L002: Lizzy’s story:And building towards what is to come


The next morning waking and finding Daniel still next to me, I relaxed and enjoyed his sleeping arms holding me.  It was not long before he stirred awake.  Something had stirred before this, and I could feel his hard cock just bedded in my crotch.  Oh, to wake to such a lovely feeling there was magnificent.  When he woke, he put that staff to work in me, and we were cumming all over each other quickly – the passion that is growing between us seemed to need an immediate release.Spent, and cuddling together for a few minutes, Daniel asked me when I had to be to work, and how long it took to get there.  I told him, and he climbed out of bed, smacked both my cheeks, and said, “Well we better get you ready for work young lady.” He soon had me in the shower, washing and fondling me all over.  Again, when I tried to return the favor, he swatted me away and washed himself.  Out of the shower, he dried me with a fluffy towel and spent extra time on certain areas to make sure they were nice and dry. Then finding a container of baby powder I had from years ago and never use, he sprinkled it all over me, especially under my arms and boobs.  His touch as he rubbed it in was spectacular.  But it didn’t almanbahis even start to compare to when he took a handful of it and rubbed it between my legs, up and down my slit.  My knees almost buckled under me with that treatment.Back in my room, he found my underwear and put it on me, then shifted through my closet picking out what I would wear that day.  It wasn’t my favorite outfit, rather youngish looking.  A grey dress with a white Peter Pan styled collar and a pink bow at the neck.  He put it on me and smiled.  Then he sat me at my makeup table and began to blow dry and brush my hair.He was very good at it, and the feeling of a man working on my hair just made me start to drip into my panties.  Finished, he moved to put my makeup on.  Again, such a rush to have this done to me.  When he was done, I noticed that he used softer colors and less makeup than I usually did.  It made me look so much younger in a way.“Well, we better get going soon to get you to work on time.”  I looked at him wondering what he meant.  “I’m going to drive you to work today to take that stress off you, and I will be there at five to pick you up – so you need to work a full day today.  But first…”I almanbahis yeni giriş look at him with curiosity. “You did misbehave yesterday, so maybe Lizzy needs a little reminder to be good today.”  I started throbbing, thinking about what was to come.  Oh, before the day even started!  Yes, I felt the drips starting. Daniel sat on the bed and motioned me to him.  Knowing from last night what was expected, I lay across his lap and waited.  Oh, the breathtaking feeling of my dress being lifted up, and my panties lowered.  His hand went right to my cunt this morning, and began to stroke me there, while his other hand stroked my cheeks, and then the spanking began. Spank, spank, spank, spank.Back and forth he went over both cheeks, making sure every inch of them had been acknowledged.  And then some on my upper thighs. I cried some but did not want to run my makeup too much.The elation I felt with each smack on my ass, I came in such a new way, the wave of lust just spreading over me. Daniel continued to spank me until my cheeks were nice and rosy.  He made me stand and look over my shoulder in the mirror to see how deep pink they were.  Oh, the ecstasy I was feeling.  And so almanbahis giriş relaxed, not the usual tension when I was headed to work these days. Daniel pulled my panties back up and adjusted my dress.  Ran his thumb under my eyes to clear the smudged makeup and told me we needed to get going.  I turned and hugged him, and he held me tight for a minute, to let me know he was just doing this for my own good.  And I did know it.  Okay, yes it did seem strange how easily, in just two days, we had come this far, but somehow instinctively I knew this was all as it should be.  Even Daniel driving me to work.  I did worry that he might not be there to pick me up, but I knew there were buses I could take to get me back home.  So, if this was all an illusion, just a one-night thing, so be it.  It had all been so worth it.We went to his car and with my basic directions, he took me to work.  And at five o’clock he was waiting out front to pick me up.  It was Friday evening, and my work week was over.  I did not have to think about returning to the hellhole for over two days.Daniel was funny when he picked me up, he had gotten out of the car and helped me in, and then buckled my seatbelt for me.  He had done that this morning too.  It was nice for him to be so caring, and I didn’t think much about it.  As we drove away Daniel told me that he was going to take me to dinner, as there was something he wanted to talk to me about.

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