Latex And The Bite Of Leather


For weeks everyone had been talking about it, discussing what they were going to wear, who they were going with and what they wanted to do. But for me, it was something else. I’d been going to more casual swingers or sex clubs for several years, but this was a step up–a massive BDSM party with hundreds upon hundreds of attendees. A strict dress code was enforced; even if you had a ticket, if your outfit wasn’t up to par then there was no way inside.As soon as I had decided to go I started planning my clothing, what to wear and where to get it. I was going to look good and make sure I got in.Finally, Friday came, I pulled on my latex outfit and headed off to meet a few friends who were also going. We met for a drink first at a nearby pub and I was disappointed not to see one particular friend.Once 11 pm struck we headed to the venue, joining the line of fantastically dressed kinksters waiting to get inside. Approaching the fashion police my nerves set in, hoping they’d let us through. My fears were misguided and everyone was allowed admittance.Walking in, we entered a perverted wonderland. Loud music blared from each of the five music rooms and the lighting ranged from atmospherically low to wild strobing. But more interestingly, there was more flesh on display than on most Mediterranean beaches.Our party spread out, dissipating into the heaving crowd and I began to feel lost, almost overwhelmed by everything going on. I was amazed to see people of all ages, from eighteen to well over sixty, all getting their kink on.Then, across the floor, I spotted Mandy and my excitement rose. It had been a few weeks since we’d last seen each other and a couple of months since she’d taken my anal virginity.She looked as stunning as ever. Her tight black shiny latex dress hugged her toned figure and finished just an inch or so below the curve of her hard ass. The thin spaghetti straps showed off her smooth shoulders. A sheer expanse of her tanned thighs led to a cute pair of baby-pink latex stockings finished with impossibly tall heels. Completing her sexy look were a pair of slick black latex gloves that ended mid-bicep.Approaching her from behind I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous pussy as she leant ever-so-slightly forward. She was going commando, what a delight!While she was holding court with a table of male hangers-on I casually walked up and cupped her cheek, brushing my hand against her lips as I did.She spun around, only grinning once she realised it was me. “You cheeky bastard,” she said with mock indignation and embraced me tightly. The feel of her firm tits against my chest was incredible. Glancing down I saw that the support offered by her half-cup dress made them look twice their actual size.“Great outfit!” she said. “Is it new? I don’t remember it from before.”Secretly I was delighted that she had noticed and surprised that she remembered what I had worn three months earlier.  I replied,  “Yes, thanks. I took your advice and headed to Liberation.”“Give us a twirl then!” she urged.Slowly I turned around, showing off my new all latex outfit. If I’m honest, I was delighted with how I looked. My tight black trousers hugged my legs, showing off what I felt was my best asset, my butt. A looser metallic-grey shirt matched nicely and the red tie brought everything together.“Very nice,” she whistled, giving me a slight slap on the bum as I turned. “It really suits you.”As she tucked her gloved hand through my arm, she added: “Let’s grab a drink.”To the disappointment of her all-male court, we sauntered away to one of the bars. We openly admired the almanbahis şikayet outfits all around us, even if we were taken aback by some of the more extreme dynamics on display. Everything was on view, from the standard collared and chained slaves; ‘babies’ in diapers; girls wearing animal-tail butt plugs and crawling on all fours, and people wearing only thongs.It was a full-on assault on the senses: women danced in cages, people of both sexes were being spanked, men licked boots and much, much more. It was as beautiful as it was erotic.When we finally got our drinks Mandy pointed to some free chairs. As soon as we sat down a ripped man in tight latex shorts and nothing else appeared.“Care to rest your feet?’ he asked.Clearly not unused to this sort of attention, Mandy simply lifted her crossed legs up, careful not to flash her cunt to him. As he knelt on all fours she rested her feet on his back and promptly ignored him.Turning to me once more, she asked: “So any big dates recently?”I confided that I hadn’t really been on any. The occasional first date that I couldn’t wait to escape from, but nothing interesting.