Larry Takes a Piss Slave


It was an unseasonably chilly April evening and she found herself stranded at a Wawa. It was a little past midnight and Uber wanted way too much to get home, so she conceded to hang out drinking coffee until morning when either public transportation was running again, or Uber got a little more reasonable. Even if she was willing to pay the current going rate, she didn’t even have enough in her account so it was a moot point.

She was small-statured at 5’4″ but had enough natural padding under her heavy sweatshirt that she could bear the cold April air and occasional winds. She was cute with an endearing innocence about her that the cashier found adorable, so he only charged her for the 1st cup of coffee. Other than the lobby, there’s really no good place to hang out at a Wawa, so she would wonder in and out, refilling her coffee and using the restroom every so often. In fact, the constant hot-cold change made it a little more urgent than she was used to, but given the hour, there was always a free stall.

She was on her 5th or 6th free cup of coffee when a food truck pulled in to refuel. The owner then parked around back in the truck parking and came inside for a much needed coffee and pee break. He stretched after getting out and it was apparent he’d had a long day. He was taller than most and had a stocky frame with a professionally-designed company logo on his T-Shirt. The truck was emblazoned with a wrap showing zoomed-in details of fresh-baked desserts. The company name was “Gluteny is a Sin” and below, it said, “A Philadelphia tradition since 2015.”

As he was leaving, she saw his shirt and got excited. “Are you headed back to Philly?” she asked, “I could really use a ride if you are. I live in Manayunk and I’ve been stranded here a few hours. I really can’t pay you though.” His energy level quickly perked up and he had a little more bounce in his step. She was younger than him by a few years and he knew that conversing with a cute, grateful little princess like her would make the remaining half-hour ride home that much more bearable. Plus, she can give him a hand once they got into town delivering all the leftover gluten-free snacks to the local homeless shelter before bringing her back home-after all, nothing in life is truly free.

“Sure, my name is Larry. Hop in,” he told her. The inside of his truck comforted her with it’s overwhelming smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. “I was selling these at the ‘Half Baked’ festival down in DC,” he tells her as he hands her an oversized clear-cellophane wrapped cookie. “They’re the pot-free ‘designated driver’ cookies that nobody bought. No surprise, but I’m sold out of the pot-cookies. Being gluten-free is kind of my niche.”

“Thanks. My name is Lily.” She coyly accepts and takes a bite. “Yo, this is good! I’m actually gluten-free and I’ve had a lot of bad cookies and this is certainly the best I’ve had. And you make pot cookies? Aren’t you afraid of getting caught???”

“Actually, in DC, it’s totally legal. I can’t outright sell pot cookies, but you see all these magnets that look like a cookie with my logo on them? Technically, I’m selling them for $20 and the cookie is free. Thank a Congress who can’t agree on how to implement legal weed in their own backyard for that bizarre loophole. It’s not like in Colorado where you just walk into a store. Rather, you go to an event like ‘Half Baked,’ buy overpriced cheap crap, and get ‘free’ pot. Take as many of these cookies as you’d like since we’re stopping at a homeless shelter once we get in town and are donating the rest of them. I’ll need a hand once we get there.”

“Hey, it’s the least I can do. Besides, I really don’t want to wake Daddy at this hour anyway. It’ll give me something to do since I was just going to ask you to drop me off a block from my house and then go to my secret smoke spot in the shed until he leaves for work in the morning. He doesn’t even know I went out tonight. Thanks again for the ride.”

“How about we just hang out at my place until morning? It’s far more comfortable than a cold shed and I’ve got a nice bong back at the house.”

“Deal!” Lily emphatically replies as she puts a few cookies in her purse, then opens a 2nd one to eat, washing it down with more Wawa coffee. “Think they’ll have a bathroom at the shelter?”

“Not one that you’ll want to use. Trust me. We should be done in like 5 minutes though and I don’t live far from there. But you can go in after me. I’m on the verge of pissing myself.”

As was promised, it didn’t take long to deliver at the shelter-especially with the grateful recipients chipping in as well and they were at Larry’s home a few minutes later. The truck was parked at a nearby garage and Larry’s home just a short walk away. His home was a modest and unassuming end unit townhome. They walked into the living room and up the stairs where he showed her the bedroom next to the bathroom, pointed out the recliner in front of the TV and said “Make yourself at home. There’s some weed in the grinder. I’ll be back.”

