch up on our adventures! But just to recap, I met Lawan on a business trip to Singapore, where she was given to me as a gift from my client there. We spent four wonderful days together before I was to leave to return to the States. Because of her culture, she would have been given to a brothel to become a common whore or turned out onto the street, if I had left her there in Singapore. She would have been considered a refused gift and a shame to her owner, my client. I had gotten close to this delicate Oriental flower and could not bear to see her end up in such a condition. So throwing caution (and some would say common sense) out the window, I proposed to her the day I was to leave to America. It was the only way I could take her with me due to immigration rules. And that is where this story begins… * * * * * * * * Lawan had been in the States for almost three months. The State Department had granted Lawan a K1 Visa also known as a Fiancé Visa, allowing her to enter the United States and stay for up to ninety days. If she didn’t get married within the ninety days, however, she would be deported back to Singapore. I had proposed to her the day we were supposed to leave Singapore, but in order for her to legally leave the country, there were forms and government regulations to comply with – both from her country as well as the United States. So, in order to get everything finalized and make sure everything was in order, I called my company, explained the circumstances and what I had done, and got a couple days off to get things squared away. My boss was very understanding (after all, I had just landed him a multi-million dollar building contract!) and let me have all the time I needed to get the legal stuff filed. We ended up staying in Singapore a couple days longer than planned, which I didn’t mind at all, so long as I had my Lawan with me! But the day did come that we were able to leave, all legal and with the blessings of Mr. Hanaman, my client and Lawan’s former owner to boot! Lawan was excited to be going to America. She had never been on an airplane before, so it was the first of many new experiences she would be bombarded with. As we entered the airport, she dutifully followed one step behind me and on my left, just like she had been taught to. I thought it rather cavalier that she would take such a position without being told, but we were still in Singapore and she had to act accordingly. Once through security and at the gate waiting to board the plane, I tried to tell her a little bit about what to expect in the next few hours. “Now Lawan, this plane ride is going to feel a little strange to you. But once we are in the air and cruising it will be fine. I’ll let you have a window seat so you can say goodbye to Singapore if you wish,” I told her. “Thank you, Master,” she said softly so no one would hear her. About that time we heard the announcement over the speaker system that we would be boarding. I picked up my laptop (the only piece of carry-on we had) and took Lawan by the arm. We walked down the jet way and stepped onto the plane. We found our seats easily and after I seated Lawan next to the window, I put my laptop on the floor in front of me and took my seat. I helped Lawan with her seat belt as she had never seen a seat belt since she had only ridden in cabs in Singapore a few times and even then never used one. Once she was safely buckled in, she leaned back into her seat and waited to see what was next. She had a good seat, we were in First Class ahead of the wing so she could see everything well. I figured that she might as well enjoy the full treatment on her first plane ride and I did have my expense account almanbahis şikayet so money wasn’t an issue! We sat there waiting for the plane to start moving, and I was telling her more about my home in Los Angeles. She was fascinated by everything I was telling her and listened intently as I described America to her. Suddenly, the engines roared and Lawan gripped her seat so hard her knuckles turned white and her eyes got large. I smiled and took her hand. “It’s okay, Lawan, that’s just the plane starting to move.” “Would you hold my hand, Sir?” she said, gripping my hand tightly. “I don’t really know that I have a choice!” I chuckled. The plane backed away from the terminal and taxied out to the runway in preparation for taking off. We sat there for a few moments and I held Lawan’s hand. Then the engines roared louder and the plane shook. Faster and faster we went down the runway until I felt the front wheels, then the rear wheels leave the ground. The ground fell away and Lawan sunk into her seat a bit. “Say goodbye to your old life, Lawan,” I said. She looked out the window and pressed her face to the window. She watched as the ground got further and further away. She put her hand to the window as she watched everything she had ever known disappear slowly behind her. When she could no longer see the lights of Singapore behind her she turned back to me. I thought I saw a small tear run down her cheek. “Having regrets, Lawan?” I asked. “No, Master, but Singapore is all I have ever known. It is strange to know I will never see it