“You’ve always got me, babe,” she smiled back.We stayed and chatted for what must have been an hour or more. Every few minutes or so a random person would turn up and beg to suck Mandy’s toes, rub her back or do anything else she wanted. Each one she turned away with a soft smile.I finally understood how annoying it can be to be as hot as Mandy and how lucky I am that we got on so well. She must have been hit on by thirty guys and at least a dozen girls, most of whom were better looking than me.“We should check out some of the playrooms,”  she suggested, pushing her footstool away. To give the man credit, he had knelt silently for more than an hour supporting Mandy’s feet with no reward.Together we fought our way across a dance floor and down the stairs to the infamous Dungeon. Unlike many events, this one had separate rooms dedicated to couples, men or ladies only, pain, medical play and one for watersports.“Let’s check out some pain,” she urged excitedly. So that’s where we began.Entering the dark room we were greeted by the thwack of paddles, the crack of whips and a cacophony of howls, grunts, moans and cries. The air was redolent with a heady mix of lube, cum and the musky aroma of wet pussy.“God I love that smell,” Mandy said, inhaling deeply, “it gets me so hot.” She was right, it was intoxicating.As we walked around, we passed people in the throes of ecstasy as their play partners inflicted levels of pain I’d never seen before. There were girls bound tightly while needles were pushed through their nipples; whips drawing blood, and many asses riddled with the telltale welts of canes. With each scene, we witnessed our arousal growing.Taking my hand, Mandy said, “Come with me.” Together we left the Pain Room and the sounds of impacts gradually subsided.“That was incredible, I’ve never seen some of that before,” she confided, “but it was fucking hot!”I agreed but told her I didn’t think I could take half of what we had just seen.“You took much more the last time we were together,” she smirked. “I was so proud of you,” she added, grabbing my arm tightly.Together we headed towards the Couples Room for something a little more relaxed. If the smell of sex was strong in the Pain Room, then here it was nearly overpowering. The air felt thick enough to cut and the sounds of pleasure filled our ears.People of all shapes and sizes were fucking in every imaginable way. Some just as couples, others in larger groups, and most scenes almanbahis canlı casino were surrounded by a crowd of, mainly, men masturbating.Giggling, Mandy leant in and whispered, “There’s a lot of cock in here! Have you seen that one?” nodding her head towards the largest penis I have ever seen. I didn’t measure it, but it must have been over twelve inches and wouldn’t have looked out of place on a donkey. The owner was furiously stroking it as he watched a couple deep into an anal session.“You like a big dick, don’t you, Mandy?” I joked.“Not that big!” she exclaimed. “It would never fit and I bet it fucking hurts. I like mine more manageable,” she added, reaching for my crotch and giving it a light squeeze.“So, if you were going to play with someone, what would your scene be?” I asked innocuously enough, or at least I thought so.“Are you asking to fuck me?” she bluntly replied as she turned to face me. Her pouting pink lips were now just inches from mine; with her heels on she was actually taller than I. It was only at this moment that I realised her lipstick matched her stockings – what a beautiful touch, I thought to myself. “Not at all,” I lied, “I’m just interested to know what really turns you on.”“You know perfectly well what I like. How long was it until you could sit down again after the last time?” she teased, arching one perfectly shaped eyebrow as she spoke.Of course, she was right, I knew at least some of the things that flicked her switches. I’d experienced that firsthand, at the mercy of her strap-on. She was also correct that it had been several days until my anus stopped aching. But the pain had been a sweet agony – a reminder of great pleasure.“But if you really want to know, then that Pain Room has got my juices following. I feel like punishing someone,” she smiled, “what about you? What would your scene be?”Without hesitation, I replied: “Now I’ve been getting into anal play, I’d love someone to milk me.”“Reaaally,” she added, a glint appearing in her gorgeous blue eyes. Her latex glove reached for my cheek and held my face tenderly. “Maybe we could work something out,” she said wickedly, as she dragged her hand down to my balls.With one simple look and a few words, she had me. I knew that very soon I’d find out just what Mandy meant by “punishing someone”. Suddenly doubts flooded my mind; had I made a mistake? Just what did she have in mind?We headed back to the Pain Room and waited patiently for a bench to become available. Mandy now cuddled up to me with her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder.“You know I’m not going to be gentle, right?” she asked sincerely.“I know, but you’ll be safe, I trust you,” I replied confidently, as Mandy pulled me closer.Before an area was available we talked earnestly about safety and agreed that we’d used the standard traffic light signal system plus a safe word.Now I was excited and ready to go. Soon a couple left, an attendant came by to wipe all the equipment down and a new rack of toys was set up just for us.Mandy took me by the hand and led me into our own play area. Embracing me closely, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers. As her tongue caressed the inside of my mouth her other hand pulled my ass toward her, our hips pressing hard together.Separating, she smiled at me and said: “I think it’s time for you to get undressed, I don’t want to damage your new clothes.”Obligingly, I peeled off my clothes until I was totally naked, my ass and already stiff dick now on display for the growing crowd to see. It had escaped my mind that with Mandy almanbahis casino involved we were bound to attract attention.Grabbing me by the balls, Mandy dragged me to the bench.“Now bend over,” she instructed forcibly.As my knees met the lower area, she strapped me down. Slowly her hand dragged across my butt and onto my back, pushing me down onto the table. Reaching for my arms she bound my wrists together beneath the equipment.Lying there I felt completely exposed. My legs were parted, my ass in full sight of the wanking crowd and my shaved balls hanging down. Mandy circled me, caressing me softly as she did. Her gloved hands smoothly stroked me all over.“Good boy,” she muttered almost under her breath, continuing to explore my prostrate body.Leaning over me, her body weight pressed me down. Her fingers began sliding down my thighs and then back up to my balls and cock. Each touch sent shivers of excitement raging through my body.Walking back to my head, Mandy stopped right in front of me and slowly removed her gloves. “I want to feel you for this,” she said with a hint of evil in her voice.The smooth skin on her hands electrified my senses as she brushed lightly across my eager flesh. Back she walked out of my sight, her hands telling me she was heading to my ass.Firmly but lovingly she massaged my cheeks, her warm touch feeling more awesome with each squeeze. Suddenly and without warning her hand came crashing down onto my bottom, firing an initial warning of what was to come. Instantly she soothed the area, caressing with care.Then the other cheek received its opening salvo as her palm smacked loudly into it. Smack, smack, smack she went, alternating from one side to the other.“Ohh, ahh,” I moaned with each impact.After every four hits, she stopped to tend to me.“Oh, this is fun,” she chuckled, “you’re already turning very pink.” Then her voice changed to concern. “How are you doing? Still green?”I confirmed I was good and was greeted with another round of spanks.Her open hand sent a tingling through my butt right to my balls and left a warm stinging sensation wherever she landed. By now I  couldn’t have cared less how many people were watching Mandy handing out her punishment.“I think it’s time we upped the stakes, don’t you?” she asked no one but herself.Reaching the rack of toys, Mandy took her time to pick the perfect weapon for her next round on my behind. She selected a crop and tested it, but it clearly wasn’t what she wanted. Pulling a longer one out, she gave it a quick flick – this one seemed to fit the bill.As she walked past my face she stroked it with desire as the leather tongue of the crop traced its way from one cheek to the other. Round my neck, she went, over my shoulder, and traced her way down the length of my spine and into my crack.“Are you ready? she asked, but before I had the chance to respond I felt the sweet bite of the crop tasting my skin. I yelped like a cat that’s had its tail stood on. But instantly her hand moved to soothe the sharp pain in my cheek.“Was that good?” “Oh, hell yes!” I replied as I heard the swish of the crop flying through the air. I braced just as another stinging swipe hit me, followed by another, then one more, before the final blow landed.“Ow!” I screamed as my cheeks burned like an inferno. This time I could tell she had avoided the soft tongue and had instead used the shaft. I shifted my weight trying to ease the pain as I felt the inevitable welts rising. At the same time, my balls swelled and my cock twitched eagerly.“It’s sooo pretty,” Mandy almost sang, clearly admiring her handiwork. “But you need more!”Swish, crack, swish, crack she went, time and time again. With each swipe, the intensity increased and the pain with it. Now it was beginning to really hurt, still a sweet, stinging pain but now she was getting serious.

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