He malatya escort walked back toward the bedroom door, locked it from the outside and shut the door. “I thought you had to go pee,” Lily confusedly asked. “I do. Just take another bong hit. I’m letting it percolate a little longer.”

“Ummm, okay, but I really have to go myself.” Lily tries the door handle, only to find it locked. She tries to unlock it, only to find a keyhole where the door-lock dial would normally be. “What’s going on here?” she asks with a growing concern in her voice. “This isn’t funny. I really have to go.”

“Put this on!” Larry demands as he hands her a diaper, “but like I said, you’re not going until AFTER I’m done. UNDERSTOOD???”

“You want me to put on this diaper?” Lily asks, unsure and scared of what her captor has in store for her. “Are you gonna hurt me?” she cries in broken speech through an outpouring of emotional tears.

“Don’t worry. I’m gonna drop you off at home in the morning, safe and sound.”

“O-Okay,” she sniffles, regaining a little composure and feeling a little better as she kicks off her shoes. Lily turns around to face the door in a desperate attempt for some sort of privacy as she unbuttons her pants.

“Turn around and face me!!” Larry commands as a firm smack lands across her ass. It startles Lily, causing her to dribble a little in her panties.

“I’m, I’m sorry,” she sniffles apologetically. She drops her pants and dances out of her panties, leaving them on the floor behind the door. She pulls up the diaper, which only makes her need to pee grow even more urgent. “When can I go?”

“I told you, after me!” he slaps her across the face. “You really need to listen better. Over there, sit down!” he demands, pointing at the recliner in front of the TV. “Here, have some more pot. Relax, make yourself at home. Put something on Pandora. The wifi password is Nothingisfree, with a capital N.”

Several bong hits later, Lily was feeling more and more at ease. “So, when are you gonna go so I can go?”

“You ready”

“Yes, please go already.”

Larry kicks off his shoes and leaves them in the corner next to Lily’s pants and panties. “Unbutton my pants, slide them off for me. Underwear too.” Lily obediently did as he said. His underwear smelled a little sweaty from all-day wear, but not as bad as they could have been had temperatures been hotter that day. Larry kicked them off his ankles next to the chair, tossing his shirt and socks on top of them. He stood in front of Lily completely naked. His cock was tiny, but apparently hard by the way it pointed her direction.

“Take your shirt off. I won’t let you go outside with wet clothes as cold as it is. You’ll catch pneumonia. Strip down to your diaper, Little Lily!”

“Yes, Sir.” Lily sits upright as Larry helps her out of her clothes, then bends down to strip off her socks. Lily sits back and can feel the cold crinkle of a plastic bed cover below the red satin sheet covering the chair.

“Fuck, you look beautiful,” he tells her as her body is more on display for his visual pleasure. He straddles her with his knees outside her legs, pinning her beneath him. He reaches to the side to trigger the recliner handle, causing her to fall back and him to fall on top of her-the back of the recliner being supported by the back of the bed behind it.

His hands explored the sides of her stomach and around to her back while he licked and kissed on her neck. She emitted a little moan as she gave in to the pleasure, confused and conflicted about if she was really enjoying herself. Given as bad as she needed to pee, the small warm, wet spot she felt in her diaper really could have been anything. Her neck was craned back a little, mouth agape in deep-breathing moans when he locked lips with her and she instinctively submitted to him in a passionate kiss. She knew she was enjoying herself.

“You comfy?” Larry asked. “Uh, huh,” she moaned, her voice reverberating off his teeth as their lips continued touching. “Good, because it’s almost time.” Larry climbed off her and grabbed a bottle of warmed coconut oil from near the radiator and poured a healthy amount on her tits, being sure to rub it evenly with his hands. He rubbed her shoulders and neck, all the way down her stomach and along the sides.

“Don’t worry. You’ll get to shower before I take you home,” he assured her as he climbed back on the chair, this time climbing higher up on the back of the reclined chair that was being supported by the back of the bed, rubbing his cock on her oiled parts until his cock found itself nestled in the comfort of her tits.

“Oh, thank God! Almost my turn,” she thought to herself as his warm golden stream sprayed forcefully on her and dribbled down her belly, her diaper and ultimately much of it getting absorbed into the towels between the red satin oversheet and protective bed cover.

His stream came to an abrupt, forced stop, making her feel a little cold and sticky as his warm piss maltepe escort began to dry on her skin. “Is it my turn yet, Sir? I’m begging. It hurts and I don’t think I can hold it in any longer.”