again.” “Well, I don’t know if you’ll never see it again. Who knows, we may come back one of these days for a visit or something. I mean my company will probably want me to come back and check to see that the construction has gone all right. If they do send me back, you can come with me.” “I would like that very much, Master. I would like to see Mr. Hanaman again, and my parents if possible,” she said. “Of course. If they have to send anyone back, I will speak to my boss and see if they will send me. After all this was my project, so I’m sure if anyone comes back it will be me. And you will accompany me – I will still need a translator!” I said. “I would be most happy to translate for you, Master!” Lawan smiled. We had been in flight for a few hours when the flight attendants came by to ask what we would like for dinner. Lawan looked to me to decide what to have, and I ordered for the two of us. We waited for dinner to arrive and when it came, we ate while talking about her new home. “Master, tell me about the city we will live in. You have told me a lot about America, but what about your home, about… um… how you say Mawl-i-blue?” she faltered with the name. “Malibu,” I corrected. “It is a pretty nice place. It is right next to the ocean. In fact, I live just across the street from the beach entrance. You walk across the street and down this set of stairs onto the beach. There is a grocery store not far from the house, and the neighborhood is pretty safe and quiet. I think you’ll really like it, once you get used to things.” “As long as you are there I will be happy Master,” she said, squeezing my hand. “Well, my office is in Los Angeles – about 45 minutes away. I can show my office one day. There’s a lot you will want to see and do in your new home. I will show you around the area once we get home and you get settled in the house.” “Yes Master,” Lawan said, looking at me with those wonderful sparkling eyes. “Thank you for taking me with you, Master. I love you.” “I love you too, Lawan. Now try to rest a bit. We will be on the plane for a long time.” And we were… it is about a twenty-three hour flight from Singapore to Los Angeles. The rest of the flight was pretty routine. We slept when we could, and walked the aisles a few times to stretch our legs. With all the marvels of modern technology we have today, they haven’t almanbahis canlı casino figured out how to make intercontinental flying any quicker or more comfortable! But finally, at long last, the west coast of America appeared in the faint distance. “Look Lawan – there’s home!” Lawan pressed her face to the window once more… this time looking forward. She could start to make out the coast as it got closer. As we flew on, she started making out the lights of Los Angeles We got closer and she could see the waves breaking on the rocks far below. Then, before her wide, awe-struck eyes lay the City of Angels. We passed over houses and streets, commercial buildings and supermarkets. Finally, she saw the runway and we made our final approach. Lawan kept her face pressed to the window until we touched down, then taxied to the terminal building. She was excited and busied herself with getting ready to de-plane – it was all I could do to keep her from rushing out of the airplane without me! We walked out of the plane and into the terminal building. Once we cleared away from some of the crowd I spun her around to face me. “Welcome to Los Angeles – welcome to America, Lawan!” I said. She smiled and leaned into me. We kissed long and deep and passionately. The girl felt even better on this side of the world! We went to get our luggage and made our way through the terminal and to the taxicabs waiting outside. After giving the driver the address and directions of my home in Malibu, we were off. It took a little over forty-five minutes to drive the thirty miles or so to my home, because I told the driver to use the PCH (the Pacific Coast Highway for those readers who do not know the term) since it was the most scenic route and also the quickest – we had already been traveling for twenty-four hours and we wanted to get home! When we finally made it to the front of my home, Lawan looked at the house carefully. I could tell she was impressed as she studied it and then smiled broadly. I helped her out of the car as the cab driver took our luggage out of the trunk. He took the bags up to the front door as I took my beautiful Oriental treasure up the sidewalk of her new home. I paid the cab and added a generous bonus, then turned my attention to Lawan. I unlocked the front door and swung it wide, ushering her into where she would live from now on. “Welcome home, Lawan. This is your new home,” I said. She stepped inside, smiling, and took her first look around. She looked at everything as if she had just gained her eyesight. She touched the table top, ran her fingers along the counters in the kitchen, and marveled at all the sights of her new American home. “Oh Master, it is so beautiful!” she said, almost choking up as she spoke. “I never dreamed…” “Let me get these bags inside and I’ll give you the whole tour,” I said. I turned and brought our suitcases inside and