“Good girl. This is the kind of respect that I expect from you, but no, not yet. I’m NOT telling you again. AFTER I’m done. This is your third strike,” his voice was ominously calm. He climbed a little higher up the reclined chair until his cock, it’s head glistening in precum, piss and coconut oil, pressed against her lips.

“Don’t let any more go to waste!” he commanded. Knowing what she had to do, and fearful of how she’d be punished if she didn’t, she dutifully opened her mouth and took him in. Her mouth was so warm and inviting as he pressed his cock deep down her throat with repeated thrusts, using her for his own selfish pleasures like the fuck toy that she is until he felt himself close to cumming. He stopped thrusting and gave a relaxed, yet forced push to expel what was left in his bladder. Her mouth filled with a mere spurt of his piss, followed by an involuntary spasm as he filled her mouth with his cum. She knew better than to let any of it go to waste and she swallowed every last drop, then reached for her coffee, chugging it down to get his salty taste out of her mouth. It wasn’t bad, but still an acquired taste she wasn’t quite ready for yet.

Larry climbed down off of Lily, who was covered in a dried glaze of his salty-sweet piss. He opened the sides of her diaper so that the front flap lay on the seat of the still-reclined chair, her shaven pussy exposed for his viewing pleasure.

“Now!” he commanded. Elation overwhelmed Lily as her piss stream exploded with a force that initially overshot the front of the diaper and onto the toweled recliner. “STOP!” Larry commanded after allowing Lily to relieve some of her pain.

“I’m so sorry!” Lily cried and begged, “I didn’t mean to overshoot the diaper. It was an accident.”

“I know it was and even good girls have accidents,” Larry calmly told her, “but I’ve let enough go to waste. Sit up, Little Lily. Take another bong hit if you’d like. Make yourself at home. Relax and enjoy yourself as I enjoy you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jenny grabbed the recliner handle and sat up. Larry grabbed her ass by the sides to scoot her closer to the edge so that her pussy was over the side of the chair. He instructed Lily to hold up the front part of the diaper that was hanging off the front of the chair-one side with each hand, explaining that it’s a lot harder to make sure none of hers goes to waste, and that she better not let any get on the carpet.

“Lily, baby, I want you to relax and enjoy this. Piss as much or as little as you like, but you better let me know when so I can taste it, and you better damn well not hold any back, is that understood??? In fact, all that coffee you just finished off should be running it’s course and I’m not finished eating your pussy until it has.”

“Yes Sir, and I still need to go kind of bad. Please let me go.”

With that, Larry wrapped his arms around Lily’s hind side, enjoying the feel of her curves as he showed her affection with his tongue while Lily pulled her cold, damp diaper up against his chin.

“Here it comes,” was barely out of Lily’s mouth before her warm stream was pooling in Larry’s mouth. She quickly gave him a mouthful and then stopped it on her own. The little bit of piss that lacked momentum got on Larry’s chin and dripped down between her labia lips.

“That was kind of fun,” Lily admitted, surprised by her own self-admission. “Like, why are you the first man to do this for me?”

“Glad you’re having fun,” Larry said into her pussy before sliding his tongue from the bottom of her labia up to her clit, before repeatedly starting again at the bottom and working his way back to her clit, sucking on her lips more and more hungrily the way he had done to her neck earlier in the session.

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready to give you more.” With that, Larry dived tongue-first into Lily’s clit with a force that made her involuntarily yelp in ecstasy while twitching her back and dropping one side of her diaper.

“I’m sorry!” she whimpered, but Larry reached up and held her other hand, releasing the other side of the front of the diaper from her and allowing it to fall down against the front of the chair. Continuing to hold Lily’s hand while feeling up on her curves, he took his right hand and inserted 1, then 2 fingers into her warm, slippery pussy. Lily lifted her legs up onto Larry’s shoulders to give him a better angle and continued to hold his hand as he moved it down to the curvature of her butt to help support one leg, while angling his shoulders to help support the other, ensuring Lily’s comfort and pleasure.

Lily’s pussy became tighter at this angle, so Larry decreased down to 1 finger, while still allowing a 2nd finger to come close to penetrating her, while not quite. His fingernails, clean and filed smooth for the sanitation of mamak escort his food truck, provided no discomfort and only pleasure.

“I’m ready again,” Lily said as she reached for the diaper sides with both hands, to which they were swatted away. Letting her feet drop back to the ground, legs spread wide, Larry supported the somewhat puffed diaper beneath his chin with his left hand, while increasing the intensity of his thrusts with his right hand-reintroducing the 2nd finger and penetrating carefully deeper until he felt the pleasure nubs of her G-Spot, which he began to focus on while moaning reverberations into Lily’s clit while she continued pushing harder and harder, squeezing the back-sides of the chair while arching her back, pressing her pussy into his face and riding his tongue-all the while painfully pushing out a pee that just won’t release as she found herself closer and closer to the most intense orgasm imaginable.

With an ear-piercingly loud scream she had the best orgasm of her life, and with it, she gushed an overwhelming amount of piss with such intensity that much of it ended up splashing back onto her crotch, the diaper, the floor and some droplets were even later found to have landed as far away as on one of the walls.

Without letting her catch her breath, Larry giggled a moan of self-promoting achievement, making yummy noises as he quickly swallowed what landed in his mouth that continued into Lily’s 2nd orgasm.

“I’m done! I’m done! There’s no more in there,” Lily begged. Undeterred, Larry continued to bring Lily her 3rd orgasm of the evening.

“Having fun?” he asked, stopping after the 3rd.

Panting and catching her breath, Lily exhaustingly sighs, “Yes, the best.”

“Get up, your diaper is done,” Larry tells Lily after seeing little gel caps from the inside of the diaper on the floor. And lets get you cleaned up. I’ll clean up this mess later.

Larry pulls a key down from atop the door frame and unlocks the bedroom door, leaving Lily free to leave. “You coming?” she asks as she walks into the bathroom and steps in the bath tub, with Larry following behind her, sliding shut the glass shower door and starting the shower water.

“I’m sorry again for giving you attitude earlier tonight,” Lily said as Larry washed bits of diaper innards off her crotch. “I promise I’ll try harder to be a good girl.”

“I know you will, and you’ve been much better behaved. Still, you asked me three times when you could pee. Three. That’s two too many, but we’ll discuss this later. Right now, let’s get Little Lily cleaned up.”

After their shower, they walked back into the bedroom together, where a white, Egyptian cotton towel was hanging off the back of the door, which Larry wrapped around Little Lily, pulling her in for a kiss, before drying her off.

The door locked shut with a click before Little Lily’s bare ass was met with a THWACK! As Larry firmly smacked her across the ass. “NEVER second, let alone THIRD guess me ever again! IS THAT UNDERSTOOD???”

“Yes, sir. I’m so, so sorry,” she cried.

“Stand in this corner, right here,” Larry demanded, pointing toward where the shut door meets the opposing wall.

“Yes, Sir,” Little Lily sniffled. Behind her, she could hear the side closet open and close, then the crinkling of a plastic bed cover as it was spread over the back corner of the bed and the surrounding floor and everything covered in luxury-soft Egyptian cotton towels.

Then, she heard the familiar Bic-click and bubbling, followed by an enticing skunky smell. “Ready for more,” Larry asks, handing her the bong.

“Thank you, Sir,” as she gladly takes a hit.

“What can I get you to drink? I have fresh brewed iced tea.”

“That’s good, thank you.”

Larry went down to the kitchen to fill an oversized glass mug with fresh brewed iced tea, while Lily continued smoking weed upstairs. After returning, Larry took the bong from her and handed her the tea, instructing her to drink at least half of it right away while he repacked and hit the bong.

Lily quickly chugged 2/3 of the cup and was handed back the bong for one more hit, before being instructed to sit on the corner of the bed and lie back. Larry slid on a pair of sneakers for traction, then grabbed Lily’s ass by the sides and scooted her closer to the edge so that her pussy hung off the side of the bed. His cock, now hard again after having gone flaccid after cumming in Lily’s mouth on the recliner, was covered in precum and slid effortlessly into her still-slick pussy.

“Mmmmmm, you feel so good,” he assured her, enjoying each thrust, letting out a blissful moan as he leaned his entire body weight into Lily, her pussy consuming every last possible micron of length, grinding while his weight pressed into her clit.

After enjoying her pussy for several songs on the Kottonmouth Kings Pandora station Lily had selected, Larry pulled out and rubbed the underside of his hard cock between Lily’s labia lips and across her clit, asking, “Got any more piss for me?”

“Let me try,” Lily promised, and with a push, Larry’s cock was feeling that trickle it craved so bad. As her trickle slowed, Larry released his stream onto her clit and in her pussy, shaking the last few drops out by flogging her clit with his cock.

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