shut the door. Setting the bags down just inside the door, I took Lawan by the hand and gave her the grand tour of the house. When we made our way upstairs, I showed her the bedroom last. “And here is the bedroom,” I said. She went inside and took a look around. She walked over to the bed and touched it, running her hands over the down comforter and up and down the carved posts of the four poster bed. She walked around to the other side and then looked at me. “And where do I sleep, Master?” she asked, a bit unsure. I smiled at her. “Oh,” she said, realizing what my silent answer was and gave me a blushing smile. She looked again at the bed. OUR bed. And she sat down on it carefully. “Go ahead, Lawan. Lay on it and tell me how you like it,” I said. She looked at me and then laid down on the bed. I walked around to my side of the bed (the right side as we laid there) and laid down next to her. I took my new fiancée in my arms and asked, “So how do you like your new home, Lawan?” “It’s is beautiful, almanbahis casino Master. I am so happy. Thank you. Thank you for bringing me here with you.” “Well, we’ve had a long trip. We’ve got a few hours before dinner; we should probably try to get a little sleep!” “Yes, Master. Whatever you say.” We got out of our wrinkled traveling clothes and got in bed. I set the alarm clock so we wouldn’t sleep the whole night away and before long we were both fast asleep. Four hours later the alarm clock woke us. “Feel better?” I asked her. I was used to these types of trips – I’d done many, many of them before. But Lawan had never been on any kind of trip, much less a trip on this duration! “Yes, Master. Thank you. Do you require anything before dinner?” “Well since you mentioned it…” I reached over and grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. “Only you,” I said as I kissed her open mouth deeply. My tongue reached out to find hers and they danced for several long moments like two snakes fighting. My hand found its way to her naked breast and cupped it, eliciting a soft mewl from the Oriental girl. I squeezed her tit and she reached for me, pulling me closer to her. Rolling over on top of my girl, I propped himself up on extended arms as I lay over her. “What do you want, Lawan. Tell me what you want,” I told her. “Master, I only wish to please you. To make you happy,” she replied. I lowered my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth gently biting it and licking it, causing the girl to arch her back and moan louder. “Ohhh!” she moaned. After a few seconds, I brought my head back up. “Now… tell me what you want,” I repeated. “I… I want you, Master,” she breathed, panting. I ran my tongue down her heaving chest and her tight belly to just above her now wet sex. She smelled wonderful and I took her scent into my nostrils like a connoisseur takes in a fine wine. Her pungent bouquet was like heaven itself and I breathed her in deeply. “Please… please Master,” she whined. She knew what I had in mind and she couldn’t wait. I dove into her wet, hungry pussy like I was starving and she gasped at my ferocity. My mouth closed over her pussy as my tongue split the petals of her flower, intent on reaching the honey inside. She parted her legs with a loud moan and laid back on the bed to savor the sensations I was providing her. I lapped up her sweet nectar with an intensity that soon had the girl scooting backwards on the bed to get away from my devouring. But I wasn’t going to allow that, following her backwards for a bit. “I think I have the cure for your fidgeting, slut!” I said, rising from where she used to be on the bed. “Stay right here.” “Yes Master,” she said, smiling. A couple minutes later, I returned with an armload of ropes. Reaching from the foot of the bed, I grabbed her ankles and roughly dragged her back down the bed. I tied one ankle to the foot post and then stretched her legs wide and fastened the other leg to the other foot post. Walking around the side of the bed, I took both her wrists and quickly bound them together, running the end of the rope up to the headboard, which had a convenient tie off up there. Now my little slave-slut couldn’t move around on me, although she could wiggle and twist delightfully. Climbing back between her spread legs, I resumed my feast, with the now bound girl’s moans getting more desperate and impassioned with the ropes preventing her escape. “Master! Oh, Master! Please! Ohhh!” she whined and whimpered. I added another level to her pleasure when I introduced two fingers into her steaming pussy. I continued to lick her slit and flick her throbbing clit with my tongue. Lawan was beside herself. I had first used this trick on her a few days ago in Singapore – the first time she had felt anything so wonderful – and it had done a number on her then! And now that she was completely mine and being here with me in their home, made the feelings even more consuming. Lawan was beyond any bliss she had ever felt before. And she could not have stopped what was about to happen if she had wanted to. “MAASSTERRRR!!” Lawan screamed as she erupted in a cataclysmic orgasm.

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